Called by the Bear, #1-3

Called by the Bear PARTS of the Called by the Bear Serial I m Carly Cutler and my dreams predict the future So why am I dreaming about a sexy beast of a guy a bear and a paw print design I don t know A force I can

  • Title: Called by the Bear, #1-3
  • Author: V. Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • PARTS 1 3 of the Called by the Bear Serial I m Carly Cutler and my dreams predict the future So why am I dreaming about a sexy beast of a guy, a bear, and a paw print design I don t know A force I can t fight wants me to find out, and I m leaving the only life I ve ever known With a fresh tattoo of a bear paw and my best friend by my side, I m on a quest to find a mPARTS 1 3 of the Called by the Bear Serial I m Carly Cutler and my dreams predict the future So why am I dreaming about a sexy beast of a guy, a bear, and a paw print design I don t know A force I can t fight wants me to find out, and I m leaving the only life I ve ever known With a fresh tattoo of a bear paw and my best friend by my side, I m on a quest to find a man I ve never met Sierra Steele here, and ready for adventure We ve been chosen The moment I saw Carly s first tattoo, I felt the undeniable attraction of the guy I ve been dreaming about My cautious friend can t resist the pull either, and we re off to the mountains to get answers Something s calling us, and I m certain the hunky men are our exciting destiny They ll keep us safe from the bear, right

    • Called by the Bear, #1-3 BY V. Vaughn
      458 V. Vaughn
    • thumbnail Title: Called by the Bear, #1-3 BY V. Vaughn
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    • I don't like serials and actively avoid them at this point. It's not even just because they're so short, though that is a factor, but because they're basically the same. It's rushed, you can't connect to the characters, you never know if the writing going to be choppy or bearable, and it ends in a cliffhanger. The only reason I tried this serial was because I was able to get the first three installments in this boxset.It was ok. Not great or particularly good but you can find worse serials to re [...]

    • I loved this it's detail and plot good and the continuation from 1 book to the next awesome! I'm also going to read the polar bears she has out these were and are that great!

    • This book is very silly. Later : Quit midway. Grossed out by plot development. Glad it was a freebie.

    • A fairly strong start to a series. I mostly picked this up because I thought it would be a nice fluff piece to read, but it quickly turned more serious and seems just the beginning of a complex, suspenseful and drama filled series. My favorite parts were between Carly and Brady as they learn to live with each other and make the necessary adjustments to coexisting with another person. They have spats as they learn to be a couple as well as another aspect that I don't want to spoil, but both are l [...]

    • Carly Cutler is a talented tattoo artist living near the beach in California. She starts having dreams about a sexy man, a bear, and tattoo of a bear paw. The dream leads her to design a tattoo she saw in her dream and place it on her wrist. Her best friend, Siera Steele, sees the tattoo and admits to similar dreams. Only Carly and Siera can see the tattoo on Carly's wrist and after Carly tattoos the bear paw on Siera they both are drawn to move east to find the men in their dreams. Along the wa [...]

    • Love of a bearCarly is dreaming of a future. She isn't sure what will unfold on this journey but it is monumental and life altering for her. She and her best friend Sierra start a cross-country trek to where the bear paw print calls to her. Along the way they meet some others that had the same calling.There were some shocking moments in here that I enjoyed. I didn't expect some things, but others I found myself skimming over. Parts of this felt rushed to me. The men in the story were just as you [...]

    • Several problems. Nothing at the free read site I downloaded this from indicated its part of a serial rather than the trilogy it was purported to be. It appears it's now part of a 10 book serial. I don't like bait and switch tactics, and this veers dreadfully close to that.Discrepancies in the book. For instance, author has one character saying if your mate dies, so do you, yet a secondary character whose mate died is still alive. Is there more to the "rule". Also, one true mate, yet it seems mo [...]

    • Okay, to begin with, this isn't paranormal romance. It's a paranormal soap opera drama. And, it's continued. This set starts off several stories, and nothing much is resolved by the end of the book. Another thing I have a HUGE problem with is that the author breaks one of the basic rules of paranormal romance. Once a wolf, bear, etc. shifter finds his mate, that's it. There's no confusion on the shifter's part, no mistake, etc. But in this book, the author breaks that rule. She has a bear shifte [...]

    • Yes, these books just suck you in, until you realize it's a cliffhanger - and I absolutely hate them So yes, I was suckered right on in. Will I purchase the next book in the series, NO I just want an honest author to state that the book or series or whatever is either a cliffhanger - or not a cliffhanger how hard is that?? Will I purchase another book from this author? Only if I see in other reviews that it's not a cliffhanger. Thankfully, these were free, all I wasted was my time

    • Laughs, Surprises, Travel, and maybe Dreams Can Come True!Don't throw those nights of dreams away carelessly! They just might lead you some place wonderful! Carly has a feeling and her dreams have her thinking hard about a tattoo and a man! When she finds out her best friend Sierra has the same thing happening to her, they make life changing decisions. Follow them on their journey to more women and more intriguing answers. A MUST READ!

    • IM IN LOVE WITH CALLED BY THE BEAR I Love how they called the women. And how the only women that could see it was ones who had the werebear genes!! On the side I really hate Victor with a passion and the fact that he thinks he can just take what he wants no matter what! It serves him right that he thinks he has the right woman when he takes both Lily and Carly but forces Lily to stay . give this a five star 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 rating it keeps you wondering and reading !!

    • Starts strongThen gets weird. I got about 2/3 way into the story and knew I would skim the rest and let the series go. It's a lot of bed-hopping as the mates they dream about are not necessarily the right ones. So much for the soul-mate being called to them. The back and forth is dramatic but it also detracts from her story and lessens the intensity the call in their dreams is supposed to be.

    • Cliffhanger!!!!!I would of never started this had I known that this was continued. That said, it's an interesting little world this author created. Yes , I have problems with the story, but not enough that I couldn't finish the book. If you can suspend belief and go with the story, and be ready to buy more books, then it's a good read.

    • A great readThey put out the call and tattoo artist Carly feels the call. Carly didnt know that her best friend Sierra felt the call too. Til she tells her she has to leave. Sierra tell Carly about what she feels and dreams. When they finally get there they see the man of their dreams. But does the dreams come true. Need to read the book to find out you will enjoy it

    • Excellent read. The story is entertaining and well written. Two women leave their jobs and lives to find who is "calling" them. The tattoos that one of the woman has given both of them is actually a sign and they travel from California to Maine to find out why. Their lives will change forever. They will find love, purpose, and adventure.

    • So mad Why this book was a series of short stories. Im so disappointed cuz i dobt mind buying all the books but when i do i will have to skip what i already read. Mrs. Vaughn should've released this as one individual book and would've been better cuz people like me who loved the story would buy the books right away

    • Mind Shifting Experience My first time reading about Shifters. Took a little getting used to, but seemed realistic. Kept me reading wanting to know what was going to happen next. There is romance, suspense, culture, awakening within, and starting a new life in the unknown. For variety, I feel this would appeal to all ages.

    • Enjoying thisThis book is written differently, to others with multiple points of view, and the whole 'calling' idea is great. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books I need to know hiw this all plays out

    • WearbearsI enjoyed this storyline. The fact it's about bears and not wolves it really kept my attention. All the different characters keep it interesting. Can't wait to start the next one

    • What a storyI think the story is amazing. I'm sorry for Sierra and Keith. It just doesn't seem fair. Quietly hoping Victor falls into a vat of acidlol. Or drowns I maple syrup. That could be good too. Anxiously awaiting the next book.

    • UghThis book is a cliffhanger which bus me so much. I also don't like how they go on about mates and then so easily change a mated pair without any pain coming to with party. That part really rubbed me wrong since it didn't go along with what was being repeated by everyone.

    • Great Read!I really enjoyed this book, even tho I didn't find out what happened to one of the characters. I guess I will find out in book 2. Moving on, I think this is a book that others will enjoy. This will be a book that I recommend to others.

    • Wonderful bookThis book is a collection of 3 parts in a continuing series. I've never read a book put together the way this is, but I love it. Instead of one love story at a time, it is multiple love stories being "lived" out with several characters at once. Not your typical format of each character getting their own book, with different time lines, but more like a true adventure in real time with all the characters at once. The book takes several points of view based on the situation. Looking f [...]

    • CallingCarly and her friend try to solve a problemVictor knows the solution to this problem, but it's not what they are expecting with . . . . . . .Will the mystery be solved in time??Enjoy!! 😉

    • IdkThere weren’t really any “ah ha” moments for me. The overall story felt rushed and there were too many elements the author was trying to make happen.

    • Called by the bearCalled by the bear is a good read but it has a lot goin on in this book you better b on your toes to keep up

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