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Sign Off Divorce a husband lose a career grapple with a murder TV journalist Elizabeth E M Danniher will tell you she committed two sins she didn t stay young and she made an enemy of a powerful news executi

  • Title: Sign Off
  • Author: Patricia McLinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Divorce a husband, lose a career grapple with a murder TV journalist Elizabeth E M Danniher will tell you she committed two sins she didn t stay young, and she made an enemy of a powerful news executive her ex She used to break national news Now her top story as the Helping Out reporter at dinky KWMT TV in Sherman,Wyoming is getting a refund for a defectiveDivorce a husband, lose a career grapple with a murder TV journalist Elizabeth E M Danniher will tell you she committed two sins she didn t stay young, and she made an enemy of a powerful news executive her ex She used to break national news Now her top story as the Helping Out reporter at dinky KWMT TV in Sherman,Wyoming is getting a refund for a defective toaster Tough, funny and determined, Elizabeth wrestles with isolation, keeping a professional edge, and an evolving self image Is Wyoming the land of cattle, cowboys, tumbleweeds, and fewer than six people per square mile her new home or a road to permanent obscurity Soon she s in a battle of wills with ex football player turned journalist Mike Paycik, who sees her as a handy rung on his career ladder And there s the matter of a deputy sheriff missing or murdered Elizabeth finds herself investigating at the insistence of a girl who s set on proving her father s innocence Not that enigmatic rancher Thomas David Burrell makes investigating easy But Elizabeth won t fade to black without a fight, no matter how final some might want to make her Sign Off Don t miss any of Caught Dead in Wyoming Sign Off Left Hanging Shoot First Last Ditch

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      USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn s novels cited by reviewers for warmth, wit and vivid characterization have won numerous regional and national awards and been on national bestseller lists In addition to her romance and women s fiction books, Patricia is the author of the Caught Dead in Wyoming mystery series, which adds a touch of humor and romance to figuring out whodunit Patricia received BA and MSJ degrees from Northwestern University She was a sports writer Rockford, Ill , assistant sports editor Charlotte, N.C and for 20 plus years an editor at the Washington Post She has spoken about writing from Melbourne, Australia to Washington, D.C including being a guest speaker at the Smithsonian Institution She is now living in Northern Kentucky, and writing full time Patricia loves to hear from readers through her website, Facebook and Twitter.

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    • This is a gentle mystery with an endearing, self-deprecating protagonist. I especially appreciated the book's Wyoming setting.

    • I might have rated this higher if it hadn't taken me awhile to warm up to the characters. There wasn't really anything special about them that drew me in. In fact, the book starts out rather slow. E. M. Danniher was married until everything fell apart and she found herself demoted and working at a small television station in Wyoming. She was supposed to be a consumer advocate but it doesn't take long before she's thrown into the mystery of a missing sheriff's deputy. She ends up paired with Mike [...]

    • This is the first book I have read by this author. The slug line read, like Janet Evanovich only better. Of course that was intriguing since I love Janet Evanovich. Though I think Janet still wins with her quirky characters, this book definitely has more of a plot broadcaster Elizabeth Danniher has made the network bosses mad somehow (not really explained, which I would have expected in a book 1) and is banished to a small town TV station to anchor a consumer advocacy monologue. It pays the bill [...]

    • A good read especially when you want to be distracted. Events are Not as funny as Evanovitch but there are little comments here and there that are enjoyable and insightful.

    • Entertaining story. Convoluted plot at times. And too many characters whose names begin with M! Myrna, Marty, Mona, Mike and there's also a peripheral Mel and a Matt. Couldn't the author use some other alphabet letters? Chuck, maybe? Laura? It's very hard to keep the characters straight when so many begin with the same letter. Having a father and son be Roger and Rog also got confusing. Calling a minor character Brent one time and Hanley another time didn't help. If other books in the series are [...]

    • 3.5 stars. Some parts predictable; others a bit far-fetched. Yet I liked the characters, and I loved the setting. Will read more in this series.

    • Unremarkable mystery. I was hoping for a story that captured the spirit and culture of Wyoming. This didn't deliver. The protagonist was very likable.

    • 5 STARSBook 1 in the Caught Dead in Wyoming SeriesI was surprised who the killer was. It is a clean read. Lot of suspects, drama & good characters in this story. Victim no one liked.Elizabeth Daniher is a big deal in reporting but getting a divorce from her T.v. producer. So she was sent to the small town in Whyoming to finsh her contract.The manager & anchor try and sabatoge what little is left of her career. Elizabeth is a consumer reporter and one day the grade school class was tourin [...]

    • Rating PGThis is a straight up mystery story. Rated PG because it's probably not for elementary age children, but it's certainly appropriate for middle school up.No sexNo violence described in depth - it's a murder mystery so of course there's been some violence.No strong language.Some humor.The main character is starting new job at a TV station in nowheresville Wyoming having been ousted from her previous high profile job in the big city. Leaving her previous job is entangled with a messy divor [...]

    • I'm not sure I'm crazy about McLinn's writing style. Didn't seem to have a rhythm I could hang on to. Stream of consciousness sort of and then descriptions and then back to what she was thinking. Not an easy pace for me. She is a good writer and the manuscript is edited well to eliminate annoying typos. The story-line, setting, and backstory kept my interest. However, it seems since this is the first in a "series-in-the-making" the author decided to leave the reader a little clueless on several [...]

    • This somewhat quirky romantic suspense series starts out slowly and with little to no romance in sight. The only kiss our heroine receives comes at the very end. As in, the last sentence in the book. So if you're looking for steam or sizzle with your murder, look elsewhere.If, however, you are in search of an unconventional heroine, whose fall from grace drops her in nowhere-ville Wyoming at a television station too small to even be a blip on the Neilson ratings, you're in for something fun. Tol [...]

    • Warning: I am not a robot! I have feelings, thoughts, likes and dislikes and this review is based on that. You should read the book to form your own opinion/thoughts. Read on!Rating: 3.5 Intrigued StarsThe book, the cover wasn’t that appealing to me, it looked more creepy than mysterious. It is certainly more appealing that having a naked guy in the cover.The story, Elizabeth is a reporter that for some reason ends up in a small town in Wyoming. There she finds a local story that her instincts [...]

    • This was a pretty solid whodunit populated with some interesting and quirky characters. The main character, Elizabeth, a somewhat down on her luck reporter, is quick witted and likeable. And I liked that the author didn't put her MC in situations that were so off the wall that you just can't suspend disbelief - as a lot of authors do. She also kept me guessing as to who the killer was up until the end, which isn't easy to do. Generally I can figure it out within the first few pages of a mystery. [...]

    • Sign Off by Patricia McLinn is the first book in the Caught Dead in Wyoming series.Note: this review contains spoilers!Elizabeth Margaret Danniher used to be a big time television reporter out east. Then her job and her marriage crashed and she is sent to Sherman, Wyoming to work off the remainder of her contract with the network. She’s stuck doing consumer advocate bits when Tamantha Burrell tells Elizabeth that she needs help and Elizabeth is going to fix it. What kind of help could a nine y [...]

    • Being the sensitive type, I am always nervous of reading suspenseful novels. The cover of this book seemed to indicate that I would be biting my nails and dreading reading the next page. However, Sign Off is a well written, well thought out detective novel that kept me engrossed. Journalist Elizabeth has got on the wrong side of her ex and not only loses her marriage but finds herself relegated to the wilds of Wyoming. There she is viewed with suspicion by her co-workers until she is faced with [...]

    • Divorce a husband, lose a careergrapple with a murder. TV journalist Elizabeth “E. M.” Danniher will tell you she committed two sins — she didn’t stay young, and she made an enemy of a powerful news executive — her ex. She used to break national news. Now her top story as the “Helping Out!” reporter at dinky KWMT-TV in Sherman,Wyoming is getting a refund for a defective toaster. Tough, funny and determined, Elizabeth wrestles with isolation, keeping a professional edge, and an evol [...]

    • I want to start off by saying that "Sign Off" by Patricia McLinn was a free selection on one of the book sites I belong to so when I grew annoyed by E.M.'s whining and felt that the story was moving along a little slowly, I could have easily set it aside. I decided to keep reading to see where the story would take me and eventually I became interested enough to see it through. The story line has a lot of twists and turns that will lead you to multiple suspects. When the killer is revealed, someo [...]

    • Jacket comparisons to Evanovich (a common ploy) were misleading - as they typically are. Having said that, her writing is qualitatively different than Evanovich, so this was no lame rip-off. She wasn't trying to create another Stephanie Plum. I thought this was a cut above the usual offerings of this genre. The writer clearly did her homework about Wyoming, TV news, etc. Moreover, she presented them in am interesting way. The characters were interesting, and she didn't waste the readers' time or [...]

    • Less than a year ago, E. M. Danniher had been an internationally known TV journalist for a major New York station and had been married for many years to a top executive for the network with which her station was affiliated. Now, Elizabeth Margaret Danniher is neither employed by that station nor married. As she has discovered, her divorce decree not only ended her marriage, it also ended her career.Blindsiding her with the divorce petition and not content to just end their years together and mov [...]

    • Elizabeth is coming off a divorce and job demotion, working at a small town TV station doing "Helping Out", a consumer affairs segment. Her colleague, Mike Paycik, is the sports reporter, but wants to learn from her about being more of an investigative one. The mystery is about the possible murder of a deputy sheriff who no one liked except his mistresses, and suspicion of a guy everyone used to like. Interesting twists as lots of people could be suspects. I like the secrecy angle about the judg [...]

    • Patricia McLinn writes well and I enjoyed this book. The heroine has been treated badly by her ex and has found herself in a new area, demoted and renting a hovel but is never full of self pity. The mystery works well and I enjoyed the various characters from the news station and the surrounding area. The women fighting over the missing man are sadly all too believable, and the retired school teacher who remembers all her pupils and the political figures and law enforcement guys all work well. I [...]

    • I can't remember why I put this particular book on my 'to read list this month. Probably because it's theme is like others I have recently read, and I wanted to see this author's treatment. What theme? (I'm sure you just asked). The theme is a female news reporter, divorced from a fellow news reporter/news director/station manager who exiles her from her position; when he can no longer use her to further his career, to a podunk career-ending station.I was unprepared for an absorbing, twisting my [...]

    • Sign Off by Patricia McLinnCaught Dead in Wyoming Series Book OneAfter being shipped out to the boonies of Sherman, WyomingElizabeth Margaret “E.M.” Danniher tries to make the best of things. When a little girl asks Elizabeth to help her daddy, she goes at it half-heartedly. Until a second murder wakes up her inner reporter to dig into the facts and find the truth.This is told from Elizabeth's point of view only. It's a murder-suspense with a good dose of humor added to it. I loved the uniqu [...]

    • A crime solved by reporters. I struggled with this book because the crime thread was really good and well-built - it kept me want to read on. Even some of the characters were a pleasure to meet  (Diana, the tough, clever camera woman who knows her way around office politics) but sadly they were minor characters. The main ones did not draw me, especially not our narrator.  I never warmed to the style of writing that felt forced and unnecessarily complicated: "she hoisted a handbag so large i [...]

    • Really enjoyed this one, will read the seriesI liked the main character a lot. I liked that it was a new area of mystery for me , lately I've been reading protagonists who ate law enforcement or former law enforcement. I also am into the mountain settings and open air scenes. It moved at a nice pace and I'm already looking for the second in the series. The only thing I didn't like about this one was the choice of character names. Especially since many were interrelated. Gina, Mona, Myrna, Martyy [...]

    • Small towns have big crimes to solve. When Elizabeth is banished to Wyoming as a punishment from her ex husband, she think the boredom will do her in! Her new colleagues don't know what to make of her and she is unhappy until a real murder gets her juices flowing! I didn't think I was going to like this story as much as I did. It was fast paced, with a real "'who, what, where and why" mystery to work out. It proves, too that small towns are not as idyllic as we think they are. A budding romance, [...]

    • Who is who and who did it?A lot of twists and surprises in this story. Elizabeth was given a reporter down grade position as " helping out" segment on a tv station in Wyoming, living in a run down house. A deputy sheriff gets killed and she is thrusting the middle-aged a little fireballs her to help her Daddy. Others are killed and she is attacked as her and an ex football player turned reporter get thrown into the mystery.

    • McLinn knows how to develop characters in multiples of many. There were so many characters in this story that it was almost impossible to keep them all straight. But I have to admit, most came with personality, whether you liked it or not is another matter. This is a great little mystery that keeps throwing you toward one and then another suspect. A few typos at times that are distracting, but overall I enjoyed this story and will continue reading more by this author.

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