Tangled Up in Blue

Tangled Up in Blue Joan D Vinge returns to Tiamat the world of her Hugo Award winning novel The Snow Queen and its bestselling sequel The Summer QueenSet during the time of The Snow Queen BZ Gundhalinu is a by the boo

  • Title: Tangled Up in Blue
  • Author: Joan D. Vinge
  • ISBN: 9780812576368
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Paperback
  • Joan D Vinge returns to Tiamat, the world of her Hugo Award winning novel The Snow Queen and its bestselling sequel The Summer QueenSet during the time of The Snow Queen, BZ Gundhalinu is a by the book Blue on the trail of high corruption within the force When a police raid goes horribly awry, BZ finds himself teamed up with Nyx LaisTree, a hard nosed cop with no resJoan D Vinge returns to Tiamat, the world of her Hugo Award winning novel The Snow Queen and its bestselling sequel The Summer QueenSet during the time of The Snow Queen, BZ Gundhalinu is a by the book Blue on the trail of high corruption within the force When a police raid goes horribly awry, BZ finds himself teamed up with Nyx LaisTree, a hard nosed cop with no respect for the rules, and Devony Seaward, a beautiful hooker with a heart of gold Together these three must fight the corruption of Tiamat and try to expose it before they all end up dead.This novel marks the exciting return to the much loved Snow Queen Universe While taking place during events in The Snow Queen, this novel is a stand alone masterpiece of noir suspense taking a story you think you know, and showing you just how deep and vast the waters really run.

    • Tangled Up in Blue By Joan D. Vinge
      121 Joan D. Vinge
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    • Joan D. Vinge

      Joan D Vinge born Joan Carol Dennison is an American science fiction author She is known for such works as her Hugo Award winning novel The Snow Queen and its sequels, her series about the telepath named Cat, and her Heaven s Chronicles books.

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    • I enjoyed the Snow Queen series when I read them some time aqo. This one, written some years later, is a tad disappointing. The characters were interesting, but a little two dimensional. The scenario, although fitting into the Tiamat world nicely, seemed to be forced. A little like The Maltese Falcon in space. A throwback to film noir. The artifacts being pursued by so many of the characters and factions seem to be, in the final analysis, just Mcguffins, i.e "the stuff that dreams are made of". [...]

    • I had read this before, years ago, and I enjoyed it just as much this time.I like the character of Gundhalinu, I like Vinge's style, and I like her Snow Queen/Summer Queen world. At times it was a bit too much of a standard film noir/police procedural. It would only take a small rewrite to set this on today's Earth. But that's OK.If I want worlds of wonder, there are plenty of those out there. Sometimes you just want a good story. The action at the end is almost ludicrous, but it would make a he [...]

    • A perfectly fine cop/crime solving novel. But it's pretty much a straightforward genre adventure, and it really suffers in comparison to works of the scope and ambition of Snow/Summer Queen. If it wasn't advertised as a sequel to those two excellent works, I think I would have liked it more. Still, an enjoyable adventure.

    • Set before events in The Snow Queen, Tangled introduces us to the greengrass Ghundalinhu, fresh on the Hegemony's police force in Carbuncle. When a vigilante raid goes south leaving one survivor with no memory of events, and two powerful factions of Survey hunting an Old Empire artefact, two police officers find themselves the focus of attention.I really enjoyed reading this final chapter of The Snow Queen Cycle - it's been a long enough time coming. It was invaluable, in a way, to have the insi [...]

    • Tiamat is a low-tech planet because of its cycle of winter and summer. During winter the gate to the other worlds is open and they receive some technology, their main export is the water of life. When summer begins the alignment of the suns makes the gate impassable, the Summers take over and destroy the technology given to the Winters. Arienrhod, the Snow Queen, wants to break that cycle, the Hegemony wants to keep it the way it is. The Survey is supposedly a social group, but at some level the [...]

    • this is a good prequel but not great like her other books. Snow Queen was wonderful and Summer Queen I loved. between them is World's End which sort of is like she took chapters about Gundhalinu that should have been in the other two novels and put them in a short novel between. though if I remember right they happen before Summer Queen being that interstellar travel takes years and what is a relatively short time for him is 10-15 years on Tiamat.I just wish I had known to read World's End betwe [...]

    • Tangled Up in Blue (The Snow Queen Cycle, #4) by Joan D. Vinge First of all, even tho this the forth book written, it the first book in the entire series! Yes, it's a prequel! Don't shudder, it's not a prequel in the style of Star Wars, and there is no Jar-Jar Binks. Ir is a very worthy introduction to the entire Snow Queen epic cycle. And it is set just prior to the that book. Carbuncle is the same mysterious city of wonders and delights. And we have a motley crew of natives and of worlders in [...]

    • As a standalone novel, it conforms to a certain amount of film noir convention: the chase after a macguffin whose importance is not relevant to the events of the story, and an untidy ending that does not wrap up every plot thread.I'm intrigued by the remaining plot threads and the suggestions that they tie back into the rest of the series, which I haven't read. Vinge's universe feels organic and rife with human flaws: the Hegemony is a tiny fragment of a fallen Old Empire; each planet in the Heg [...]

    • This very much suffers from the constraints of a prequel; it is frequently difficult to tell a tale whose ending is already known. She chooses to further exacerbate the situation by involving her series’ main characters, even though their participation in this particular set of events was unknown to them in the future. She then further adds to the misery by spending about one third of the novel on repetitive exposition. All in all not much to recommend here.

    • More of a footnote to The Snow Queen and The Summer Queen rather than a proper sequel (or prequel, given the timeline of the book), Tangled Up in Blue is more like a crime novel set in Carbuncle whose story serves mainly to give another look at some of the characters in the other books and explain the origin of the Vanamoinen construct in The Summer Queen. It's a short, fun read, though not necessarily essential.

    • I probably would not have been interested in this book if it hadn't been part of the Snow Queen series. However, it was a very light read with an excellently woven plot. I only wish the characters had been more intriguing, as usually that is Vinge's strong suit. The book is the last in the series, but appears to be a prequel. It also ties up a loose end in the Summer Queen, which made me want to read the Summer Queen again.

    • While this was a good adventure story, and while I'm always up for another novel set in the Snow Queen universe, this just didn't strike me as having the same depth and level of detail as Vinge's other novels. It's almost a police procedural-in-space, or an attempt at noir, and it doesn't always quite work, IMO. On the other hand, I did enjoy this, and I'll always jump at a new story with BZ Gundhalinu.

    • This is the final installment (so far) in the Snow Queen saga. It ties several loose ends together and is actually a prequel to the entire story. As in any prequel, some of the plot items are contrived, but not enough to make it annoying. Vinge is a great one for "show-don't-tell" writing, so this appeals to me.

    • Better on my second attempt, with a little more distance from the Snow Queen/Summer Queen books, and patience. We get new main characters and you have to warm up to them. The story is a standalone, so if you are looking for more Snow Queen, you will be disappointed. That said, once I started reading, it was very interesting.

    • A random travel read off of my to-read pile since hardcover library books just take too much wrong. This was a bit of a nice vignette in the Snow Queen universe but not interesting enough to force a reread so I'd remember what the heck was going on. Some good bits though including some vaguely intriguing characters but all in all felt more like a sketch rather than something fully thought out.

    • It's a darn good thing I could remember very faintly the series that this is a prequel too. The book started right off with odd names and places, very little of a decent intro. Be that as it may, I still enjoyed this book. It was nice revisting old characters, but if you have never read Snow Queen don't read it until you do.

    • I had absolutely no idea this was a part of any series at all, so I was understandbly confused when I started reading the book. After a while I fell into the rhythm of the story, and got a clue to what was going on, somewhat in any case. The writing was very good, but the story itself wasn't very compelling for me, perhaps this is because I didn't read all the other books.

    • I read The Snow Queen and The Summer Queen a long time ago. Those books are long and complicated and a little tiring, although quite good. This is a somewhat shorter book, a pleasant dip into The Snow Queen universe with familiar characters and an interesting story, although it's a little shallow. This book wasn't mind-blowing, but it's not bad!

    • A solid space-scifi cop thriller. Part of a series but stands alone well, although I'd suspect reaing previous books would have enhanced understanding of some things. That said the backstory provided did not draw me to want to read the other non-cop thrillers that make up series.

    • A bit of a disappointment after the incredible rush of ideas and intrigue of the Summer Queen, as this is basically just a crime mystery, but once I got over expecting it to be a continuation of the complexity of the other books, it became quite enjoyable.

    • This was a stand alone, that I thought was part of the Snow Queen series. I was not a fan of this one. I just could not get into it like I had hoped and the characters were not to my liking. I know, I know my opinion!!

    • It was a little disconcerting to "go back in time" with these characters. I still enjoyed the complexities of the events in this tale, along with the characters I had met in earlier parts of this series. What an amazing imagination and creativity the author has!

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