Lee Douglas Southall Freeman s Pulitzer Prize winning biography of Robert E Lee was greeted with critical acclaim when it was first published in Stephen Vincent Benet said There is a monument and a

  • Title: Lee
  • Author: Douglas Southall Freeman James M. McPherson Richard Harwell
  • ISBN: 9780684829531
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • Douglas Southall Freeman s Pulitzer Prize winning biography of Robert E Lee was greeted with critical acclaim when it was first published in 1935 Stephen Vincent Benet said, There is a monument and a fine one to Robert E Lee at Lexington But this one, I think, will last as long This reissue of Richard Harwell s abridgement fulfills Benet s prophecy, chroniclingDouglas Southall Freeman s Pulitzer Prize winning biography of Robert E Lee was greeted with critical acclaim when it was first published in 1935 Stephen Vincent Benet said, There is a monument and a fine one to Robert E Lee at Lexington But this one, I think, will last as long This reissue of Richard Harwell s abridgement fulfills Benet s prophecy, chronicling all the major aspects and highlights of the general s military career, from his stunning accomplishments in the Mexican War to the humbling surrender to Appomattox.More than just a military leader, Lee embodied all the conflicts of his time The son of a Revolutionary War hero and related by marriage to George Washington, he was the product of young America s elite When Abraham Lincoln offered him command of the United States Army, however, he chose to lead the Confederate ranks, convinced that his first loyalty lay with his native Virginia Although a member of the planter class, he felt that slavery was a moral and political evil Aloof and somber, he nevertheless continually inspired his men by his deep concern for their personal welfare.Freeman s achievement is the full portrait of a great American a distinguished, scholarly, yet eminently readable classic that has linked Freeman to Lee as irrevocably as Boswell to Dr Johnson.

    • Lee BY Douglas Southall Freeman James M. McPherson Richard Harwell
      104 Douglas Southall Freeman James M. McPherson Richard Harwell
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    About “Douglas Southall Freeman James M. McPherson Richard Harwell

    • Douglas Southall Freeman James M. McPherson Richard Harwell

      The son of a Confederate veteran, Douglas Southall Freeman was long interested in the Civil War A man of intense work ethic, he earned his PhD at 22, then balanced a journalist s demanding schedule with a historian s, as he churned out Lee s Dispatches 1915 , the Pulitzer Prize winning four volume R E Lee A Biography 1934 35 , Lee s Lieutenants A Study in Command 1942 44 , and finally, the multi volume George Washington 1948 54 A respected historian, renown for his research, he garnered fame in his native Virginia and the friendship of major military figures.

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    • On 22 January 1861 Colonel Robert E. Lee wrote: “I wish to live under no other government, and there is no sacrifice I am not ready to make for the preservation of the Union save that of honour. If a disruption takes place, I shall go back in sorrow to my people and share the misery of my native State, and save in her defense there will be one soldier less in the world than now. I wish for no other flag than the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ and no other air than ‘Hail Columbia’ I still hope [...]

    • Let us not put too fine a point on itDouglas Southall Freeman simply LOVES Robert E. Lee. If you have also read Freeman's equally exhaustive biography of Washington, you can debate which man Freeman loves more. At times the prose, though beautifully written, can get positively gushy. There is no way the reader can consider this an objective biography.No doubt D.S. Freeman was a great writer. No doubt that Freeman was even a good historian. However, every Civil War historian worth his salt knows [...]

    • My four-star rating of this book is not due to a perfection of scholarship; this is absent. Other reviewers have commented on Freeman's ability to excuse Lee's mistakes, such as Pickett's charge or Grant slipping away after Spotsylvania, as the result of his subordinates' mistakes. They are correct to point this out. Lee made a number of strategic and tactical blunders, from his obsession with the Virginia front even as the Confederates lost the Mississippi and the Atlantic coastlines, to his re [...]

    • A truly wonderful book for the great general of the Confederates. A lot of details of all the famous battles and a lot of things about his personal life as well. A must read for all the friends of the American civil war or the admirers of this great personality. I am not American, but i love history and this is a piece of history everybody owns to know.

    • One of the best histories of the civil war I've read. Emphasizes the importance of the disparity between the strength of north and south, and its effect on strategy.Outstanding portrait of R.E. Lee's character, especially in the section after the war and conclusion.Five star rating!

    • "What he seemed, he was- a wholly human gentleman, the essential elements of whose positive character were two and only two, simplicity and spirituality." I have to highly recommend the Harwell abridgment of Freeman's classic and monumental biography of Robert E. Lee. A truly good biography will stir the reader's emotions at the end by making him miss the person studied after he is gone, and so it is with this book. Lee's military prowess during the Civil War will be well known to most people wh [...]

    • Finished reading "Lee" by Douglas Southall Freeman. This was a biography of Robert E. Lee. It was interesting to me to see some of the key moments of the Civil War from the Southern perspective. Strangely, most of the history books I've read on the subject--even if written by Southerners--seemed to key in on the North's point of view.I was also very interested in the events in Lee's life after the war, a time that is rarely discussed. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get a good recommendati [...]

    • Robert E. Lee embodied everything that was good about the South. He was a perfect Southern gentleman and hands down the best general on either side of the Civil war. He did more with less men who were always under equipped and often barefoot and half starving than should have been possible. Those that served under him loved him and would and did follow him anywhere he led them. The people of the South admired him for the good man he was.This book is an abridgment of the four volume series. It is [...]

    • I read this one for a book club, and I might not have gotten through it otherwise. There are a lot of battle specifics (this regiment flanked here, that regiment moved up to fill the gap, etc.). Furthermore, I don't usually read about the Civil War because it's heartbreaking any way you look at it. However, I'm glad I read it as it gave a very particular perspective. There were times reading it when I just had to stop in sadness at the massive amount of death upon death.

    • An informative book that demonstrates why Lee is so highly regarded as a General even though he didn't attain victory. the exploration of his pre and post civil war lives give insights into why he left the US Army to fight for Virginia. The book veers into hagiography at times but is still worth reading.

    • So refreshing to read a historical book written before the age of political correctness. I Tried to read Clouds of Glory by Michael Korda but couldn't stomach that one.

    • An irritatingly exhaustive bore. This was the abridged version and I can’t imagine how dull the full version is. Avoid!

    • Robert E. Lee har en speciell plats i alla amerikaners hjärtan. Även om debatten går hög om inbördeskriget är man generellt överens om att Lee var en briljant general och en stor människa. Det är även kontentan av Freemans bok som inte sparar på superlativen, om än i subtil form. Jag är benägen att hålla med Freeman på den punkten även om man får hålla i minnet han älskar Lee. Boken handlar mer om generalen under inbördeskriget än mannen Lee. Det tidiga livet är skissartat [...]

    • Here is one of those books that came my way by accident. Its previous owner passed away and I was rummaging the shelves (thanks Uncle Gil). It is a one-volume abridgement of the original 4-volume set written over a period of decades. The author's father was in the Confederate Army so it is likely he has a certain bias. It is certainly a good overview of the significant battles of the war (the 4-volume would be more for an historian of the war). I've never read anything bad about Lee, even from a [...]

    • It was a challenge to read all 4 vols. It was the best profile of Gen Robert E. Lee I have yet to find. Freeman's details of Lee's youth is invaluable. There is so much there that explains what and how his adult was formed. I would recommend it to anyone that would wish to see and understand the American experience. Lee's life time spans from America's founding fathers to the start of the concept of Modern America. Last, Lee did help end the American Civil War. He could have kept fighting in a h [...]

    • Lee is truly the foremost Greek tragic hero in American history. Freeman certainly does justice to the person of Robert E. Lee without bogging you down into the details of battle plans and tactics that so many war books and biographies are guilty of. It was wonderfully researched and written, but is about 1200 pages all told.

    • An interesting story and I am a fan of RE Lee but I fail to see why Freeman got the Pulitzer for this work. Have our expectations changed that much since the 1950's? Freeman may be a good historian but the style feels dated and in many cases confusing.

    • A very good biography of Robert E. Lee. His life after the Civil War did not follow the path that many other military men of the period took. His life was shaped by his belief that the states were dominant over the federal government.

    • An excellent single volume about Lee. Written with a very pro-Southern slant but that is to be expected from a book that was published in 1935 by an author from Richmond. This book does not touch on slavery but is more focused on Lee's performance as the greatest Southern General in the Civil War.

    • More readable than I expected, despite the copious amounts of detail. Kind of wish I had tackled the full four-volume version first, though. This abridgement felt simultaneously too intricate and too rushed, if such a thing is possible.

    • No one can deny the intelligence and scholasticism of this abridgment of four volumes, but holy latent racism of the Southern gentleman, Batman! And there's more than a whiff of eugenics theory as well in the closing chapter.

    • I read the short version. A great boook but also a bit of hero worship - fortunatley the hero was worthy of respect.

    • Great book for an abridgement. I was able to find the full set on eBay, and plan on re-reading all four volumes at some point in the future.

    • A great biography that made RL Lee accessible, sympathetic and very human. The best biography of Robert E. Lee.

    • Lee is a gentleman and badass. This a statement concerning him as a general, the evil of slavery and fighting on the side of the Rebel forces should always be an asterisk next to his accomplishments.

    • Haunting. As I continue to read both sides of the Civil War, I have such new respect for those that fought.

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