Call Me Ted

Call Me Ted Autographed Ted Turner New Mint

  • Title: Call Me Ted
  • Author: Ted Turner Bill Burke
  • ISBN: 9780446581899
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Autographed Ted Turner New, Mint

    • Call Me Ted « Ted Turner Bill Burke
      255 Ted Turner Bill Burke
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    • Ted Turner Bill Burke

      Little Known Facts About TedOnly one of a few people who have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Time magazine for different reasons Currently holds 42 honorary degrees from such institutions as Brown University Providence, R.I , Morehouse College Atlanta, Ga , The Citadel Charleston, S.C and Mississippi University for Women Columbus, Miss Number of sailing trophies won 176 Favorite movie Gone With the Wind Favorite meal A bison cheeseburger from Ted s Montana Grill with fries and an Arnold Palmer half iced tea, half lemonade Appeared on over 115 magazine weekly publication covers Has a national debate named after him The National Forensic League s Ted Turner Public Forum Debate Largest individual landowner in the United States owns approximately two million acres of personal and ranch land Purchased his first bison in 1976 current bison herd is approximately 50,000 head, which is the largest private herd in the world Has visited all seven continents

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    • I cant help it. I'm a sucker for Ted Turner. Between an interest in the early days of cable television, a connection to Atlanta, and an obsession with the Braves, I just like the guy. Besides, I have always felt that the world could use a few more eccentric billionaires who are willing to put their money where their mouth is, especially when they are outspoken on issues like world peace, nuclear nonproliferation, and the environment. Turner has finally written some memoirs, and I found it fun to [...]

    • I've always been a fan of Ted Turner and now love him even more after reading CALL ME TED. It's a fascinating read and completely delivers.

    • This memoir lives up to its billing. The voice is Ted's through and through. What makes it unique is his raw, unflinching honesty in conveying his "assets and liabilities" , both personal and professional. I found myself wincing at times while reading, not just because of what was done to Ted, but also because of what he did/neglected to do and/or said to others. "Captain Outrageous" and the "mouth from the South" were terms often used to describe Ted, and, indeed, were appropriate. His relentle [...]

    • For those who want to knowwhat keeps Ted Turner going, this is the book!! Conceiving the concept of and actually creating CNN are probably Ted Turner's greatest achievements. Yes, he is a fabulous, driven sailor, but so are others. Yes, he is a dedicated environmentalist but so are others.However, the concept of having breaking news, world-wide, around the clock, was revolutionary. I believe that in a way this move helped to usher in the era of the world-wide web. In a way, Turner's vision of CN [...]

    • I have always been a Fan of Ted Turner. Growing up in the Atlanta area, he was the subject. I admire him and so enjoyed having him to read the book, Actually, he wasn't reading, he was telling the story. Listening to him, I would often say to myself, "I remember that." If I could ever meet him and just sit and talk to him, it would be awesome. Yes I listen to books everyday on my hour to work and the hour home. I recommend this book to anyone that has ever wanted to meet all their goals. Much in [...]

    • I liked this one a lot more than I thought I was going to -- Turner's a pretty outspoken guy, so his stories about how he started turning a billboard business into a multimedia empire were awfully engaging. You've got the CNN stuff, the Atlanta Braves and WTBS stuff, the America's Cup, the Time Warner years, the Jane Fonda years Turner also incorporates a lot of feedback from his business colleagues (including some rivals) and his family, so it's not all one-sided.

    • Say what you will about The Mouth of the South, but Ted's an astute businessman. He did go on (and on) about financing schemes he used for funding, but overall, it was a good look inside his brain (be afraid, be very afraidLOL). It was a stroke of genius giving his friends, family, and even Jane Fonda space to write (uncensored, I've heard) about him.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This man had a fascinating life. We listened to the audiobook on two long car rides, down and back. It made the miles go quickly. Ted Turner narrates it himself which is great. Maybe because I lived through some of the big events it is more interesting to me, but there was a lot I did not know or did not remember. If you are looking for some inspiration to accomplish things in your life just listen to Ted!!!

    • Call Me Ted by Ted TurnerBasically his autobiography. Some of the financial stuff was dull and boring and I skipped over those parts, but in the process of skipping over those parts, I fear I may have missed some other stuff.He spoke mostly about his business acquisitions and secondarily about his boat racing, which is a hobby of his. He speaks very little about his children or wives, especially Jane Fonda. I was expecting some interesting tidbits about his marriage to Fonda, but he spoke very l [...]

    • Ted Turner was a very interesting and nice man.It is interesting that he was a stubborn guy being contrary and trying to fail and then decided that he was sick of that and he changed his mind and decided to be the best! His father was in the Billboard advertising business which I knew nothing about and from whom he learned much. Unfortunately Alcoholism had him destroying himself and the therapy sought ought seemed to lead to his Father's suicidege 56: "He tried to get his addictions under contr [...]

    • This book describe how Ted Turner build his news media business empire from a billboard company. He had a difficult childhood and he took over his father's billboard business when his father died.He came up with lot of revolutionary ideas in the media business such as 24/7 news channel, nation wide broadcasting of local channels. Everyone thought that these are bad ideas and he had to jump many hurdles However, he always stick to his plans and that helped him to become one of the richest man in [...]

    • Ted Turner is a successful businessman and philanthropist . This book is a autobiography of him .Turner is known as a sailer in his childhood days and he also won america’s cup for first time at the age of 39 . He faced many hurdles in his childhood . His father was arrogant and his sister passed away . Ted father tired to control him with his money and violence , he also forced him to work in his company . Because of his father , Ted started to work in his father’s company and made the prof [...]

    • Phenomenal book on an amazing visionary. I purchased the audiobook because it is read by Ted Turner himself - a brilliant book. If you have any interest in media, including the development of cable TV and cable programming, the big three broadcast networks (CBS, ABC, NBC), media companies, movie studios, sports leagues, tech and media moguls including Rupert Murdoch, Steve Case at AOL, the Time Warner guys, Jack Welch, Kirk Kerkorian, Bill Gates, Jerry Yang, Malone (TCI), all the other cable com [...]

    • I very much enjoyed hearing this Ted Turner's story and having him read it himself added to the overall value and enjoyment. His life's story if truly inspiring. All great achievers have adversary and find the mean neccessary to overcome them. Turner seemed to always be driven for something more. He is visionary type. IF you have any interest in the broadcasting industry or are curious as to how we ended up with cable TV today this story will fill you in and give you a sense of knowing the behin [...]

    • Just an incredible life story. The guy was a type A overachiever from the start and moved people, money, and even international politics with the sheer force of his personality. An inspiring read to say the least.Most of his stories leave you feeling thrilled, except the chapter about the AOL-Time Warner deal, which reaffirms it as possibly the worst business decision of all time.I will likely reread this autobiography. Get the audiobook, Ted himself reads it and it adds wonderful depth to the s [...]

    • I've been mildly curious about Ted Turner for years - first when he won the America's Cup, then when he married Jane Fonda, and finally when his name came up during the AOL-Time Warner debacle.His memoirs are continually interesting - what a character! He is also a great philanthropist and conservationist. He also let important people from his life make comments along the way - not all positive.This is an easy read and well worth the effort.

    • Ted Turner became one of the richest men in the world, the largest land owner in the United States, revolutionized the television business with the creation of TBS and CNN, became a champion sailor and winner of the America's Cup, and took home a World Series championship trophy in 1995 as owner of the Atlanta Braves. Fascinating and very frank expose.

    • Ted Turner is one of my biggest heros for reclaiming so much land here in the West. He has re-established vanished species, specifically the buffalo to their native habitat. He is perhaps the foremost American Conservationist with 2 million acres restored and protected. Way to go Ted!

    • A Great inspiriting story about business, challenges in life! It was definitely worth it! I recommend it to everybody.

    • Ted Turner and I have a very special relationship.When I was a kid in the ATL, there was no cable television. There was WTBS, Channel 17 – the SuperStation! – running an endless and constant array of cheesy sit-coms, classic Hollywood movies, game shows, wrestling matches and a ton of Bugs Bunny cartoons. Even the late-night news fare was askew, with a news desk that was as accessible and irreverent as anything else that came on their airwaves. They seemed to come out of nowhere, and suddenl [...]

    • I decided to read this book after seeing Ted being interviewed on Piers Morgan this summer. I was totally intrigued and absolutely mystified by Ted's openness and vulnerability. This kind of emotional openness did not fit my image of a highly successful businessman. (Which says more about my biases than it does about the business world itself.)I did not know much about Ted Turner other than the basic facts that anyone would know from being over 50 and reading the news. I knew Ted created Turner [...]

    • I sat on this book for a while. I'm just not the type to really get into biographies. It's just some guys life, you know? I'm glad I finally decided to read this book. Ted Turner is an extraordinary man, who is still somewhat humble about life while being a great showman and businessman.I thought the book to be well organized, with each chapter taking a clear break from the previous and delving into a new aspect of his life. His troubles with family life disappointed me, as I'm big on family lif [...]

    • Call Me Ted by Ted Turner and Bill Burke on audio is an adventurous ride through Ted Turner's life from his childhood to his "retirement." This audio, which is 13 disks long, is read by the man himself. His southern accent and his passionate reading of this autobiography will make readers feel at home by his hearth as he recounts the biggest and smallest events in his life.Not only is the audio read by Ted, but there are a number of side stories told by family members, an ex-wife, business colle [...]

    • _Call Me Ted_ by Ted Turner, Bill Burke ((first published in 2008) Added 10/12/11.I'm currently listening to an audio CD of this book. I'm on the third disc; there are 13 discs altogether.The man must have had enormous energy and ambition to do what he did. It's interesting to learn that early in his life he was involved in the mundane world of billboard advertising. From the beginning I can see that he was a "wheeler-dealer" (in a good sense). He must have loved that type of thing. As for me, t [...]

    • This is a terrific book! I feel like I learned a lot about Ted, and he seems like a cool guy. Here are my favorite parts:1. When he was in military school in Tennessee he was the Company commander. They had a drill competition every week, and Ted was determined to win it. So he made everybody in the company get up an hour early to drill. And guess what! They won the competition 9 out of 13 weeks! I think it's remarkable because he convinced everybody to get up an hour early. And it's clear that [...]

    • Recommend to anyone who wants to learn about a media innovator and passionate entrepreneur.====================Ted Turner is one of those guys a whole lot of people *think* they know a lot about but really don't when it comes down to brass tacks. It is a very interesting position to get the information from ted himself as opposed to the media that he helped create and transform.This is an inspiring, roller-coaster-esque, fun, and thought-provoking journey through the life of a man who changed th [...]

    • "Call Me Ted" is Ted Turner's autobiography on his life from his difficult childhood to inheriting his father's billboard business as a young man after his suicide to getting screwed in the AOL/Time Warner deal. The story is very interesting and Ted presents his story in a take me or leave me manner that doesn't hide his successes or flaws.While Ted inherited his father's large and successful billboard advertising company, Ted did an outstanding job of finding new opportunities in the emerging r [...]

    • Bí quyết thành công của Ted Turner: "Ngủ sớm dậy sớm, làm việc như trâu và quảng cáo!""Tôi đặc biệt biết ơn lời khuyên của cha tổi là phải đặt mục tiêu của mình thật cao đến mức mình không thể đạt được trong suốt cuộc đời. Nguồn cảm hứng đó tiếp thêm năng lượng cho tôi hăm hở làm việc cật lực hằng ngày, không chỉ trong công tác từ thiện mà cả những hoạt động kinh doanh m [...]

    • Ted Turner is an engaging, funny, intelligent, visionary and humanitarian entrepreneur. I had a lot of fun reading this book. Turner’s has a very unique personality and many qualities that have made him the successful businessman that he is. He is an energetic and committed hard worker. As a businessman myself I learned a lot from the strategies and methods that Turner has used that have helped him achieve success. It is hard not to compare yourself to Turner, and other successful people when [...]

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