A Irmandade

A Irmandade Criado no seio da poderosa Ordem dos Templ rios Will enfrenta um longo e sofrido per odo de aprendizagem s ordens do temperamental padre Everard antes de conseguir tornar se cavaleiro Enquanto luta

  • Title: A Irmandade
  • Author: Robyn Young Isabel Batista
  • ISBN: 9789722624602
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Capa Mole
  • Criado no seio da poderosa Ordem dos Templ rios, Will enfrenta um longo e sofrido per odo de aprendizagem s ordens do temperamental padre Everard, antes de conseguir tornar se cavaleiro Enquanto luta para sobreviver r gida disciplina do Templo, Will tem de tentar perceber v rias inc gnitas o seu pr prio passado, o perigoso mist rio que rodeia Everard e os sentimentosCriado no seio da poderosa Ordem dos Templ rios, Will enfrenta um longo e sofrido per odo de aprendizagem s ordens do temperamental padre Everard, antes de conseguir tornar se cavaleiro Enquanto luta para sobreviver r gida disciplina do Templo, Will tem de tentar perceber v rias inc gnitas o seu pr prio passado, o perigoso mist rio que rodeia Everard e os sentimentos confusos que lhe desperta Elwen, a decidida jovem cujo caminho parece estar sempre a cruzar se com o seu Entretanto uma nova estrela se levanta no Oriente O antigo escravo Baibars, um guerreiro impiedoso e um brilhante estratega, tornou se um dos maiores generais e governantes do seu tempo Perseguido pela sua vida passada, Baibars conduzido por um desejo inabal vel de libertar o seu povo dos invasores europeus As duas hist rias v o cruzar se durante o extraordin rio choque de civiliza es a que no Ocidente se deu o nome de Cruzadas O cavaleiro crist o enfrentar o guerreiro mu ulmano numa luta que reflecte a gan ncia, a ambi o e o fanatismo religioso que os move mas tamb m a coragem, o amor e a f.

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    • A Irmandade : Robyn Young Isabel Batista
      384 Robyn Young Isabel Batista
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    About “Robyn Young Isabel Batista

    • Robyn Young Isabel Batista

      Robyn Young lives in Hove, and is the author of BRETHREN, the first novel in a trilogy set in the world of the Crusades The author of numerous poems and short stories published in magazines and anthologies, Robyn has a Masters in Creative Writing with distinction from the University of Sussex She teaches creative writing part time in Brighton.

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    • Since the Knights Templar is a subject I know very little about, and have an interest in, this book appealed to me. The author has a good reputation for historical fact within the fiction so I thought it would be reliable. It definitely had a strong historical context. The plot follows a boy named William who is a sergeant that hopes to become a knight. The story is complicated by his love interest, Elwen, and the vows of knighthood which preclude  romantic involvement or marriage.     The s [...]

    • This could and should have been so much better. All the necessary elements seem to be there for a great memorable story only for it to disappoint and frustrate far more than invigorate or appeal. To use an analogy, imagine having all the right ingredients for a delicious cake, mix them together, bake and getting an undercooked barely edible biscuit instead.The author manages the notable feat of taking five hundred long pages to achieve less than what others have in two-thirds as many pages. Youn [...]

    • BRETHREN, the first entry in Robyn Young's acclaimed epic trilogy about the travails of a young man on the path to becoming a Templar knight during the disastrous end of the Crusades, is full of interesting details and twisting plot-lines. Will Campbell, the hero of the story, is a youth damaged by a tragic event which has torn his family apart. As he struggles to gain his knighthood in the Templar Order, where he's been assigned by his father, who's taken Templar vows and left for service in th [...]

    • Comecei este livro com boas expectativas pois sempre me senti muito curiosa sobre as cruzadas e os templários. Gostei da forma como a narrativa foi sendo tecida e da mesma ter vários pontos de vista oscilando entre Londres, Paris e a Palestina de forma a dar-nos uma visão o mais completa e global possível. Quanto às personagens vale a pena referir William, um jovem escocês que serve como sargento templário em New Temple; Everand um padre algo temperamental que oculta um segredo que pode t [...]

    • The historical research done by this author is obvious in the story and she should be given credit for doing a great job on it however, I just could not connect with the characters. The main character was too weak and the conversations between him and his other teenage friends sounded more like modern day teenagers. While most of the chapters started with beautiful description of the landscape etc sometimes they just seem out of place. It was like a mix match of scenery and characters. This was [...]

    • I wasn't really sure what to expect from Brethren as I hadn't read a synopsis beforehand. Sometimes I find that adds to the book as it means I go into it with an open mind. Also, given my very rigid list of books to read, Brethren sneaked in by simply being "I quite fancy a read of that" as I walked past the bookshelf. That, for me, is quite rare. All I knew was that it involved the Knights Templar and the crusades.I was fascinated, then, to discover that the book is not simply an 'us-and-them' [...]

    • Set in period between the Seventh and Ninth Crusades, Brethren purports to tell the story if the Crusades from both the East's and the West's points of view. The West's version is told through the tale of Will, training to follow in his father's footsteps as a Knight in the Order of the Templar, while the East's view is depicted through the tale of Mamluk Sultan of Egypt, Baybars.The Templars, as usual the subject of speculation and rumours of secret societies, are here given a secret Order with [...]

    • Okay, so I didn't quite read all of it, but I read most of it so as far as I'm concerned IT'S READ. Sod it. What a load of absolute tripe. It isn't even good tripe, it's badly written tripe.The characters were badly written cardboard cut outs. Will sounded like some kid directly out of High School, minus modern day slang. Elwen looked like she had just walked out of a Pre-Raphaelite painting what with her long flowing hair that flowed loose down her back, golden tresses that quite often fell loo [...]

    • Will Campbell has to serve as an apprentice to a foul-tempered Templar priest before he can achieve his dream of knighthood amongst the fierce Templars, God's Warrior monks. For longer than he should have, Will was forced to remain a sergeant in the service of Everard, a man of dangerous secrets. Amir Baybars has dragged himself out of slavery to become his people's leader, driven by an unquenchable desire to rid his land of the European invaders. As the story builds to a crescendo, the two men' [...]

    • As the author is a creative writing teacher I was expecting more. (Didn't Dutton assign her an editor?) I (almost) always finish any book I start reading. This story of 475 pages only paid out in the LAST SEVEN PAGES. The premise is intriguing: two stories told alternating between the Crusaders point of view and the point of view of Baybars, the Mameluke slave who became sultan and a great general. I was pulling for the Saracens. All the Crusaders and the English King Henry and his son, Edward, [...]

    • Ayan Jalut The Pools of Goliath-The Battle of Ain Jalut , the "Spring of Goliath") took place on 3 September 1260 between Mamluks and the Mongols in the southeastern Galilee, in the Jezreel Valley, north of Jerusalem The battle marked the high-water point of Mongol conquests, and was the first time a Mongol advance had ever been permanently beaten back in direct combat on the battlefieldMamluk- slave warriors of Egypt , from SyriaGenghis Khan Mongol's-- founder died 1227Mongols invaded Syria in [...]

    • Audiobook - 21:31 hours - Narrated By Christopher Scott I listened to about 20% of this gory novel of fiction before chucking it on the DNF shelf.My profile clearly exposes my attitude towards all religions - I identify as a Secular Humanist - and try as I might, I can find no joy or entertainment from listening to or reading about the horrors that Christians and Muslims inflicted upon their own kind, and each other, and innocent secular citizens, in the name of the same God, in the times of the [...]

    • Interesting tale of the Knights Templar saga, with enough historical details to make it believable. I enjoyed it enough to start the second book in the trilogy.

    • The Brethren Trilogy is historical fiction, covering the Knights Templar and the last crusade. All three books have been published, but I am waiting to read the third one; I don't want to purchase the hardcover edition, especially since the paperback form will be released in January. This, the first, was far superior to the second, though neither were precisely bad. The series is centered on a young sergeant hoping to someday be a templar. His name is Will Campbell and he is from a low born fami [...]

    • Sometimes I bemoan the fact that I have too many books to read which means that it takes me a while to get to them all. I bought Brethren months ago but only recently did it rise to the top of my to be read pile. Once I started reading it I was chagrined that I hadn’t read it sooner. This is one terrific tale of the 13th century and the turmoil between East and West, between Christian and Muslim and between the various knight orders especially of the Templars and Hospitallers. It seems that ev [...]

    • Excellent Historical Fiction. I can't wait for the follow-up!,Robyn Young has shown true greatness in this, her first novel.The story, which surrounds the Crusades and all that relates; the Templar Knights (and their counterparts of the time; Hospitallers and Teutonics), the Mongols, the Sultan Baybars, Kings Richard the Lionheart & Henry III and Prince Edward of England, Louis IX of France.The story encompasses the crusades from the viewpoint of both the christians and the muslims and firml [...]

    • It didn't take me long to read the first part of the Brethren Trilogy called Brethren. You can always tell when I like a book very much because I tend to start reading and not stop until its finished or I fall asleep.Besides the story which is all about the coming of age of two very powerful people, and the side story which is about the mystery of a missing book, and the Knights Templars; the book has a lot to recommend it.The historical detail that the author put into the book was amazing. She [...]

    • Wow! This book is subtitled "An Epic Adventure" and it is indeed that! Young Will Campbell is training to be a Templar knight when he becomes involved in intrigue and conspiracy. Prince Edward has one agenda, the Templars have another, and there is yet another circle within the Templars that have yet another. Wheels within wheels within wheels. While it does not rise to Game of Thrones type machinations, it is very, very, good intrigue with plenty of violence and leaving out the gratuitous sex. [...]

    • This book has been lying on my bedside table now for about a year, and the bookmark hasn't moved from page 121 in all that time.I struggled to get into it. Her research, from what I could tell, is thorough and detailed, and she sets a scene well, but hand on heart I could not make myself care about any of the characters, so they all seemed to blend together. Something was off with the pacing too. Perhaps I didn't give it a fair chance, as at the time I was only able to read in short bursts, but [...]

    • I have just re read this (debut) book and the beginning of the trilogy.Full of incredible detail and many keenly made points/ observations on the nature of the times both past and the parallels that can be drawn with modern events/ attitudes.It's a brilliant read and is full of well written characters, what proves this more than anything is that really not a lot happens, yet it still holds your attention.When I say not a lot happens, this is obviously not true, it's full of friendships & lov [...]

    • This is the story of Will Campbell a reluctant Knight Templar, his friendship and love and his growth from a boy to a man. Will is a Templar because his father decided he should be, he lives with the guilt of having accidentally killed his sister and that his father didn't speak to him for years.It's also the story of Baybars and his fight to rise his life from Malmuk slave to ruler. Ruthless he pursues the expulsion of Christians from the lands he regards as his with ruthlessness.It's interesti [...]

    • This book is mainly the story of young Will Campbell, who comes from scotland to England to study to be a Templar knight. it follows him from his early teens until his twenties where he finds himself in the Holy Land fighting a Saracen army led by Baybars, a legendary leader. he is also searching for his estranged father, who had taken the cross and gone to the Holy Land. Rich in history of the period, this book is the first in a series.

    • I was a little uncertain if i would like this book. I do like the Crusades, but i have never really read anything serious from this era in Historical Fiction.There were some areas that i was not fully fond of, and sometimes the skipping in time caught me out (mainly due to being an audiobook, rather than reading - i missed the dates occasionally).I will continue with this series for sure - once i have cut my to be read pile a little.

    • Somewhat silly Temple within a temple. Templeception I guess. I liked her writing style though, not as good as Cornwall, but then who is? I learned quite a bit of history with extra research with this one. Characters are very well developed and rounded. All in all a pretty good read.

    • once i started, i couldn't let go of this amazing historical fiction! i've had my copy for years but only got to read it a few days ago. now i look forward to reading the rest of the books in the Trilogy!

    • Started OK, was hoping it would get better but never took off, plot hopped around and by last 100 pages was just plain frustrated and wanted to get it over with.A rather poor book which leaves me thinking I wish the second wasn't on my bookshelf already.

    • Le début d'une trilogie médiévale dont l'affrontement entre templiers et sarrasins est le contexte. Au delà de cette thématique somme tout classique c'est peut être la quête de la tolérance qui semble guider les personnages principaux. Les autres tomes devront confirmer

    • The first book in a planed trilogy follows William Campbell of the Templar Knights as he searches for a missing book. The most interesting aspect of the book is the fact that the author uses two distinct voices to tell the story; eastern and western.

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