Sirens in Bliss

Sirens in Bliss What happens after happily ever after It s the event of the year The wedding of Leo and Wolf Meyer to their beautiful sub Shelley McNamara has all of Bliss up in arms and makes everyone think about

  • Title: Sirens in Bliss
  • Author: Sophie Oak
  • ISBN: 9781627406246
  • Page: 379
  • Format: ebook
  • What happens after happily ever after It s the event of the year The wedding of Leo and Wolf Meyer to their beautiful sub, Shelley McNamara, has all of Bliss up in arms and makes everyone think about love and marriage and family.Wolf and Leo have to deal with the sudden reappearance of their father Rafe Kincaid is handed an opportunity that might take him and his familyWhat happens after happily ever after It s the event of the year The wedding of Leo and Wolf Meyer to their beautiful sub, Shelley McNamara, has all of Bliss up in arms and makes everyone think about love and marriage and family.Wolf and Leo have to deal with the sudden reappearance of their father Rafe Kincaid is handed an opportunity that might take him and his family away from Bliss Aidan, Lexi, and Lucas O Malley find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage And Stefan Talbot must face his biggest fear possibly losing his wife in childbirth.So come to the Feed Store Church, pick a seat, and enjoy the chaos as all your favorite characters from Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss, Colorado, come together for one eventful weekend And some of them may never be the same again.Note This is a reunion book, which shares an overall story arc and many crossover characters with the Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss series This is not a stand alone.A Siren Erotic Romance

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    • Sophie Oak

      A lifetime devotee to the written word, Sophie published her first novel this year Prior to becoming a novelist, she worked in theater and comic books She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband and three precocious children, who wonder when mom is going to write a book they will be allowed to read Her answer probably never Sophie believes in happy endings for everyone, no matter how extreme the story Her stories may feature some of the fringe elements of sexuality, but at heart they are always about love.

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    • Shadow‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 STARSThis entry by Sophie Oak is a gift to her fans, bringing together characters from two of her series: Sirens and Bliss, and catching her readers up on what is happening to their favorites.The catalyst for this arrangement is the marriage of Leo and Wolf Meyer to their sub, Shelley McNamara, and they go to Bliss so their mother can be part of the marriage ceremony. But in true Bliss style, Mama Cassidy won’t take part in the ceremon [...]

    • The adoration that I feel for Sophie Oak and her work continues to grow with each new release. I absolutely loved loved loved Sirens In Bliss. I was so happy to return to Bliss and read about all of my favorite characters from both the Siren Series and Bliss Series with all the fun, laughter, tears, love and craziness that I have come to expect from Sophie Oak. So good!!Jenn and Stef ~ one of my favorite couples. It was so much fun to read Stef struggle with Jenn’s pregnancy and his impending [...]

    • You are cordially invited to the wedding of Leo & Wolf Meyer to Shelley McNamara which will be held in Bliss, Colorado. RSVP not required. Those who THINK they might want to crash the wedding had better be prepared as this town hasn't achieved the "highest per capita murder rate in the state" ranking for nothing.It's been rumored that the town's benefactor has beefed up security as his wife Jennifer is about to give birth to their first child while visiting billionaire Julian Lodge and his f [...]

    • Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads Top Pick of 2013The beautiful characters that captured my heart a very long time ago are back! They are all back and asking for trouble. I have never laughed so hard or cried so much while reading a book! I became blissfully undone, and Sophie Oak is responsible. She is a freakin’ genius!“It was all about a lifetime spent in Bliss. It was about a world of friends who became family.”Bliss has become a home away from home for me. Anytime I can dive in to a Sophie O [...]

    • Well this Bliss book had everything from weddings and babies being born to bachelor parties held at nudist camps with sweat lodges, to a new member of the "I shot a son-of-a -bitch club" to small town politics leading to a coup de tat omg I laughed my ass off at that!!! And lets not forget about the drama and the aliens coming to a beeting ceremony All in a day in the town of Bliss. This was the ultimate in combining the Siren and Bliss series and Julian Lodge was well Julian. Utterly dominant a [...]

    • This story is about four of the couples from the Nights in Bliss, Colorado and Texas Sirens stories: Stef and Jen; Aidan, Lexi and Lucas; Rafe, Cam and Laura; Leo, Wolf and Shelley. It is also the wedding of Leo, Wolf and Shelley. The whole group from Texas has come to Bliss to celebrate the union of the Meyer brothers and Shelley McNarama. In the week leading up to the wedding we get a look into the lives of so many of the people that all those that have followed both series have come to love, [...]

    • For fans of Sophie Oak, and if you’re not, you should be, Sirens in Bliss is the book you’ve been dreaming about. Sirens in Bliss reunites characters from two of Ms. Oak’s fantastic series – Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss. It tells the “after” part of several couples’ “happily ever after.”“We place a lot of emphasis on weddings, but that’s not the end of the story. It’s just the beginning. The rest may not be pretty, but that’s life.”For romance fans, it’s usually [...]

    • After reading Back in Bliss, which I didn't think was all that great I was a little skeptical about this one but I shouldn't have been because this one is a definite winner. Siren in Bliss gives us the EA in HEA for some of Oak's Nights in Bliss and Texas Siren characters. I like Oak's writing, I like it a lot. She makes me laugh (out loud sometimes), yell, cry and believe in her characters. I can't really ask for more than that. If you've not read any of the mentioned books in the series, I wou [...]

    • What happens after the "happily ever after"? Erotic romance author extraordinaire Sophie Oak brings together many of the happy sets from both the Siren and Bliss series and present it in a wedding, funeral and birth extravaganza. This book is filled with babies, pregnant ladies, precocious children, marriages on the rocks and a dead body.With all these threads, one would think the story would be chaotic and confusing. Ms Oak does a great job of weaving all the threads together to show an ideal c [...]

    • That was amazing! Like really, really amazing - we often get to catch up with characters in series as we move onto to others, but rarely do we get, what is in essence, a reunion book. One of the few duo's, not trio's, is our first couple. Super-duper control freak Stefan, King of Bliss, is having a freak-out life as Jen becomes ready to give birth to their son. This was amusing, though it shouldn't have been so funny, to watch Stef completely lose his mind, and very nearly his wife, until he fig [...]

    • Ending the year with one of my favorite authors *4.5 STARS* I think that this was the perfect way to end my 2013--with one of my all-time favorite authors catching me up with the people of in two of my all-time favorite series. SIRENS IN BLISS takes the cross-over between two of Sophie Oak's most popular series to a whole new level.  In the last few books, we seen lots of mixing between her Texas Sirens series and her Nights in Bliss, Colorado series.  But, this time, the Texas Sirens gang d [...]

    • When Texas Sirens decend on Bliss, Colorado. I swear, that could be a horror story. A very scary horror story. This? Not so much. When the beautiful people of Texas decend on Bliss, the only thing here is love. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it until I die. These two series are wonderful and amazing, fun and loving, adventerous and spectacular. Any time a new book comes out from either the Sirens or Bliss series, I jump on the chance to read it right away. I always know that I'll get a [...]

    • 4 starsThis was a very good book. It would be best to read the Bliss and Sirens' series before reading this as it's basically a wedding and updates on stories from previous books from both series. With this, Sophie gave us a number of stories all in one book that all take place during the days around Shelley, Leo and Wolf's wedding. Shelley has to win over her new mother-in-law and convince her that she's not an alien. Shelley, Leo and Wolf all end up having to deal with the unexpected appearanc [...]

    • This was the book that I wanted, but didn't even know it. The Bliss and Texas Sirens have always had connecting characters, but with this book they have slammed into each other, providing a fun read.I am glad that this one takes place in Bliss as it is a town that you have to experience to really enjoy. I loved how the Texas people were out of sorts with the Bliss goings on, even those that had lived in Bliss. I thought it was great how each group looked at the other and thought that theirs was [...]

    • 3.5 stars, not what I expected but still a good book for followers of these series.This was a good book for me because I have been following all the previous stories, avidly for the last few years. Sophie Oak's writing is consistent and happily for me, emotional rather than erotic in this book. I think I liked that for this one book, but not for others. Sometimes there were too many similarities in her groupings, couples, trios, etc. and in some ways this book really brought that out and frustra [...]

    • I'd give more than 5 stars for this one if I could. Ms Oak is still way up on my favorite authors list and each time she releases another story set in Bliss, CO I look forward to the antics and doings of a community filled with iconic people--I think they all represent the kinds of people we encounter in our regular lives and are, for the most part, just ignored or panned as being "odd." Odd they are, but when put in this delightful little community together and interact as life, love, and relat [...]

    • If you haven't read The Texas Sirens or Nights in Bliss series, then you will have no idea what's going on. It is important to get caught up on both series so you can appreciate just how far all of these trios have come. This is definitely a reunion book, it's like the extended epilogue that we all wish for. We get to see what's happening with everyone, some we haven't really checked in with in years. If Sophie wanted to end both her series right now, this would have been the way to do it. It wa [...]

    • Full review here "Bears Read Too!"Sirens In Bliss is a cross-over book between two series by Sophie Oak. Nights In Bliss Colorado and Texas Sirens. I really enjoyed this book so very much! It wasn't just a wedding for three of my favourite characters but a coming together of friends and family from two series and it was epic! All of these people already had their HEA endings with their own books, but touching base with them all again was so much fun.A few of the people that we thought were fine [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. I loved getting updates on all my favorite couples, but especially the Harper Twins. Oh My God, I absolutely love Max and Rye, they are hysterical! And their wife is a riot! Mel and his probing are my second favorite. But what I like the most about the Bliss series is the acceptance by all the characters of the town’s way of life. They are all crazy as bat$hit, but they love and have each other’s back. They can be having a normal (somewhat serious) conversation an [...]

    • A loved this story. It was so wonderful to see all my favorites together in Bliss. It was also great to read about the day to day problems each one of them has to deal with and not everything is always bliss. Pun intended.Can't wait to see what happens with Henry and Nell.Probably my favorite scene was the sweat lodge. So funny with Mel going to explain to Leo and Wolf about sex. lol. Is Mel their daddy? If so, how did that happen? Did they really come from aliens? lol.My only complaint was that [...]

    • I laughed out loud, I cried. Then I laughed out loud some more and cried some more. I absolutely loved this story that had many characters from both her Sirens series and from her Bliss series.I laughed:"So the mayor of Bliss had a heart attack while screwing a hooker," Rafe surmised. Zane finally grinned. "Yea, I bet it was a good way to go. You should have seen the old buy's face." "You can, actually," Long-Haired Roger offered. "We got him to the deep freeze before it was gone."I shed some te [...]

    • I love the Sirens and Bliss seriesIf Bliss was a real town I would emigrateTODAYThis book is outstanding. The conversation on becoming a dad between Julian Lodge, Jack Barnes & Stefan, the issue of Beeting and motherhood between Shelly & Cassidy, the night Stefan becomes a dad and finally Lexi's speech on love & marriage at the wedding had me laughing, crying and laughing some more. Oh and it wouldn't be Bliss without a gun shot at a baddy from one of the Gals.Just when I thought it [...]

    • It was nice to meet old chracters together and find out that not all is well in the happily ever after and each relationship/mariage has its problems which reflects the real world very nicely. However, the theme about making up, talking about love and having sex became repetative and boring. The book doesn't have a drive which was typical for many previous ones. Therefore it did not satisfy me and I will happily and easily forget about it very soon. Pity.

    • Actually really enjoyed this slice of life story giving you glimpses into the current relationships of previous books characters. I haven't read the Texas Sirens series but it makes me want to, especially with the added diversion of bisexuality in the mix. Did like how the Bliss characters were given their remedies and solutions to problems that have been bothering them for a while, and I can't wait for the resolution to Henry's story and what will probably be the book on his two brothers.

    • I think this is my favorite book this year. It might be that it came in a time of my life when I really needed the laughs and nostalgia, but I think no matter when I read this it would become a favorite. Sophie Oak is my idol. I love to go back and visit Bliss or take a trip to Texas to meet up with the rest of the folks, but this book brought everyone back together. It was wonderful to "see" everyone again and get caught up with all the problems of everyday life. Thank you Ms Oak!

    • I have just recently reread both the Siren and Bliss series, so the timing for this book is perfect. I really enjoyed it for two reasons.First, it felt like old home week and I loved see the families after the "I dos."Second, the author showed that even in romance novels lovers have to work at their relationships. It's not over with the wedding. You have to remain focused on each other.She left clues for the next novel and I can't wait to see what's going to happen in Bliss.

    • Please, Please never let this series endke EVER!!! I love the Bliss and Sirens books and when ever I am in any sort of book funk I always go back to these 2 seriesey are epic.Loved this book and going back to visit all our old faithfuls. Wouldn't it be fun to do a series bout all the kids?? I mean Oliva's story would be awesome.Can you just imagine??Looking forward to another book soon

    • Again Sophie has outdone herself. Sophie has two great series Texas Sirens and Nights in Bliss and this book she brings all the main characters together for a wedding. Leo who is in Texas Sirens series and Wolf (his brother) started in Nights in Bliss and went to Dallas finally are going to marry the love of their life, Shelley. Other problems are going on within the town of Bliss. Sophie does an fantastic job of keeping you on your toes until the very end. GREAT JOB, Sophie ! !

    • I loved this book. It was nice to see what was going on with everyone. I can't wait to see who's next in Bliss. Wish Kitten's book would hurry up already. Miss my twisted Kitten. And the Alien Queen taking the beeticeless.I will add more to this review later, just pressed for time at the moment. Just know that it was an awesome read. Can't wait to read it again.

    • I loved how everyone's story wrapped up and you got to know where they were in life. Though I do want to know more about Kitten and her Dom.d I must know what happens to Henry and Nell. I did feel that just got left hanging out there.This series blew me away, I still have to read a few of the Texas Siren books, but the Nights in Bliss, I loved. A couple I feel I'll be re-reading soon.

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