The Padre Puzzle

The Padre Puzzle When the body of a Texas Ranger working undercover in Mexico as a member of a drug cartel is found dead on a South Padre Island beach Jimmy Redstone an injured Ranger spending time on the island is

  • Title: The Padre Puzzle
  • Author: David Harry
  • ISBN: 9781453606797
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the body of a Texas Ranger working undercover in Mexico as a member of a drug cartel is found dead on a South Padre Island beach, Jimmy Redstone, an injured Ranger spending time on the island, is pressured into unofficially investigating After the local Coast Guard Chief lands in the hospital after trying to give Redstone information he uncovered pertaining to the muWhen the body of a Texas Ranger working undercover in Mexico as a member of a drug cartel is found dead on a South Padre Island beach, Jimmy Redstone, an injured Ranger spending time on the island, is pressured into unofficially investigating After the local Coast Guard Chief lands in the hospital after trying to give Redstone information he uncovered pertaining to the murder, Redstone begins to believe that is going on than simple drug smuggling Angella Martinez, an attractive rookie, draws the assignment of staying close to Redstone Between fighting his unprofessional feelings for Martinez, keeping the rookie cop out of trouble and continuing their investigation, Jimmy s plate is pretty full As they continue to probe, it becomes clear that activities far dangerous than drugs are involved, activities that could undermine the very essence of American life if Jimmy and Angella can t stop them in time.

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      David Harry is an attorney and the author of four mystery novels, The Padre Puzzle, The Padre Predator, The Padre Paranoia and The Padre Pandemic Standard Deviation, a novel based on an autistic child, was just released.All four mystery books are set on the rustically beautiful South Texas barrier island of South Padre Island and all three feature the crime fighting duo Jimmy Redstone and Angella Martinez David s first novel The Padre Puzzle is the all time bestselling book at the Paragraphs on Padre bookstore on South Padre Island.Originally from the East Coast, David was introduced to South Padre Island in 1992 He now lives on the island full time with his wife and their dog David is the Vice President of the Mystery Writers of American Southwest Chapter.

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    • Before I say anything else about this book I want to mention that if it were possible I would have rated this book 4.5 stars. It may not be perfect, but it is a very good read.Jimmy Redstone is a Texas Ranger currently on leave after having been shot in the shoulder during an operation which would have seen him charged with murder if it had not been for that injury.Now, in a last ditch effort to get re-instated to the job that is his life, he's on South Padre Island trying to rehab his shoulder [...]

    • This review was originally posted on my blog, Ramblings of a Daydreamer. You can find it, and many more reviews at the blog.I’m not used to reading books from a male perspective, but I really enjoyed The Padre Puzzle. Jimmy was a very real, well-developed character. He’s a cop through-and-through - sharp senses, good instincts, and a natural curiosity.I thought the setting for the book was great. I’d actually never even heard of South Padre Island; without overdoing the details, the author [...]

    • The picture on the cover of San Padre Island is impressive and drew me into the locale of the Padre Puzzle as well as to the story. I liked the writer's voice as he tells his story. I only got the feeling that I'd love to "hang" with the author very few times before; one such author was Stephen King. David Harry gives the reader the feeling that he/she is right there in the story with Jimmy Redstone and Angela, his partner.The plot involved police, sheriff, Texas Rangers and Homeland Security. W [...]

    • I do not hand out five stars very often but felt David Harry's "The Padre Puzzle" deserved it. I could not put the book down. The characters are well worth getting to know and the plot definitly was full of puzzlers. Who would have guessed the direction it took?Actually I was left with a lot to think about when it comes to protecting our borders. Being a Texas girl I really enjoyed reading about a place so close to home. Most people would think South Padre Island is a place for spring break thi [...]

    • I like reading mysteries and The Padre Puzzle didn't disappoint. It is a well written, tightly woven mystery with a compelling premise: Can terrorists bring nuclear weapons in to our country via Mexico?I especially loved the main character Jimmy Redstone, a middle aged seen-it-all, done-it-all personality and a very funny, understated sense of humor. It was also interesting to read a book set on South Padre Island. I had barely even heard of the place, but Harry makes it sound so interesting tha [...]

    • This is a great mystery about an injured Texas Ranger that is supposed to be rehabbing on South Padre Island. There is plenty of crime happening, Ranger Redstone is teamed with Angella a local officer to find out what is going on. The adventure is plentiful and keeps the story moving along nicely. This is the first in series, a nice addition for anyone that likes mysteries.I received a signed copy from the author. Thank you.

    • A great police/crime story set on South Padre Island near the Mexican border. The central character puts me in in mind of Ross McDonald's Travis Magee and James Lee Burkse's Sherriff Hackberry Holland. A great read with a strong sense of realism. This was a copy provideed by the author but that did not influence my judgement.

    • WOW!!Well written and good mystery involving drugs, terrorist,The good guys are Texas Rangers, Coast Guards. An exciting twist of events. Good from beginning to the last page.

    • This is a fun beach read and especially so if you live on South Padre Island, which is where the novel takes place. Also, it was written by a neighbor of mine.

    • First off, I read this book out of order. I read its sequel before reading this one.The books are techinically stand alone stories, but I would recommend reading them in order because together they make a much bigger story.Also while I enjoyed both stories, I think my enjoyment would only have increased by reading them in their proper order.This is the first story in the series.A lot of times a first book has the problem of trying to balance getting the reader to know the characters and telling [...]

    • Texas Ranger Jimmy Redstone has been placed on a temporary leave of absence and has been sent to the South Padre Island on the Gulf of Mexico for rehabilitative therapy. A body washes ashore and it isn’t long before he is embroiled in a crime drama that includes not only the local police department, but the Coast Guard as well. What starts off as an un-official inquiry turns into a full blown investigation relatively quickly. With the assistance of local police officer Angella Martinez, the in [...]

    • David has woven a suspenseful tale of intrigue and espionage. His main protagonist, Jimmy Redstone, is a Texas Ranger who has been off duty because of an injury. He's sent to South Padre Island for some rest and rehabilitation. If he wants to get back to active duty, he has to do this - like it or not.Angella Martinez is an attractive rookie cop who Jimmy must fight his feelings for - especially after they end up working together when he's pressed back into active duty to solve the murder of a f [...]

    • I like to pick up a book or two by local authors and a trip to South Padre Island recently introduced me to David Harry. The Padre Puzzle is a delightful mystery - especially for anyone who recognizes the locations and establishments he mentions - Including the bookstore, Paragraphs on Padre Boulevard. This is the very bookstore I purchased my copy and wish I had purchased the other two books in this series. Having lived in Texas for many years, and missing it, I delighted in the feisty Angella [...]

    • I was thrilled to get this book through the giveaways! I found it a bit hard to get into but after about the first 25 pages I could not put it down and resented everytime I was forced to do so. This is a great mystery with lots of surprises. It kept me wondering right up until the end about the reason for the murders that began the mystery. I did not see some of the twists coming andthe ending was very satisfying.The characters are engaging and I came to care about them. I would love to see mor [...]

    • It doesn't get any better then this! The Padre Puzzle was a great name, I keep thinking myself,there has got to be more pieces missing to this drama. It's hard to set this book down as it reaches out and grabs you by the throat. I can't wait to read The Padre Predator to see what hardships Redstone & Martinez will encounter next. SPI just got put on my vacation to-do-list. Hope they have the bad guys caught before I get there! I had to loan it to Mom too, she reads 3-4 books a week, and says [...]

    • Davis Harry is a master story teller, able to weave both humor and fact into a suspenseful compelling drama. The Padre Puzzle is a unique look into Coast Guard life while incorporating believable real life characters and crime drama. I am enjoying each moment and relish the "I don't know what is going to happen next" suspense.I am looking forward to reading the entire Padre series.I know you will too.More info at DavidHarryAuthor

    • I think Jimmy Redstone borders between a laid-back, fifty-something, old-school detective and a smarmy, wise-cracking, regular cop with an amazing amount of luck. There were times when my suspension of disbelief didn't hold up, but I kept turning pages. It is a complex plot, chockfull of characters, and a very interesting locale. Unfortunately, there are a few too many typos to ignore my favorite is when Redstone says, "my doctor checked my prostrate."

    • I read this to Pete out loud in the car on the way down to South Padre Island cause that's the setting of the book and in that capacity it was a very silly silly silly read. Had a few laughing moments but that's is because I found it so bad it hurt, but Pete thought it was great. The best cheesey mystery set on SPI that I've ever read.

    • I absolutely love how the author incorporated real establishments from the island of South Padre as the backdrop of the book series. It brings the story so close to home being able to relate to my own 'backyard'.

    • I've never read a book that included such detailed references to local restaurants/activities etc. A lot of these are my favorites too so that made it kind of fun. The story was great - looking forward to reading the sequels.

    • Great book! Love books that I cannot put down. There was always a twist. Cannot wait to read the next one. Have to get through inter-library loan.

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