Ghouls DARK TOWN The murders were only the beginning No one knew what went on in the sullen dark house on the hill but town cop Kurt Morris intended to find out The sleepy town of Tylersville Maryland was

  • Title: Ghouls
  • Author: Edward Lee
  • ISBN: 9781558171190
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • DARK TOWN The murders were only the beginning No one knew what went on in the sullen, dark house on the hill, but town cop Kurt Morris intended to find out The sleepy town of Tylersville, Maryland was being stalked by an unimaginable evil, it had become the haunting ground for horrors too grisly to be described Young girls had vanished without a trace Graves had been oDARK TOWN The murders were only the beginning No one knew what went on in the sullen, dark house on the hill, but town cop Kurt Morris intended to find out The sleepy town of Tylersville, Maryland was being stalked by an unimaginable evil, it had become the haunting ground for horrors too grisly to be described Young girls had vanished without a trace Graves had been opened, corpses unearthed and carried away Quiet moonlit nights gave way to a mindless slaughter, and to the sounds of hysterical screams DARK HORIZONS Time was running out How many would be dragged off into an endless night, and for what hideous purpose Fear led to wild speculations about psychopaths, crazed animals, vampires, and werewolves But Kurt knew better Deep in the fog shrouded woods, he had seen the nightmare figures And the truth was much, much worse GHOULS A novel of unrelenting horror in the tradition of Dean Koontz.

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      Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.Edward Lee is an American novelist specializing in the field of horror, and has authored 40 books, than half of which have been published by mass market New York paperback companies such as Leisure Dorchester, Berkley, and Zebra Kensington He is a Bram Stoker award nominee for his story Mr Torso, and his short stories have appeared in over a dozen mass market anthologies, including THE BEST AMERICAN MYSTERY STORIES OF 2000, Pocket s HOT BLOOD series, and the award wining 999 Several of his novels have sold translation rights to Germany, Greece, and Romania He also publishes quite actively in the small press limited edition hardcover market many of his books in this category have become collector s items While a number of Lee s projects have been optioned for film, only one has been made, HEADER, which was released on DVD to mixed reviews in June, 2009, by Synapse Films.Lee is particularly known for over the top occult concepts and an accelerated treatment of erotic and or morbid sexual imagery and visceral violence He was born on May 25, 1957 in Washington, D.C and grew up in Bowie, Maryland In the late 70s he served in the U.S Army s 1st Ard Division, in Erlangen, West Germany, then, for a short time, was a municipal police officer in Cottage City, Maryland Lee also attended the University of Maryland as an English major but quit in his last semester to pursue his dream of being a horror novelist For over 15 years, he worked as the night manager for a security company in Annapolis, Maryland, while writing in his spare time In 1997, however, he became a full time writer, first spending several years in Seattle and then moving to St Pete Beach, Florida, where he currently resides.Of note, the author cites as his strongest influence horror legend H P Lovecraft in 2007, Lee embarked on what he calls his Lovecraft kick and wrote a spate of novels and novellas which tribute Lovecraft and his famous Cthulhu Mythos Among these projects are THE INNSWICH HORROR, Trolley No 1852, HAUNTER OF THE THRESHOLD, GOING MONSTERING, Pages Torn From A Travel Journal, and You Are My Everything Lee promises Lovecraftian work on the horizon.

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    • Another solid horror story from Edward Lee. I've read a handful of his books now, and haven't been disappointed yet. This one is quite a bit lower on the extreme scale compared to some of his others, but the overall story is good. I especially enjoyed learning some of the mythology of the Ghala. Definitely worth the read for horror fans.

    • Wow! I was very impressed because Ed Lee can be hit or miss for me and this definitely was a hit! Probably the best Lee book I've read to date. Of course, I tend to stay away from his more extreme stuff so I'm not sure if this is fair, but I loved this book. It had just the right amount of gore to gross me out and I felt like it was genuinely creepy and hard to put down. The characters were like-able and some were outright hate-able. Although, some of the dialogue felt somewhat silly towards the [...]

    • 3.5 starsGHOULS, by Edward Lee, is not like what I've come to think of as a "typical Lee" story. This one featured more in the way of characterization, suspense, and atmosphere. I honestly liked this story, but felt that it took entirely too long for the "main event" to become apparent and able to be "visualized". If certain aspects in the novel had become a little more clear earlier on than the last quarter or so, I would have given this four stars, easily.

    • Entertaining, though lengthy, tale of the grave-robbing beasts. This time, the brutes originate in the Middle East: they are fast and vicious.

    • Extremely well written, fine characters and exciting read. I can only recommend this forgotten classic from the 80s. You don't want to mess with the Ghouls described here. You can't stop reading until you'll know how the story ends (I won't tell here, don't worry). Must read!

    • At first glance, this one seems like Edward Lee's worst book. I don't see why Lee tried to write like Koontz. Edward's a great writer in his own right. And I don't understand that character Vicky, thinking metal music is infantile. Why do we have to listen to weak music just because we're adults? And why did she surmise that that one stripper was trying too hard to put on a show for weak, lonely men? The Bible says it's better to be abstinent. That doesn't mean they're weak. And then the comment [...]

    • I pretty much like anything by Edward Lee. I realize that now. Not because he literally terrifies me, makes me think outside of the real and NOT fear the macabre, but because he really rights well-developed quirky characters. While Ghouls is nowhere near as bloody, gory or ominous as some of his works, I really did enjoy reading this tale of a monster type that is often ignored in the horror genre in favor of weres and vamps. While there's nothing sexy or sparkling between his pages, the lurking [...]

    • From a writing standpoint, GHOULS is an impressive accomplishment. Seriously, this book is VERY well-written, though a bit heavy on the vulgarities and military jargon. However, from a story-telling standpoint, GHOULS fall short of the mark. Despite the outstanding prose and fully developed characters, the novel drags. The plot is simply too flimsy and predictable to hold someone's interest for 400+ pages. It isn't until halfway through that the novel begins to build some momentum. Horror fans w [...]

    • I like Ed Lee's gory horror novels based on old legends. "Ghouls," as you might suspect, is about the dastardly inhuman fiend known as the "ghoul," or by its original name, "ghala." An army man named Sanders is sent on a below-the-radar mission in 1978 Iraq, commissioned by his colonel to investigate a lair of ghouls. The colonel comes back; Sanders does not.Jump ahead to 1985, and a couple of love triangles. A young cop named Kurt has it bad for Vicky, a waitress at the local strip joint. Vicky [...]

    • Edward Lee's 1988 debut novel (I know about the Philip Straker novels, but Lee has disowned those), is a fun, fast, horror novel that is written in a mystery style. The reader is kept in the dark along with the main protagonist, police officer Kurt Morris. It isn't until the end of the novel that all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together, and then its a non-stop, action packed race to the conclusion. This novel isn't quite as polished as Lee's later stuff, even books he wrote just a few years [...]

    • This is kind of the first Edward Lee novel, if you discount the two he wrote under his own name (and Mr. Lee does, wholeheartedly). Those looking for the kind of mayhem and excess that Edward Lee is now known for will be disappointed; for him this is subdued and moves at a leisurely pace, as was the fashion for horror in the mid-80's. For fans of his writing style, though, this is a must read. The characters are fun and colorful and the mystery is intriguing, though given away a bit by the title [...]

    • This is one of my favorite Ed Lee books, although Headers 2 is #1 in my book. If you're looking for grotesque, sex filled classic Lee, then you won't be satisfied with this story. It's still disgusting in parts, but it more of a slow burn. It has some great characters that you'll both love and hate. My only complaint with the book is all the Army jargon. It's just alphabet soup to me, and I don't understand what most of it means. Still, one heck of a good story,and one I'd recommend. I've read i [...]

    • When you step away from your comfort zone in authors you are familiar with sometimes you find an incredible writer who you wished you discovered years ago. Edward Lee is one of them to me. I love it when I put a book down and it seems to be addictive because you don't want to stop reading. Can't wait to read more from Edward Lee, Ghouls was an awesome read!

    • The beginning developed too slowly. The last third of the book was better paced, and enjoyable, but the ending was banal.

    • The best by the best. One of my first treks into the dark world of graphic horror novels and the inspiration for some of my own work.

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