Long Drive Home

Long Drive Home A riveting second novel by Will Allison author of the acclaimed What You Have Left A happily married suburban father makes a mistake that results in a teenager s death and sends his own life into a d

  • Title: Long Drive Home
  • Author: Will Allison
  • ISBN: 9781416543039
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A riveting second novel by Will Allison, author of the acclaimed What You Have Left A happily married suburban father makes a mistake that results in a teenager s death and sends his own life into a devastating tailspin Written as a confessional letter, the book is a fascinating and moving cautionary tale that explores the moral ambiguities of personal responsibility asA riveting second novel by Will Allison, author of the acclaimed What You Have Left A happily married suburban father makes a mistake that results in a teenager s death and sends his own life into a devastating tailspin Written as a confessional letter, the book is a fascinating and moving cautionary tale that explores the moral ambiguities of personal responsibility as it chronicles a father s desperate attempt to explain himself to his daughter even though he knows that in doing so, he risks losing her forever.

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      I was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and now live with my wife and daughter in South Orange, New Jersey In between, I ve lived in Charlotte, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and elsewhere taught creative writing at The Ohio State University, Butler University, and Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis and worked as executive editor of Story, editor at large of Zoetrope All Story, editor of Novel Short Story Writer s Market, and as a freelance editor and writer I ve also been on staff at the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley I received a BA in English and political science from Case Western Reserve University as well as an MA in English and an MFA in creative writing from Ohio State I m the grateful recipient of grants, fellowships, and scholarships from the Indiana Arts Commission, Arts Council of Indianapolis, Ohio Arts Council, and the Bread Loaf Writers Conference including a 1996 work study scholarship and the 2008 Allan Collins Fellowship in Fiction My first novel, What You Have Left, was published in 2007 by Free Press, an imprint of Simon Schuster Paperback and audio book editions were published in 2008 A paperback reissue is due out in April 2011, and my second novel, Long Drive Home, will be published by Free Press in May 2011.

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    • Onvan : Long Drive Home - Nevisande : Will Allison - ISBN : 1416543031 - ISBN13 : 9781416543039 - Dar 224 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2011

    • The premise is pretty good. A guy is driving his daughter home from school, and as they head into the neighborhood they come across a maniacal driver, a guy who cuts them off, nearly bashes right into their car, and then speeds around the block. As he's coming back around at about 80 MPH, the father driving his daughter decides to jerk the wheel towards the other driver and then back the other way, an aggressive driving move to try and slow the guy down.Well, it works, slowing him down from 80 t [...]

    • "Long Drive Home" by Will Allison may be a relatively small book of only 224 pages, but it packs a huge punch for the reader. Undoubtedly this novel will leave a huge impact on any one who is lucky enough to pick up this book. The beauty of this novel lies in the simplicity with which the author has tackled an immensely complicated and intricate subject. The premise is clear, and the question is: What happens when a single mistake, made in an unknowing and angry moment, causes your world to impl [...]

    • This review originally published on Utah Mom's Life Blog : utahmomslife/2011Will Allison's second novel Long Drive Home is the story of one bad decision. One second. One reaction. And the many consequences that follow.It could happen to any one of us and perhaps that is what makes this novel so powerful. Get behind the wheel of a car and suddenly many of us seem to forget that there are other real people driving the other cars on the road. The dangerous driver speeding and weaving in and out of [...]

    • This is a YA book without a YA character, unless you count the victim. Told from the point of view of the father, the story begins innocently enough with a drive home with Glen's 6 year old daughter Sara in the back seat. Confronted by a reckless driver, Glen jerks his car in the direction of the seemingly irresponsible kid to scare him. The other car goes off the road, hits a tree, and the young driver is killed instantly. Glen's first impulse is to lie about his actions - even though Sara saw [...]

    • Glen Bauer would consider himself a pretty good driver. He always stopped at red lights and used his turn signal. Though that all changed all day. A young man talking on the phone and driving a Jag cut in front of Glen, nearly missing hitting him and just kept driving. Glen decided to let the incident pass and take his six year old daughter, Sara home. Glen is approaching their driveway, when he spots the young driver again. This time Glen decides to teach the man a lesson. Glen steers the car t [...]

    • (3.5)It sure was a long drive home for Glen Bauer! Too bad he wasn't carrying a four leaf clover or a rabbit's foot, poor man! What seemed to be any ol' day became a nightmare all because he gave into road rage. After being accosted and emasculated by a stranger in front of his six year old daughter, Glen was understandably left hot under the collar and it spilled over to the rest of his drive home. Which eventually lead him to decide to teach another driver a lesson that consequently ended in [...]

    • I wanted to shake this guy to make him do the right thing, and he did the wrong thing at almost every turn. Yet I understood why, and that's the sign of a good storyteller. I like characters who are neither black or white but shades of gray, and Allison gives us a couple of flawed all-too-human beings in this story.

    • Sins of the father and the innocence of a child; oh, what a tangle web we weave, when at first we do deceive. I read this book in one sitting. It was a book that I could not make myself put down. It held me spellbound. It brought back thoughts of things I have done that could have taken a very wrong turn. I guess that makes this confession time. I live along a bayou going that runs to the gulf; one road in, and one road out. Due to a bridge closure, the traffic has been very heavy. I was on my [...]

    • I have really mixed emotions about this book. First, it could happen to anyone and that scares me. It is a reminder that one action can have such unintended, devastating repercussions. It made me question how I would react and what I would do in situation. Haven't we all been accosted by someone that left us simmeringspilling over into our day and affecting others. Who hasn't been reactive in a driving situation??!! The topic and premise are timely and relatabled real. Will make me think about b [...]

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this book - although I'm not quite finished with it yet. Glen Bauer is a father on his way home from picking up his 6 year old Sara. During the drive one thing after another happens and what turns out to be a very bad day happens. On the way home he is involved in a traffic accident in which a teenage boy is killed. What ensues is a first person account of Glen's story, the guilt he feels, the soul searching and the decision he makes about what could of been his role in the [...]

    • First, I do not know how anyone could rate this book with one star?Allison's characters were all very believable to me and I thought the plot was very well thought out.If you are honest with yourself, you will admit you could easily be Glen. I felt angry and sorry for Glen. His wife Liz's line was drawn in the sand indicating just where she stood in the situation and relationship. At first I thought her reaction was a bit over the top, but then after finding out she grew up with an attorney for [...]

    • This is a tautly written, anxious, suspenseful story about the feeling of powerlessness and what we do with our guilt. While the momentary reveal of a concealed gun is scary, the real weapon in this novel is truth. There's rarely anything as deeply frightening as the truth, which is why the story's protagonist, Glen, struggles so much with it throughout the book.I don't like driving very much, and so I could relate with Glen and his introduction: he spends too much time driving, and the careless [...]

    • This well thought out tale by Will Allison was spellbinding, nearly impossible to put down. It's a story about how the actions of two people behind the wheel, can alter the destiny of both of their families. We know at the outset that Glen is the cause of a fatal car accident but is he really? We all know that the driver who was killed was guilty of reckless driving but was he really? You ponder these questions as you read Will Allison's tale and the fact that you are pondering this, and thing [...]

    • All you need to know about Glen Bauer you learn in the first few pages of Long Drive Home, but it takes the rest of the book to believe it. Will Allison distills Glen's life to a single day and also tracks how the choices Glen made that day reverberate through to the present. Glen is as honest with the reader as he is with himself, which is to say: not. He may fool himself, but the honest reader will see Glen's ultimate deceit. Glen causes a fatal accident, then lies about it. His daughter was w [...]

    • This is one of those stories that reminds us that we are all interconnected, and every decision we make can have far-reaching, and sometimes tragic, consequences. Glen, an ordinary man, drives his daughter home, flips off a cop, succumbs to a moment of road rage, and changes his life and the lives of his family and of strangers, forever. He never intended to hurt anyone, just to vent a little frustration. But after one thoughtless deed his life moves forward on a course he cannot correct. The la [...]

    • This was a story about a guy, Glen Bauer, who decides to teach a young teenager a lesson and ends up causing an accident that kills the kid instead. Glen decides to protect himself and his family by lying to the police. From here, you think the story is going to focus on the lie and the legal consequences. When, in fact, it does focus on the lie but the impact on Glen himself and his family is more apparent. This is why I like this author. There is always a message and it’s not necessarily the [...]

    • Glen Bauer writes a letter to his daughter, asking her for forgiveness. But Glen’s not even sure he deserves it. You see, Glen killed a man. He didn’t intend to, but accidents do happen…Long Drive Home by Will Allison is an incredibly tortured narrative told in the first person from Glen’s point of view. It’s the type of tense and emotional story that stays with you long after the last page has been read. Mr. Allison explores a very uncomfortable subject. In all honesty, the tragically [...]

    • 80 pages in and I'm already hating the wife!A quick read but it left me unsatisfied. The storyline had potential but I found myself disliking the characters and not really caring about what happened to them. I didn't get the reason behind the whole stalking thing with the SUV driver. Maybe it was just a filler to make a very short book a little longer?? Also not really convinced a six year old sitting in the back seat would be able to understand her father's actions and connect it to the acciden [...]

    • Gripping read about a series of small decisions causing a really huge problem. Interestingly, while it’s the husband/father who makes the bad decisions it’s the wife/mother who comes across as completely unsympathetic. Also I didn’t fully buy Glen’s actions, this mild-mannered accountant who suddenly becomes a hothead. Granted, we don’t get to know him much outside what happened so I supposed it’s hard to judge. As fast and interesting as this read is we don’t know these characters [...]

    • Soon after my move to Colorado, a local man received two life sentences for killing two men. He had pulled ahead of their car and slammed on the brakes in a road rage incident. Last weekend, a woman pulled in front of the cab my husband and I were in and slammed on the brakes. She was upset that our cab driver had merged in front of her when his lane was blocked. Luckily, even though the cab hit the car, no one was hurt. These incidents bookend countless other acts of aggression and rage on our [...]

    • Let me start my review by saying that at some point I will definitely read Will Allison's first novel, and that is a big compliment, at least as far as I am concerned. Long Drive Home is good overall but there are a few tedious sections, in which an already short novel (fewer than 200 pages) could have been shortened even more, but I do believe it is real realistic fiction, in which, after the initial road rage incident/ car accident, nothing really stunning happens, just life. It is suspenseful [...]

    • Now, being an author I LOVE to read other books because I enjoy seeing how other authors work. Long Drive Home was no exception. This book started off with a **BANG ** and I am not actually using that figuratively here - it really grabbed the reader's attention from the very first sentence. Will Allison had his character writing a letter to his daughter explaining what his motivations were - or something --- honestly I'm not quite sure, because as the book unfolded the letter became less clear a [...]

    • Glen Bauer is driving his daughter home one day when an act of road rage begins a domino effect of events that leads to a teenage boy's death. Glen feels terrible about his part in the boy's death but is equally terrified that he will get caught. As the days go by, his guilt becomes deeper and his worries increase; soon, his family begins to fall apart and he doesn't know how to make things right. He decides to pen a letter to his daughter and explain everything so that she can make the choice t [...]

    • Glen writes his daughter, Sara, a letter explaining what went wrong in his marriage to Liz and the events that lead up to their divorce. The letter is interspersed with the story of that time period. In a way, Glen is asking his daughter for forgiveness and trying to make thing right when he lies and tries to make her believe that the accident she witnessed as a six year old didn't happen the way it really did. Glen and his wife try to cover up his involvement in the accident by lying to the pol [...]

    • Narrator Glen Bauer opens this story with a letter to his daughter Sara, 8 years old and 6 at the beginning of the events of this novel. The letter is written to be given to her much later, when she is able to understand and forgive.We've all had those days - someone cuts you off in traffic and then flips YOU off; a bicycle rider suddenly veers in front of you, causing you to suddenly hit your brakes; then you head out to the highway where someone is riding your tail in the right hand lane at 60 [...]

    • This book is about the consequences of a series of road-rage incidents on the life of a young husband and father. Glen Bauer is driving his six year-old daughter home from school, when an impatient policeman zips around him and runs a red light. That single act ignites a sense of entitlement and impulsive behavior over the next half hour which, in turn, causes two more road-rage incidents, one involving criminal acts and the second involving a fatal accident. But, it is Glen's escalating panic a [...]

    • I don't need exact genre's but a generality does help. Is this book YA or not? I couldn't tell. The main character was an adult, but the subject could be interpreted for YA and the format of the book screamed YA. Plus, the story was very simple with a small cast of characters, which is how YA books are usually laid out.Guy is driving his young daughter home and a few incidents happen to raise his stress level until he sort of cracks and in a fit of rage, causes a car accident and unfortunately, [...]

    • I downloaded this book early in the morning and was done with it before noon. So it was a quickie, but I could see where it could have been developed into much, much more. The premise was believable -- that a series of events would lead to a catastrophe and then the choices one makes after that catastrophe can snowball into one huge mess. That all worked, but Glen's wife gets a little manic about being sued and "losing it all," and without a second thought has him move out on the premise that if [...]

    • In Long Drive Home, Glen Bauer makes one bad decision. One second. One reaction. And the many consequences that follow. On the way home from picking his daughter up from school, an incident of road rage turns into a fatal accident for the other driver. In a split second, Glen decides to lie about what happens and that one omission of truth erupts into his whole world changing.I didnt like the characters all that much. The wife, Liz seemed cold hearted and unreasonable to me. Her reasoning for se [...]

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