Into the Land of the Unicorns

Into the Land of the Unicorns From the well loved author of such successful young readers books as Aliens Ate My Homework Dragonslayers and the Camp Haunted Hills series comes the first book in an adventurous new saga the story

  • Title: Into the Land of the Unicorns
  • Author: Bruce Coville
  • ISBN: 9780545068246
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From the well loved author of such successful young readers books as Aliens Ate My Homework, Dragonslayers, and the Camp Haunted Hills series comes the first book in an adventurous new saga the story of a young girl destined to save a gentle land from the dangerous, evil hunters trying to destroy it.

    • Into the Land of the Unicorns By Bruce Coville
      285 Bruce Coville
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      Bruce Coville Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Into the Land of the Unicorns book, this is one of the most wanted Bruce Coville author readers around the world.

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    • Oh. My. God.Sorry for the fan-girl squealing you hear in the background. That's just me trying to explain, in actual words, how much I love this book and why. I'll try my best . . . here goes:First of all, this story reminded me of Narnia, The Never-Ending Story, the movie Labyrinth (the main character, Cara, brings to mind Labyrinth's "Sara," and not just because the name rhymes), and for some reason, The World of David the Gnome (television cartoon). Did I mention the book pairs perfectly with [...]

    • Ths is a really lovely story, creating the imaginary world of Luster peopled or should that be beinged by recognizably imaginary creatures such as Unicorns, Dragons, Dwarves and then assorted creations from the imagination of Bruce Coville. These include sinister large eyed nightmares called Delvers, large gorilla/men called Dimblethum and then a monkey-like creature called a Squijim. This latter animal is a bit annoying. He strikes me as the 'amusing ' character that the modern Walt Disney film [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book! I think I enjoyed it more the further into it I got because I began to realize the scope of the book. Also, because it’s a series, I wasn’t sure how much of the book would be self-contained vs. continuous. I adored the way the “fantasy world” and how Coville described the various landscapes. Ditto for the creatures of the fantasy world! From both known fantastical creatures (like unicorns) to some new (at least, I’ve never heard of them before), delightful c [...]

    • I'm not sure I could say anything bad about this book even if I wanted to. It's certainly not perfect, but saying anything negative about this book seems wrong to me. I can remember being eight years old and desperately waiting through class to get to the silent reading part of the day, where I would eagerly grab Into the Land of the Unicorns and disappear from my classroom entirely. I devoured it and loved it immensely. I reread it multiple times that year and loved it more each time. I can say [...]

    • This was the book of my childhood! I was absolutely obsessed with it in third grade. Looking back at it, I realize that it was probably a pretty corny book, but I can't let go of my fondness for it. Preteen kids who enjoy fantasy should definitely read this one.

    • Allow me to reminisce on the topic of Skydancers for a moment. On a beautiful spring day, anywhere from 10 to 15 years ago, my sister and I were playing outside on the terrace. We were delighted because we had recently been given a Sky Dancer each as a present (youtube/watch?v=ETCLxx). After playing with them inside, where they could only fly so high before crashing into the ceiling or a wall, we took them outside. My sister and I couldn't get them to work quite right but we were having fun tryi [...]

    • What a great book! From the beginning to the end. I wish I could go back in time and read this when I was younger. *Sigh* Very much looking forward to the rest of these books!

    • Two stars for grown-ups, but four stars if you're 12 or younger.I got this book from the library to read with my six-year-old because I was a huge unicorn fan when I was a kid. I would have adored this book at her age; at the ripe old age of 30-something, though, it was a tough slog.Shy, misunderstood Cara has lived most of her life with her mysterious, somewhat distant grandmother, Ivy Morris. When she senses that they are in danger, Ivy whisks them away to a church for safety and gives Cara a [...]

    • I first read it when I was in elementary school. In 6th grade, I found it in the school library's recycling bin and promptly stole it (it was going to be thrown out anyway, and was still in good condition). I've read it at least 10 times. Loved it from the very first. I re-read it last year, expecting it to be boring and too young for my tastes (it followed a novel five times its size), but it still had me laughing 'til I cried. The characters are wonderful. I have to make my friend read it beca [...]

    • This was the book that got me into reading. It was so good and I loved it so much. I still remember what it felt like to get so involved with the characters, and to feel as if I could go along on the journey with them. It's fantastic for young readers (and adult readers too, although it's more directed to a younger audience). It will always be special to me :)

    • This is one of those books that helped form my concept of classic fantasy and of magical worlds. I now remember very little about it, but this book is why I loved unicorns so much, and why my first-ever novel (written and rewritten from 2nd to 8th grade and still in the back of my head, just waiting for something to restart and electrify it) starred unicorns.

    • Bruce Coville is one of the best fantasy writers out there. Because he tends to write toward the younger market, many adults aren't familiar with him, which is a shame.I first read this many years ago, when I was reading children's books at a tremendous rate. It's possible that this was one of the first Coville books I read. I immediately became enchanted by the book and by Coville's work, which I have sought out on a regular basis.This book came off the shelf again the other day as I was lookin [...]

    • I first read this book when I was about 10 years old. I am now 26 and I have never forgotten it. This book really was what started me on fantasy and fairy talesI had read all of The Narnia series before hand but for some reason this book resonates within me the most. Maybe its something that I connect with my childhood and how when your ten anything still seems possible and to you and Unicorns really are real. This book really captured that for me. That is something I miss the most about childho [...]

    • I really like how Cara's grandmother sacrificed herself t o save Cara and how she didn't play around. I am glad that Cara got out of there and that she was safe. I find it funny how the Dimblethum found her and how he immediately began protecting her. I am glad that they found her instead of someone else. I hate how the Dimblethum is captured and I really like how Cara insists that they stay behind to save him. I like how Thomas finds them and how he and Cara become friends almost immediately. I [...]

    • This is a story of a young girl's travel into a land where the unicorns live. After being hounded out of our world, the unicorns settled in another where only a few humans can go. This young girl and her grandmother were being chased by a hunter and grandmother gave her amulet to the girl to save her and sent her to the other land. This story is highly recommended for the offhand advice the author gives to young reader on tolerance and patience and all the virtues most readers are not especially [...]

    • I just want to clarify that I only read this because I read a book about unicorns in Brazil that ended in a cliffhanger but we moved before I could get the second book from the library (or we didn't have it because this was a missionary school library in Brazil, I can't remember) and ever since then I have been trying to find the book again but couldn't remember the name. This is that book, but it's pretty terrible and poorly written and I don't even LIKE unicorns. I bought it for 50 cents at th [...]

    • Written in 1994 and it still holds up beautifully. This is a delightful fantasy that I thoroughly enjoyed. I can't wait to dive into the remaining books in the series.

    • When Cara jumps of the church roof with the amulet her grandmother asked her to protect, she ends up in the land of the unicorns. Knowing that staying put is not smart when someone is after you, she heads for the water she can hear. Attacked by a strange creature who tries to steal her amulet Cara is determined to hang on to her one connection with her grandmother. Waking up without her amulet in a strange cave with weird hairy creature is very disorienting, but Dimblethum only wishes to save he [...]

    • The first sentence still gets me every time! “Gramma, is that man following us?” How could you not continue reading? Bruce Coville is a master storyteller for children. The language is at a level where younger children can read and understand but isn’t so bland for older readers (or re-readers) to still get enjoyment out of it. I love how you don’t really know how old Cara is but you can see her mature from earlier in the book. She has quite a lot of family baggage and when it all starts [...]

    • I found this at a book fair when I was in grade school, and there aren't words for just how much I adored this story. I thought it was the most beautiful book I'd ever read, and even though I'm pretty sure I was already fascinated with unicorns, Bruce Coville just magnified that. I waited years for another book in the series. The last book wasn't finished until five years after I'd graduated college. That's quite a time gap, but I don't really care. When I got the fourth book in the mail and ope [...]

    • I only finished this book because it was chosen for a book club, otherwise I never would have made it past the first chapter; this is one of the worst books I have ever readThe main character was so blindly trusting and the only reason was because the author knew that the characters she trusted were good. Inside the story there was no reason for her to trust any of them.The grandmother, who Cara loves and trusts completely, was kind of crazy and not in the lovable way. In the dangerous way. Cara [...]

    • I got book 1 & 2 of the Unicorn Chronicles years ago but never sat down to read them. So I finally picked up the first one and had a go at it. And I must say, I like the story so far.There is nothing particularly amazing or inoventive about the story, but it's a nice, simple tale. On the technical end, Coville's writing isn't anything special and veers a bit more on the amatuer-ish side. I get the sense that he often tries a bit too hard in his writing. Some of the passages and descriptions [...]

    • Firstly I would like to mention that I am 20 years old, in my 3rd year of college, and still I read this one time and time again. It was and is one of my favorites. Personally, it's my favorite of the series because it's the shortest and the story is quite basic, with no spaces where it gets slow. Bruce Coville wrote this one when I was 3, and came out with the last one when I was 18, so his style develops and changes a LOT over the 4 books. The first two go together well and the last two go tog [...]

    • I LOVE this book. I originally read it years ago and fell in love. Then for years I wanted (in vain a thought) for the next book. It took a LONG time to come out but I persisted. I am not patient for books to come out, usually if a book takes more than 2 years I just give up on the series. BUt not this. No. I had to have hope. ANd eventually Bruce Coville shared the rest. But enough about that-back to this story!!This book is filled with wonder and magic. Dragons, The Squijim, Delvers, and of co [...]

    • I read this book back in 3rd or 4th grade and I loved it. I loved it so much that when it took years for the author to write the third book, I wrote him a letter saying how much I wanted the story to continue. This book is also the prime reason why I don't want to read the book Rampant by Diana Peterfreund, since it is about unicorn hunters. There was even a time in 5th grade that I checked out the audiobook nearly every time I went to the library and would listen to it over and over (and then I [...]

    • This is a simple and in places, dark fantasy for young girls about a girl whose grandmother tells her to whisper a saying into a special amulet and jump off a building when they are being stalked/chased by a scary man. I'm not a parent, but I can see how that would be a little red flag for parents (Grandma even asks, "Do you think I'm crazy?" before urging her to take the leap of faith, which ultimately lands her in the land of unicorns). There's also some fairly heavy stuff about parental aband [...]

    • This novel sure begins with a bang! Readers meet Cara and her grandmother as they are being pursued into the bell tower of a church, and over the side of the building intoCara wakes to find herself in a strange land surrounded by strange creatures. One of those strange creatures is a unicorn. She can even communicate with him! Then Cara remembers that her grandmother sent her with an amulet and told Cara to make sure it got into the hands of The Old One. Cara also must tell her that "the Wandere [...]

    • Despite the possibly misleading title, I thought this book was very good. In case you were wondering, no, this book is not all about rainbows and fairies and fancy unicorns prancing around curly shoed elves. Although it does have to do with unicorns, this book is no 'baby book'. The story tells of a girl who falls into Luster and finds herself caught up in a war between the unicorns and an immortal woman named Beloved. To prevent giving out any spoilers, I'm just going to say that from the first [...]

    • I'm going way back to my childhood with this one. A colleague happened to remind me of this book last week, and we soon discovered we had both loved it. But I had never known it was a series, until now. She owns the set and has let me borrow them, so for the next couple of weeks I'll be immersed in the Unicorn Chronicles. It took me only two days to re-read the first (of which I do have my own copy still, and which was already on my daughter's bookshelf, ready for her to read when she's old enou [...]

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