Looking For Love

Looking For Love Micah Finn Rawlings has lived most of his life blind sheltered and craving adventure Now at twenty two an operation has given him his sight back and he s ready to take on the world Well sort of H

  • Title: Looking For Love
  • Author: Stella Starling
  • ISBN: 9781973791300
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • Micah Finn Rawlings has lived most of his life blind, sheltered, and craving adventure Now, at twenty two, an operation has given him his sight back and he s ready to take on the world.Well, sort of.His newly restored vision isn t exactly all that he d hoped it would be, but he s definitely not going to let that stop him even if he does tend to trip over his own feet, hMicah Finn Rawlings has lived most of his life blind, sheltered, and craving adventure Now, at twenty two, an operation has given him his sight back and he s ready to take on the world.Well, sort of.His newly restored vision isn t exactly all that he d hoped it would be, but he s definitely not going to let that stop him even if he does tend to trip over his own feet, have a slight problem with depth perception, and occasionally okay, maybe a lot get himself into situations that result in public embarrassment Still, a few scrapes and bruises are a small price to pay for finally getting out there and living, and given that he has the best luck ever, even the most awkward moments tend to turn out pretty well in the end.Proof Tripping and falling at the feet of the hottest man he s ever seen A man who s definitely interested in him, too.Well probably.Maybe Actually, Micah has no experience whatsoever with such things and isn t really sure, but a boy can hope, rightHMC Zach Hunter, Medical Corps, U.S Navy is many things A patient man An adrenaline junky A bisexual serial dater going through an extended dry spell.Losing a few good men to an IED inspired a come to Jesus moment of clarity for Zach, and ever since, he s been looking for love Dating any and everyone who sparks his interest in the hope of finding something that, frankly, he s not entirely sure exists.At least, not for him.The only problem There hasn t been a spark At least, not the kind Zach s holding out for He s not discouraged, though Zach has no problem putting in some effort for the things that matter, and he knows that all good things are worth the wait.Besides, it s not like he can expect love to just fall at his feet right Looking For Love is a gay romance novel of approximately 107,000 words that contains a hot Navy medic who always does the right thing, a clumsy optimist who has enthusiasm than experience, some sneaky references to classic movies from the eighties, tacos, tamales, and all the shades of blue Oh and yes Lots and lots of yes Every Stella Starling romance can be read as a standalone and takes place in the same interconnected, contemporary world Looking For Love is the second book in the Semper Fi series, which is a spin off from At Last, The Beloved Series.

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      Stella Starling Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Looking For Love book, this is one of the most wanted Stella Starling author readers around the world.

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    • ~3.5~I loved this pairing. Micah is one of the most adorable MCs EVER! Micah loves life. He believes he has the best luck, and seeing Zach for the first time is almost a religious experience. Zach, Gabe's friend from book 1, ADORES Micah and treats him like gold. The comfort-healing trope is very gentle, with Zach accepting Micah exactly as he is. This is my kind of book: fluffy AND sexy (Micah is an insanely eager virgin). This would have been a solid 4+ star read, had it not been for the main [...]

    • I really really enjoyed the first book in this series, do when I saw the second book was outI jumped on it ;)This time we get Zach's story. Those of you who have read book 1, already know Zach as being one of Gabe's friends and also a Navy collegue. No worries though, for those who haven't read the first book, because this one can be read as a stand alone ;) I don't know why you would want to skip book 1 thoughnce I myself really freaking liked it ;)Zach is a medic in the Navy. He is bi sexual a [...]

    • 4 Stars!I really loved the first book in this series and I was looking forward to the second one. I was not disappointed. Micah is such an adorable MC. I instantly loved him. He's such an upbeat person who loves life and who is trying to get his footing after an operation that has brought his eyesight back. He's having some issues with depth perception which leaves our guy tripping a lot. It's embarrassing but he embraces it and it doesn't stop him from going places and exploring them with his c [...]

    • This was quite a disappointment.Micah has been blind since he was 5 years old, but he recently he had an operation which allows him to see now. But he has been blind for 17 years, so his brain is having a hard time interpreting what his eyes now see. And that’s why Micah is always stumbling into things or tripping and falling. But that doesn’t deter him in the least, so Micah just goes out there and experience what life has to offer him.And that’s how Micah one day meets Zach, when he lite [...]

    • This romance is so sweet in places it might rot your teeth. But I am okay with that.Micah is so sunny and I love him. I love Zach as well. I think the sex scenes later in the book could have been more exploratory but the sexy times are an important part of this book.All the side characters are great. Reason tends to triumph drama and angst which is good. However, some of the conflict and lack of clear headedness for a while drags.Overall, the heroes are so great, it is a lovely read.

    • *** The sweet story of an M/M romance.*** Small, delicate man, Micah, literally falls at Zach's feet.Zach, 29, a Navy Corpsman, (Medic) assigned to the Marines, has been unlucky in love, and has a sad history of his father and mother. Micah, 22, an artist and transcriber, has overprotective twin sisters and his Mom, ( the 3 Ms), plus he working through the effects of getting his sight back after being blind 17 years. Micah looked up at Zach's blue eyes, they talked awhile, and Zach asked to see [...]

    • 4.5 stars -- After loving the first entry in this series, as soon as I saw that Looking for Love had been released, I picked it up in anticipation of the next chance I had to read something that isn't on my ARC reading list. My enjoyment came from the same style of storytelling that hooked me before: a lot cute, a lot sweet fluffy, a good bit of heat with a hot military man, and an emotional issue that threatened to tear the guys apart. I also love seeing military guys acting romantic and lovey, [...]

    • This is one of those books that I ended up enjoying way more than I anticipated I would and am left confused by it. This should have driven me bat shit crazy.I hate, hate, hate how the “necessary” drama played out in this book. Hated it!But…It didn’t drive me all that crazy because I fell head over heels in love with Micah and no matter how bad the other stuff was, he was a shiny ball of color that just bowled over all the ugly.So yeah, this is going to drive people crazy and it did in f [...]

    • I loved Micah and Zach together but the drama with the ex was too over the top.Looking forward to Brody's story.Free with Kindle Unlimited

    • This book could have been AWESOME. Zach and Micah are amazing together. I loved everything about this book until we got to the whole "problem/issue". The POS ex come into the mix with the oldest story since the beginning of time, causing issues for Zach. Zach takes forever to man up and it just irritated the shit out of me. This book would have been the perfect sweet read if we didn't have to throw that crap into the mix.

    • Great follow up for this new seriesI have two main things I have to say concerning this book. The first is that any romance which references my favourite scene from my favourite love story film starring my favourite actor is automatically a winner. (This one in case you were wondering)The second is that, the above notwithstanding, I almost chucked my Kindle at the wall because Janis. That plot was telegraphed from the off and it drives me utterly insane, it's every cliche I despise in any genre [...]

    • I had to knock my rating down a little because instalove is yucky even when the characters are lovely and likeable. Also because the crazy pregnant ex-girlfriend shtick is so not my bag. Looking forward to reading Brody's story, though.

    • How can I put this? Micah - sweet Micah - he was a breath of fresh air, a cold drink on a hot day, a stunning sunset after a romantic date. He was refreshing and beautiful and contagious and, quite simply, one of the best characters I've read in a long time. Zach was. I frown at the screen. first sweet, charming and wonderful and then his gullibility and stupidity was confusing and frustrating. But he redeemed himself in the end, not succumbing to Janis and her lies but finally listening to Mica [...]

    • This book was SO CHARMING. I fell in love with both main characters right from the start - especially Micah, with his awkward adorableness and the way he just blurts things out when he's nervous. He made me laugh several times. He's such an optimist, and you don't feel sorry for his vision issues, because HE doesn't let it get him down or hold him back. Both Micah and Zach are total sweethearts, which means the conflict had to come from somewhere - enter the bitchy ex. I hated her almost enough [...]

    • Looking For Love is a good read. Really good. And I like the length of the book. It gave me more time to get to know these lovely men.The author created a beautiful character in Micah. He is always optimistic, with kind words for everyone and everything. Well, except for the antagonist. But even then he isn't overly harsh, just honest. His view of the world peels away any ugliness, leaving a tender beauty behind. I just want to hang out with Micah to experience his innocence and unfailing optimi [...]

    • 3.5 but could have been so much more. Can't figure how to rate this one. Like most people I LOVED LOVED Micah and Zach together. So very sweet and charming and vibrant and alive and so excited to be. Even the Ana, Sam, Pippin, Precious were all great wonderful characters that added so much to the storey. BUT sadly the whole Janice thing was predictable and distracting. Yes a bit of a disappointment the way Zach didn't grow a pair right away and stand up for himself and Micah but given the events [...]

    • Dude. Micah. Yep. Some of us are visual learners. Me, I write things down so I never gave to look at them again. Micah made me appreciate my super power all the more. And I loved how his disoriented vision was called. Viewing the world through a Picasso filter was fun for the duration of this book and Micah’s runaway mouth made the cherry on top of this sundae romance seem like a bitter treat. In case that metaphor didn’t work: this was a super sweetly romantic read and Micah blabbered a lot [...]

    • Micah did not go to public school. He's incredibly nice. Almost TOO nice to be believed. Of course he meets Zach-the-Marine who is also too nice (for a Marine, ok?!) and they fall in lus, I mean love. Then the niceness stops as an ex joins the story, cause we gotta have some Angst or we the reader will just stop and that's no fun, hmm?Anyhoo, sweet story once you get past all the niceness. Just sign me,Ms. Cynical ;) .

    • This book was so worth the wait! It was sweet, funny, romantic, and steamy! Micah and Zach are adorable in the best ways. Both MC's and supporting characters are well thought out and portrayed. The story flowed very well. The steamy scenes sweet heat! Stella Starling takes these stories to a new level and makes you see and feel things in a whole new and wonderful way. I highly recommend this series and the one before. You will be very happy with them all. I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Cop [...]

    • Micah was such a sweet hero! I loved his characterization. What I didn’t like:The flower prose that bored me to sleep I skimmed several pages and glazed my eyes over several passages.I also didn’t like the conflict of Zach’s sorta crazy ex.The book needed editing to tighten the story.

    • A million starsI loved this so much much beyond so much. It was amazing. was sweet. was perfection. It was everything and the end i cant wait for the next!!

    • so cuteI definitely liked the characters in this one more than the last. They were both so sweet and nice and just loved love. It was great

    • 4 HeartsThere is something so cheesy, ooey gooey, super sweet fantastic about this Stella Starling series that is making me a complete sap. Oh MY GOSH…these endings are KILLING me. Killing me!!! I swoon every time…and my face hurts from smiling. I’m turning into one of those…you know… of those who have feelings…ugh, shoot me….but wait, I want to read the ending one more time….Looking For Love is Zach from Ready For Love’s book which I was totally excited about. Zach was such a [...]

    • This book… this book is everything. I can’t express how much I loved this book. They are not just words, they are all the words. All the words that kept me flying through the pages, reading, and reading and not stopping for anything. At the same time, however, I had to slow down, I had to savor every word. There is so much said between the lines. Between those words are so much more beautiful words.Micah and Zach are just, *sigh*, they are absolutely perfect. Zach is totally smitten from the [...]

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