The Autumn Balloon

The Autumn Balloon Every autumn Kenny Porpora would watch his heartbroken mother scribble messages on balloons and release them into the sky above Long Island one for each family member they d lost to addiction As the

  • Title: The Autumn Balloon
  • Author: Kenny Porpora
  • ISBN: 9781455595273
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every autumn, Kenny Porpora would watch his heartbroken mother scribble messages on balloons and release them into the sky above Long Island, one for each family member they d lost to addiction As the number of balloons grew, his mother fell deeper into alcoholism, drinking away her sorrows every night in front of the television, where her love of Regis Philbin provided aEvery autumn, Kenny Porpora would watch his heartbroken mother scribble messages on balloons and release them into the sky above Long Island, one for each family member they d lost to addiction As the number of balloons grew, his mother fell deeper into alcoholism, drinking away her sorrows every night in front of the television, where her love of Regis Philbin provided a respite from the sadness around her When their house was foreclosed upon, Kenny s mother absconded with him and his beloved dog and fled for the Arizona desert, joining her heroin addicted brother on a quixotic search for a better life What followed was an outlaw adolescence spent in constant upheaval surrounded by bizarre characters and drug addicted souls.In the wake of unspeakable loss, Kenny convinced a college to take a chance on him, and turned to the mentors, writers, and poets he found to rebuild the family he lost, and eventually graduated from the Ivy League with a new life.Porpora s memoir is the story of a deeply dysfunctional but loving family, and follows his life from the chaos of his youth to his triumphs in the Ivy League At times darkly comic, at times elegiac, The Autumn Balloon is a beautifully written testament to the irreplaceable bonds of family, even under the most trying circumstances, and one that marks the debut of an exciting new writer.

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      Kenny Porpora Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Autumn Balloon book, this is one of the most wanted Kenny Porpora author readers around the world.

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    • What a great memoir. I think the genre could take some direction from Porpora. He adds a lot of dialogue, even into stories that take place when he is very young. It was odd at first but it made the story feel more genuine, like it was taking place in real time, and wasn't some hashed collection of memories based on photo albums. The author grows up in poverty in a custody battle between his alcoholic mom and his father, an elderly vet. However, the story is far from melodramatic. The author sho [...]

    • Rarely will I ever recommend a book or say a book was truly powerful enough that I think my friends across the spectrum might enjoy it. Books are personal. What I choose & you choose to read is personal. Book tastes are more different than the style of clothes you like to wear one day to the next. This book is different. It's a personal memoir, but it reads like a best selling fiction novel and then gives you more. It's a novel that touched my soul & is one for the generation of us Y2K'e [...]

    • I think it's kind of judgmental to rate a memoir because it's the story of someone's life but this story is very insightful and has a happy ending! Warning: there are TONS of cuss words

    • Full Disclosure: I was chosen a first reads winner, and received a beautiful hardbound copy of The Autumn Balloon in the mail. That in no way affected the review that follows.Kenny Porpora's first book, his memoir The Autumn Balloon, is such a moving story -- in fact, often heart-breaking -- in which his loving but very dysfunctional family tries to eke out an existence despite death, addiction, divorce, and other difficulties. Kenny himself has a special talent for writing, and that's evident i [...]

    • Having lived most of my life on Long Island, and visiting Arizona many times the setting of this book produced a familiarity that made me feel that I "knew" Kenny Porpora in a way that I have never felt belt before about an author I was a teacher for many years in Amityville (one of the places mentioned often) and it again felt like Kenny's life and persona held a special place for me To me this memoir was all the more amazing in that it was his first book I am not a writer and I have no idea ho [...]

    • I bought this book on a whim at Dollar Tree, so my expectations were not high. The author's experience made me sad and angry, but I am glad he shared it. Worth reading!

    • 3.5 stars. I am 100% positive that I want to be friends with Kenny Porpora. He's just so likeable. But I can't quite figure out if I actually liked this book. Part One takes up a 2/3rds of the book and details Kenny's childhood, with a focus on the selfish aspect of addiction and how addicts struggle to balance their love of drugs with their familial love. Although Kenny has a truly tragic childhood, his writing in Part One was so journalistic that I oddly didn't feel affected by his very distur [...]

    • I can't say I loved or hated this book. I was always waiting for the climax. I would think, okay, this is a lot like The Glass Castle and With or Without You. I'm enjoying the story (kind of), but I'm not surprised. Maybe I'm a bit desensitized to this stuff. And I would read on, waiting to be surprised. It never happened. When he mentioned he was gay (about midway through), I thought: "Man, I hope that wasn't the climax. Who cares?" It's an okay read. Maybe if you haven't read other memoirs abo [...]

    • I am, typically, not a reader of bestsellers. I bought this book because it was cheap and it garnered some amazon stars. that said, I finished the book in two sittings, crying throughout most of it. This author is not of the caliber of some of the many authors I have read, such as Tolstoy, Dickens, etc. However, there was a brave awareness in his memoir. And he was not one to point fingers at others for his personal tumult. And all that combined, I respect.

    • This was such a poignant story. I could identify with some of the things Kenny has gone through in his life, and feeling like you are an adult long before you should due to circumstances out of your control. This is a memoir, a story of addictions, death, the impact it can have on you, and to persevere despite the odds you feel are stacked against you.

    • A powerful memoir by Kenny Porpora sharing his life experiences as a child and becoming a young man living in a highly dysfunctional family filled with alcoholism, drugs, poverty, homelessness, no role models and little hope. Kenny and his brother are bounced in custody battles between their father and mother, both whom love the boys very much, but they are both so trapped in poverty and drugs they can barely hold life together. They boys live in New York, Arizona, Florida, Arizona and New York [...]

    • I won this book in a giveaway for an honest review. Thank you! I don't even know where to begin! I totally fell in love with this book. Kenny has a most dysfunctional family, but there is love under all of the craziness. His mother is an alcoholic and his father is so much older, people think he is his grandfather. He has an older brother as well. And a sweet beloved little dog that he names Wolzels. The Regis and Kathy Lee show had the North Shore Animal League on one of their programs with th [...]

    • This memoir is vivid, clear and to the point. It is the memoir of a survivor. Kenny Porpora grew up in Bay Shore, Long Island and in Arizona, tossed between his volatile parents. For all the madness he saw in the various adults around him, he held enough hope to reach out to a few mentors who ultimately guided him through college, graduate school and his career as a journalist. Emailing successful people yielded one answer at least. The film critic Roger Ebert, who most readers will remember for [...]

    • This is a memoir written by Kenny Porpora, the youngest son of a fractured and poor family, one that just can’t seem to catch a break. It chronicles his journey growing up in a dysfunctional but caring environment, one filled with severe addiction and painful loss. The novel is his therapy of sorts and I felt as if I was privy to a personal diary. At times it is a painful read as his life seemed bleak. I am not convinced of his recollection of the complete details of conversations, especially [...]

    • This is a stunning memoir. From the first page, Porpora pulled me in as he tells his story of growing up with addiction in a broken family. He does not fall into the usually traps of the genre and does not rely on being too emotional, but rather does what a memoir should do: tell the story as it happened. He relies on being straightforward in telling his experience and his use of dialogue is worthy of study. This novel begs to be read, and that is evident in the fact that I could not put it down [...]

    • Captivating. And beautifully told. I'm not even sure I have the ability to write a review worthy enough to describe how stunning this book is. Brilliantly written—this story consumed me from the moment I picked it up. I couldn't put it down—I began and finished it within the same day. The authors story felt like my story, perhaps because it was so beautifully told—but so much so that at times I wondered whether we were living the same childhood, miles apart. All in all, a story of hardship [...]

    • Such a wonderfully, heartfelt, loving story of heartache, addiction, and hope. I work at a peer support agency for people who are in recovery for mental illness and addictions, I would love to have this book be a part of one of our groups.This story was so raw and honest. There are so many paths that a person can take and I am just thankful the author went on the journey he did, so he could share it with all of us. I would recommend this book to everyone, especially those of their recovery journ [...]

    • The Autumn Balloon is a powerful memoir that I won't soon forget. Mr. Porpora's childhood was one that no child should ever have to experience. Filled with tragedy & loss, it broke my heart reading about what he and his family have endured. However, the unwavering love of his family, as well as his determination, strength and success as an adult have helped to mend it a bit. His story moved me & I sincerely wish him and his family the best.

    • This is a powerful memoir! Kenny Porpora's life was devastating in so many ways, and yet he tells his story with not a hint of bitterness or pity for himself. His prose makes you feel as though he is sitting beside you, talking to you. And yet, many passages will make you weep with emotion. What a testament his life is to his tenacity and strength of spirit. You will applaud this young man for the success he has made of a life filled with emotional obstacles!

    • This true memoir invites readers to view a family in danger of becoming a casualty. When so many of them have been gripped by troubling addictions, it's going to be difficult to stop the legacy - difficult, but possible. The Autumn Balloon is an inspirational and unforgettable book about breaking habits and reuniting people.

    • What a wonderful book. I spent the last 20% or so with tears in my eyes, and sometimes straight out crying, which is unusual for me; as emotional as I can in real life and as much as I love books and am touched by those I read, they rarely bring me to tears. This memoir is lovingly written and full of humor, stark honesty, sadness, and inspiration. The first chapter takes place more in the present-day, and after finishing the book just now, I went back and reread it and cried some more, but with [...]

    • Received a copy of The Autumn Balloon by Kenny Porpora through the GoodReads First Reads Giveaway program in exchange for an honest review "There's a bottle of vodka standing upright on the table. And I stare at it too long. I step closer. I know that label. I know the seductive, womanly shape of the bottle, the same one my mother picks up from the bottom shelf at the grocery store. I've seen it in my closet on Easter morning. Under the sink. Hidden beneath garage tarps puddle with wet leaves an [...]

    • An inspiring story of a person with an extremely dysfunction family life who overcame many difficulties to graduate with a Master's degree from an Ivy League university and become a published author.And it is written so convincingly that the reader feels he is there with every defeat and agony. The details are made alive. The reader can smell the stench of dried urine, blood and other bodily fluids. He can feel the physical pain of violence and illness and the fear for personal safety and the he [...]

    • I am really glad that Tiffany Sanchez, connected somehow with the Hachette Book Group, sent me a complimentary copy of this book, as I very seldom pick up modern memoirs to read - especially those by young writers from dysfunctional addicted families. I have read a few and they are all too much alike. To tell the truth, I did not even notice in small type "a memoir" on the front cover and thought I was reading a novel. Happy circumstance because with every page I turned, I liked it more. The nar [...]

    • If pain can be beautifulThe autumn balloon grabs you and swallows you whole until you get to the final page. Even after you are finished you are mesmerized by images that are so clear in your mind because of the amazing descriptions. There is hope weaved into this story without being sappy or Pollyanna. It's a memoir so touching you wish you could reach into the pages to hug and hold the author and make everything better.

    • Kenny Porpora's memoir is a difficult one to read. We first meet him at his Columbia graduation celebrating with his mother so we know the ending is promising. His road there, however, is not an easy one. He has described his flawed parents, friends, and circumstances in such a clear way that you ache for him. He doesn't hide the fact that he didn't fit in very well due to his own behavior. I cannot help but think that his not fitting in was the cause of his success.

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