Just a Girl, Standing in Front of a Boy

Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy My love story may not be the sort you read about in books or see in films Love stories have glorious highs and ghastly lows But when it comes to my own life I d have to say you can keep your fabulou

  • Title: Just a Girl, Standing in Front of a Boy
  • Author: Lucy-Anne Holmes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • My love story may not be the sort you read about in books or see in films Love stories have glorious highs and ghastly lows But when it comes to my own life, I d have to say, you can keep your fabulous highs and I ll happily steer clear of the terrible lows After a rocky start in life, Jenny Taylor, 27, star receptionist at the local doctors surgery, has things a My love story may not be the sort you read about in books or see in films Love stories have glorious highs and ghastly lows But when it comes to my own life, I d have to say, you can keep your fabulous highs and I ll happily steer clear of the terrible lows After a rocky start in life, Jenny Taylor, 27, star receptionist at the local doctors surgery, has things all worked out thanks to The Smiling Fanny Manifesto a list of 10 daily things she must do to keep the blues at bay But her life is turned upside down when she meets aspiring musician Joe King And reliable boyfriend Matt proposes And then her mum leaves her dad and moves into Jenny s flat determined to bond Just a Girl, Standing in Front of a Boy will make you laugh and cry and it will make you look at your own love story in a new way Lucy Anne Holmes is the bestselling author of 50 Ways to Find a Lover.

    • Just a Girl, Standing in Front of a Boy BY Lucy-Anne Holmes
      259 Lucy-Anne Holmes
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      Lucy-Anne Holmes Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Just a Girl, Standing in Front of a Boy book, this is one of the most wanted Lucy-Anne Holmes author readers around the world.

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    • This was my first book by Lucy-Anne Holmes so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after finishing Just A Girl Standing In Front Of A Boy, I can say I’m very much looking forward to reading more of her novels!Jenny Taylor finally has things worked out in her life, but after meeting musician Joe King her life is turned upside down, and then on top of that boyfriend Matt proposes. And then her mum unexpectedly turns up too and Jenny’s life is thrown up in the air…I really enjoyed this – I o [...]

    • Stayed up until the small hours of this morning to finish this and oh my word was in floods of tears. I just loved it.We have the very wonderful Jenny Taylor (aka Fanny; this is explained early on in the book) and her brilliant, devoted friend, Philippa. Her flat mate is the terrific Ali and then along comes her superb mum, Pam who I just loved. Jenny is in a relationship with workaholic Matt, who pays her little or no attention as he is always answering a call on his blackberry or replying to e [...]

    • Una lettura esilarante e dolcissima, una ragazza che ha saputo trarre il meglio da ogni brutta esperienza vissuta/subita. Che ha trovato il sostegno di persone splendide e affettuose che ha regalato sorrisi e gesti affettuosi per circondarsi di positività e buonumore.Il manifesto della felicità che diventa un pretesto, per regalare a perfetti estranei un sorriso nei momenti più difficili!Dolcissima e incantevole Jenny il mondo dovrebbe avere centinaia di persone come te!Joe sei il mio King [...]

    • Ugh, done. Finally. Cateful, this review is packed with spoilers.I guess, this one had a kind of rough start, as the basic setting was exactly the same to the book I read before. The same type of boyfriend, the same best friend, extreme fear of heights and even more stuff/ characteristics.So naturally, I had to compare both versions and unfortunately, I liked the other one better. Combined with a style of writing that I needed to get used to, I developed some kind of basic reluctance towards Jen [...]

    • I am still highly amused at the names of some of the characters, and just what they sound like if said quickly. I loved the banter between Fanny and her best friend, in fact their friendship is what made the book for me. They are nuts, but equally have each others best interests at heart. I loved the Smiling Fanny Manifesto, which is a set of 10 things Fanny needs to do each day, to try and stave off her depression, and it has assorted results. I found this to be quite a slow book to get into, w [...]

    • Oh dear God, what a wonderful book!'just a girl standing in front of a boy' is about Jenny Taylor, called Fanny, who has been bullied by most of her classmates when she was a teenager. Even her father didn't really show any signs of love for her. Her mother kept silent all those years, so she wasn't a great help either. Back then she only ever had her best friend Philippa. Now, she still has Philippa by her side, but also a boyfriend called Matt and a pretty cool flatmate called Al. One day thou [...]

    • From the blurb alone, this seems like your typical chick lit book, but believe me when I tell you it is not. I went through 3 stages while reading this book. Firstly, I was taken by how likeable the protagonist, Jenny is. Then I began to get a little annoyed by the stream of consciousness-style narrative. And then finally, I realised this author is so wise! Some authors take you in their hands from the very beginning and you can read on, knowing that you are safe. Others simply tell a story. But [...]

    • Questo libro mi ha fatto emozionare tantissimo e pensare tanto!!!L'inizio e' molto noioso sopratutto x quel buono a nulla di fidanzato che si ritrova Fanny, e poi cambia tutto nn appena sua madre va a stare da lei, e li comincia un avvicinamento madre e figlia.poi ad un tratto vedo i cuoricini nn appena si incontra Joe il farmacista, e li ho pensato " lascia Matt e mettiti con Joe"!! ❤❤❤❤❤Eh la fine nn ve la dico, ma dico soltanto che ci saranno tante lacrime!! Ognuno di noi dovrebbe p [...]

    • This is my favourite read for a while. It reminds me of one of those films where nothing really happens but you grow to love the characters and are left with a warm glow. Although it deals with some quite dark themes it does so in a gentle way and with humour throughout. Fanny, Phillipa and Al are the perfect friends and Joe King is my favourite book boyfriend for a long time - perfect!

    • 4.5 JENNY TAYLOR STARS. This was so so funny. Wanted to be their friend, wanted to go out with them, wanted to wear a balaclava?? And most definitely wanted to be a musketeer. These were the best of friends. The craziest. Their little town would be dull without them. I loved this, loved the banter and loved the humour.Can't wait for more.

    • “…spesso tendiamo a complicare le cose, quando invece basta il vento sulla pelle  e la terra sotto i piedi.”il “Manifesto della felicità” il solo titolo mi ha spronato a leggerlo. .dieci semplici regole che, se seguite ogni giorno, sono in grado di aiutarti ad essere felice !!!!!Felicità grande parolona ditemi chi effettivamente è felice????Di tanto in tanto è bene fare una pausa nella nostra ricerca della felicità ed essere semplicemente felici. ma in questo romanzo cosi comple [...]

    • Jenny Taylor, Fanny to her friends, is as charming as her creator and she instantly pulls you in to her story. Eccentric, witty, and a little bit scatty, Fanny has an admirable strength of character that quickly endears you towards her.Fanny's life is disrupted when she meets Joe King, an aspiring musician who sends her supposedly taken heart into a bit of a spin. To make matters worse, her mother suddenly leaves her father and decides that it is time to bond with her daughter and moves in with [...]

    • UPDATED with review in my blog: read here!I give this book 10+ stars! I'm not kidding! I loved it from the very first word to the FANTASTIC last paragraph!!!It's so late and tomorrow I have work but I couldn't stop reading! My heart is a mess, I cried, I cried while laughing, I smile while crying. I think I will write a blog post about this book because now I can't elaborate what my mind is experiencing.There are certain books that hit you. It's love at first word. I bought this book because boo [...]

    • It's 1.30 am, I'm sick and I should be sleeping but I had to finish this book!My sister recommended it to me and now I see why. It's the kind of book that gives you a hell of an emotional rollercoaster and when you finish it you find yourself smiling because you enjoyed the ride.It isn't the usual chick-lit novel, I'll tell you that. There is so much more to it. You get to know and love the characters, you get to live in their little world, you laugh and you cry with them's a very special book, [...]

    • I adored this book. I love Lucy-Anne Holmes' writing style and she draws me in to the story so quickly. I fell in love with lots of the characters in this book, and the messages about depression struck a chord with me. This is an uplifting and emotional roller coaster of a book, very very funny, touching, heartbreaking and just a gorgeous book to sink into. I couldn't put it down and am sad to have finished it. Well done, Lucy-Anne, please write another one soon! xx

    • Great book! I could not stop thinking about this book when I would put down and just wanted to finish whatever tams to get back to reading! Enjoyed immensely!!

    • RECENSIONE COMPLETA: leggereperviverebeneJenny Taylor non guarda indietro alla sua infanzia con ricordi felici e belli,con un padre che gli dava della sfigata e non credeva mai a lei,con una madre che preferiva non guardare e farsi la sua vita, poi quando si innamora per la prima volta e perde la verginità non è stata fortuna,la prendevano sempre in giro per via del suo nome e cognome così cade in depressione.La sua vita da teenager terribile e traumatica le fa perdere tutta la fiducia in lei [...]

    • What a great way to start a Saturday morning have just sat and bubbled my eyes out finishing this book! Absolutely brilliant made me laugh out loud smile and obviously cry!! Would definitely recommend

    • I loved this book! It was exactly what I was in the mood for. I loved the characters. I found a lot of it very relatable and I now understand why my best friend wanted me to read it so much. It was funny, emotional, full of love and little twists. It was a really easy read and the chapters were short so you could fit in another one (or 4) quite quickly. I just loved it.

    • Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy came to me entirely by chance and if I hadn’t currently been reading a terrible book when it fell into my hands, I would probably never have taken it home. This book came to me like the fate and love at first sight type of thing Jenny doesn’t think exists, but this book came to me right when I needed it most. It took me on journeys I was not expecting to discover but each one of them was perfectly wonderful for both the story and for me. Getting to know [...]

    • Originally reviewed at Words in a Teacup.Jenny Taylor, affectionately called Fanny, is 27 when her life gets turned upside down by the newest arrival in town - Joe King. Add to that a proposal from her longterm boyfriend Matt and the unexpected arrival of her estranged mother in her flat and it's all she can do to figure out just what is best for herself.Let me start by saying that I bought this book partly because at the time I was halfway through another of Lucy-Anne Holmes' books and enjoyed [...]

    • First of all, this is one of those under-rated books and it saddens me that I don’t see any hype on this book. Well, this is one of the books that I truly recommend because I enjoyed this one and I know that whoever would read this will know the reasons why.It was written in a way that it will make your eyes wet, your jaw sore, and your stomach ache all because of too much laughing! I’ve never read a book as hilarious as this one, and if you want to have a real-hard-laugh, then this is the r [...]

    • Overall an enjoyable easy read. I really liked the inner musings going on inside Fanny Fantastics head, and the witty writing. While I really enjoyed the relationship arc between Fan and her mum, I felt some of the other character relationships lacked depth, namely the one with Joe. While we were told on numerous occasions about their chemistry, I never actually felt it. It felt very conveniently forced on the reader. Fans relationship with Matt was also a bit flat as he seemed a bit too villain [...]

    • I think I dropped my jaws when I read about Larry Lemon's confession on the last page. Gosh! Double thumbs up for Lucy-Anne Holmes for this beautiful story that managed to make me feel euphoric, sad, twisted, and all of those butterflies and mixed feeling at the same time every time I flipped on the next page! I love Jenny's relationship with Philippa, which makes me sometimes, want to do the same thing with my bestfriend! And I also love how sweet and sexy Joe King is, how close Jenny with Al ( [...]

    • When I started this book I thought this would be just a great get-away or escapeism book. And it was. But it was also so much moreThe writingstyle intrigued me from the first page on. The story is lovely, funny, sad and moving - it really captures raw, human emption. Sometimes I was torn between finding this book too rom-com and unrealistic and then actually too realistic.After having just finished this book I must say: it is both. And in the end it is a beautiful, moving story. Who cares if it [...]

    • Un romanzo leggero, senza troppe pretese, che si divora in poche ore. È stato bello leggere di Fanny e della sua ricerca per la felicità. Ho adorato il manifesto che l'amica le propone: una seri di punti da fare ogni giorno, che le hanno permesso di superare la depressione. Ad un certo punto, mi è maturata l'idea di adottarlo io stessa. Penso che prima o poi inizierò a seguirlo, chi lo sa! Una lettura davvero piacevo e rilassante!

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