The Moon Below

The Moon Below The daughter of a Newcastle coalminer Hallie sailed halfway around the world to marry Chadwick a man she d never met But on the ship bound for Australia she meets Dr Tristan Faulkner who awakens h

  • Title: The Moon Below
  • Author: Barbara Bickmore
  • ISBN: 9780821744543
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • The daughter of a Newcastle coalminer, Hallie sailed halfway around the world to marry Chadwick, a man she d never met But on the ship bound for Australia, she meets Dr Tristan Faulkner, who awakens her heart to desire and dares her to want Surrounded by a primitive aboriginal culture, Hallie fights to carve a future from the exotic wilds.

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    • The Moon Below « Barbara Bickmore
      236 Barbara Bickmore
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    • Barbara Bickmore

      BARBARA BICKMORE wrote her first short story at seven and has been writing ever since Her dream to become a published writer came true when EAST OF THE SUN was published in 1988 As her heroines grow they become women who make a difference and don t settle for living life the way society dictates Readers will experience sorrow, pain, happiness, romance, love and will enjoy growing with the heroines as they rise to life s challenges.

    596 thoughts on “The Moon Below

    • The moon below is an unputdownable romantic historical story of Hallie, a young girl who leaves the coal mine town of Newcastle, England in 1810 to join her childhood friend Chad, in marriage, where they plan to build a new life in the wilds of Australia. Just as she is settled into her comfortable life with her husban he decides to take a one year trip back to England for financial reasons. Hallie is devastated, however, when the one year turns into five she grows into an independent woman and [...]

    • 4.5 Stars A good historical fiction, with a major focus on the romantic storyline. I have such mixed feelings about this book because at times it was straight historical fiction, and at other times it veered closer to a historical romance. I picked this up because I wanted to learn more about the early colonization of Australia; I only knew that the nation began as a place where England sent its prisoners and the native Australians (Aborigines) were violently displaced. This book did not disappo [...]

    • A wonderful story about Australian history (loosely), and how women do amazing things but get forgotten in the patriarchy that is historic society.

    • Rating: 4 / 5All in all, this was a way better read than I expected it to be. Certainly more interesting and with more detail than I expected and, thank goodness, not too much over-the-top romance that I expected to have to deal with. The story was interesting from start to finish, and while I'm certainly glad that there were other elements besides the romance to enjoy, that main element in itself had a nice bit of balance.However, nevertheless, at some points of the novel, I felt that things we [...]

    • I enjoyed this story. This is a historical fiction about the beginnings of Australia. Since I know very little of Australia's history I found the book intriguing. Having stated that it's a historical FICTION not all facts are correct. Thankfully, the author details all historical discrepancies at the end of the book.Ms. Bickmore does a wonderful job inventing her characters. I truly felt as though I knew Hallie, the main character. There were actually numerous times that I found myself angry at [...]

    • 4.5*Wow! I can't believe how much I enjoyed this book! I am so glad I found this book and can understand why many people have said that they have read this book more than once. I really enjoyed reading the story of Hallie and I thought the history of Australia was very interesting. The only down side was the length of the book (1569 pages!), although it did read very fast. I think this book could have easily been at least a few hundred pages less, but even so, I sailed through it. I will definit [...]

    • Can't decide how I feel about this book. I liked that the characters had both strengths and flaws. But author has a strange fascination with the physical and sexual abuse of convicts in this story of the early days of Australia as a British penal colony. I also found the heroine quite implausible in her accomplishments as a barely educated transplant from the coal mines of Newcastle (even though author says she is based on an actual woman).

    • Wow amazing story of the history of Australia--what a terrific writer! I can visualize the story as she paints a picture with her words. At first I wasn't sure I'd enjoy the "love triangle" part of the book but honestly it was amazing and emotional. There are some very sad accounts in this story but I will say that they are all necessary to the story and to the history of Australia. I would read this book again!

    • Almost WonderfulThis book was a book club selection. The poor proofreading was a distraction initially, something to ignore as the book progressed. The story line kept one's interest, and the characterizations were authentically developed. The sexual depictions were graphic and are not for the fainthearted. The story fulfilled the author's intention, as stated at the end of the book.

    • good historical romance novel set in 1790-1830 when australia was being settled. the young heroine leaves a mining town in England to become the wife of a wealthy landowner with dreams of creating a dynasty. however, he goes back to england for five years and leaves her to realize his dreams. since i'm going to australia soon, i look forward to seeing this "new land".

    • This is a great story, well written and researched. The book follows a young woman on her journey to a new live in the early years of the colony of New South Wales. The characters are well developed and credible. I love the story it,s one of those books I can read over an over again. It's feels like escaping into a different time and place. Great book for a lazy summer holiday.

    • This book is great! It has been on my favorite books list since I read it. I have lost count of how many times I have read it! Set in Australia while it was still a penal colony, a tale of a strong women looking for a better life! Really great read!

    • well written , fun to read BUT IT WAS A WOMOANS BOOK I think. I will not remember it one week from now. some historical facts about Australia were of some interest . I do not want to read any more by this author.

    • I'd have to say I loved this book most because of the strong main character. It seemed Hallie could handle whatever life threw at her. I couldn't stand the thought that she cheated on Chad, but all in all, it was a nice read

    • I love Barbara Bickmore books. Full of history, romance and adventure. This is one of my favorites. The other favorite is East of the Sun by the same author. It's interesting to see how many people have retread this book. I rarely retread, but I also couldn't wait to enjoy it again years later.

    • Really glad this is over so that I can go back resuming my regular life as a human who isn't buried in a book. Couldn't put it down.

    • I read this book YEARS ago and I have always remembered it fondly. I really liked it and have recommended it several times over the years

    • I read this a long time ago but still remember how much I enjoyed the book. I love when stories take place in Australia.

    • A very sweet book. I actually learned a little bit about Australia as it was 200 years ago when people was immigrating from europe and elsewhere.

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