In the Wilds of Devon

In the Wilds of Devon Lord Rupert Carrington heir apparent to the Marquess of Lansdowne and former captain in His Majesty s Royal Navy cannot forget the girl he loved in his youth who died after he left to fight in the

  • Title: In the Wilds of Devon
  • Author: Wanda Luce
  • ISBN: 9781599929767
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lord Rupert Carrington, heir apparent to the Marquess of Lansdowne and former captain in His Majesty s Royal Navy, cannot forget the girl he loved in his youth, who died after he left to fight in the war against Napoleon Guilt ridden, Rupert buries his regret by helping the London detectives of Bow Street take down criminals But when Rupert ferrets out a ring of smugglerLord Rupert Carrington, heir apparent to the Marquess of Lansdowne and former captain in His Majesty s Royal Navy, cannot forget the girl he loved in his youth, who died after he left to fight in the war against Napoleon Guilt ridden, Rupert buries his regret by helping the London detectives of Bow Street take down criminals But when Rupert ferrets out a ring of smugglers and is marked for death, the prince regent banishes him to a remote corner of England to live among the locals and be known only by his title of captain Thus, Rupert will remain safe until the villains are arrested and brought to court, where he will offer testimony critical to their conviction On the first day of Rupert s exile to the wilds of Devon, he meets Alexandra Dancy, a beautiful country miss whose complex character and extraordinary courage stir in him a degree of affection and admiration he has not yet felt for any lady As fate or Providence would have it, Alexandra and her family, whose property backs his on the other side of a canal, have been hired to provide Rupert s meals and to care for his house and stables When Rupert s friendship and warm attentions awaken Alexandra s heart, she suffers the torment of loving a man she believes is of a higher social class than he pretends, and therefore beyond her reach The impoverished Dancys hide their own aristocratic origins to protect a dark secret known to only one man Cecil Bedford, a blackguard of the first order, who wields a cruel power over Alexandra and her family Can Rupert save her from Bedford s clutches and topple the seemingly insurmountable barriers to winning her love and her hand

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      Wanda Luce is quite certain she was born with a book in her hand Her mother made reading and library visits an important part of her life as a child All through school, Wanda read book after book and had a bookcase full of the ones she had completed As a girl, she fell in love with Mr Darcy in Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice , David Balfour in Robert Louis Stevenson s Kidnapped , and David Copperfield in, of course, Charles Dicken s David Copperfield This is where Wanda s passion for British literature began.Wanda has been married to her sweetheart for almost thirty years They are the proud parents of two adorable, handsome young men She was raised in Carson and Reno, Nevada, where her mother, sister, and brothers still live Wanda graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A in German literature, and she currently teaches German at two Utah high schools She also plays the violin, worships sunshine and nature, and makes a mean pie crust Lydia is Wanda s first novel which was recently revised and re released under the new title The Soul of a Lady She wold enjoy hearing from her readers and may be contacted at lucewandarings gmail Please visit Wanda s website and blog, wandaluce wandaluce.

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    • This is a charming deviation from the usual "ballroom" Regency. Rich with authentic Austen-esque language, this delightful romance blends witty banter, layers of secrets, a villain I loved to hate, and just enough intrigue to keep me on my toes. But of course, the very best part was the romance itself and seeing how two very brave and honorable characters overcome such terrible odds to finally find their happily ever after. I rooted for these likable characters to the very end.

    • I loved this book. It was romantic, fun to read and really enjoyable. I work with a woman who is in her 80's and she loves to read. And it is seldom that there is a book that I can safely pass on to her as she doesn't like what she calls "the racy ones". This was a book that she and anyone would enjoy.

    • This was one of those books that I will have to read again and again! The details were awesome and I know I will catch more when I re-read! I loved the characters and the amazing struggle to see love throughIt had intrigue and romancerfect combo! Loved this book! I was not left wantingew!

    • Very clean, sweet, romantic. A little wordy sometimes. I enjoyed the characters, and story. Main characters frustrated me a couple times, with the things they got stuck on. Overall a good read.

    • What a charming read! Wanda Luce's love of language shines through on every page, in each beautifully constructed sentence of “In the Wilds of Devon.” Her writing truly evokes the spirit of Jane Austen in its grace and style. The story itself is a lovely one, too. The heroine, Alexandra Dancy, and her family have been cast into nearly impossible circumstances by a villain the reader will love to hate. Alexandra bears her plight with courage, wit, and a strength born of her great love for her [...]

    • It's a really cute story. I loved the intrigue and all the layers to it. Alexandra was a brave and stronf heroine which is always refreshing. My only problem was the second half seemed to drag on way too long with way too many details about Rupert and the many, many things he had to do to figure out what was really going on. Took way too long But the ending was cute. Worth a read if you like regency romance.

    • I'm finally writing the review for this book. I finished it quite a while ago but haven't had time to sit and write a review, and then I had library books that were due so I was trying to write those reviews first so I could return those books.This book has been on my list to own after I read Wanda Luce's debut novel Lydia and saw that she had a second book about to be released. I loved Lydia and have been waiting (somewhat patiently) to read this one. Well for Christmas my husband bought me sev [...]

    • The struggle between the early 19th century British class system and matters of the heart is what we love about Regency romance, and Wanda Luce has done a wonderful job of it in her novel In the Wilds of Devon. Lord Rupert Carrington has been banished to the country for his own protection—the era’s answer to the Witness Protection Program. Yet nothing can protect his heart when he meets Alexandra Dancy, who is “not only very beautiful . . . but unequalled in strength and goodness.” Thoug [...]

    • “In the Wilds of Devon” was very good! It is a story of carefully kept critical secrets by Captain Rupert Carrington and the family of beautiful young Alexandra Dancy. Captain Carrington is exiled to the wilds of Devon for protection as he awaits testifying in the trial of a soon to be captured criminal. Alexandra and her family have a repulsive blackmailer haunting them with pressure of lovely Alexandra to become his wife, or suffer dire consequences. While enduring their secrets, the two b [...]

    • Wanda Luce’s latest release, In the Wilds of Devon, is the greatly anticipated historical fiction, regency, clean romance novel that readers have been waiting for. This story has everything a reader needs deception, scandal, crime, intrigue, and of course romance. Forced into obeying the commands of her almost fiancé due to financial problems, Alexandra Dancy and Lord Rupert Carrington whom is currently in hiding so he can testify at court will charm readers from page one with their engaging [...]

    • In the Wilds of Devon is a thoroughly enjoyable regency romance. Alexandra is a very likable character, and I quickly became interested in her delima. Cecil was an absolutely despicable villain, but also a believable character. I really liked Rupert. He was a fantastic hero, and his motives were believable and real. While the characters were suited to the time period, none of them felt like cookie cut-outs. Each was unique and three dimensional. Both the good guys as well as the bad guy, and fol [...]

    • If you’re like me a sweet Regency romance is my favorite go-to genre when I’m craving a good book. I’ve wanted to read this one since I first heard about it. In the Wilds of Devon drew me in and held me captive. With a band of criminals threatening his life, Lord Rupert Carrington is sent to the country and forced to hide his true identity as the Marquess of Landowne. He poses instead as a mere Captain retired from the Royal Navy. What he assumed would be a dreary country exile turns into [...]

    • This is one of those books that needs to come with a warning: "Do not read unless you are prepared to devour in one sitting." The story consumed me and I found myself sneaking any moment possible to read it. Because I'd been reading a lot of contemporary, it took me one or two pages to get into the regency speech, but after that I was hooked. The characters were wonderfully developed and the plot was riveting. The only complaint I sometimes have with regency is that there is too little romance t [...]

    • I thoroughly enjoyed escaping into In the Wilds of Devon by Wanda Luce. The story flowed smoothly with just the right blend of mystery and clean romance and a touch of humor to offset the villain's darkness.Here's a little sample of her light-hearted writing that I enjoyed: "His gaze held her spellbound, and the set-down she instantly formulated refused to take charge of her lips. Finally, her feet heard her call to move, and she turned away from him and started for the door."I really appreciate [...]

    • I liked this Regency type romance for two reasons. First, it was more realistic about the difference between classes in that time period and the unlikelihood of a happy marriage with great social disparity between the partners. Second, the leading lady seemed fairly normal without the usual sudden lack of common sense and loss of intelligence, and the overwhelming need to immediately act on emotional angst that is a plot twist in many Regency romances. That said, it was a bit overwrought and the [...]

    • In the Wilds of Devon is a beautifully written regency-set romance by a writer with a sure pen and a lovely, lyrical voice. The language was exquisite but not difficult to understand. There is also plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader turning the pages. This story contains some truly beautiful descriptions that brought scenes and emotions vividly to life. The hero and heroine are both well written with noble qualities as well as human foibles. Lovers of this genre will be very happy wit [...]

    • Took a chance on an unknown author and it was ok but really dragged for me. I didn't care for the lunatic having such power throughout the story and how quickly Rupert (and every other male in the story) fell so completely for Alexandra. They can't possibly know enough about her to be falling for more than her looks initially.I liked Alex's family and felt they helped balance the story. Also liked the servants and Victoria. Rupert was pretty good overall, other than how quickly and fully he fell [...]

    • Very hard book to read through. For the first half I felt I'd missed a prior book in the series (but there isn't one) and the second half I just sloughed through waiting for it to end. Very predictable story and the characters were trite.

    • (Genre:Fiction/romance/regency) Lord Rupert Carrington is sent to the country to lay low while the Bow Street runners work on bringing a criminal to justice. Lord Carrington has been pursuing this criminal in an investigation on behalf of some tenants of his father's lands. But now he is being ordered off the case and out of London until further notice. Chaffing at being sent out of London and society (for his own safety), he isn't even allowed to use his title or acknowledge his real identity. [...]

    • This book had it's issues, but if I take the time to finish it I can give it 2 stars.The Good- This book had a great story line and the idea was new and good and I was surprised at the end when all the mystery's were solved. That is a big plus. The character building was good you had a really good sense of why both these characters did what they did. I liked her and her spunk and I thought he was a good leading man. This book had passion and you really wanted to find out what the heck made these [...]

    • I loved Wanda Luce's Lydia and so I was anxious to read her latest book. Unfortunately, while the writing was really good and the characters were likeable, there were a few things that just didn't click for me. Hence, the three stars. It seemed like it took forever to figure out the horrible secret of Alexandra's family. There were times I just wanted to scream at her to tell Rupert what it is! Rupert was also annoying with his constant going back and forth between loving Alexandra and feeling l [...]

    • This book had so much potential. I was so disappointed. It took me forever to get through this book because it seemed to drag on and on. The main characters had the same inner reflection about each other over and over and over. And it was just a little annoying how many men were falling all over themselves for her, and how many women for him. Yes, I get it, they're just gorgeous, but you shouldn't have to keep telling the readers that. I found myself skimming to the end just to get through it, a [...]

    • 4.5. Charming! I really enjoyed this sweet, well written book. The only reason it wasn't a five for me was there were a few occasions it seemed to drag a little (kind of wordy, if that makes sense?) Our Heroine was such s fighter and yet so tender hearted. Our Hero was every bit the charmer, and a true Knight determined to rescue the damsel in distress. The villainriously despised the guy!!! The end was quick but didn't seem forced and of course absolutely love the "happily ever after". Fun read [...]

    • I couldn't finish this book. I read Ms Luce's first book and hoped this one would be a little better. It WAS better than the first. BUT, I am NOT a fan of Georgette Heyer and her writing is too reminiscent of Ms Heyer. I read the first third of the book but couldn't finish. I skimmed through the remainder.

    • 3.5 stars. I liked a lot about this book. But I started skimming at the end because it all started to be the same. We got to hear the main characters same thoughts over and over. But there were a lot of fun things in this. The suspense was okay, and I liked the romance, of course. If you like clean, historical fiction with a little bit of suspense, then you would probably like this.

    • There are many things I liked about this book. At last the woman was not confused about her feeling or how the gentleman felt. I suppose the several kisses went a long way in making that apparent. Some different twists and turns that gave it a bit of mystery, intrigue, and even a bit of adventure. For someone who is looking for a clean romance I would recommend.

    • This book is great if you like reading the same scene over and over. As in literally, the characters change location and have the exact same conversation about 6 times. By the 6th time, I was saying, "Okay, okay, just spit it out so we can move on."

    • I got a little frustrated at how long it took to finally figure out why the Dancy's were living in poverty, but overall I liked it.

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