Hannah's Garden

Hannah s Garden Seventeen year old Cassie Brittman is looking forward to her violin recital and the prom until the hospital calls and she learns that her grandfather noted mystical painter Daniel Brittman is dying

  • Title: Hannah's Garden
  • Author: Midori Snyder
  • ISBN: 9780142401354
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
  • Seventeen year old Cassie Brittman is looking forward to her violin recital and the prom until the hospital calls and she learns that her grandfather, noted mystical painter Daniel Brittman, is dying Cassie, her mother, Anne, and Anne s new boyfriend travel to the family farm and immediately see that things are far from normal The farm, including Great Grandmother HannSeventeen year old Cassie Brittman is looking forward to her violin recital and the prom until the hospital calls and she learns that her grandfather, noted mystical painter Daniel Brittman, is dying Cassie, her mother, Anne, and Anne s new boyfriend travel to the family farm and immediately see that things are far from normal The farm, including Great Grandmother Hannah s spiral garden, is almost destroyed, and someone or something seems to be stalking them Cassie soon finds herself at the center of an age old battle between two supernatural clans the sinister, dark Red Clan and her own family, the Green Clan For it turns out that Cassie s grandfather is half nature spirit, half human

    • Hannah's Garden by Midori Snyder
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    About “Midori Snyder

    • Midori Snyder

      Midori Snyder is the author of eight books for children and adults, published in English, French, and Dutch She won the Mythopoeic Award for The Innamorati, a novel inspired by early Roman myth and the Italian Commedia dell Arte tradition Other novels include The Flight of Michael McBride a mythic western , Soulstring a lyrical fairy tale , The Oran Trilogy New Moon, Sadar s Keep, and Beldan s Fire imaginary world fantasy, recently re published in Vikings s Firebird line , and Hannah s Garden a contemporary faery novel for young adults Except the Queen, a novel written in collaboration with Jane Yolen is forthcoming in 2010.Her short stories have appeared in numerous venues including the The Armless Maiden Black Thorn, White Rose Xanadu III Swan Sister Borderland and The Year s Best Fantasy and Horror Recent stories have appeared in Young Adult anthologies, The Greenman, Tales From the Mythic Forest and Troll s Eye View, A Book of Villianous Tales Her nonfiction has appeared in Realms of Fantasy and other magazines, and in essay collections including Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Women Writers Explore Their Favorite Fairy Tales.In addition to writing, she co directs The Endicott Studio for Mythic Arts with Terri Winding She co edited and designed the online Journal of Mythic Arts from 2003 2008 and she served as chairwoman on the judges panel for the 2007 James Tiptree, Jr Awards.Midori currently lives in Arizona with her husband, Stephen Haessler.

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    • A wonderfully magical book. I'm very happy I read this book. The descriptions were amazing and the writing was great. I really enjoyed the ending scene with Cassie and her friends. It was so beautiful. 4 Stars for a great read. :)

    • Anyone who grew up enchanted — and haunted — by Brian Froud and Alan Lee's Faeries will understand why at fourteen I was so thrilled to discover that four authors had written novels inspired by Froud's wild and wily drawings, paintings and washes. My memory's selective specificity proves useful here: the usual trip to Bookstar in Tustin, a family tradition that followed the interminable IKEA loop and a stop at In-N-Out (cheeseburger with grilled onions, fries, chocolate shake), yielding Patr [...]

    • That was beautiful! The characters were amazing, I mean come on, a Fiddler/hare/man!? Doesn't get much more amazing then that.I enjoyed taking a break from real life and living in this fantasy world! <3 I wish I could spend all day in a garden playing with these characters <3

    • Snyder has contributed some special stories to different fantasy anthologies that I've read. This looks to be in the same vein, so I'm considering it.

    • My mom got me this book when I was 12, and for some reason I didn't pick it up until I came home for a visit from grad school ten years later. I can't imagine why I never cracked this book open but I'm glad I did now. The fantasy world that Snyder created was wonderful, a bit reminiscent of Spiderwick, but she had her own flair. The main character Cassie is amazing representation for young girls, and I loved her finding the courage and confidence in the climax of the story to stand up for hersel [...]

    • This is a lovely book, made a young adult novel by it's tone rather than for any 'talking-down' to the reader. Because of the book blurb, I had more idea of what was going on than Cassie did, but that didn't hurt the story at all. I did find Anne's refusal to face up to the reality of her family and its legacy a little annoying, as Cassie would have managed the situation much better if she had had a little more information. The Red Clan were truly creepy in a quite not-human sort of way and exce [...]

    • This book was a reread for me.I remember thoroughly enjoying this book when I was younger, and I still do. To me, the descriptions of plants, nature, and music are beautiful and calming. The book has a slow build-up, and takes time to let us get to know the characters and how they interact. A few things do bother about this book. The first is that while Cassie keeps seeing strange animals and experiencing weird things, she somehow keeps convincing herself that she is either imagining things or i [...]

    • This is what I mean by a good fairy story. Cassie finds out that her Poppie, a famous artist is very ill in the hospital at just the wrong time. She has to cancel her plans for prom and an important violin recital. When she and her mother, Anne return to Poppie's farm, Cassie finds that his illness is more complicated than she thought.Cassie is a nice plucky heroine and I enjoyed the slow unveiling of her family's connections to the woodland spirits who begin to trouble her mostly ordinary life. [...]

    • I was really enjoying this book for about 70% of it then I suddenly felt lost. The magic was so mixed up with a sort of preachiness that I couldn't quite make sense of most of the time. I felt like there was a whole underworld of myth and lore that I just wasn't in the know about, and it left me a bit confused. The ending was predictable, and I was completely ok with that. Maybe you just have to read more Midori Snyder books to understand what happened here? I wanted to love it because I do lov [...]

    • this excellent YA novel reminds me of "old style" Urban fantasy along the lines of Charles De Lint and Terri Wendling in that it involves faeries coexisting in our world, the leading character is a musician and the writing is more character driven and less action based.There is something that takes place in this book that happens in one of Charlaine Harris’s more recent Sookie books. (view spoiler)[in Hannah’s garden the lead characters great grandmother was childless due to her husband and [...]

    • Seventeen year old Cassie Brittman feels like she’s almost “there,” after a life following her aimless odd mother around, she’s got a violin solo at the school recital, a great normal boyfriend, and a date to the prom. Then she and mom get a call from the hospital, her famous grandfather, a reclusive painter of landscapes, sprites and fairies is dying and she must cancel it all. Her mom, her mom’s new boyfriend and Cassie go up to farm and it’s nearly been ruined. It’s a great book [...]

    • Lovely book in the de Lint version of urban fantasy.This was originally slated to be part of Brian Froud's Faerielands series. It's such a shame that the Faerielands series was discontinued. I managed to get my hands on the illustrated edition of McKillip's Something Rich and Strange and I was in awe of the artwork, though it didn't always fit the text.But I think it's dreadful that this book was never released with the intended cover art or internal illustrations. Froud's ethereal fae would hav [...]

    • I was in dire need of a comfort read, so I re-read Hannah's Garden. It's a story about a family who is intertwined with the fey, and the things that happen to them when their father/grandpa gets ill. It's really beautifully and simply written, with the enchantments and magic that swirl around the characters practically oozing off the page. There is a lot of descriptions of music and art since the main characters are a violinist, a fiddler, a writer/English major, and a folk artist, and a load of [...]

    • I enjoy young adult fantasies, especially those with a female lead character, and especially those in a contemporary setting. Hannah's Garden certainly did not disappoint! Lush descriptions full of sound and visuals, and interesting characters abound in this novel. A lot of nature, and yet the story is very modern. I love Midori Snyder's style! Highly recommended!

    • Hannah's Garden didn't particularly stand out in my mind, and now, a scant few days later, I find I have trouble describing it. It was decently well written. I liked the main character, Cassie, particularly her interaction with Hannah's garden. I liked the fiddler and the hare. But the story never quite coalesced for me, remaining interesting separate elements rather than an interesting story.

    • This is a gorgeous contemporary fantasy, very much along the lines of the works of Charles de Lint and Emma Bull. When Cassie's eccentric grandfather falls ill, Cassie and her mother travel to the family homestead and find themselves embroiled in a conflict between two clans of supernatural beings.

    • Now on my shelf of favorite urban fantasies! Midori is a true artist. This book has magic, gardening, romance , suspense,danger,and the intricacies of the bonds of family ties. I highly recommend it !

    • I love anything to do with The Fae and myth! And Ms. Snyder lives in my hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you love music, myth, and a good read, this story is for you. If you like Charles de Lint, you will also like this book as well.

    • This was supposed to be one of the stories in Brian froud's Fairy lands series. unfortunately the series was canceled. I was a little disappointed in itybe I was just morning the lost of froud's pictures. I will have to reread it.

    • I read this book several years ago, and was not disappointed in my memory of it as enjoyable reading. The garden in the title, and nature, and the old, crumbling farm, were the best characters, with Cassie my next favorite. It's a fairy tale, with some scary baddies, and a happy ending.

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