East of the Sun

East of the Sun A grand historical romance Filled with passions heartbreak and death Chicago Sun Times Liliane Carolyn Courtney For half a century they would devote themselves to the people of Simbayo women healer

  • Title: East of the Sun
  • Author: Barbara Bickmore
  • ISBN: 9780804107303
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • A grand historical romance Filled with passions, heartbreak and death Chicago Sun Times.Liliane Carolyn Courtney For half a century, they would devote themselves to the people of Simbayo, women healers bringing faith and hope to a beleaguered land and to each other.

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    • East of the Sun by Barbara Bickmore
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      BARBARA BICKMORE wrote her first short story at seven and has been writing ever since Her dream to become a published writer came true when EAST OF THE SUN was published in 1988 As her heroines grow they become women who make a difference and don t settle for living life the way society dictates Readers will experience sorrow, pain, happiness, romance, love and will enjoy growing with the heroines as they rise to life s challenges.

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    • To classify this epic novel as simply "historical romance" is doing it a great disservice. Is there romance? Oh, yes. And it is bittersweet and devastating. But, at its heart, it's so much more. It's a medical drama, an epic portrait of the African continent and the struggles of its people, a feminist manifesto about three generations of women who lived extraordinary lives as they helped the sick and dying. It's also easy to think this book is just another "well meaning white people go to Africa [...]

    • I can't wait to read more by this author. She lived in Anacortes which is a short distance from my town.I loved the strong female characters. It follows a woman, her daughter and then her grand daughter in Africa. (from the Congo to Zimbabewe. ) It follows and talks about people who are not conventional. It's about wanting to make things better. It is about people who have money who use to help others mostly in the medical way.Thank you , sister-in-law Tracy for giving it to me for my birthday.

    • EAST OF THE SUN, Barbara Bickmore, AFRICA, Belgian Congo, Rhodesia, South Africa, 1926-1981.This prequel to West of the Moon which I read last year, had me fully engageda story of love, of loss, of monumental changes as the African countries achieved their independence, of turmoil and brutalityd how the Europeans brought modern medicine to the stone age tribes of the Congo.

    • This is the only book I have read by this author. I see it is her first novel and she has written many more since. I picked it up at a library sale, liked the topic and noticed the high ratings on . With all that said, I must say this is among the best novels I have ever read. I personally think is it up there with "Gone With the Wind" and should be considered a 20 th Century classic. It is excellent in every way and deserves the highest rating possible, in my point of view and I read a lot.Don' [...]

    • I loved reading this saga about Africa. I read this in middle school for the first time and thought it would be the neatest thing in the world to go over there and run a clinic. There was a scene where it told about the native women in that particular part of Africa and how they squatted all day that way for hours on end. I found that incredible and had to try it myself. It didn't work so well for me

    • Barbara Bickmore's heroines and even her male characters have an inspiring drive to make a difference in other people's lives.One also learns some history of the African continent in both this book and its sequel, West of the Moon.An extremely enthralling, satisfying read!

    • Una bella avventura, tra il centro e il sud africa, con protagoniste tre donne coraggiose e profondamente umane, nelle scelte e nelle passioni, che però deve fare i conti con un ritmo in alcuni tratti fin troppo prolisso e lento.

    • A very descriptive book , but too long spanning too many generations. I felt she could have stopped after her daughter.

    • Historical fictionry intersting story which spans several generations of women in Africa, from the Congo to South Africa. Slightly over dramatic at times, but a good read.

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