Dark Whispers

Dark Whispers In the much anticipated third volume of the Unicorn Chronicles Cara Diana Hunter journeys to the Valley of the Centaurs in quest of a mysterious lost story that could hold the key to the survival of

  • Title: Dark Whispers
  • Author: Bruce Coville
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the much anticipated third volume of the Unicorn Chronicles, Cara Diana Hunter journeys to the Valley of the Centaurs in quest of a mysterious lost story that could hold the key to the survival of the unicorns But the price for that story may prove to be than her heart can bear.

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      Bruce Coville Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dark Whispers book, this is one of the most wanted Bruce Coville author readers around the world.

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    • Okay, I admit, I'm prejudiced--Bruce is my best male friend, my writing buddy, and he read DARK WHISPERS to me as I read BLOODHOUND to him. That's all beside the point. This is a powerful addition to the Unicorn Chronicles as Cara's family struggles to come together while the evil sorceress Beloved begins her campaign to destroy the unicorn world Luster and all who live there. Cara is coming into her own as an emissary of the unicorns, gathering vital information for them that will reveal Belove [...]

    • Welcome to ULA––Unicorn Lovers Anonymous. Who would like to speak first?*Stands up* Hello, friends. I'm Brigid and when I was 9 years old, I was a unicorn addict. I have now been sober for almost ten years now well, except for that I went into a brief relapse so that I could read this book.Anyway, I have Bruce Coville to blame for the unicorn addiction. He hooked me with the first two Unicorn Chronicles books and then decided to take a whole decade-long break from publishing them, thus leav [...]

    • Is it a rule of the Universe chiselled into stone somewhere that once a novelist begins to write a series each book has to, by law, become more and more of a door stopor a la Shovelmonkey.a kitten-squisher. The first two entries in the series were manageable and readable and no real danger to any small furry mammals walking underneath but this one and the final volume could probably take on the last few volumes of Potterworld and give them a good run for their money in literary sumo. The other g [...]

    • The last time I read the second book was about a decade ago, so the finer details escaped me. A lot of the times in the beginning I was going "HUH?? I don't remember this happening!" In fact, I remember the first book much better. At the beginning I complained a bit to someone that I felt Coville had suddenly pulled out this old, nearly lost prophecy about a more powerful and dangerous enemy for the unicorns out of the blue. Yes, since it's an old prophecy that nobody except one character had he [...]

    • Hello, my name is Allie and I read books about unicorns. My teenage self never would have believed this to be true, yet here I am -- at 37, reading the Unicorn Chronicles. And I like them! I really enjoy the language from Squijum and Medafil. I read some complaints in the reviews on some of the characters, but I surprisingly don't have any complaints. On to the last book!

    • The first two novels of this series I read an older printing of (this series isn't available on the Kindle, unfortunately), and the third novel, Dark Whispers, was my first contact with the reprints. They got a new artist, which I think is a travesty as the covers for Into the Land of the Unicorns and Song of the Wanderer are simply gorgeous and fit the series perfectly. When I brought home my copy of this one, I was aghast at the terrible outfit they made Cara wear on the cover. This is more sh [...]

    • This is the third book in The Unicorn Chronicles, and I think it is the strongest book in the series so far. Cara and her assorted companions are on a quest to prevent the Hunters from entering Luster to kill the unicorns (and yes, I'm aware of how silly that sounds. Somehow the book is better than that). At the same time, her father has teamed up with some unusual allies to rescue his wife from an ethereal prison. As a protagonist, Cara has never had much personality, and I've always been more [...]

    • This is the third book in the series. It was very good, and not at all slow! This book stars 12 year old Cara Diana Hunter as she struggles to save the world she has grown to know and love,Luster,the land of the unicorns.When the queen of the unicorns discovers that she may soon be at war with the horrible Beloved and her followers the Hunter,who are set out to rid both Earth and Luster of all unicorns forever, she sends Cara in search of a story that could hold the key to there survival,the sto [...]

    • This book lacked the spark, the innocence, that the first two books had. This one was longer (not that I would complain about the size) and it had a distinctly different tone than Into the Land of the Unicorns and Song of the Wanderer.Throughout the entire novel, the point of view switches between a multitude of characters. (Although the book is told in third person, the view does change -- almost every chapter.) Just as you get into the story of Cara (or the Dimblethum, or the delvers, or Cara' [...]

    • In this volume, Bruce Coville dramatically expands the reach and scope of the Unicorn Chronicles series, while still having continuity with what came before. Coville never talks down to kids, and this book doesn't spare the darkness and intensity. That man can write an evil cliff-hanger too! These books are rich in human insight, and I really think that they are eventually going to be recognized as modern fantasy classics alongside books like Lloyd Alexander's Prydain cycle and Madeleine L'Engle [...]

    • The third book in the Unicorn Chronicles. This is a reread for me. A compilation of several quests, Cara is sent to find out the truth of the "Whisperer" from the centaurs, her father is on a quest to rescue her mother from the Rainbow Prison. "to act with mercy can sometimes be the hardest thing of all." Cara is able to do a very difficult thing, see each individual and not judge them by the group they belong too.

    • This is not one of my favorite books of this series. I debated on giving this one two stars, but after some thought gave it three. The story isn't horrible, but I didn't care for the changing perspectives. Every time we started to get somewhere with one character the story shifted and we had to go to a different character before we got back to the other one. I also didn't like that Finder was killed. Of all the new unicorns that joined Cara in the previous book I liked Finder the most, then he's [...]

    • So I loved the Unicorn Chronicles when I was in elementary school. I must have read Song of the Wanderer over and over and over again so of course, I got a little nostalgic when packing up my copy to move. I decided to double check that I had rated it on (which I couldn't remember doing) and lo and behold, I see that the author wrote book 3 and 4?!?!?! WHAT? 10 years later, they finally finish the series?! Well, it's a damn good thing I work for the library. I placed holds on those books right [...]

    • After finally finding a copy of the hardcover (this doesn't exist in paperback) I devoured this book too. It is the third book in the series and there is a lot going on here in this book. It shows by how much bigger it is than the last two books in the series. Continuing the plot in the magical land of Luster Cara is given the task of learning a story from the Chiron, leader of the centaurs. However, their trip does not go as planned. The group of five start out easily but soon enough the three [...]

    • 3rd book in the Unicorn Chronicles. Cara has returned to Luster with her Grandmother Morris - and, much to her surprise - to release the Old One from her waiting. The Wanderer being returned has brought the attention to the unicorns that Beloved has stolen one of the five magical amulets that allow for travel into Luster. Luckily, the price for stealing the magic is time. Beloved cannot just take her hunters into Luster without the proper magical alignment of the Earth and Luster - the Blood Moo [...]

    • I am ignoring you. In fact, I think you are a figment of my imagination.I loved the first two books of the Unicorn Chronicles when I was younger, and when I realized that they had been completed, I knew I needed to read the rest.

    • Argh!!! This is the longest one yet, BUT it still ends on a TERRIBLE cliffhanger. Lots of story development that leaves my EXTREMELY interested to see what happens next.

    • My mother and I began reading this series when I was a child, in the late 1990s. We were halted at the end of the second book because the third and fourth were due to be released. I thought about them once in a while over the years, and would occasionally Google whether they had finally been published with no luck. Fast forward to 2017: I discover that both the third and fourth have been published, and I call my mother with the news. We both race to our libraries and check out all four books, an [...]

    • Dark Whispers (The Unicorn Chronicles #3), by Bruce Coville★★★Synopsis: At last--the long-awaited third volume of Bruce Coville's best-selling series, The Unicorn Chronicles!This is a tale of two quests: Cara Diana Hunter's search for an ancient story that may unravel the secret of the long enmity between the unicorns and the delvers, and her father's journey to free Cara's mother from the Rainbow Prison. Cara's journey leads her through the strange underground world of the delvers to the [...]

    • 3.5 stars. This review is also available on my blog, Read Till Dawn.Bruce Coville got more and more long-winded as this series went on. I'm still trying to decide whether that's a good thing or not. I've never been a huge fan of the technique where the author switches POV every other chapter, telling two separate stories about two separate main characters. I usually find it really annoying, actually, because you're constantly braking to a halt just when one story is getting good, then switching [...]

    • There were two things that REALLY bothered me about this book. The first was Cara having to strip in front of the Delver king. I mean, DISTURBING? I don't care if they're "only delvers" or if her body hasn't matured yet, it's abusive, and a kind of abuse that does NOT belong in a children's book. I know adults read this book, but it's generally a kid's book, and I don't think this kind of thing is appropriate even in ADULT literature--not to this detail. It's one thing to mention something happe [...]

    • I'm going to put it at 3.5, but on the higher end because I was more entertained than not.Not much to say. I read the first two books when I was much younger, so I picked up the other two even though I'm too old (just barely!) for stories about a ginger pre-teen whose best friend is a unicorn. I'd let it go, but the secondary characters and creatures are really wonderful. (I read someone here refer to the Squijim as the series' Jar Jar Binks. I can see where they're coming from as an adult, but [...]

    • Coville stays true to his heroine in this slightly more mature installment of his Unicorn Chronicles. Cara and the Unicorns are on the eve of biggest threat they have ever faced – Beloved has found a way to open a gate to Luster, and will probably make her move on the eve of the Blood Moon. She also may have discovered a way to anchor the amulet that she has obtained, allowing her to enter Luster at any point she wishes and begin her final hunt. Cara, Lightfoot, Finder, and Belle once again mu [...]

    • The youngsters who grew up with the first two books in The Unicorn Chronicles had become teenagers by the time this book was published, so Bruce Coville took the JK Rowling route and upped the maturity level of the story and characters to match the maturity of his readers.However, since Bruce Coville is known more as a children's author than a YA author, this transition starts out a bit awkwardly. Aspects of the previous books that fit well (or were at least more tolerable) in a children's book [...]

    • Bruce Coville has been my favorite author since I read his Rod Albright Alien Adventure series in fourth grade. I have been waiting several years for another book in the Unicorn Chronicles with much anticipation, and I was so excited when I found out he was concluding the series. So, you can imagine how surprised I was when I got withing the last 5-10 pages of the book and realized that there was no way for the story to wrap up in that short space It's not the end of the series! On the one hand, [...]

    • I began reading "The Unicorn Chronicles" when I was in Elementary School. My best friend and neighbor had shared it with me and we both were in love with the world Coville had created. A few years later we were ecstatic to find the sequel, "Song of the Wanderer," and hoped that the rest of the story would be told soon. And then we waitedd waitedd waited, lol. Finally, as a young adult, I realized he was in the process of writing the final book. But I lost track of it and it was difficult to find [...]

    • This is book 3 of 4Book 1: Into the Land of the UnicornsBook 2: Song of the WandererBook 4: The Last HuntThis is a great series -- especially in audio format. In this installment, Cara is given the task of getting a story from the centaurs, her father is searching for the rainbow prison to rescue her mother, and Cara's grandmother and the unicorns are preparing for war.This book does touch on some tough topics, so younger readers should proceed with caution.The narrators for some of the characte [...]

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