Давно пора!: Как превратить мечту в жизнь, а жизнь в мечту

  • Title: Давно пора!: Как превратить мечту в жизнь, а жизнь в мечту
  • Author: Barbara Sher Барбара Шер
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    • Давно пора!: Как превратить мечту в жизнь, а жизнь в мечту : Barbara Sher Барбара Шер
      119 Barbara Sher Барбара Шер
    • thumbnail Title: Давно пора!: Как превратить мечту в жизнь, а жизнь в мечту : Barbara Sher Барбара Шер
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    • Barbara Sher Барбара Шер

      Librarian Note There is than one author in the database with this name.Barbara Sher is a speaker, career lifestyle coach, and best selling author of seven books on goal achievement Her books have sold millions of copies and been translated into many languages She has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show, 60 Minutes, CNN, and Good Morning America and her public television specials air regularly in the United States Sher lectures at universities, Fortune 100 companies and professional conferences all over the world.Sher s latest book, Refuse to Choose Rodale 2006 is a step by step program designed for scanners , people with many interests who are unable to decide on a single direction for their lives courtesy

    430 thoughts on “Давно пора!: Как превратить мечту в жизнь, а жизнь в мечту

    • I always love Barbara Sher's books but if you have a copy of her best book (I use it every day and have since 1979) Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Wantthen you really don't need this. Wishcraft is a better book. You can read it for free at wishcraft

    • 1 find your motivators2 get allies imaginary3 allow your feelings4 let go of stuffput expiration date ongive away to one who can useonly keep stuff that feels goodtoss ten thingsdeadline for other people'sget it donewhat would you do if you had space?5 find gifts6 overcome obstacle7 access idea bank8 dress rehearsal9 create a tool10 choose a pathBook exercisesWhat would you do if you knew for sure you’d succeed at it?What elements of your escape fantasy are actual needs?Do one small risk step [...]

    • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. So many great exercises to get you thinking! "By using Sher's practical exercises and bold, innovative strategies, you can make your "impossible" dreams possible, reachable and real - in just 10 easy step-by-step lessons." I say "HELL YEAH!" Who wants to do an Idea Party with me?

    • This is one "self-help" book that I recommend because Sher is kind of wabi-sabi about the program. In other words it's fluid - she talks about how to overcome resistance (with baby steps and fooling yourself) and about how you just can't make yourself stick to a big plan. There's room for messing up. It is a refreshing take on making changes in your life.

    • I learned how to stop resisting the things I really love. For example I love Rock and Roll, just listening and singing it. I don't need to make money with it or anything but just enjoy it daily. And that's just one thing. Step-by-Step I am energized by what I really love. A lot of things I don't do because my spouse isn't interested. So what, do it anyway.I'm retired so I'm not concerned about career moves but with the "pay it forward" mentally I can support other people who complain about there [...]

    • Subtitled “In Ten Easy Step-By-Step Lessons,” this book has ten chapters on helping individuals discover what they love, how to challenge the resistance to getting there and taking action to make things happen. Writing in her typically self disarming style, Sher makes some extraordinary statements about the “failures” of life: if everyone has trouble following the rules, maybe the rules are the problem. Much of the book is very helpful. Although the chapter on developing “spirit allies [...]

    • This book has activitys. I just sort of read it and skiped doing them. Even so it really helped me. Not to change my life and do amazing things. I think you really have to know what you want in order to do things. But there are some good pieces of advise about how to get things done. She also speeks about human resistance where she talks about how it helps us as well as hinders us so we have to use it for our benifit. I think if you keep an open mind (I know a lot of people aren't that into self [...]

    • I read this book shortly after I retired. I actually used some of the ideas for reshaping my life. It was a great blow to me that I had to give up so much because of my health and lack of mobility. This book gave me many of the tools that I used to replace my lost dreams.

    • Another terrific offering from Barbara Sher, one of my all-time favourite self-help authors. Nobody does motivation (*and* step-by-step descriptions of how to stay motivated and reach your goal) better!

    • Barbara Sher takes you step by step to help you figure out what you really want out of life, how to get it, and how to face resistance (from yourself and others). This book is full of exercises to guide you in your search for a more meaningful life, doing what you really want to do.

    • Clear step by step guide for everyone. Sher has written a choose your own adventure book. Find your issue, skip the chapters that don't apply to you!

    • A book that help make you more self-aware about what you'd like to do with your time. The author is very enthusiastic and personalble.

    • Not as life changing for me as 'I could do anything, if only I knew what it was" but I still found it valuable.

    • This book has some incredible steps for getting started in changing your life from what you have to do daily to what you want to do. There is a video also that is compeling in its simplicity.

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