The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay The novel follows the lives of the title characters a Czech artist named Joe Kavalier and a Brooklyn born writer named Sam Clay both Jewish before during and after World War II Kavalier and Clay be

  • Title: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay
  • Author: Michael Chabon
  • ISBN: 9780679450047
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The novel follows the lives of the title characters, a Czech artist named Joe Kavalier and a Brooklyn born writer named Sam Clay both Jewish before, during, and after World War II Kavalier and Clay become major figures in the nascent comics industry during its Golden Age.

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    • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay : Michael Chabon
      460 Michael Chabon
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    • Michael Chabon

      Michael Chabon b 1963 is an acclaimed and bestselling author whose works include the Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier Clay 2000 Chabon achieved literary fame at age twenty four with his first novel, The Mysteries of Pittsburgh 1988 , which was a major critical and commercial success He then published Wonder Boys 1995 , another bestseller, which was made into a film starring Michael Douglas One of America s most distinctive voices, Chabon has been called a magical prose stylist by the New York Times Book Review, and is known for his lively writing, nostalgia for bygone modes of storytelling, and deep empathy for the human predicament.

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    • Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman are drinking Peet's coffee and eating zampanos in front of the Cheeseboard on Shattuck Avenue: Ayelet, I'm trying to think of a new idea for a novel. It's gotta be fresh, bold. Something nobody's ever thought of before!AW: Wow, Michael, that's a tough one. There have been so very many novels written over the years, it's hard to come up with something new that's never been done before: Yeah, I need an idea that's totally original Maybe I should ask the kids, they [...]

    • In the street“Hey!”“Huh? me?” “Yeah – you. You wouldn’t know great American literature if a pigeon pooed it all over your anorak.”Wow – that was surreal… who the hell were those guys?At the office“The boss wants to see you.”Oh my… that’s Mrs Higgins sitting there with Mr Duthie – she’s from the HR department! What’s going on?“Paul, hi, sit down, yes. This is… rather awkward. You see, it has come to our attention that you’ve been, well, how can I put this d [...]

    • My favourite adventure with a novel so far this year. I loved it to bits. In many ways attempting to review this novel is like thinking back through an illusionist or an escape artist’s performance of his trick and trying to work out exactly how he did it. You’re left a little baffled by the nature of the magic of the thing. Ironically for a novel inspired by magicians, there are few tricks in this novel. It features no post-modernist sleights of hand with regards structure or voice. It is s [...]

    • I’m a fan of Michael Chabon even though he carries a man purse.Joe Kavalier is a young artist who had also trained to be a magician and escape artist in Prague. When the Nazis invade in 1939, Joe is able to escape to America with the plan that he’ll find a way to get the rest of his family out. In New York, he meets his cousin Sam Clay. Sam is an artist of limited talent who has been doing drawings for the ads of a novelty toy company, but the recent boom of superhero comics thanks to the ne [...]

    • Only an enormous ego could've mustered out something so monumental, so very beautiful & elegant as this sparkly-as-chrome novel. It's basically flawless--very concerned with having all sentences that make it up into wondrous, unique gems. Every sentence is constructed with care & CRAFT.The novel begins by grabbing the reader by the lapels to show how the bonds between cousin geniuses who build an empire out of superhero comics unravel. It takes its time to get us there, so we are in for [...]

    • While being a fun and interesting story, K&C does not feature deep character development and was IMHO about 100 pages too long. That being said, I found it highly entertaining and even instructive about the origins of comics. The descriptions of New York in the 30s, 40s and 50s was nice and the comics Chabon invented to tell the story were very creative. There is a bit of sentimentality here, but not too much and it was interesting to read this book just after Roth's I Married a Communist as [...]

    • Whenever I mentioned the name of this book to a friend, a huge grin broke out of their face. This was a universal reaction. As were the words: "I LOVE that book. That book is GREAT." Not just how good it was, or skilled writing (though those things are also very true), but just how in love with it they were. You can't fake that. And now I know why!I read it in two short spurts, covering about three days each, and I was done. Once you pick it up, its hard to put it down for around another hundred [...]

    • In The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, Chabon asks one of the oldest questions asked in stories, and gives us the oldest answer. But, you know, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because, really, the oldest answer is the right one. What’s the question? It’s the one asked by ever since man started telling stories: What is a hero? And his answer is, “It’s not the guy who goes out there with fisty cuffs and guns blazing. It’s the guy who goes out there and comes back [...]

    • Eh?I have started reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay with certain expectations - if not great, then at least considerable. I have seen Chabon's name pop up on this site pretty often, reminding me of the fact that I have not yet read anything by him - this seemed like an obvious choice. At 634 pages it stands proudly as the author's magnum opus, and proved to be a critical darling by winning the Pulitzer in 2001. When you can, aim for the greats!So what's the big deal? The book [...]

    • 3.5 stars"The magician seemed to promise that something torn to bits might be mended without a seam, that what had vanished might reappear, that a scattered handful of doves or dust might be reunited by a word, that a paper rose consumed by fire could be made to bloom from a pile of ash. But everyone knew that it was only an illusion. The true magic of this broken world lay in the ability of the things it contained to vanish, to become so thoroughly lost, that they might never have existed in th [...]

    • "Absolutely, gosh ,wow" (cover quip) on his sentences? Yes, very yes. Chabon can flat out compose sentences. Think Dickens, Pynchon, Tolstoy. But that's it. You keep waiting for the sentences to compile some meaning but they never seem to achieve any depth. He uses the backdrop of the comic book heydays, WWII, and magic acts, his neither here nor there Jewish-ness, to stitch together an overly long book that basically explores the relationship between two male characters who are caricatures them [...]

    • Onvan : The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay - Nevisande : Michael Chabon - ISBN : 312282990 - ISBN13 : 9780312282998 - Dar 639 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2000

    • I really wanted to like this book. It was recommended by friends, it’s about comic books, it has that gold Pulitzer sticker on the cover. What could go wrong? It started out great; it combined humor, pathos, adventure and a look into the creative process. Like a huge splash, the initial energy created eventually dissipated. The humor became forced, the situations that Chabon put his characters in brought on the head shaking and eye rolling that usually accompanies the transition from the real [...]

    • I hated this book. For me the characters were not only unlikeable but lifeless. The whole thing was contrived and pretentious and painful to read from start to finish. I am dumbfounded by people's enthusiasm for this book. Dumbfounded.

    • I was already a big fan of Chabon with The Yiddish Policemen's Union and later, wonderfully, with Wonder Boys. So of course I had to pick up the official "classic" he made a name for himself with!Tour-de-Force, epic traditional fiction, a whirlwind of blah blah blah. :)In reality, it really is an awesomely well-rounded character novel set very firmly in the early comics industry and it made the giddy fan-boy in me go all blubbery. :) It was very nice. The second best part of the text was the abs [...]

    • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is amazing. Well, some of it is. To be specific I found it fairly amazing up until about page 429. Then it got slightly less amazing which was sad really because, prior to that it was zipping along so nicely like Superman with a new stream-lined cape sliding in and out of the slip stream. After page 429 it became a bit more like Superman trying to erratically jump over tall buildings with Dr Octopus tied to one leg and the Juggernaut tied to the other. [...]

    • Rumor has it that Chabon originally wanted to call this "the Pretty Good, Amazing at the Beginning but Considerably Less Interesting as Our Heroes Devolve Into Cartoon Caricatures and the Reader's Suspension of Disbelief Vanishes Entirely (Not to Mention the Wonky Prose), So in Short, Overlong, At First Pretty Cool but Then Poorly Characterized, and Unevenly Written Adventures of Kavalier and Clay," but the publishing companies vetoed it, so "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" it is.

    • Good, but I did not love it. Nice theming with creating life from clay, and escaping, but I did not find the characters engaging enough. Good payload on early days of comics. .

    • Laughing.I think this is about the 3rd time -my review has disappeared for this book. I read Michael's book when it was first released. I didn't move for days --its one of the most engaging -exciting fun books I've ever read. There aren't other books that one can compare this too.The characters are to love. "Rosa" is still a girl after my own heart!Read Violet's review --Its not often she writes an 'elyse' review (its a joke) -- you know5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!! (she doesn't dish them out as easy as I [...]

    • Chabon definately deserved the Pulitzer for this one. I have read several of his books, but this is the only one I've read twice,and I could read it again. I bought the hardback. Love the dust jacket. I bought the paperback, love the artwork on it,and then much to my dismayey have reissued it again with another fantastic artwork on the cover,and I am like I buy that one too? I've given it as a gift before. Thinking I might get a copy for my oldest son,and maybe print it on my printer. is that il [...]

    • The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier & Clay is a great American novel about two cousins whose talents, fevered dreams and crazy obsessions make them legends during the Golden Era of comic books. Magician-in-training Josef Kavalier escapes Czechoslovakia in 1939 and is taken in by his aunt and his scrappy cousin Sammy Klayman, who live in Brooklyn. Joe hopes his parents and younger brother Thomas will eventually join him, but as the Nazis gain power, the noose, of course, tightens on Europe’s [...]

    • The Superhero Formerly Known as PrinceMichael Chabon's post about Prince on InstagramInspirational"Dearly beloved/We are gathered here today /To get through this thing called life."I was really speeding through this highly enjoyable novel, until I got distracted when Prince died unexpectedly and I became addicted to CNN's coverage of his death.In Prince's 1996 interview with Larry King, he questions the value of artistic categories, and then asked how he defines his own music, he says, it's "ins [...]

    • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabonis such a wonderful book that I was sorry to finish it. I read as slowly as I could, savoring the words, the characters, and the story, but sadly I finally finished it.Joe Kavalier is a Jewish refugee from Prague who dreams of bringing his family to America and saving them from Hitler. He is also a trained escape artist, in the tradition of Houdini (also Jewish). He lives with his cousin, Sammy Clay, in Brooklyn. Together (with Sammy [...]

    • Originally posted inIn Lesbian with BooksWOW!To tell you the truth, I tried reading this book earlier last year (around March—I was supposed to bring this with me to Singapore but settled with The Eyre Affair instead) but I gave up after 3 chapters. I was having hard time adjusting to Chabon's narrative (I think he overused the comma or maybe that's just me).I don't know how I will start my thoughts about this book because I don't want to start gushing about how great his book is, but really, [...]

    • d'artagnan ora si fa chiamare joe. e non entra nel proprio futuro in sella a un ronzino, ma in treno e in nave dopo una fuga rocambolesca dalla praga occupata fino a new york, attraverso lituania, giappone e san francisco, per non privarsi proprio di nulla. anche qui avrà gloria e amore, sarà intemperante, guascone e idealista e non terrà mai del tutto a bada la propria ribalderia. e poi ci sono altri giovani moschettieri (uno importante, per il resto gregari) e con qualche aggiustamento un c [...]

    • This book might eventually merit a new shelf: stuff I keep trying to read and put aside because while they are good and everyone raves about them I just jump at the chance to read almost anything else.In terms of writing, scope of imagination, and peregrinations of plot, completely deserving of its Pulitzer, but there's a self-congratulatory facility, a "look how I make a marginalized hobby into an academic metaphor for life and growing up in America and I TALK ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST TOO" feeling t [...]

    • As World War Two is beginning to take shape, a Jewish family ushers their oldest son Josef out of Europe to live with his cousin Sammy in New York. While Sammy works for an ad agency, his real passion is in storytelling, more specifically, the booming medium of comic books. When he realizes Josef’s artistic talent, the two create The Escapist, a superhero to free people from the chains of oppression.As the industry grows, so does their ambition. The two collaborate on creating additional heroe [...]

    • I read this book a couple of years ago because it has been hyped up for years, here are a few of my observations:- I found this in the Young Adult section of my Library, but I would not classify this as Young Adult at all. It makes me wonder how they determine that.- I would say that I am fifty-fifty on the hype. It was an interesting story, but not totally enthralling to me. At points it drug on a bit. But, definite points for being unique!- Overall assessment. Decent, but would I recommend it? [...]

    • Романът на Майкъл Шейбон ме изненада. Очаквах детайлното навлизане в света на комикс култрата, която никога не ми е била "тръпка", очаквах и навлизането в средите на Американския свят и зараждането на модерната реклама, към които пък не само ми липсва интерес, ами от които да [...]

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