I Have A Balloon

I Have A Balloon Monkey desperately wants Owl s balloon and tries everything to get what he wants this is not a book about sharing

  • Title: I Have A Balloon
  • Author: Ariel Bernstein Scott Magoon
  • ISBN: 9781481472500
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Monkey desperately wants Owl s balloon and tries everything to get what he wants this is not a book about sharing.

    • I Have A Balloon ¦ Ariel Bernstein Scott Magoon
      300 Ariel Bernstein Scott Magoon
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    • Ariel Bernstein Scott Magoon

      Ariel Bernstein is a picture book, chapter book, and short story writer Sometimes she also writes out grocery lists as long as they include the word marshmallows She lives in New Jersey with her family.

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    • Spoiler Alert: This is NOT a book about sharing. That tongue-in-cheek warning in the jacket copy will keep you flipping the pages as we follow the saga of Owl, who has a big, red, shiny balloon, and Monkey, who covets that balloon real bad since "it's the only thing I've ever wanted since right now." Monkey energetically tries to make a trade, but Owl hangs on to that balloon, untilMonkey (pant, pant) comes up with a single sock with a star and a perfectly-shaped hole. Will the pair make a trade [...]

    • This book is like Nutella for me. Everyone loves it except me and I feel like a huge weirdo for not being in love with it.I found it repetitive and boring and hard to read. My son and I both got bored about halfway through.

    • Owl has a big, shiny, red balloon, and Monkey wants it. He's willing to trade for it, and has a lot of suggestions, all of which Owl rejects . . . until . . . Very funny, very colorful, and BAM! - a surprise ending!Reminds me quite a bit of classic Dr. Seuss.

    • Such an excellent book about being happy with what you have. Perfect for the child learning to share and the adult struggling with fear of missing out on Facebook!

    • “I Have a Balloon” has a tone reminiscent of P.D. Eastman’s classic “Are You My Mother” but is more irreverent with modern day humor sensibilities. Scott Magoon’s loose, expressive illustrations complements Ariel Bernstein’s seemingly simple yet deeply meaningful text beautifully. The writing is nuanced and doesn't hit you over the head with a message even if you want to read it as a lesson on sharing. I prefer to read it as a hilarious observation of toddler (and adult) behavior a [...]

    • Owl has a shiny red balloon. Monkey never knew just how much he wanted a shiny red balloon. He is willing to trade just about anything for that balloon. Except maybe a sock. Parents will recognize some familiar "not sharing" behaviors, and kids will relish the surprise twist at the end. With it's quick, witty dialogue and hilarious illustrations, this picture book is likely to become a read-aloud favorite in your house. It certainly has in mine!

    • This might be my new go-to storytime title. A great book about sharing--and not. The text is fun to read aloud and Magoon's illustrations are bold and bright. Also sure to inspire some fun discussions.

    • Thanks to the Kid Lit Exchange for the review copy of this books. As always, all opinions are my own.Owl has a red balloon. Monkey wants it. Only one goofball animal can win. The book summary reads, "Spoiler alert: This is not a book about sharing."I received this new picture book on Friday and it immediately went missing. Not long after, I found my 6-year-old curled up behind the couch reading it aloud to herself. The book uses repetitive phrases that makes this book funny and perfect for new r [...]

    • My children and I absolutely love this book! Owl has a shiny red balloon, but Monkey wants it for himself. He offers to trade numerous items for the balloon, but Owl won't have it. When Monkey pulls out his sock with a star on it and a perfectly shaped hole, Owl starts thinking that maybe his balloon isn't so great after all. This is a fun book about appreciating what you have, and the final illustration adds a clever twist.

    • Owl has a balloon. Monkey wants the balloon. Owl refuses to trade any of Monkey's other things for his big red shiny balloon until Monkey shows Owl his sock with the star and the perfect hole in it. Now Owl wants to trade, but Monkey does not. Each has something of value. then they see Lemur with an ice cream cone. Oh no!

    • Readers with small children will wryly recognize their little ones in Owl and Monkey's antics. Bernstein's text is pitch perfect, and along with Scott Magoon's bright and graphic illustrations, they capture the fickle desires of kiddos everywhere.Young readers will find it hilarious and want to read it again and again--witty and clever, their adults will happily oblige.

    • I found this book to be surprisingly funny and amusing and it definitely didn't take a direction I was expecting. This book is about an owl who meets a monkey. The owl has a balloon, and lo and behold the monkey wants the balloon. IN fact its all the monkey can want right now. So the monkey attempts to trade all manner of things for this balloon, and eventually he discovers that the owl will accept a sock, with a star and a perfectly shaped hole in it, for his red balloon. But now our monkey fri [...]

    • A blue owl has a big red balloon. When a monkey sees it, he wants it so badly. He offers several things in trade for it, but the owl doesn’t agree. Owl turns down a sunflower, a robot, a picture of balloons and a ball. In desperation, he offers a sock. Suddenly Owl perks up and starts to dream of all the things he can do with that sock with a red star on it and a perfect hole. But the deal is not so easily made! This clever and very funny picture book is written entirely in dialogue between th [...]

    • Why I Like This Book:Kids and their stuff. Littles can become ardently passionate about the oddest possessions, particularly when said items are desired by a member of the competition. Bernstein nails this dynamic perfectly in her dialogue-driven story. Magoon enhances the hilarity with quirked eyebrows, defeated slouches, and exasperated frowns exchanged between the main characters, Owl and Monkey. Packed with funny, charming and oh-so-insightful truths for parents and young readers alike, I HA [...]

    • This debut picture books is silly, fun & can lead to important conversations!I Have A Balloon is about a monkey who wants Owl’s red balloon. He tries to trade many things. And one sock with a star and a hole gets owl finally thinking about the trade. you need to read the book to really appreciate the humor Ariel has written. @skortch’s illustrations do a great job supporting the text and add even more depth to the story! .This book can be used for all age kids, as it touches upon a theme [...]

    • Sometimes, you read a book and it evokes a familiar song lyric This time, it was Paul Simon's classic "Negotiations and Love Songs."Even from a young age, kids know life is filled with negotiations. Bernstein's smart and funny text illustrates this perfectly. (Not to mention Magoon's spot-on and hilarious illustrations!)Owl and Monkey are easily recognizable to parents and kids of most of the parents and kids (or other adults) they know. This book also capitalizes on our fetishization of "the ne [...]

    • I personally think this book is a hoot. For me, it has a similar vibe to the Jon Klassen hat books. I can imagine there will be children who won't get it and even be offended by it, but others will understand the nugget of truth embedded in the story. I love Scott Magoon's art, as usual, and think the text/art pairing is perfect. I look forward to reading I HAVE A BALLOON to my 14 year old son (a rule follower with very discerning taste in picture books) to see what he thinks.

    • This book subtly presents the idea of sharing and satisfaction with what you have WITHOUT being pedantic or preachy. The illustrations are lively and engaging and the text is humorous. The author also perfectly hits a reading level that are perfect for children ready to launch from co-reading to solo reading. After one read through my twin six-year olds were independently picking out words and reading back and forth to each other. Magic! Love it!

    • I love picture books that bring us together with our young readers. I HAVE A BALLOON is a fun and visually charming book that lends itself to a lot of interaction with the reader. What do they think about the balloon? Should owl make a trade? Did Monkey make the right choice? What would you do with a balloon or a sock? These are really interesting and relevant things to kids! It's a story about play and sharing (or not) and most importantly, the act of play through imagination.

    • Open the book and on the jacket cover you see: 'Owl has ashiny redballoon. Monkey does not.SPOILER ALERT:This isNOTa book about sharing.'So what is it about? Read it and see. You won't be disappointed. Written by Ariel Bernstein, illustrated by Scott Magoon and published as a Paula Wiseman Book by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers.#mustread #humor #animals #readaloudability

    • Love the book jacket spoiler alert that this is not a book about sharing.Monkey really wants Owl's red balloon since - now. He tries to trade a variety of items for it and Owl says no each time. Finally, Monkey offers a special sock. Owl talks about all the things he could do with the sock and agrees to trade. Monkey changes his mind since he's wanted this special sock since - now. Cute twist at the end when a third character arrives.

    • This clever picture book, which is in no possible way about sharing (at least that’s what the spoiler says-wink) is a wonderful springboard for conversations about jealousy, sharing, and stepping into another person’s (or owl’s) (or money’s) shoes (or holey socks as the case may be.) Perfect balance of humor and lesson.

    • My kids and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Even my 8 year old enjoyed looking on as I read to my 6 year old and we laughed out loud. This book comically captures the concept, that you always want what you don't have. The illustrations are fun and the text is funny. Highly recommend for reading time for 4 through 6 year olds.

    • The humorous back and forth dialogue between Owl and Monkey is reminiscent of Willems’ popular Elephant & Piggy books. I got a kick out of the inside flap which says Spoiler Alert: This is NOT a book about sharing. The expressive digitally rendered illustrations are adorable and the surprise ending to this tightly paced book of few words is surely worth a look!

    • Owl has a balloon and monkey likes it. He tries everything to trade. Finally, he finds something the owl wantsd after telling all the great things about that item, owl agrees to trade, but monkey decides he likes the item too. They both keep what they haved then another friend shows up withICE CREAM.

    • As soon as we got to the last page, my 5yo declared, "THAT is a good book!"We both loved it. And I love how it shows empathy to both characters on each side of a conflict that kids can totally identify with. It's a great book to use to show how to work through the age old issues of two children wanting the same thing.I Have A Balloon is now a treasured read on our bookshelf.

    • Since right now, this is one of my favorite picture book debuts of 2017. This superbly simple cumulative story about wanting what you can't have is filled with a wonderfully expressive owl, a sock with a star and a perfectly shaped hole, and a satisfying circular ending. I've already pre-ordered my own copy!

    • "Owl has a shiny red balloon. Monkey does not. SPOILER ALERT: This is NOT a book about sharing." Hilarious and spot on this is the story of two friends who come full circle. The grass is always greener, as they say, and Ariel Bernstein and Scott Magoon have teamed up to highlight that idea in a romping good way. I Have a Balloon is sure to become a "read it again" book for many lucky children.

    • This book is hilarious! A morose owl and a fanatical monkey trade roles envying each other's balloon/sock and trying to trade. In the end something even better (ice cream) distracts them both. I love the humor and how applicable it is to kids/new toys! A great choice for a preschool (slightly shrotened) or K/1st storytime!

    • If you're looking for a book about sharing, this isn't it. But it is about value, which is an interesting concept. I would read this personally in a private setting, but I don't see myself reading it during my library storytimes. But I will definitely be recommending it to patrons! It's beautiful, the message is funny, and it even has an unexpected ending.

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