Children's Book of Virtues

Children s Book of Virtues The perfect companion to William J Bennett s number one bestseller The Book of Virtues The Children s Book of Virtues is the ideal storybook for parents and children to enjoy together With selections

  • Title: Children's Book of Virtues
  • Author: William J. Bennett Michael Hague
  • ISBN: 9780684813530
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The perfect companion to William J Bennett s number one bestseller The Book of Virtues, The Children s Book of Virtues is the ideal storybook for parents and children to enjoy together With selections from The Book of Virtues, from Aesop and Robert Frost to George Washington s life as well as Native American and African folklore, The Children s Book of Virtues brings tThe perfect companion to William J Bennett s number one bestseller The Book of Virtues, The Children s Book of Virtues is the ideal storybook for parents and children to enjoy together With selections from The Book of Virtues, from Aesop and Robert Frost to George Washington s life as well as Native American and African folklore, The Children s Book of Virtues brings together timeless stories and poems from around the world The stories have been chosen especially for a young audience to help parents introduce to their children the essentials of good character Courage, Perseverance, Responsibility, Work, Self discipline, Compassion, Faith, Honesty, Loyalty, and Friendship Lavishly illustrated by the well known artist Michael Hague, these wonderful stories and the virtues they illustrate come to life on these pages The Children s Book of Virtues is an enduring treasury of literature and art that will help lead young minds toward what is noble and gentle and fine.

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    • Children's Book of Virtues - William J. Bennett Michael Hague
      302 William J. Bennett Michael Hague
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    About “William J. Bennett Michael Hague

    • William J. Bennett Michael Hague

      William J Bill Bennett is a politician and author who served in the Ronald Reagan and George H W Bush administrations, as chief of National Endowment for the Humanities and later Secretary of Education under Reagan, and Drug Czar under Bush He is a nationally well known figure of political and social conservatism and authored many books on politics, ethics, and international relations.

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    • My daughters received a nice, big, hard-cover copy of this gem from 4H. It is filled with morally instructive parables and poems, which for some reason, we all found refreshing and unique, even though we have all known for quite some time that it pays to be honest and that crying wolf is lame. There are little moments of violence that the kids and I enjoyed, especially when Genghis Kahn slays his hawk. A little gruesomeness in writing is incredibly satisfying to us, especially when a lesson come [...]

    • Not sure how I feel about this book anymore, as I loved it when I was a child but later came to realize that it was just The Children's Book of NeoCon-Adapted Folklore for the Brainwashing of Tiny Americans.

    • Courage, responsibility, compassion and honesty are some of the virtues listed in this book with folktales that spreads the message of such virtues. We need a similar book in our Arabic library.

    • The Children's Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett visits many folktales from around the world. The one I focused on for this review was "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" (Aesop's Fables). It is part of a large collection of fables by Aesop. These fables all have a lesson to be learned a "moral to the story". This particular fable is about a shepherd boy who was tending his flock of sheep a little distance from his village. He though it would be funny to play a trick of the villagers and ran into town [...]

    • I believe this one of new favorite books. I love it has the complete text and illustrations of The Children's Book of Virtues, The Children Book of Heroes, and The Children's Book of America by William J. Bennett. The illustrations are just remarkable.

    • I wish the illustrations were a little more contemporary, but overall, it is a great book. I think I will add this to our family library as something we re-read to our children. Great lessons. There were only a few stories/poems that I struggled through, but most were enjoyable.

    • I enjoyed this book thoroughly. My son and niece (both age 2) enjoyed it somewhat as they are a little young for it yet. This is a collection of short stories and poems that reinforce values. Virtues featured are: Courage/ Perseverance, Responsibility/ Work/ Self-Discipline, Compassion/ Faith, Honesty/ Loyalty/ Friendship. Some of the stories were familiar to us (the Little Red Hen) and others entirely new (Please). The editor presents the title, authors and a brief statement of the moral, then [...]

    • William J. Bennett The Children’s Book of Virtues. Simon & Schuster, New York, 1995.Fable - The Honest WoodsmanTheme: Honesty This is from a compilation book directed toward younger children, probably preschool through elementary school age. I see this book as being for children, but a book to be read to them by an adult. Our story follows a humble woodcutter who happily provides for his family by cutting wood. One day as he’s chopping down a tree in the woods, he accidentally drops his [...]

    • This book is full of different short stories and poems meant to teach different virtues to children. There are all different kinds of familiar stories, such as the tortoise and the hair, as well as many other new stories that would be unfamiliar but exciting for students. I am a big fan of books that you can come back to throughout the school year, and I feel this book is a perfect example of this. As a child, I loved this book because it was full of so many different stories that I could pick t [...]

    • Que libro tan hermoso!es un libro que ha superado mis expectativas. El título suena a un libro con muchas historias con moralejas que ayudan en la crianza de los niños y la verdad es que es cierto sin embargo la calidad de las historias es maravillosa, tiene historias de diferentes lugares del mundo, de diferentes religiones y con connotaciones culturales muy variadas. Las ilustraciones son bellisimas y sin mentir quiero tener varias de ellas para el cuarto de mi hijo porque en verdad Michael [...]

    • The Children's book of Virtures gives a good set of stores and helpful material to the teacher to use as an aide in discussing and understanding different aspects of characcter. Character can be a challenging thing to explain and encourage in children. The stories in this book give exampoles that represent courage, perserverance, responsibility, work ethics, self-discipine as well as virtures such as compassion, faith and honesty. The book could be used as a theme study for different character d [...]

    • The Childrens Book of VirtuesAnything written by Bennett, former US Secretary of Education, is more than excellent. These common sense virtues, cornerstones of what made America strong and great, are eroding as a literature review shows that they have been systematically removed from public school curriculum. Want your child to have respect for himself and others? Want a solid broad education? Get each one of Bennets books, from children through eighth grade. Then bond with your children while r [...]

    • This book is a collection of classic stories and a few poems including The Lion and the Mouse, The Tortoise and the Hare, a popular Indian Folk Tale and many more. These stories introduce children to vital characteristics to building a good character, such as compassion, courage, honesty, responsibility, and self-discipline. This book is great for parents to read to their children at a young age but for reading alone due to the length, and the structure of some of the stories it may be hard for [...]

    • This was a fine little book, but I have to say I expected a little more from it. We did find some classics that I had always wanted to make sure my children were familiar with: The Little Red Hen, The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf.' Our favorite was the short story of the two children who each had a "please" living in their mouth, one of the children let it out to get air often, the other did not. Very cute.I'm surprised we never finished it, I place that blame squarely on my shoulders, since I maxed out [...]

    • This book could also count for some history, but we didn't read it with that intent. We'd occasionally hit the internet after reading about something in order to learn more. For example, when we read about Swing Low, Sweet Chariot, we got online to see it performed (we watched several performances and then discussed which we liked best and why).It was a nice book, with varied and interesting stories/poems/song lyrics. We've read some of the stories before (better told and in more depth). The ill [...]

    • Book: The Children’s Book of Virtues Edited by: William J. Bennett“Persevere”The fisher who draws in his net too soon,Won’t have any fish to sell;The child who shuts up his book too soon,Won’t learn any lessons well.If you would have your learning stay,Be patient-don’t learn too fast;The man who travels a mile each day,May get round the world at last.OVERVIEW: There is a select domain in the GELDS labeled approaches the play and learning (APL). Underneath that label is the category a [...]

    • The artwork and and stories in this book feel dated and old. Difficult for me to believe that they would have enough appeal to my kids for me to keep this book around. There are a few exceptions. I liked the story of George Washington and the cherry tree, and also the Cinderella-like story about the Indian princess. But the story of the dorky girl who insists on playing with the stars, so she rides a fish and climbs a rainbow, but slips to wake in her bed, but wait, for a second there's the flee [...]

    • Evidently, after William J. Bennett wrote the original Book of Virtues, more than just a few parents said they loved that book but wished it had pictures (the better to help younger children appreciate the stories, poems and fables of the original), and this book is the result. It is really a lovely little compilation, including stories on courage, perseverance, work, discipline, honesty, friendship, etc. The illustrations by Michael Hague add a great charm to the stories and poems (the author's [...]

    • My son and I read this book as a part of Sonlight's P4/5 curriculum. The illustrations in the book are gorgeous. I think I enjoyed this more than my son did, he listened to all the stories, but most of them he just said were ok. The story of Gangis Khan was his favorite and he often requested to read that one again. Overall, I really liked this book, but it does have a pretty conservative leaning, so I could see where others might take issue with it. Many of the stories included, such as George [...]

    • This book is actually three books compiled into one large volume: The Children's Book of Virtues, The Children's Book of Heroes, and The Children's Book of America.I like this book for the variety of stories it contains. There are all sorts included. Although this book definitely comes from a Judao-Christian slant, it also includes stories from Native Americans and mythology and other cultures. I felt the writing style was slightly textbooky and therefore a little boring for my six year old. How [...]

    • My son really likes this book. Its a nice change of pace from smart-alec cynical TV shows. Its basically a compilation of stories from myth, folklore and hagiography that try to teach some basic virtues and ideals. Its great for dreamy boys specially who like action stories, but it is not mindless violence nor sanitized incoherent stories. The book is permeated by a western classical Christian education, but nothing that a well-rounded person probably will not encounter in the course of a libera [...]

    • There are some fabulous stories in here. However, I don't understand the addition of magic, witches, ghosts, etc. This book is written by a notoriously conservative Christian politician. So why is all this pagan stuff in here? Either let's be true God-fearers, or Pagans. But this half in, half out game conservative Americans play is foolishness. I prefer to teach my children to be kind and virtuous because it's delightful, and brings pleasure to themselves and their Creator, not because some boo [...]

    • These books are little gems for children. I actually think they could have found even more short stories with excellent messages regarding morals and virtuesBut it is a good book and both of my boys have enjoyed them. Both boys read them in 2nd Grade as they are on their school's required reading list for 2nd Grade. I've read 100s of books to my boys over the years and there are some really, really dumb children's books and some really great children's booksI wish there were more like this one.

    • I read this book growing up and learned many valuable lessons. The book, though frighteningly large for my childhood self, was simple and easy to read, compiled of classic and less well known stories. The book was able to emphasize the importance of manners in a way that made me actually want to use them! My favorite tale is the story about the word please and two brothers. Especially now, I strongly recommend this book for developing ladies and gentlemen for lessons on basic manners and virtues [...]

    • This book is illustrated by Michael Hague, who is wonderful. He has done many books and they are all better books because of his art!! It covers the virtues of: courage/perseverance, responsibility/work/self-discipline, compasssion/faith, and honesty/loyalty/friendship.Of course, my favorite story is: The Little Hero of Holland!! This book is good for any child, parent or grandparent to add to their library.

    • This book is a collection of fables, short stories, and other child suitable works, organized by virtues. There's a section for Courage and Perseverance; a section for Responsibility, Work, and Discipline; a section for Compassion and Faith; and a final section for Honesty, Loyalty, and Friendship. This is one of the first books I remember from my childhood and I loved the pretty pictures and classic tales.

    • This book is a compilation of stories which embody various virtues. The character traits which are covered include courage, perseverance, responsibility, work, self-discipline, compassion, faith, honesty, loyalty, and friendship. Some of the features are poems. Others are well-known folk tales such as the boy who cried wolf. It is a treasury of various formats, each of which, put forth one or more positive attributes.

    • Poems and stories (like 'The Little Hero of Holland', 'Hare & Tortoise' and The Boy who cried 'Wolf') collected under the headings of various virtues: courage / perseverance / responsibility / work / self-discipline / compassion / faith / honesty / loyalty / friendship. Colourful illustrations. A good collection that we enjoy dipping into.

    • Mommy says: This is the kind of book you should purchase rather than check out from the library because1- It is long.2- It is composed of many short vignettes that are best read separately and then discussed.3- The virtues discussed in the book are topics you can return to again and again as needed.We ran out of time and had to return it, but I'll be picking up a copy of our own.

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