Salamander and Other Stories

Salamander and Other Stories This collection of short stories displays Masuji Ibuse s style of satire to wry lyricism

  • Title: Salamander and Other Stories
  • Author: Masuji Ibuse John Bester
  • ISBN: 9780870114588
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • This collection of short stories displays Masuji Ibuse s style of satire to wry lyricism.

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    • Salamander and Other Stories BY Masuji Ibuse John Bester
      192 Masuji Ibuse John Bester
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    About “Masuji Ibuse John Bester

    • Masuji Ibuse John Bester

      Masuji Ibuse was a Japanese novelist.At Waseda University, Ibuse was greatly influenced by the works of Shakespeare and Basho he was also an avid reader of French fiction and poetry Ibuse went as far as to pawn a watch to try to understand the necessities of writers.In 1918 Ibuse met naturalist writer Iwano Homei Homei s literature was appealing to Ibuse and would later influence some of Ibuse s literary works Ibuse befriended student Aoki Nampachi in Waseda, Aoki was a mentor and a great influence in the writings of Ibuse, Aoki s influence can be found in The Carp, where Ibuse ideolizes Aoki s friendship and represents his feelings towards this friendship in a carp Ibuse started writing his first essays in 1922, shortly after the death of Aoki Ibuse often found inspiration in his loneliness and in his encounters with geishas, his first literary works where in the style of prose, he had severed ties with Waseda University and started writing for small magazines.One of Ibuse s first contributions was for the magazine Seiki, it was originally written for Aoki in 1919 and titled The Salamander, in 1923 it was renamed Confinement.Ibuse was known and appreciated for most of his career, although it wasn t until after the war that he became famous In 1966 he published his most well known work, Black Rain, which won him international acclaim and several awards including the Noma Prize and the Order of Cultural Merit, the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a Japanese author The novel draws its material from the bombing of Hiroshima with the title referring to the nuclear fallout Ibuse was not present at the time of the bombing, but uses the diaries of survivors to construct his narrative His earlier story Kakitsubata The Crazy Iris, first published in 1951 deals with similar themes from

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    • This is the book that first got me into Japanese writing. A gift from an older school-friend soon after I left high school, this beautifully-produced little Kodansha paperback of subtle, humorous, painstakingly-crafted stories slowly wormed its way into my heart over several years to become one of my most prized possessions. Man, it's a gas! The first story, 'Plum Blossom By Night', sets the tone: a miniature tour-de-force of social observation, it concerns a too-polite narrator who is accosted [...]

    • Saya membaca versi terjemahan yang diterbitkan oleh Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. Penterjemahnya adalah Fatimah Zainal.

    • I've only read the title short story, but it is wonderful. Melancholic and absurd at the same time. The salamander will stay with me forever.

    • "Salamander" is a terrific story, kind of like a Japanese version of Winnie the Pooh. (These aren't all kids stories, though.) I saw a really crazy modern theater piece (The Other Here by Big Dance Theater) that used it as a found text, along with one other story in this collection -- Life at "Mr. Tange's."

    • This is a great work to read while doing a course on writing, because it seems to break all the known rules, including the one that states that there should be a story arch. The stories set in rural Japan: a farmer has a bull which he lets out for mating, and the bull is stolen. A military man goes crazy after a strange accident.I found the writing beautiful and haunting.

    • Primer contacto con Ibuse. Próxima parada, Lluvia negra.Relatos muy interesantes y breves. Me hubiera gustado leer una traducción más corregida y actual, que el libro tiene ya sus años.

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