Black Butler, Vol. 3

Black Butler Vol Sebastian est un majordome au service de Ciel Phantomhive h ritier d une grande famille de la noblesse anglaise Distingu et irr prochable il cache sa v ritable nature

  • Title: Black Butler, Vol. 3
  • Author: Yana Toboso
  • ISBN: 9789792760866
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sebastian est un majordome au service de Ciel Phantomhive, h ritier d une grande famille de la noblesse anglaise Distingu et irr prochable, il cache sa v ritable nature.

    • Black Butler, Vol. 3 ¦ Yana Toboso
      478 Yana Toboso
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    • Yana Toboso

      Yana Toboso Toboso Yana is a female Japanese manga artist born in Warabi, Saitama Prefecture, Japan and currently resides in Yokohama She is best known for Black Butler Kuroshitsuji , a popular shonen manga series.She has also written yaoi under the pen name Yanao Rock .AppearanceYana Toboso draws herself as a devil with a black body and horns, a white head, and a pointed tail She has never uploaded a picture of herself, so her actual appearance is unknown.

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    • صحنه های جنگ تمیز و قابل فهم!! خیلی ممنونم بابتش از نویسنده. واقعا بعد از خوندن توکیو غول با صحنه های جنگ گیج کننده ش قدر اینو می دونم :دیهمچنان نقاشی ها نقطه قوتن. داستان مادام رد هم غم انگیز بود؛ تقریبا مطابق انیمه.

    • I liked the comedy routine between the other servants and Sebastian and how Sebastian saved the day as a butler and more in the end so far. But what really amazed me was the origin of Madam Red which was told in a chapter in the begining of the volume 3. It was brilliant, so sad Poor woman suffered alot. This didn't make her actions ok in anyway though, nothing could make that. What she did over and over again was just so horrible That chapter and the all of the story involving Madam Red really [...]

    • Sigo sin saber si esto es realmente bueno o todavía soy un asco para juzgar manga jajajaAmo esta historia, es interesante y muy divertida a partes iguales. Los personajes son geniales y el arte simplemente hermoso.Ya ampliaré en algún video, quisiera escribir más acá, pero ahora no tengo ganas, tal vez actualice en unos días(? jajaja

    • Ah, a bit weird, a bit creepy, at times a little perverse, but I'm reading it anyway. I'm reading it because I LOVE the Black Butler.Why 3 instead of 4 stars? It's the story line. At times confusing, at times silly, at times flowing like a frozen stream, I feel the urge to keep reading because I like the main character.This third volume did give us some good background on Ciel's aunt - the lady in red. There's a visit from Ciel's fiance and her mother at the end - at least the fiance wasn't near [...]

    • #3 Black Butler The cover art is so striking -- I was so amazed at the image of Sebastian fighting with kitchen utensils, it was hard to get started ;-).Jack the Ripper case is successfully resolved. More backstory is provided, but *no spoilers* so will leave it at that.For better reviews, see Good Reader Yvensong's reviews of these books.

    • Из хорошего могу выделить развернутый и овер-драматичный флэшбек в прошлое Мадам Ред. Но при всем моем уважении к интерпретации ее персонажа в истории - чего-то не хватило для убедительности. Трагедия? Безусловно. Но что подтолкнуло ее последней черте, где та грань, которую [...]

    • I enjoy this manga series so much. I love the superb art and design of this series and it's half the reason I read them, or rather, look at them. It's gorgeous stuff and the story is fun too.

    • Me gustó mucho el gore y la acción en este volumen Me encantaron los análisis finales de Ciel.4 Estrellas!

    • Sebastian! Grelle! Fighting! Yay!That would be enough of a review, but hey, I'm long-winded and chatty, so here's some more.I miss the fansub I watched where Sebastian says, "I'm one hell of a butler," and Grelle says, "I'm a Grim Reaper to die for." Sure, they're not exact translations of the puns they're based on, but I think they embody the spirit of the puns much more than the literal translation. It's just not as much fun to read, "I'm merely a butler." Grump.Other than that, this was a fun [...]

    • Finally the question you've been asking a lot in the second volume is answered in the third! Jack the Ripper's true identity has been finally revealed! Ciel and Sebastian manages to catch Jack the Ripper in the act but will they be able to stop him? Especially since Jack the Ripper has quite a few tricks up his sleeve that may actually even beat Sebastian? How is that even possible?!I'm not going to spoil even if I truly want to. You can just comment on my profile if you don't have this copy and [...]

    • I will admit that I did not read the 3rd volume in book format. No. I perfer not to with how bad the translation of the first two volumes were. I read the 3rd vol. threw scans. And I must say, without the nuisence of a bad translation done by Yen Press, I could enjoy this series more fully. The climax of the Jack the Ripper arc hits its mark here. A nice action battle, humor, and some emotional torment that all flows together in this. I really enjoyed this, especially with the more accurate tran [...]

    • Ciel is such a tattoo; every time he feels someone else is going to get a sympathy vote over unfortunate circumstances he butts in with his, "MY PARENTS DIED WHEN I WAS JUST A CHILD!" sob story. He can't seem to swallow the fact that anyone other than himself could possibly suffer the same amount as he has and feel bad about it. What's more, his philosophic rants boil down to a strong belief against self-pity and relying on others - when that is in fact the essence of his own existence. Of cours [...]

    • I think I'll say this every review: Sebastian is so sexy!!Haha, well, its not just him. Apparently its all the males. The mysterious prince who shows up on the last page is pretty hot too! XDHaha, but enough about the ridiculous hotness of the men in this manga!This volume was actually pretty heartbreaking. It was interesting getting to see the background of some of Ciel's family. So far, with the members we've met, they all seem very different.And I was dying in hysterical laughter when Aunt Fr [...]

    • A while ago I met some negative comments about this manga, saying it contains incest scenes. There is nothing like that in the anime, so I decided to read the manga and see. Apparently, the incest rumors appear from the 14th chapter of this volume, where the readers find out that Elizabeth and Ciel are cousins, his father and her mother being brother and sister. Although this is true, it is not the kind of weird, forbidden love, it is an arrangement made by his and her parents that they would ma [...]

    • اجمل مجلد حتي الان واكثرهم تشويقا لذلك اعطيه خمس نجمات مستحقةاعجبني القتال بين جريل وسيباستيان ولم اتحمس لوفاة مدام ريد رغم انها النهاية المنطقية لها فيبدو ان التردد في لحظات الانتقام وتحديد المصير لا يجدي نفعاالتردد لثانية واحدة فقط يمكن أن يكون قاتلاريفيو الجزء الاول :/rev [...]

    • I just have to confess that I like that Ciel was determined to protect Lizzy with his own life despite his claiming that she is just a chess piece , he totally lies , he feels much more then he lets on the surface ! Totally love Ciel & Lizzy :)

    • This was really good. We got character development and more Jack the Ripper.I feel bad for Ciel's aunt. :(

    • Really well written. There's drama, comedy, paranormal action, and he likes cats.What can I say, I like Sebastian.

    • This story was very interesting, it shows Ciel’s first real assignment as the Queens "watch dog". Ciel and Sebastian have to fin the Jack the Ripper who has been murdering women and taking out their womb.At the beginning it was a little confusing for me. It started off with Ciel and Sebastian fighting Grell and talking about Lady red, (Aunt an). Since it has been a while since I have read Vol.2 it started off too fast and I found that it took me a minute to understand where the story begun, an [...]

    • CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!I feel so bad for Madam Red. Her life was a sad sad story. The man she loved married her sister. Then Red's husband died and she lost her baby. Red couldn't have kids after that and giving all those abortions to whores, when Red wanted what they were throwing away. She just wanted what they had. She gone crazy and then we easily seduced by the Reaper. I'm sorry Red died. I liked her.I was so confused about whether the Reaper was a boy or a girl, he's a boy I figured out! Aw [...]

    • This is the third volume in the Black Butler series. I have been absolutely loving this series; it is incredibly entertaining and well drawn.This volume finishes up the Jack the Ripper storyline started in Vol 2. We also get to meet Ciel’s betrothed’s mother and go on a hunt.I continue to enjoy the humor and the paranormal plot in these manga. They are absolutely beautifully illustrated with a lot of attention to detail.I love Ciel and Sebastian as characters; they are fun, mysterious, and q [...]

    • As someone else posted, Sebastian IS sexy without even trying to be. I am reading them in order, so this is obviously the third manga and continues the 'Jack the Ripper' story from Volume 2. It's hard for me to put my finger on why I enjoy this so much. It's very 'stylistic' and one either admires it or not, I suppose. I not only love a culture that can bring about such artistry, but the culture that makes it popular. I honestly believe when it comes to dramas, movies, manga's, bookse Japanese m [...]

    • این جور مانگاها خیلی گیج کننده س :|آدم نمیدونه به داستان باید نمره بده، به نقاشی هاش، به انیمه اگه بخوام به انیمه بدم، باید چهار بدم. اگه بخوام به مانگا و نقاشی هاش بدم، یک و نیم یا دو هم شاید کافی باشه چون اصلا از نقاشی هاش خوشم نمیاد و به نظرم قشنگ نیستن. ولی انصافا صحنه های جنگ [...]

    • In this volume, we have a resolution to the Jack the Ripper murders. We, also, learn more about the bond between Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian, his Butler. Several other connections are revealed, such as Ciel's connection to the Queen, and why he is known as Her "Watchdog", and Grelle's connection to Madam Red. There are numerous other reveals, which I do not wish to spoil for anyone who is not familiar with these stories, that are interesting, and will be entertaining in future stories.

    • This volume wraps up the Jack The Ripper story arc and concludes with a sweet, character-driven chapter concerning Ciel and Lizzie. I've always considered the JTR arc as the point by which if readers don't like the series yet, they won't like the series at all beyond this point. Ergo, if you didn't like this volume, you'd probably be better off dropping Black Butler all together. The very end of this volume teases the next story arc, featuring two of my favorite characters - Agni and Soma - and [...]

    • This manga made me cry when Angelina (Madam Red) died by the hand of Grelle Sutclif. She was and still is my favorite character. i pity her for what happened to her. The loss of her child and womb, and not being able to reproduce ever again. This lead her to killing prostitutes that had their wombs removed for abort, and to not get pregnant again. Her jealousy of this fueling furthermore her anger.

    • The twisted and intriguing end to the Jack the Ripper arc, which introduces Grelle and William, and some humor to lighten things up at the very end. "It has been a while since I last saw you. Welcome, Marchioness and Lady Elizabeth. You have traveled a great distance today--AhmMight there be something on my fa--""You look lecherous!"

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