Cinderella A slightly modified edition of the classic fairy tale

  • Title: Cinderella
  • Author: Henry W. Hewet
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A slightly modified edition of the classic fairy tale.

    • Cinderella « Henry W. Hewet
      295 Henry W. Hewet
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      Henry W. Hewet Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cinderella book, this is one of the most wanted Henry W. Hewet author readers around the world.

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    • An okay 1855 retelling of a classic that dates back to at least the 17th century.I've not read any of the classic versions before so certain elements leapt out at me that did not appear in Disney's adaption.Here, Cinderella's father is alive and blindly infatuated with his wife while he neglects his daughter. 'Yet the poor thing bore this ill treatment very meekly, and did not dare complain to her father, who thought so much of his wife that he would have scolded her.'An explanation of Cinderell [...]

    • Cinderella will always be my favorite princess fairytale from childhood. This version is a nice telling. It is free online, I got mine at , and was a quick and charming read. I have always loved how sweet Cinderella is, a good natured girl, she treats all with grace and charm. The underlying message has always been be happy where your at in life, though some may argue that the just get their rewards, it is clearly the first and not the latter. As Cinderella's mother lay dying she instructs the y [...]

    • Here's how it goesStoic little Cinderella is a servant in her step-mother's house. The only time she breaks down is when everyone but her goes to a ball at the royal palace. It is at this exact time that a fairy shows up at the door. She demands Cinderella to fetch a pumpkin, some rodents (running the risk of contracting the plague), and some lizards--which turn into her "equipage" at the touch of a wand. Likewise, her shabby clothing is turned into a fancy dress. The only non-magical articles a [...]

    • CinderellaCinderella is my favorite fairytale. And I wish people would remember that she only wanted to go to a ball and wear a beautiful gown. She wasn't man hunting. She wanted to have some fun because she had been long denied it.

    • I downloaded this thinking it was the original. Unfortunately, it is "just" a retelling, with a guide for those who may have otherwise missed the moral(s) of the story. An example:Never mind--her heart is in the right place--she is a charming good creature; and although virtue goes home in rags, it will leave some token behind--some foot-print by which it can be known and traced wherever it has once walked The worst thing about this edition, however, is that the illustrations were stripped out b [...]

    • This was a very nice, modified, version of the classic fairytale. I enjoyed reading it a lot. It wasn't as dark as the story in the Grimm's Fairytales book, which made it a lot more enjoyable of a read. Lovely, quick story for any fan of Cinderella.

    • Huh. So this is the story of Cinderella. Can't say I'm impressed.I gather that this isn't the original, and for that I'm glad because this is seriously lame. Cinderella is too nice, too beautiful, too special. It was quite sickening and disappointing, honestly.Cinderella wasn't even my favorite Disney princess growing up, so my expectations weren't high.Hopefully the original is better.

    • A more Disneyesque version of the classic fairy tale, though the author feels compelled to explain the moral of the story to you, because you're obviously not smart enough to figure it out for yourself.

    • Funny how the modern versions change things. I think this is one I will read to my nieces. It points out the moral of the story in simple terms for young ones.

    • This version of “Cinderella “ was published in 1855. Although there are a plethora of Cinderella versions from around the world, this was was pretty tame and non-violent. I enjoyed the tale, but I was a little disappointed that the e-book I got didn’t have the engravings included; in fact, the only clue that there were engravings in the original book are the captions to them. All in all, I recommend this version if you don’t mind having illustrations.

    • CinderellaI love fairy tales. This was the first time I read Cinderella and I absolutely loved it! Perfect for children of all ages.

    • An artfully done retelling of the classic story with more emphasis on goodness and character then the happily ever after.

    • This book was okay. I’ve both read and watched quite a few of the Cinderella stories and this one struck me as a little bland. In its defense it was rather short, but it didn’t convey any great depth of character, and it didn’t evoke any strong emotions for me. It would be suitable for small children, however. Perhaps my 3 year old daughter will find it more enjoyable than I.

    • Most people love the story and most people have read this story either the original or the versions retold by others. However, in this edition, I simply cannot get the chemistry of the book tho. It's kindda boring because the way the story is being told is flat. Another disappointment is that I cannot also see the illustration well. Well, it's a free book on tho, so what can one expect?

    • 2016 Book Challenge: Read a book you can read in a day.I love this story! Not for the popular Disney "princess" and "prince-charming" reasons. If all you see is that, then you don't fully understand the story.I love it because it is so much more than a love story! Cinderella knew who she was long before she ever met the prince. Her character, integrity, grace and kindness is what attracted the prince. The moral is simply so beautiful it transcends time. If we put ourselves in Cinderella's positi [...]

    • CinderellaBy: Henry W. HewettThis book is an older version of the book Cinderella. The genre is fiction. In my opinion this book is a great book I like it because personally like the older version of any book especially if they are somewhat fantasy. I also liked how the stepmother was described in this book.In this book Cinderella gets invited to the ball and her step sisters try and steal it to show the mother, the stepmother of Cinderella. The stepmother sooner or later finds out about the inv [...]

    • I have always been interested in fairytales and their various re-tellings while I am used to several versions of Cinderella. Since the Cinderella story is universal I have been thinking about starting a Cinderella variation collection including "Rough Face".Anyway as a result I chose to read this since I was happy with the version of "Sleeping Beauty" that I found for free on . Where "Sleeping Beauty" bypassed this story variation was definitely a flop in my sense. The characters really aren't g [...]

    • The book The Little Glass Slipper was written by Henry W Hewet. The girls mother was sick, and ended up dying. Ginderella didn't want her father to remarry after her mother had died. Her father ended up remarrying anyways, and her new step-mother had two daughters of her own.Once they've gotten to know each other the two step-sisters gave the Ginderella a hard time because they was very jealous. Henry W Hewets book was about a young girl losing her mother from being sick, and she didn't want her [...]

    • Who does not know the story of a girl named Ella covered in cinder, living in a house of her father with her cruel step mother and wicked step sisters? A girl who finally meets her fairy godmother who turns the mice into great studs. A girl who finally can dance and live happily ever after with her prince charming?Most people love the story and most people have read this story either the original or the versions retold by others. However, in this edition, I simply cannot get the chemistry of the [...]

    • Who does not know the story of a girl named Ella covered in cinder, living in a house of her father with her cruel step mother and wicked step sisters? A girl who finally meets her fairy godmother who turns the mice into great studs. A girl who finally can dance and live happily ever after with her prince charming?Most people love the story and most people have read this story either the original or the versions retold by others. However, in this edition, I simply cannot get the chemistry of the [...]

    • Like Beauty and the Beast, I read Cinderella because I'm currently between novels. It was an even faster read than Beauty and the Beast; I was able to finish it in about 20 minutes. The short story progressed so quickly! An interesting difference between the story and the Disney version is that in the story, Cinderella's father is alive but simply unwilling to stand up for his daughter. Also, instead of one great ball where Cinderella loses her glass slipper, there are two balls. Of course, the [...]

    • I have always liked this story, but I was hoping this would have a little more detail to it. I.e. where is the father?! There was one difference than the cartoons and movies that I have seen, that being that she went to the ball not just the first night, but also the second night. We only know about the first night which is combined with the second. The author thinks having your own mother and on sisters is just perfect, and I guess in an ideal world it would be. Unfortunately this is not often [...]

    • I never get tired of Cinderella stories. Although we don't live in a world of prince charmings, or fairy god mothers, Cinderella has a ring of truth to it. I think there is power in kindness and not harboring resentment toward those that have wronged you, and there is also power in seeking what you desire, even when others tell you it's impossible. This story gets those points across well. Also, it feels good to finally get one of many on my Kindle backlog read.

    • CindrellaWhat I liked about this book was how well written the story was and with GREAT detail!!! What I didn't like about this book was how many French words there was in the story. I would recommend this book to a school teacher for lower grades because it is a children's story and is a Fary Tale. I chose this ranking because I loved the story and the main plot and also the famous parts and how they were originally promoted.

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    • A sort of weird telling of Cinderella. The story was normal, but some of the wording was weird, especially when referring to the prince as her lover. Not a bad version of the story though. It'd been a free download and had been on my kindle for a while so I thought I'd give it a tryfun quick read.

    • Not exactly accuratethis was very mellowed down to the original Grimm fairy tale. the iconic cutting of the step-sisters' feet was left out, and it was much too rushed. but altogether, it's a good read for young readers who don't mind a constant morale-teaching throughout the book.

    • AwesomeI love fairy tales and I love the original one's and this is extremely high in my list of the top five not the first , nor the second but the third. Over my life time I have seen every Cinderella story there is. And my favorite was a foreign movie of Cinderella. It was pretty darn close to this one but it will do. Lol love fairy tales.

    • Not the original tale, but it was okay. I was disappointed to find no images in this version from , although the captions for said images were still contained in the book. I much prefer the Grimm version, as the stepsisters get the comeuppance they richly deserve. In this version, it's apparently okay to continually let people step all over you, and you should just smile and bear it.

    • I've gotten interested in myths and fairy tales recently so I thought I'd give this one a try. Plus, I've studied a lot of ancient stories/myths and I thought maybe something more modern would be interesting. However, after doing some research behind the story I've realized that it's a variation of a very old tale. I never would have guessed that it goes back at least to ancient Greece.

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