In Heaven and Earth

In Heaven and Earth When the crew of the Medical Explorer Juniper arrive at the space city of Caelestia they are horrified to find it floating airless in space with thousands of its people dead The only survivor is a cy

  • Title: In Heaven and Earth
  • Author: Amy Rae Durreson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 429
  • Format: ebook
  • When the crew of the Medical Explorer Juniper arrive at the space city of Caelestia, they are horrified to find it floating airless in space with thousands of its people dead The only survivor is a cyborg gardener, Vairya, who has been left amnesiac and terrified, barely able to choke out a few words It could happen again As ex military doctor Reuben Cooper explores thWhen the crew of the Medical Explorer Juniper arrive at the space city of Caelestia, they are horrified to find it floating airless in space with thousands of its people dead The only survivor is a cyborg gardener, Vairya, who has been left amnesiac and terrified, barely able to choke out a few words It could happen again As ex military doctor Reuben Cooper explores the illusory rose garden of Vairya s memory, where Vairya himself flirts and hides among the flowers, he discovers a terrible threat, not just to the crew of the Juniper but to all humanity Can four doctors and a cyborg fight a merciless enemy that can kill with a touch This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story Photo Description A cyborg stands in a ruined city, dressed in a thin robe, with his face lifted towards the stars His hands are outstretched, as if in supplication, and his whole pose suggests sorrow.This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

    • In Heaven and Earth By Amy Rae Durreson
      429 Amy Rae Durreson
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    • Amy Rae Durreson

      Amy Rae Durreson is a writer and romantic, who writes m m romances She likes to go wandering across the local hills with a camera, hunting for settings for her stories She s got a degree in early English literature, which she blames for her somewhat medieval approach to spelling, and at various times has been fluent in Latin, Old English, Ancient Greek, and Old Icelandic, though please don t ask her to speak any of them now.Amy started her first novel nineteen years ago it featured a warrior princess, magic swords, elves and an evil maths teacher and has been scribbling away ever since Despite these long years of experience, she has yet to master the arcane art of the semi colon.

    709 thoughts on “In Heaven and Earth

    • Surprised me. What an optimistic ending to such a dark beginning. Redeemed a hero, saved a planet, recreated what was lost, and amidst that was the charming repartee between our main characters. There was fun with quotes, and honestly, I stumbled over a few. BUT that made the ones I got all the sweeter. Solid world building and charismatic characters that you'd expect from Durreson. Here the focus is scifi, you can see how all the knowledge and mechanical ability that has played so well in steam [...]

    • a spectacular feat of imagination.i'm blown away. durreson has once again managed to build a convincing world and interesting characters in genuinely terrifying peril—in so few words i feel the distinct prickings of jealousyrrr, the jelez, it burns. i'm agog at the whole thing with (view spoiler)[the anti-implant bigot general and the whole shit with the end of earth on account of out-of-control nanotechnology set to turn everything into diamond on account of (i presume) greed? and the cyberne [...]

    • ~4.5~Creative, exciting, romantic, and utterly unexpected, In Heaven and Earth is sexy dystopian sci-fi at its best. Dream sequences, nanos, cyborgs it's all here. Also included: one tough, damaged captain with a penchant for quoting dead poets; one lonely cyborg gardener, the keeper of roses and memories; a cast of complex secondary characters; and explosively dirty kisses.Reuben and Vairya for the win!

    • Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebieWell what a fascinating story!Robotics and nano-technology; imaginings, dreams, questions of humanity, quotes, strong characters and love.This had me liking the characters; absorbed and curious about the world. For a sci-fi with so many aspects there was never info-dump, everything was revealed naturally with some foreshadowing to tease the way. The technology seemed accessible; rather than baffling the reader with science, I could [...]

    • Three years and three fantastic stories from this author for the Don't Read in the Closet event. Durreson did an amazing job with a strong prompt, creating an ambitious sci-fi world, complex, satisfying backstories, a ship's crew worth of well-drawn secondary characters, and above all her two great-books quoting leads, two lovely souls who discover love and trust in the most unlikely circumstances. Many, many thanks to the author for her generosity over the years, and to everyone involved in cre [...]

    • 5 Shining StarsThis jewel of a story is bursting with beauty, creativity, luminosity, and love! I am in awe, and thank the author for sharing her talents for this event. Loved it!!

    • Sci-fi by Amy Rae Durreson?Durreson mainly writes fantasy, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I saw that her entry in this year's DRitC event was sci-fi. I'm happy to report that 'In Heaven and Earth' is awesome!Reuben and Vairya made a great pair. Both are outcasts for different reasons, and find in each other acceptance and understanding. I don't think I've read any MM before where the love interest is a cyborg, so that was interesting. The romance is insta-love, but that didn't bother me at [...]

    • Really enjoyed this imaginative and clever story. The writing drew me in quickly and made it easy to connect with the characters and hope for the best outcome of the dark situation they were in. It’s set in the far future and the world building involved a lot of technology but I was never overwhelmed. Things were explained and revealed just at the right times to satisfy my curiosity. I loved how Reuben’s dry wit and Vairya’s playful sense of humor complimented each other and made for a fan [...]

    • I loved this story. The creative elements, the characters, the dialogue. Omg, the dialogue. Loved it. So many grins. They were a nice balance for the serious, nerve wracking parts of the story.More thoughts for BMBR favorites post:This was a fantastic read for me. The well developed characters, the thought provoking quotes, the humor, the emotions, the fascinating world. It all worked together to keep my interest throughout the story, and still makes me smile when I think of it. Will definitely [...]

    • My friend, Michaelle, recommended this book and I just have to thank her cause I loved it! It was creative, interesting, and raised a lot of ethical questions in regards to AI. If you like sci-fi, you’ll love this quick read!

    • 4.5 Oh Gods, what does Amy Rae Durreson do to me? I hadn't read any Sci-Fi stories of her before this one (are there even any?), but let me tell you, she rocked the genre. Very much so.Amy Rae Durreson has just so much imagination. Can come up with the craziest of shit. And it's awesome - it almost always is. Who would have thought that I'd ever want to read a love story between a cyborg gardener and a human medic? I certainly didn't. The whole doing it with artificial lifeforms (as sentient as [...]

    • Really, really lovely, and yes I can say that about a sci fi novel. This was well written! All the tech and the concepts were well thought and legitimate sounding and I never had a moment of disbelief. I can't believe I read this for free. A hearty thank you to the author for participating in this event

    • 4.25 starsI didn't quite get everything that was going on in this crazy futuristic world but the romance was absolutely delightful, sexy and unexpectedly sweet.

    • 4.5 holy heck, that was incredible! stars I'm in awe. I knew this would be good. I had no idea it would be that good. There was detail and history with this that was fluid and interesting, and insanely well written. Even the action had the right tone and urgency to it to make it entertaining and dangerous. Really, this wasThe world building, the characters, and the sweet chemistry and between our two MCs? Their snark in the form of poetry, and how Varyia softened the rough edges around Reuben; a [...]

    • If I had any money left, I'd pay money for this book. Any chance I can return 80% of my m/m kindle library and pay for this with the refund?This would be 5 stars, but I couldn't swallow (view spoiler)[ the ridiculously easy and miraculous way all their problems were solved with accidental use of magic(hide spoiler)]. But I loved everything from the banter, the gratuitous use of Shakespeare, playing the symbolism games, to the chilling vision of the world turning to diamonds and slowly discoverin [...]

    • Gosh this story tugged my heart out at a certain point! I loved Vairya, loved the world building and the perfect way it ended. I am in awe :)

    • Wow! This was rather brilliant. In love with the dialogue. Such unique and loveable MCs, awesome worldbuilding. For sci-fi lovers.

    • 3.5 starsAwesome plot, characters. I just didn't love the characters. And this, ultimately, is what moves a book for me to 4 or 5 stars rating.I was quite intrigued with the way the plot developed and each new threat the characters had to face but I wasn't feeling it deep down. (view spoiler)[When Reuben was encased by the diamond and Vairya ripped to pieces, my sole reaction was 'Oh, do the main characters die? That would be an interesting spin to the story.' I should have been biting my nails [...]

    • Super far out of my normal reading material. I was enjoying it, but got stuck at about 20%. I will be giving this another try at a later date. I desperately need to expand my horizons when it comes to M/M romance!

    • I hardly ever read books like this (this genre) but I'm glad that I read this one because it wasFREAKING AWESOME !!!Highly recommended.

    • I loved everything about this story, but particularly the way the conflict is set up. For more than half the book, I was thinking it was going to have a bittersweet ending, but no has the happiest of happy endings. A wonderful sci-fi romance I would recommend to anyone who likes to travel through the stars with their love story.

    • This is space-faring cyborg fiction done right. The worldbuilding of this universe was what initially grabbed me, because in a lot of m/m sci-fi the setting gets glossed over as so much set-dressing. This universe feel very well thought out, very vast, and if the author had made this story twice as long to show more of this place, I would have read it all gladly.The characters are fascinating, too. Reuben is loveably gruff and snarky, and Vairya is a very human cyborg - in a few different ways. [...]

    • Another blend of sci-fi and classical literature in LOR stories (the other being Ten Simple Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse), and another 5-star read for me. Do I smell a trend?This book ticked almost everything I look for in sci-fi: far future with future technologies and new moral conundrums presented by them (as a very nice bonus, none of these technologies seem too outdated compared to others - I hate when that happens), people you can still relate to despite that, fascinating crew (of a s [...]

    • Spectacular. Beautiful. Captivating. Fascinating. Sci-fi with a healthy dose of high fantasy: a combination I thought was brilliantly well done and just so much fun to read! Absolutely one of my new DRitC favorites!Some Favorite Quotes:Suddenly, for the first time in years, he felt certainty rush through him. Here was a necessary thing, and he was the one made to do it.Because they didn’t know anything. They didn’t know what the stars were, or how planets circled the sun, or why our hearts b [...]

    • Creative.Unique.Sexy.So why a 3-star? Well, it was so outside my comfort science fiction zone. Despite that I did finish and like all the characters. Many, many more people should read this one.

    • Sci-fy is just not my thing so when I started reading this I was more then a bit worried. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It was more of a futuristic kind of read. Of course there was the MM element that kept things interesting as well.

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