Far from You

Far from You Lost and alone down the rabbit hole Alice thought she knew what solitude was Her mother gone Her father remarried with a newborn daughter Now trapped in the icy embrace of a deadly snowstorm Alice fac

  • Title: Far from You
  • Author: Lisa Schroeder
  • ISBN: 9781416975076
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lost and alone down the rabbit hole Alice thought she knew what solitude was Her mother gone Her father remarried with a newborn daughter Now trapped in the icy embrace of a deadly snowstorm Alice faces the true meaning of loneliness But hope may not be as far away as she thinks .

    • Far from You By Lisa Schroeder
      300 Lisa Schroeder
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      Lisa Schroeder is the author of than twenty books for kids and teens Her latest young adult novel is ALL WE HAVE IS NOW, and the latest novel for 8 12 year olds is KEYS TO THE CITY, both with She lives in Oregon where she spends her time reading, writing, baking yummy treats, and hiking with her familyitter twitter lisa_schroederfacebook facebook lisaschroederbookstumblr lisaschroeder.tumblrinstagram lisaschroeder15

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    • Before I really knew what was happening I was done with this book. It draws you in so quick, and is such a breeze to read it's hard not to gobble it up in one sitting. I had thought to read it again before I did a review, but I felt like I had to write one now.It's in verse so at first that gets some getting use to. No worries there is a sufficient amount of dialogue, so it never feels too "poemy". You'd think with the length of this book you wouldn't feel attached to the characters or that they [...]

    • Alright, I admit that at the beginning I wasn't all that excited about reading this. It's in poem form and I don't usually understand poems. People in poems are usually really depressed, which in turn makes me depressed or totally confused. I found this book surprisingly easy to read though. It's strange at first because the sentences sound kinda choppy, but you adapt pretty quickly and the words start to flow much better.Quick Overview: Alice has lost her mother to cancer and has to deal with a [...]

    • 3.5 starsInterested in more of my reviews? Visit my blog!’Memories fall like snowflakes upon my dreams.’The StorylineAlice lost her mother years ago but it changed her deeply despite the fact that everyone else around her has moved on. Her father has remarried a woman named Victoria and they’ve just had their first child; Ivy. Not able to accept this new family of hers, she remains as distant as possible. The two constants in her life are her best friend Claire and her boyfriend Blaze.On t [...]

    • “Wonderland is here now.Don’t know what we might see.Yesterday’s gone forever.But my future’s up to me.What a future it will be….”

    • Words Words Words…I have completely fallen under Lisa Schroeder’s enchanting and magical way with words. Such power and emotion rise out of her seemingly simple, straight forward and beautifully strung together words. Ms. Schroeder gut punched me more than once with this one!Far From You tells the story of Alice and her journey of pain, loss and growth after her mother’s death. Her father has moved on and remarried with a new baby on the way—so where does Alice fit in now? I can still fe [...]

    • Oh how I love Lisa Schoeder's writing style. She just kept it small yet so full of emotions. Reading in verses excites me especially when it comes to her books. And this is a second book that I've read from her and honestly, it never disappoints me.Reading her works is like reading a diary where you get to see real and raw feelings that doesn't sound exasperating at all. Alice thinks she is left alone. Her mother died, her father remarried and the bad news is he's having a baby. All what's left [...]

    • WOW. Is all I can sayI picked up this book at my local library and started it earlier today. The entire book is written in prose. Each chapter a new poem. For me, it was a nice break from the every day writing style we are used to. I finished it in a couple of hours because I couln't put it down.Alice deals with the grief over losing her mother to cancer, adjustment to a new family dynamic, doubts of faith, and near tragedy. It is a beautifully rich yet down to earth and raw look at what it feel [...]

    • In the beginning I didn't like Allison. Mostly because she was so self-pitying and selfish. She wanted her father all to herself and therefore resented her stepmother. She, in a way, just refused to be truly happy (except when she was with Blaze). Allison did make some good points and I could forgive her some because she was hurting but she could've at least TRIED to make things better for herself. She grows during the course of the book, well mostly when she is trapped in the storm with her ste [...]

    • It's simply unbelievable how Lisa Schroeder expresses emotions so beautifully in her books, every line is on a right place. Wonderland is here now.Don’t know what we might see.Yesterday’s gone forever.But my future’s up to me.What a future it will be….

    • Oh,Lisa! And I thought I wouldn't cry!Tak tohle byla má prvotní reakce po přečtení další knihy z pera této talentované autorky. Nemá smysl se neustále opakovat, jak jedinečný styl psaní Lisa má, jak umí chytnout člověka za srdce, jak ho umí ponaučit, vzpamatovat se z reality a chvíli nechat popřemýšlet, na čem tady na zemi v našich životech doopravdy záleží. Je to láska. Vždycky to byla, je a bude láska. Ne jen k přátelům a k našim partnerům, ale také k rod [...]

    • At first I was worried that Alice's tale would be just another teen angst story, but written in captivating verse, Lisa Schroeder's words caught my attention right away. Alice Andreeson, a normal girl with normal problems, felt amazingly real to me. Dealing with her father starting a new marriage after her mothers death, we saw Alice her in her happy moments and sad moments. I was impressed that we even saw her traveling through the very same daydreams I have as she deals with her friend's surpr [...]

    • My reading teacher gave this book to me to read, at first i was skeptical about it i don't know why i was skeptical i just was. But after I read the first poem I knew this was going to be a great book. Guess what it wasn't just a great book it was a amazing book. Lisa Schroeder is a great author but the sad part is my reading teachers other books written by Lisa Schroeder were misplaced. Now we must wait for the new books to come in and I am really excited. Lisa Schroeder's books give a good inp [...]

    • I really, really, truly loved this book!The story was great, amazing! The events throught out the book were so memorable and beautifully written. Man, it was so beautiful. Let's move on now.When you read this book(if your a girl), you have to love Blaze. The way he is described and the way the author makes him act, is so whats the word AMAZING! Man, Blaze is like the perfect boyfriend. If he were real, I would totally go out with him. Int he book, he is described as hot, sensitive and is an awes [...]

    • This was my first time reading this new style of novel writing I'm seeing around more and more, where it's made to look like a poetry book, lots and lots of white space, some pages only have one or two sentences on them. I was pleasantly surprised, I actually enjoyed reading this way. The pages turned really fast. The author captures moments of emotion that I really felt (with her boyfriend, missing her mother). But I rated it 4 stars for the authors writing ability, she's a good writer, not for [...]

    • Far From You is a story about overcoming the immense pain of loss and having the courage to love. Sixteen yrs. old Alice is dealing with the loss of her her mother and her sudden gain of a new step-mom and baby sister. The only seemingly good thing in her life is Blaze and her music.Without much warning, an innocent trip gone wrong leaves Alice to confront her feelings and to have the will to survive.Lisa Schroeder's writing is completely subliminal. The words on each page just flow through you, [...]

    • I think i read this soon after a tragedy in my own life. It was very encouraging to read this book, and found it very inspiring. When you feel solitude whilst surrounded by people. You don't need to be put in her situation to feel the raw hunger and need to be with someone. And in her situation, many a time it feels like a kilogram of salt is poured onto gaping wounds, and you wonder, "Why doesn't anyone see this?" Whilst this book shows the rare occasion that someone may see the pain you don't [...]

    • I absolutely loved this book. As someone who has had a stepmother (or two) in her life, I can completely relate to Ali's emotions in almost every way. I love that she lost herself in her music and her boyfriend, and felt so alienated from her family even though it was partly her fault. It's so true of how teenagers are. But the best part, in my opinion was just her overall growth. It was tense reading about her stuck in the snowstorm with her stepmother and baby sister, and I was constantly worr [...]

    • Alice’s mom died of cancer years ago and her father remarried. She dislikes her stepmom and doesn’t feel close to her newborn half-sister. She finds solace in writing songs and being with her boyfriend. When she’s stuck in a car with her stepmom and half-sister during a snowstorm, Alice reevaluates her life and her rocky relationships with others. When the snowstorm worsens and hours turn into days Alice feels the sensation of someone or something, perhaps a guardian angel, watching over h [...]

    • I was putting off reading this for a while now and finally, FINALLY, got around to reading this. Pretty sure a lot who read this, wasn't sure about the beginning. But you know what it does pick up and gets better, interesting, but better. The writing was really good, verse and all. Don't know else to say that others haven't said already. So yeah, pretty good.

    • I really think that the Alice in Wonderland allusion/metaphorical novels are getting a little old by this point. I've seen at least three, both self-published and bestseller, in just the past year, and this book was no exception. Although I did like the character of Alice herself, I found this novel to be way too predictable.

    • I love this. It’s so beautiful. I don’t know what else to say about it. It’s just so beautiful.My only complaint is that it’s too short. WAY TOO SHORT. The pages just fly by. I feel like I spent no time at all reading. Ahh, it’s absolutely amazing. <3

    • Actual rating: 3.5The prose is lovely! I definitely need to read Lisa Schroeder's other verse novels.

    • 2011, 4 stars:: Really lovely. It's a keeper. 2014: I have to add the missing star. The rereading experience turned out to be even better than the primary jump into the snow.

    • InhaltAlice hat ihre Mutter verloren. Ihr Vater ist darüber schneller hinweggekommen als ihr lieb ist, seine neue Freundin wohnt nicht nur bereits mit im Haus, sie bekommt auch schon ein Baby von ihm. Alice kann nichts mit ihrer Babyschwester anfangen und lenkt sich lieber mit dem Songschreiben und ihrem Freund Blaze ab.Als sie gezwungen wird über die Feiertage mit ihrer Familie die Eltern ihrer Stiefmutter zu besuchen, könnte sie genervter kaum sein. Auf der Rückfahrt gerät sie nur mit ihr [...]

    • Personal Response: I gave it a 5 out of 5 stars because this book had a great storyline. It had an amazing learning and understanding experience for any person. I liked this book because it showed how two worlds came together. Far From You displayed the heartache and difficulties of two different people and how their lives were not so different than they think. Alice thought Victoria was a horrible person and trying to take her father away from her. When really Vic was still trying to get used t [...]

    • It has been years since Alice lost her mother to cancer, but she still hasn’t recovered. The three things that give her any peace at all are writing and playing music, her best friend Claire, and her loving boyfriend Blaze. Sadness covers her like a blanket and prevents her from enjoying some of the new things going on in her life.Alice’s father has remarried and he and his new wife are expecting a baby. Alice feels nothing but resentment toward Victoria, the new wife, and the baby that is o [...]

    • Personal Resonse: I think that this was a very good book. I never wanted to put the book down and always wanted to keep reading. It really caught my attention.Plot Summary: Alice, a teenage girl, is living with grief of her mother's death, even though it was a year ago. Alice's parents were still together when her mother passed away from cancer. Her dad moved on from her death and got remarried. After a couple years of being married Alice's dad and new wife Victoria are having their first child [...]

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