The Black Swan

The Black Swan When Priscilla Harradine travels back to England accompanied by the rather dull Major Sands she has no cause to expect her journey will be anything other than uneventful But also on board the Centaur

  • Title: The Black Swan
  • Author: Rafael Sabatini
  • ISBN: 9781842328019
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Priscilla Harradine travels back to England accompanied by the rather dull Major Sands, she has no cause to expect her journey will be anything other than uneventful But also on board the Centaur is Charles de Bernis a mysterious and intriguing buccaneer Just as their friendship is beginning to blossom, a dark figure from de Bernis past emerges to propel them intWhen Priscilla Harradine travels back to England accompanied by the rather dull Major Sands, she has no cause to expect her journey will be anything other than uneventful But also on board the Centaur is Charles de Bernis a mysterious and intriguing buccaneer Just as their friendship is beginning to blossom, a dark figure from de Bernis past emerges to propel them into a thrilling and perilous adventure, taking them right to the heart of pirate life.

    • The Black Swan BY Rafael Sabatini
      124 Rafael Sabatini
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    About “Rafael Sabatini

    • Rafael Sabatini

      Rafael Sabatini 1875 1950 was an Italian British writer of novels of romance and adventure At a young age, Rafael was exposed to many languages By the time he was seventeen, he was the master of five languages He quickly added a sixth language English to his linguistic collection After a brief stint in the business world, Sabatini went to work as a writer He wrote short stories in the 1890s, and his first novel came out in 1902 Sabatini was a prolific writer he produced a new book approximately every year He consciously chose to write in his adopted language, because, he said, all the best stories are written in English In all, he produced thirty one novels, eight short story collections, six nonfiction books, numerous uncollected short stories, and a play He is best known for his world wide bestsellers The Sea Hawk 1915 , Scaramouche 1921 , Captain Blood 1922 and Bellarion the Fortunate 1926 Other famous works by Sabatini are The Lion s Skin 1911 , The Strolling Saint 1913 and The Snare 1917.

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    • কি নেই এই বইটাতে! সুন্দরী তরুণী প্রিসিলা, বহু গুণে গুণান্বিত যুবক দো বাখনি, অদ্ভুত মানসিকতার মেজর স্যান্ডস, সকল খারাপের সঙ্গী দস্যু টম লীচ, রহস্যময়ি জাহাজ ব্ল্যাক সোয়ান, পদে পদে খুন খারাপি, স্ [...]

    • Ahhhe good old days when women won the hearts of men with femininity and brains (not half naked bodies and slutty come-ons). Life was just as real, intense and dangerous or more so. I love reading books that have wonderful characters and great story lines. Wish there was more of these "old-fashioned" stories being written in contemporary novels.

    • When Priscilla Harradine meets buccaneer Charles de Bernis on the ship that's carrying her back to England, the appearance of a notorious pirate puts her safety entirely in the hands of her new acquaintance.There are some well-described fights, but the tension in this one comes as much from the suspense and uncertainty of the situation as from typical pirate story action. Sabatini achieves this by giving us more pages from the heroine's point of view than many of his other books include, and eve [...]

    • I am not an aficionado of pirate lore, and beyond the Robert Louis Stevenson classics I have not delved into this genre much at all. However, I do enjoy historical fiction and adventure, and pirates fit the bill on both counts. So, for no particular reason beyond that, I decided to read The Black Swan. This is my first encounter with Rafael Sabatini, who I know is a much respected author of many other classics of adventure.If you are looking for an over the top, roller coaster ride of pirate exp [...]

    • An Rafael Sabatinis Piratenroman "Captain Blood" schafft es "Der schwarze Schwan" bei weitem nicht heran. Leider! Es fehlt dem Roman einfach an Spritzigkeit und Würze. Die Handlung bleibt gerade einmal so spannend, dass man weiterliest, obwohl die Charaktere - egal ob Piratenkapitän Tom Leach, sein Gegenspieler Charles de Bernis, Major Sand oder Miss Priscilla Harradine - fad und irgendwie gekünstelt wirken. Dadurch die Hauptakteure den größten Teil der Geschichte auf der Insel Matilda verb [...]

    • Well, "The Black Swan" has all the strengths of a typical Sabatini novelave, sardonic hero and feisty, forthright heroineenough buffoons and villains to act as foilscently-paced and inventive plotd great language (English was, like, Sabatini's 6th or 7th language, man, and he's STILL more at home in it than most of us native-born speakers. I'm telling ya, it just ain't fair). That being said, "The Black Swan" is no "Captain Blood," but it tries to be, down to the pirates and the Jamaican setting [...]

    • The usual level of entertainment from Sabatini, this time as a buccaneer schemes how to keep a governor's daughter out of the clutches of a pirate (yes, there's a difference). Less in the way of involved intrigue or even high-octane action, since for much of the story they're all hanging out on an island in purported alliance. Still fun if you like your good and evil monochrome and your characters much much in archetype.

    • I decided to read this after watching The Black Swan (Tyrone Powers - pirates not Natalie Portman and tutus). Both the movie and book were very good but, had little in common beyond a boat named The Black Swan, a evil Captain Leach, a girl, a charming French pirate, and a floppish Englishman. This suprised me at first but, then I settled down and enjoyed the story.One of the charms of the book is the heroine is one of Sabatini's stronger heroines. Akin more to the heroine of Scaramouch and The L [...]

    • This book is as enjoyable as Sabatini's other better-known novels. The plot isn't quite as intricate, but thoroughly entertaining as we follow a young girl, Priscilla, traveling to England who finds herself in the company of one pirate on board their ship as a passenger only for both of them to be captured by another. Her only choice is but to trust the wit and daring of the handsome French buccaneer Charles de Bernis to free them from Tom Leach's brutal grasp. Not only is this a great enjoyable [...]

    • Solid, enjoyable swashbuckler by one of the masters of the pirate-fiction trade.The action and adventure did not disappoint. But, never having read Sabatini before, I was surprised by the focus on finely-drawned characterization and the dry, rather complex prose. To wit:Every man's life is based upon his own experiences. Like drawing like unto its intimacies, the vile man meets only vileness and therefore accounts the world vileAs you can see, here is no pound-out-the-purple-prose guy, like, say [...]

    • I am very happy, after several years collecting old library copies of Sabatini's works, to see a publisher putting out as many of his lesser known and out of print books. In some ways, it's not helping to read so many of these so closely together, as the Sabatini Plot and Sabatini Characters start to blend together. They are much of the same cloth. But the delight of his breadth of historical location, and the fun of his plots, always drawing their drive from well-researched historical possibili [...]

    • This was my maiden voyage with Sabatini. I sought this novel out after watching the 1942 movie adaptation (which goes way off the plot, btw). I had heard that this book was a "lighter read" than some of his others, and I don't often read romantic plot tones written by men, so I was intrigued. I felt the male characters were very clearly drawn, maybe more so than the heroine, but all flowed together nicely. The language usage was beautiful, and the ending did not disappoint. I see more Sabatini t [...]

    • A very simple pirate adventure. There are no subplots, and the characters don't evolve. It felt almost like a play: one hero, one lady, one annoying side character there to make the hero look good, and one villain. All of the other characters are just bit parts that come and go. It would be a light read if it wasn't so heavily laden with archaic and uncommon words (which may actually be my favorite feature of the book!). Overall, I'd recommend it to a friend. It's a fun read.

    • Good ole pirate adventure stories how I love thee! This one was sort of similar to a lot of his other ones, but it had some different things in it as well. I liked it just the same and I liked it for the same reasons I always like Rafael Sabatini books: they are just fun adventure stories.

    • Ein weiterer genrebegründender Roman von Sabatini. Mit etwas mehr Fokus auf die Liebesbeziehung als Captain Blood trotzdem ein wundervoller Roman für alle Piratenfreunde. Yarr!

    • This is the first book of Rafael Sabatini I read and thoroughly enjoyed it. I couldn't put it down. I love it when characters are so well written that you can picture them so clearly in your mind.

    • Good. Not great. There are elements of Captain Blood in here but The Black Swan almost felt like a short story extended to novel length.

    • Ah, more pirates. Not quite as good as Captain Blood, IMHO, but worth a read if you love swashbucklers.

    • This is a lighter read. Sabatini is so good at drawing characters. Fun, entertaining book and some history thrown in.

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