Sword of the Lamb

Sword of the Lamb In the rd Century a vast empire teeters on the brink of collapse At the heart of the Concord unrest is festering Unrecognized by the Elite the ruling class an undercurrent of rebellion is surgin

  • Title: Sword of the Lamb
  • Author: M.K. Wren
  • ISBN: 9781626811164
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the 33rd Century, a vast empire teeters on the brink of collapse.At the heart of the Concord, unrest is festering Unrecognized by the Elite, the ruling class, an undercurrent of rebellion is surging through the enslaved Bond class It s a threat that could bring down all of civilization, creating a third Dark Age.Lord Alexand, first born of the House of DeKoven Woolf,In the 33rd Century, a vast empire teeters on the brink of collapse.At the heart of the Concord, unrest is festering Unrecognized by the Elite, the ruling class, an undercurrent of rebellion is surging through the enslaved Bond class It s a threat that could bring down all of civilization, creating a third Dark Age.Lord Alexand, first born of the House of DeKoven Woolf, stands to inherit a vast industrial empire along with a seat on the Directorate, the Concord s ruling body But he sees the writing on the wall and realizes that if the Bonds explode into total rebellion, there will be nothing to inherit, and the toll in human suffering will be beyond calculation He makes a terrible choice then He chooses to die and join the Society of the Phoenix, a clandestine organization whose existence is known to only a few Directorate Lords, who consider membership treason and punishable by death.

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    • M.K. Wren

      Martha Kay Renfroe is an Oregon writer, author of mystery and science fiction under the penname M.K Wren Her work includes the Conan Flagg mystery series and the post apocalyptic novel A Gift Upon the Shore, set along the Oregon coast.

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    • My copy of this book was published in 1981, when I was in high school. I haven't read it in decades (probably not since the early 90's), but my memory of the story was so strongly positive it's remained on my shelves all these years, along with the rest of the "Phoenix Legacy" trilogy. Yesterday, needing something to read, I picked it up with a bit of trepidation. It was hard to believe the story would stand the test of time.It has. There are plenty of science fiction tales about dynastic empire [...]

    • I read this book originally as a young teen over 25 years ago. The Phoenix Legacy series had a lasting impression and helped lead me into a love of science fiction. I happened upon these books as I was going through an old box of Hardy Boys books from my youth and decided to give it another read. The story is still as rich as I remember it with excellent characters and interesting plots to go along with a detailed future of mankind.I couldn't find book 2, but thankfully there are still some out [...]

    • The Sword of the Lambby M.K. WrenThis vision of the future takes place around the year 3200 and depicts humankind as star faring, but only so far. Set in the Centauri system the Elite Houses of a future feudal system determine how to keep the system going in their favor while keeping the Bonds and Feshs working productively. I’m not sure entirely why this could go this way but I embraced the story.Rich and Alexand Woolf are the only two heirs of the Woolf House. Rich is diseased and will not l [...]

    • Book 1 of the Pheonix (Society of the Pheonix) trilogy. Sci-fi. Society is divided into three classes. The Elite is the ruling class based on family business franchises. Fesh - educated, professionals, middle class. Bond - uneducated, poor, serf/slave-type class, very religious whose religion is based on a mixture of Christianity and superstition. The story is basically about the struggle for power between two ruling houses and the implications on society. Drama, intrigue, romance (but, not mush [...]

    • The first installment of The Phoenix Legacy Trilogy, The Sword of the Lamb sets the stage for the epic space opera set in Earth's 33rd Century. For a long time, I searched far and wide for a good quality epic sci-fi adventure, and I must admit, Wren far exceeded my expectations--yet it is out of print. This is truly the best science fiction series that I have ever read. It is well worth the extra money to have it reprinted from the Author's Guild at BackInPrint.

    • Kaye is excellent at interpersonal relationships and interesting "epic" story lines, however her frequent use of info-dumps slows the pace unnecessarily. My complete review: sffaudio/?p=6086

    • I really enjoyed this whole series, read it at least three times. Future society hovering on the brink of revolution.Highly recommend!

    • I wasn't familiar with this series when it came out, but some people like it a lot. It's set in a future with humans on a few planets after several disasters, including a nuclear war. There are 3 classes of people. They aren't quite royals, gentry, and slaves, and have different names. A pair of "royal" boys recognize deep problems with this society and in 3? books work at insurrection? The book is kind of slow, but it has well-developed characters.

    • SERIES REVIEW: The Phoenix Legacy5 StarsEvery once in a while, I will find a book at a used book store, buy it, and decide to bump it to the front of my reading list. See, most of the books on my list were recommended to me, and I like to have the joy of discovery, occasionally reading a book that I come into with no expectations. Books like the Phoenix Legacy trilogy are why I do it! I had never heard of this series or the author, and knew nothing about the books except (A) I could get them for [...]

    • Lovely worldbuilding; but I had issues with the dialogue/characters - conversations felt like more like the characters were giving monologues to each other about their innermost thoughts.The blurb on the back of my copy was rather spoilery - describing an event that takes place 3/4 through the novel. Though it might have helped more than hurt, as I'm not sure where my sense of suspense would have come from otherwise.I'm coming across harsher than I mean to. I did enjoy it. There's a quote on the [...]

    • A very pleasant surprise. I decided to read this because of the reviews (I usually never read reviews before I read the book) which has lead to some terrible books but this was a winner. The writing is unremarkable by which I mean it is straightforward grammatical English. I find that a pleasure to read and increasingly rare to find. The fact that it was written quite some time ago did not impact at all on the story in my view. If anything, the role assigned to corporations was prophetic. Had th [...]

    • I bought this book, and the other 2 in the trilogy a very long time ago. I remember the first time I read them, I was working night shifts, when I got home after a long night the parcel was waiting for me, I opened it and started flicking through as you do with all new books (well I do anyway). I thought I'd just read a little - well 12 hours later I was half way through the second book and furious I would have to put it down to go to work. I fell in love with Richard and Alexand and their world [...]

    • I first got these books on the recommendation of my Librarian in Year 8 (some 17 years ago) and now they are a critical read for me every 2-3 years. They have the depth and scope of Frank Herberts Dune (1st, 2nd & 4th – 3rd’s rubbish) and flashes of brilliance ala Asimov’s I-Robot series, without the sparseness. An engaging read, they are emotive, intelligent and definitely succeed in painting a picture of a world that is entirely plausible and feasible in our near future. What is also [...]

    • 4.5 stars!This fantastic series has been out of print and my old books are falling apart and when I saw it available on Kindle for $9.99 I had to snap it up. When I want to read a saga, this is one of my favorites.There are several layers to why this series works so well.Characters (there are tons, but here are a couple of examples):Alexand DeKoven Woolf, is the arch-type leading man. His pride is his achilles heel. He is very much a Byronic hero who could become moody and self-centered if he di [...]

    • *This book was given to me free of charge courtesy of GoodReads First Reads Giveaways*I had no idea that this book was previously published so many years ago. I'm not sure how I didn't know loving the fantasy genre, but somehow I hadn't heard of it before! After reading this I can definitely see why it has lasted for so many years. The writing is complete, plot fully developed, and the characters in the story belonged there. Nothing seemed out of place. This book is definitely going in my collec [...]

    • An epic set with elements of feudal politics in the future. Two brothers, Alexand the heir apparent to the families industrial complex is learning the intrigues to maneuver at the highest levels in the Concord's Thousand Loyal Houses. Meanwhile the younger bookish Rich who has studied the Concord's history, understands the implications of revolutionary thought and how an alternate future might be chosen. Rich is capable of plotting out the results of actions that will irrevocably set events onto [...]

    • This is an interesting trilogy based in the future with a strict caste system in danger of coming apart at the seams. This book focuses on Alexand and his brother Richard, members of the Elite. Richard, who is terminally ill, becomes involved with the plight of the Bonds and joins the secret Society of the Phoenix. While parts of it were a little slow, there is a lot of background material to cover. Things definitely pick up near the end of this volume and I am going to start the second one imme [...]

    • This trilogy is one of the unknown greats in science fantasy. How will a government that has spanned centuries react when faced with political and social unrest. How does this affect the people born to a world that has never changed. I found it politically insightful with full bodied characters and more than enough action to keep things going. Anyone who enjoyed Asimov's foundation series will probably find the world different but the scope and depth the same.

    • I'm on page 190 of 486 of Sword of the Lamb: I received this book through First-Read giveaways. I have finally made it Chapter three. It has been very slow going. I am hoping it really picks up because it is so slow. I am finding it a struggle to read. I am moving on for now. One Day I might pick the book back up and finish. All I know is I have tons of books to read and I cannot waste my time on a book I apparently do not like.

    • It was okay at best. Honestly, the book read as if the author wanted to write a fictionalized formal history more than write a novel with characters and stories.Relationships and why the characters behave the way they do is just a mystery. That being said, its got great background and politics and interesting alternate history.

    • I have very few books on my shelves that are worthy of re-reads and this Trilogy- The Phoenix Legacy is the best! I have re-read it every few years and seem to still glean gems from it-- its the type of book htat is fast paced, but also has some real gems of wisdom thrown into it. I highly recommend it!

    • Wren created a world that was believable and engrossing. I bought this years ago while on temporary duty in Denver, read through it in a weekend, and immediately ordered the other two books in the series from the Tattered cover bookstore.This book pulled me in, and I simply could not stop reading it.

    • Most InterestingThis is not my usual fare, but the concepts presented are very comprehensible through the writing style of the author. Normally, technology and politics are not my thing either, but, again, the author presents well. am going to next book in series, hoping that I will stay interested.

    • First I read "A Gift from the Shore" by M.K. Wren--not "Sword of Lamb," but "A Gift from the Shore" is not listed in Good reads. Perhaps it's just another end of the world story, but it's more: it is a Reason vs. Blind Faith argument.

    • I love this book so much I own it. Each time I read it is a joy! This book is not only well-written but I think most anyone could enjoy it -- even if they've never read sci-fi before.

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