My Love Affair with England: A Traveler's Memoir

My Love Affair with England A Traveler s Memoir Journalist and memoirist Susan Allen Toth brings her special England vivdly to life as she recalls her many trips there over the years where she explored the countryside traveled both second class a

  • Title: My Love Affair with England: A Traveler's Memoir
  • Author: Susan Allen Toth
  • ISBN: 9780345385659
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Journalist and memoirist Susan Allen Toth brings her special England vivdly to life as she recalls her many trips there over the years, where she explored the countryside, traveled both second class and in luxury, theatre hopped, hunted for ghosts, and honeymooned Humorous, bittersweet, and wonderfully eccentric, this is a delightful remembrance to be savored by those whoJournalist and memoirist Susan Allen Toth brings her special England vivdly to life as she recalls her many trips there over the years, where she explored the countryside, traveled both second class and in luxury, theatre hopped, hunted for ghosts, and honeymooned Humorous, bittersweet, and wonderfully eccentric, this is a delightful remembrance to be savored by those who love to travel or just dream of it I love MY LOVE AFFAIR WITH ENGLAND It is written clearly and with a understanding that far supasses any feeling of condescension or superiority or general quaintness among the natives, all of which I detect in books about other countries M.F.K Fisher

    • My Love Affair with England: A Traveler's Memoir by Susan Allen Toth
      357 Susan Allen Toth
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    • Susan Allen Toth

      Ms Toth graduated from Smith College and Berkeley and received a Ph.D from the University of Minnesota in 1969 She taught English at San Francisco State College and now teaches at Macalester College in Minnesota Toth has contributed articles and stories to a wide range of magazines and newspapers She has written two memoirs Blooming A Small Town Girlhood 1981 and Ivy Days Making My Way Out East 1984 She has also written a series of books on England, including My Love Affair with England 1992 , England as You Like It 1995 , England for All Seasons 1997 , and Victoria, the Heart of England A Journey of Discovery 1999.

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    • I haven't had so much fun since I went to England! Although I'm afraid no one else will really care much about this book unless they have spent time there.I felt like Susan Allen Toth perfectly explained why someone can fall so in love with England and just itch to get back there again. I loved her descriptions of the gardens, the people, the funny quirks of the British, the manor houses . . . and although I will probably never be able to spend as much time there as she has, it reminded me of wh [...]

    • I picked up My Love Affair with England again recently, for what must be the umpteenth time, in preparation for my upcoming vacation. I first read this cheery travel memoir when I was in high school and had no chance whatsoever of going to England because my parents didn't have any desire to go. I've since read it many more times. I've become familiar with the stories that Susan Allen Toth tells about her favorite country, so that they almost feel like bedtime stories.Travel memoirs walk a trick [...]

    • I really loved this book. It was so relaxing reading about Toth's trips to various stately homes and churches, manicured gardens and untamed walkways. I think my main reason for enjoying this book is that Paul and I are planning to go back to London for our honeymoon next year. It's "our" place. Reading this book you realise that a large proportion of the joy Toth derives from her trips to England comes from the fact that she shares the experience with her husband, James. While her friends seem [...]

    • With chapters on sheep dog trials, an unexpected foray into the high life at the Savoy, the royal family, badger-watching, incredible and peace-inspiring gardens, the delights of the a good walking-stick, and the joys of walking where the paths lead you, this book was mostly right up my alley.This book by Susan Allen Toth, and another book I've recently read (A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside by Susan Branch) have done an amazing job at letting me live vicariously and [...]

    • Charming! Truly little vignettes of love for and about England, with some traveler's tips tossed in for good measure. Toth loves gardens and spends a great deal of time discussing them, and her section on Whinnie the Pooh's England was absolutely adorable! This added greatly to my joy and anticipation as I planned my trip to the UK!

    • Author Susan Allen Toth has visited England many, many times, and she has fallen in love with this country. Like any good love affair, however, there are good times and bad, times when the two are in sync and times when they are not on speaking terms, times when both are enraptured with each other and times when they are just about to break up. Toth goes to England for a variety of reasons: hiking trips, one (unsuccessful) honeymoon, ghost watching, hiking, a pilgrimage, college courses for stud [...]

    • I enjoyed every scene in the book.Actually the format of the book is a bit disjointed and jumps unexpectedly from one visit to another, not necessarily in chronological order. Also she digresses at times to give us a glimpse of her marriages and brief affairs. But instead of distracting from her narrative, these elements add interest, in my opinion. After all, she is describing a love affair, not offering a travel guide.This certainly is not your usual travelogue featuring the most popular attra [...]

    • My Love Affair with England is a loosely-joined, non-chronological, series of essays covering about thirty years of travel in England from 1960 to the early 1990s. The topics range from food and sheep dog trials to the theater and the royal family. As one could guess from the title, this is a romantic look at the country of Shakespeare’s theater, Wordsworth’s daffodils, and Austen’s Lyme Regis.This is at least the third time I’ve read My Love Affair with England, even though I’m not us [...]

    • I bought this little book at our library used book sale for $1.50 and have enjoyed it immensely. We just recently took our first trip to England and I was delighted to read about their adventures driving on narrow country roads as we had done! Really loved her insights and humor too. Wish I could visit this beautiful country as many times as she has, but maybe will get another trip in someday.

    • 3.5 stars I'm reading two more of her books about England now. She provides so many useful insider's tips, particularly on gardens that shouldn't be missed (apparently there are thousands of those). I've found that she and I have completely opposite theories on the best way to pack for Europe, but I've decided not to dwell on that.

    • I'm not sure how to accurately voice my feelings about this book. It was a fun read, given to me by my mother in preparation for my upcoming year in England. She thought I'd resonate with the author, who loves England for its literature and history. And I did. There were places where she came close to capturing what it is that so intoxicates me about the country of kings and poets, architects and scholars. But she also misses the mark, I think. She is someone who likes to dabble in England, imag [...]

    • I give this title about a 2.5 stars. I was disappointed because I had high hopes for it! The author was going through some hard things in her life and I think that came through too much was sort of a depressing memoir. And yet, there were moments where she would explain beautiful scenery and experiences while visiting England that I really loved. I enjoyed her chapter on eating desserts especially! ;) I will be giving her other England memoirs a try though

    • A little dated (1992) memoir of the author's travels in the English countryside and London> I'm not sure it could be reproduced today. 1960 , when the first essays were written until 1992 when the book was published were much gentler times than today.

    • I have read this book several times, and I enjoy it every time. My own love affair with England is only from a distance, but I love hearing about this author's frequent trips.

    • I used Susan suggestions to plan my first trip to England in March/April 2004. I had a great trip with my sister, Terri and sister-in-law, Steph.

    • The way Toth writes is so readable and evokes the imagery of what she’s describing. When she writes of English gardens, medieval churches, the wild coast line walks I was transported. Toth also writes of her native Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and how her love of England transforms her everyday life. She is often asked why if she loves England so she has not moved there permanently? But then she relays stories of the time she worked in London for seven months and was miserable. It had much to do [...]

    • Having been to England several times, I relished reading about the country from an intelligent American who had been there a lot. I particularly enjoyed the hilarious chapter of her going to England for the first time as a student in 1960 taking a six-week summer course entitled "English Art, Literature and Music 1660-1780." When the course was finished, she and another girl, also a student, hitchhiked around England, "because I knew my mother would not approve," she writes. (p. 58)However, some [...]

    • An unexpectedly enchanting account of the author's travels in England, which was particuarly nostalgic for me as a long-time Anglophile whose first travel abroad experiences were there. I, too, learned how to easily navigate the city of London during my week-long high school theatre trip, and feeling that I was returning to an old friend when I came back a couple of years later. I now regret I haven't visited England nearly as often or a long as Susan Allen Toth has--for me, this great armchair [...]

    • The book seemed to be interesting enough. I, too, keep returning to England to see the literary landmarks, museums, and castles. It was nice to recall my own memories and to nod in agreement to some of her observations. But it's a book so poorly constructed that I kept thinking I need to just type my travel journals and submit to a publisher. She had no objective or theme to hold this together as a book. There was no real purpose or meaning. The chapters were not in chronological order and the r [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book, but I would rate it more accurately 3.5 or 3.75 stars (for whatever that's worth). It was a little long and rambling at times. Toth is clearly passionate about the more traditional and classic elements of travel around England, which is nice to read, but I wonder if she is truly in touch with modern England. I didn't enjoy this book as much as "England for All Seasons," but anyone who is interested in England would certainly find pleasure in reading this book.

    • Good reading for commuting and escapism. The essays are different length, but generally short enough that you can finish one in a day's commute or one shorter bout of sitting. The author's love forEngland is almost palpable at time, but it doesn't make one retch, because it's an admiration and almost reflective celebration of different things all-English. also, a couple of the essays definitively establish England as a vacation-only spot.

    • This book was almost okay. I was quite disappointed in it. I wanted more of England and less of Susan Allen Toth's emotional life. Her enchantment with England seems to be dependent on her current emotional situation--happily single, unhappily married, unhappily divorced, happily married. Even in the happy times, though, she includes so many negative things about England that I wonder about her so-called love affair with the country.

    • A friend let me borrow this book that she had placed on ILL since it's out of print and our library doesn't have it. I loved Toth's simple yet evocative language as she described travelling to England over the course of her life. I love travelling in England, and the city of London specifically holds a special place in my heart. I would caution that this book, though I loved it, might not appeal to readers who do not share my enthusiasm for all things English.

    • I just enjoyed the heck out of this book. I was in London, for the first time, last year and I cannot wait to go back! Ms. Toth is a kindred spirit. I enjoyed hearing the story of her many trips to Great Britain. Amazingly, a few weeks back I was at a book sale at the library. This morning I was looking at the books I had picked up there and found England As you Like It a follow up from Susan Allen Toth! I cannot wait to get started on it.

    • #28 - 2010.Rather a "forgotten classic" on my own shelves. Casting around for something light to read I came across this book which is truly a love letter to England. A very enjoyable travelogue/memoir, although I do wonder how she manages to find the money, not to mention the time, to do so much traveling abroad. Must be nice.

    • As an anglophile I have found her memoirs/travelogues to be among the very best. I feel like she is my doppleganger, even to the fact of being married to men 15 yrs our senior. In any case, although the books are at least 10-15 years old, they still were quite topical and helpful for our 2009 trip to England.

    • The frank and conversational style of Mrs. Toth, though not my preference, proved charming in this memoir detailing various encounters whilst visiting England. Offering some of the "real-life" experience for those of us unable to swim across the pond, Love Affair only increased my appetite for the Mother Country.

    • I had hoped for travel tips, but, unfortunately, this is more of a memoir. The book dealt too much with her difficult marriage, problem students and her daughter’s very bad foreign exchange experience. Happily, her second book, England as You Like It, had more information about how to actually plan a trip to England.

    • Slightly dated, but still a favorite of mine: the author's answer to her friends who question her: why does she have to travel to England year after year, to the exclusion of most other places. Part biography, part travel memoir, well written and abouve all, FUN.

    • I Loved this booked I have read it several times. I always wanted to go to England and was able to go there through this book while reading it that is until my husband took me there for our anniversary.

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