Florence & Giles

Florence Giles A gripping sinister Gothic tale inspired by and in the tradition of Henry James s The Turn of the Screw In in a remote and crumbling New England mansion year old orphan Florence and her you

  • Title: Florence & Giles
  • Author: JohnHarding
  • ISBN: 9780007315031
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A gripping, sinister Gothic tale inspired by and in the tradition of Henry James s The Turn of the Screw.In 1891, in a remote and crumbling New England mansion, 12 year old orphan Florence and her younger brother are neglected by her guardian uncle Banned from reading, Florence devours books in secret and talks to herself and narrates her story in a unique language of heA gripping, sinister Gothic tale inspired by and in the tradition of Henry James s The Turn of the Screw.In 1891, in a remote and crumbling New England mansion, 12 year old orphan Florence and her younger brother are neglected by her guardian uncle Banned from reading, Florence devours books in secret and talks to herself and narrates her story in a unique language of her own invention By night, she sleepwalks the corridors and is troubled by a recurrent dream in which a mysterious woman appears to threaten her younger brother Giles.After the sudden violent death of the children s first governess, a second teacher, Miss Taylor, arrives, and immediately strange phenomena begin to occur Florence becomes convinced that the new governess is a malevolent spirit who means to do Giles harm Against this powerful enemy, Florence must use all her intelligence and ingenuity to protect her little brother and preserve her private world This Gothic page turner in the tradition of The Woman in Black and The Fall of the House of Usher is told in a startlingly different and wonderfully captivating narrative voice.

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    • This brief horror homage is a bit like one of those unusual appetizers they bring out at froo-froo restaurants. What are they called? Amuse-bouches. It is perhaps not anything that you would like to eat as an entire meal, and maybe not even something that, before that moment, you had contemplating even putting in your mouth, but now that the moment is on you, it's sort of interesting-looking and hey, it can only last so long, right? And sometimes it turns out to be an aerosolized shellfish on a [...]

    • A two and a half star. This one pissed me off. I was so bored in the beginning I almost abandoned it. Around chapter 10 it picked up pace and the thrills got going. Murder, possible kidnapping, a witch, mysterious persons who are only spoken of but never mentioned gets you curious and excited! Yes!! The story is getting good! You get to the last chapter and you think, I will finally get all the answers to all the mystery!! You keep readingd here it is the end is near! And it'sA BIG FAT FAIL! Not [...]

    • Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this clever, chilling gothic novel narrated by the uniquely voiced 12 year old Florence. Many links to The Turn of the Screw, Poe, Wilkie Collins and other classics of the genre - but Harding still manages to create something 'all its own'.This is enchanting and humorous with wonderfully drawn characters. But, ultimately, it is a very disturbing novel with a ghastly 'turn of the screw'.

    • Florence and Giles?Now doesn’t that sound like Flora and Miles?Is it a coincidence, or are the two pairs of names connected?Well no, it isn’t a coincidence. And yes, the names are connected. But not as you may think.If one is a true story then the other would be a variation on that story far from the truth as it has been told, misheard, distorted, embellished so many times.Or, I like to think, neither is a whole truth. Both are distortions of another story that has never been told.John Hardi [...]

    • I gave up smoking on 8th December 2008 and I must admit that I occasionally miss that nicotine kick but every now and then a great book comes along which replicates that surge to the brain! Indeed, Florence and Giles is such a book - I heard about it by chance via Twitter, saw the cover, heard the words gothic, Henry James, Poe and I was off like a shot.Imagine, if you will, an old mansion in New England. It is 1891 and Blithe House's sole inhabitants are young orphans, 12 year old Florence and [...]

    • I won't I review this? This is one of the best Gothic books I have ever read. 2014. This book made me feel all sorts of things. I mean, I don't get it. I'd gladly review desultory and horrendously written books like The Other Boleyn Girl, though that review was so much fun to write, but not this book which I genuinely loved and is arguably one of my favorite novels. Look at its cover. The ending and the very last words will have you ashiver. And already have its sequel ready to go, just waiting [...]

    • The narrator is 12-year-old Florence. At the start of the novel, Florence lives a life of solitary contentment. Her brother is away at school, her guardian is in New York, and there is an indulgent housekeeper, Mrs Grouse. Florence spends most of her time in the library or an abandoned tower of the house where she creates her own small and secure world. Her only friend is Theo Van Hoosier, a boy from a nearby estate.This world is threatened when Giles returns home and a new governess, Miss Taylo [...]

    • Sinceramente, cosa c'è di peggio di un libro brutto? Semplice, un bel libro rovinato dall'inettitudine dell'autore e da una campagna pubblicitaria completamente forviante.In genere, nelle recensioni, parto sempre dall'analisi del testo/trama per poi passare a copertina, prezzo e tutti gli altri elementi puramente fisici e collaterali. In questo caso, diversamente, partirò dall'esterno del romanzo per poi addentrarmi nella trama affinchè possiate comprendere perché giudico questo romanzo comp [...]

    • Florence é inteligente, solitária e amante de livros. Giles, seu meio-irmão, é ingénuo, influenciável e muito imaturo. Estas duas crianças estão sozinhas, praticamente abandonadas à sua sorte e cuidadas por criados que pouco conhecem a história da sua família.A única ordem que os criados têm é de não ensinar Florence a ler, pedido esse feito pelo seu tutor, um tio que a criança nunca conheceu.No entanto, a curiosidade da jovem Florence pelo conhecimento leva-a a descobrir a bibli [...]

    • This was my hallowe'en read for the year, and I did get rather excited at the prospect of a 'Poe' meets 'The Turn of the Screw', but it really wasn't to be. While the concept is firmly rooted in the Gothic tradition (thanks to it being almost a re-write of the illustrious, aforementioned title by Henry James) it really does lack in the 'scare factor' that it so promises on the back cover. This is the story of Florence and Giles, two orphaned children living with their estranged uncle in a vast, [...]

    • What a complete load of rubbish. I had such high expectations of this book. The front cover lured me in with that creepy face at the window. From the blurb I was expecting a haunting, Victorian-style ghost story, perfect for reading on cold evenings with a hot chocolate. Sadly, what I got was utter drivel. I appreciate the writing style was deliberately different with the made up words and switcheroo of traditional sentences. It did get right on my tits, but I could have let it go were the story [...]

    • La prima reazione appena finito il libro è stata: "MAH". La seconda pureedo che John Harding abbia le idee un tantino confuse, perché sinceramente non saprei come definire il romanzo: narrativa? (no, ci sono elementi paranormali); paranormale? (no, sono elementi troppo deboli e mal sviluppati); giallo? (nì, ma anche qui è piuttosto debole).Insomma, un gran miscuglio di tanti elementi ma sviluppati in maniera veramente carente Ad un certo punto non sapevo più dove volesse andare a parare! Tr [...]

    • Florence and Giles are two orphans who live at Blithe House, their absent guardian’s mansion. After the untimely death of their governess, another teacher, Miss Taylor, arrives and strange things begin to happen, but only Florence seems aware of these events. The girl starts to think that Miss Taylor is not a real governess and that she arrived at their house with a clear plan in her mind: to kidnap Giles and leave with him. Can a twelve-year-old girl save his brother without the help of anybo [...]

    • A very intriguing and chilling novel! This is totally new to me and I love every part of it. While reading this, a lot of questions nagged me at the back of my mind which leads to many disturbing speculations. At first I really thought that Florence's actions and reactions towards all the events around her are purely driven by her protective instinct for her little brother. However, her overprotectiveness has a suspicious edge to it up until a point where I have already doubted her true intentio [...]

    • Florence and Giles is a very old fashioned chilling tale in the style of "The Turn of the Screw". Our setting is Blithe, a large house in New England during the last years of the 19th Century, Florence and her step brother Giles live at Blithe along with Mrs Grouse, the Housekeeper and the house staff, Mary, John and Meg. Orphaned at an early age, Florence and Giles are neglected by their guardian Uncle, who spends most of his time in New York City. Florence is forbidden to read and instead enco [...]

    • Quando li sobre este livro a primeira vez, devido ao título do mesmo, pensei que o foco da história seria na relação de Florence, a protagonista, com os livros… mas, é como digo, as traduções dos títulos muitaz vezes deixam a desejar e podem nos levar à conclusões errôneas. Qual a lógica em traduzir o título original Florence and Giles para A Menina Que Não Sabia Ler? Sim, há a relação de Florence com os livros e isso de certa forma influencia a história, mas mais do que isso [...]

    • New England, 1891. Gli orfani Florence e Giles, dodici e dieci anni, fratelli da parte di padre, vivono con la servitù nella grande tenuta di campagna dello zio, sempre assente per affari. Trascurati da tutti, i due bambini crescono nel modo più diverso. Florence si abbandona al piacere proibito della lettura (lo zio non ritiene opportuno che una ragazza riceva un’istruzione), mentre Giles gioca tutto il giorno da solo, privo di stimoli di alcun tipo. Tutto procede normalmente, fino all’ar [...]

    • Lo ammetto: mea culpa. Avevo letto dei giudizi poco incoraggianti su questo libro, ma dopo averlo visto in biblioteca (e non avere nient’altro da leggere) ho pensato di provare lo stesso. Non si mai. Grosso errore. L’avventura (mia, nel leggerlo) era già iniziata male notando tutti quei neologismi strampalati che alla lunga irritano non poco. Fino alla metà del libro la storia si trascina lenta, e non si capisce dove l’autore voglia andare a parare. Arrivati alla fine si capisce che, eff [...]

    • I loved this book! It was fast-paced, suspenseful and definitely creepy. I was holding my breath along with Florence at times!Florence had such a unique style of narration. At first I did think that it was a little annoying/confusing, but after awhile I got into it; it didn't bother me at all, and I could easily understand what she was talking about.I loved the way that Florence handled things on her own, there were no adults around that she could totally rely on (or convince to believe her stor [...]

    • 2.5 stars There were some chilling moments in this one but what was really disappointing for me was the fact that it was clear from pretty much early on what was going on and who was to blame. There was not any ambiguity as was the case with the turning of the screw. Being so the climax was not "genuily exciting and shocking". On the other hand I have to acknoweldge the fact that the book has in deed great atmosphere. Also I liked the unique language Florence used (she is self-taught) and I thin [...]

    • The original use of the language definitely makes this book stand out. It's a gothic novel for a younger audience. Sufficiently creepy and interesting, it's also very readable and I think I would have loved it at 12 as much as I liked it now.My only beef with it was that occasionally the original language became a bit overbearing and I kept wanting to correct it.Also, Florence is one scary child. >_>

    • I absolutely loved this book. As I was reading, I often just stopped to marvel at the creativity of the author. I’ve never read anything quite like this. The story has an Edgar Allan Poe vibe, which is right up my alley, and there was a subtle creepiness from the first chapter onwards. I read the bulk of it on a flight to Vancouver, and I barely looked up. If you’re a fan of EAP, and want to experience an entirely unique voice in young Florence, you have to read this book.

    • 'Florence & Giles' by John Harding.I had intended this as a Halloween read breaking away from my routine of SFF books. This book is inspired from Henry James' The Turn of the Screw.Neglected by their guardian uncle, orphaned Florence lives along with her step-brother Giles in a remote and old mansion around the late 19th century. After the sudden death of their governess, a second teacher arrives - Miss Taylor; and along with her comes certain mysterious phenomena. Florence suspects her to b [...]

    • 3.5Si tratta di un libro molto particolare. Non so neanche da dove cominciare a recensire, in realtà. Inizio con il dire che questo titolo non ha nulla a che vedere con la storia vera e propria.E' vero si parla di libri proibiti ma la biblioteca è soltanto un contorno.Alla nostra protagonista, infatti, viene negata l'istruzione da parte di suo zio. Non può imparare a leggere ed è proprio questo che la spinge a ribellarsi e ad acculturarsi da autodidatta, di nascosto, all'insaputa della gover [...]

    • Review of ‘Florence & Giles’ by John HardingRead April 2015I just love a good old-fashioned, hair gripping, prickles on the back of your neck, Gothic thriller! And, this gem by John Harding certainly delivers.We begin in a great old mansion in New England in 1891. Twelve year old Florence and her little brother, Giles, live in complete isolation here with just a few loyal servants to care for the children. Their parents died years before, and the children are being ‘raised’ (I use th [...]

    • Florence & Giles by John Harding is a tale of isolation, fear, madness and risen spirits. It is simultaneously a classic ghost story and a modern psychological thriller, with a truly unique narrator. What at first seems to be a fairly standard story of a lonely child living a secluded life in a haunted house soon turns into an intriguing, compelling, spine-tingling and original story that is impossible to put down.Florence, our narrator, is an instantly likeable enigma, with her own take on [...]

    • One of the most irritating audiobooks I've ever borrowed. I was so excited by the blurb for this novel, The Turn of the Screw is one of my favourite stories so anything in the same vain is sure to be a winner, right? Wrong. Florence seems incapable of actual speech. Despite a heavy handed suggestion from Harding (for it was clearly a writers suggestion and not Florence's) that Shakespeare's ability to make up words was amazing and our heroine wishes to do the same adding 'ery' to the end of word [...]

    • Difficile dire qualcosa su questo libro. Quando non mi piacciono non li metto nemmeno nell'elenco. Però, su questo libro ho letto recensioni entusiasmanti, pare stia per essere tradotto e distribuito sull'intero pianeta. Perché, mi chiedo io? Per neologismi come questi? "pomeriggiare - sonnambulare - bibliotecare - shakespearizzare - tragediare- ecc.". Alla lunga diventa irritante trovare "roba" simile. O frasi come queste: "Eravamo dottorati ma non dentistati" "serpentandomi con gli occhi". L [...]

    • Florence is a 12 year old orphan living with her younger brother in an old mansion under the care of a small group of servants, all paid for by her uncle. After the governess dies in a tragic boating accident, another is sent to replace her. Florence is convinced she is an evil entity there to steal Giles away. Throughout you're made to think that this is going to be a horror story about possession or some such but there are hints to the darker nature of the human soul and imagination. Very cree [...]

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