Chance In an intense tale of psychological suspense a San Francisco psychiatrist becomes sexually involved with a female patient who suffers from multiple personality disorder and whose pathological ex hus

  • Title: Chance
  • Author: Kem Nunn
  • ISBN: 9780743289245
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In an intense tale of psychological suspense, a San Francisco psychiatrist becomes sexually involved with a female patient who suffers from multiple personality disorder, and whose pathological ex husband is an Oakland homicide detective from a Los Angeles Times Book Prize winning author.Dr Eldon Chance is a brilliant, lonely, forensic neuropsychologist with a long trackIn an intense tale of psychological suspense, a San Francisco psychiatrist becomes sexually involved with a female patient who suffers from multiple personality disorder, and whose pathological ex husband is an Oakland homicide detective from a Los Angeles Times Book Prize winning author.Dr Eldon Chance is a brilliant, lonely, forensic neuropsychologist with a long track record of getting involved with damaged, complicated women While apartment hunting after separating from his wife, a series of bad decisions leads to Chance sleeping with a patient named Jaclyn Blackstone Unfortunately her ex husband is an Oakland homicide detective and the jealous type Meanwhile, Dr Chance meets a young man who goes by D Chance believes he is a war veteran, but he is in fact a deranged loner and self styled Samurai skilled in the art of the blade D is fascinated by Chance s tales of his tormented and increasingly dangerous affair with Jaclyn and advises him that her ex husband will find a way to destroy Chance.As Detective Blackstone does indeed threaten the doctor, Chance and D plan a counter strike Meanwhile Chance continues his steamy affair with Jaclyn Blackstone or is it one of her multiple personalities But the sexually voracious Jackie Black has a story that is far complex and darker than he could have ever imagined Gritty, twisted, and impossible to put down, the surprises keep coming in Chance until the final page has been turned.

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      Kem Nunn born 1948 is an American fiction novelist, surfer, magazine and television writer from California His novels have been described as surf noir for their dark themes, political overtones and surf settings He is the author of five novels, including his seminal surf novel Tapping the Source He received an MFA in Creative Writing from UC Irvine.He has collaborated with producer David Milch on the HBO Western drama series Deadwood Milch and Nunn co created the HBO series John from Cincinnati, a surfing series set in Imperial Beach, California which premiered on June 10, 2007 He has also written for season 5 of Sons of Anarchy.

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    • 2.5 STARSI have to be honest, I bumped this up my TBR shelf because of Kem Nunn. I requested this galley on the strength of its intriguing blurb (Sex! And Crazy People!) but it's the season finale of Sons of Anarchy that propelled me to read this earlier than I intended. See Kem Nunn is a part of the show's writing team and anyone who connects that blurb with what SoA has delivered for six seasons (ie. women smacking other women with skateboards? The objectification of Charlie Hunnam's ass?) how [...]

    • If the bar is a psychological thriller pace, then CHANCE didn’t measure up. It moved at a slow, leisurely pace instead of an all-out race. The vocabulary and sentence structure weighed in with a bit more heft than one might expect from your typical thriller, but I still felt shortchanged in the end. I had higher hopes for this tale, but I ended up facing the firing squad of disappointment with my head lowered and my hands held high.Jackie Black proved a bit more intriguing as a character than [...]

    • synopsis:Nunn’s new novel is a dark book involving psychiatric mystery, sexual obsession, fractured identities, and terrifyingly realistic violence—a tale told amid the back streets of California’s Bay Area, far from the cleansing breezes of the ocean. This is a landscape where nameless persons lose their identities and find new ones after days of sex in a motel room, where homeless war veterans create neo-hippie encampments—this is California noir, this is Kem Nunn country. It’s not p [...]

    • The most disappointing book I've read all year. Kem Nunn has abandoned almost everything that made him great in favor of a muddled, boring, utterly aimless stroll through the Bay Area. Nunn's gift for moody, California noir scene-setting has vanished. He can't even describe San Francisco's fog in a compelling manner. Instead, his text is riddled with the lamest cliches on every page, so many that I wondered if I was being pranked. His storytelling devices are also incredibly cliched _ multiple p [...]

    • a most compelling noir horror. dr chance becomes emmoiled with a patient, who is abused and practically held hostage by her homicidal homicide detective ex-husband. or is she?so dr. chance is gonna be her knight in shining armor, his sidekick an ex-special forces killer from afghanistan wars. or is he?so dr. chance, such a meticulous, conservative soul, starts making choices, one leading to the other, that get him and his lying, cruel, sadistic running buddies and enemies into deeper and deeper [...]

    • Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Scribner!I feel so deceived by this book, it is a classic case of false advertising. So for my review, I will go through the synopsis sentence by sentence and tell you how it was a lie.Read the rest of this review at: Written Among the Stars

    • This is ambitious and provocative, complex in construction and in its prose. Superficially it treads the same neurotic waters as Jonathan Kellerman’s Dr Alex Delaware investigations, where the reader is given psychological insights into the mechanisms of the unravelling mind.But author Kem Nunn takes many more risks than Kellerman does, and pulls away all the anchors from his good doctor’s sleek, urban existence. Think of the corruption of Will Graham in the TV series Hannibal and you’ll g [...]

    • I read this while watching the series on Hulu which is based on it. (“Chance,” starring Hugh Laurie) I think I enjoyed the book a little more than the series, although it was interesting to see how the book was adapted for the screen. A great deal of the dialogue was straight from the book, which perhaps isn’t surprising considering that the author has written for shows like “Deadwood” and “Sons of Anarchy,” besides being a novelist. The main character, Eldon Chance, is at a crossr [...]

    • Mysterious Book Report No. 155by John Dwaine McKennaSome of the best thriller and crime fiction stories are built around the premise of an ordinary person being put into an extraordinary situation. For example . . . Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider and as a result, develops supernatural powers which totally change his life as he becomes ‘The Amazing Spiderman,’ a crusading crime fighter and doer of good deeds. Far fetched? Absolutely, you betcha. Does it make for good stories? [...]

    • CHANCE. (2014). Kem Nunn. **.I’m not sure what genre category to place this novel. It is a thriller whose principal protagonist is a neuropsychiatrist. He meets a patient who is suffering from multiple personality disorder, and he ultimately falls in love with one (or is it two) of the women. This might be OK if her husband wasn’t a vindictive policeman. The story takes off from there, as you might imagine. The author, Nunn, manages to spice up the story with heavy loads of psychological and [...]

    • The best Robert Stone novel NOT written by Robert Stonel of the familiar Stone tropes(Nietzsche,The Bible,Shakespeare,Basic Ontology,the Grey Rat,Sentient Mud,sociopathic Zen Lunatics,drugs,alcohol,feckless and disorderly heroes,damaged women,children abandoned to their own devices,,,and that's just off the top of my head) are here in such abundance that it goes beyond homage into ventriloquismloving Stone's work as I do it's heartening to see a good writer so influenced by and appreciative of t [...]

    • I have to admit, I have this morbid fascination with books about psychopaths and serial killers. The blurb on this book is really intriguing and fascinating and that's what made me request the title from Netgalley the moment I was done reading it.Prior to this I was not aware of the author and perhaps wouldn't have requested the title based on that, had it not been for his association with SOA. Now it doesn't seem like a very prudent decision.I have lots of grievances with this book the foremost [...]

    • 4.5 stars (but rounded down because Chance was not quite a 5 star read for me)At first, I was a little put off by Chance's tone of voice; he seemed very dry and clinical, too distant for me to empathize with. I soon realized, however, how brilliant Nunn's choice was; the juxtaposition of this cool, self-analyzing voice with Chance's poor decisions made those decisions really stand out:"If one was looking for a level head in the midst of catastrophic decline, then Carl Allan was hardly your man. [...]

    • This book pushed so hard on the noir scale, it tipped over to the nyahhhh scale. The dark elements of this story are matched only by the preponderance of fog - which is preposterous to anyone who knows the Bay Area. Neither life nor fog are as relentlessly hammering as presented here. Nunn has a number of good elements in his hand including his agility to breathe life into his offbeat characters. "D" a largely self-invented warrior and Chance's assistant, Lucy with quirks a-poppin' both have gre [...]

    • I've stayed a fan of Nunn's through his shakier works, but this new novel is a real challenge. It's as if he has literally forgotten how to write. Never a master of believable or well-structured plot, here he loses control of style and character as well, so what remains is a something like a Dean Koontz/Stephen King piece, minus the usually focused premise, but plus the occasional turn of memorable phrase. 'Chance' opens with a setting, character, and theme quite removed from Nunn's typical fare [...]

    • How can we follow a boring, crazed-ass lead when we don't understand anything that leads his actions? Even putting all my feelings and anger aside, I couldn't get through the stiff writing and cliche characters. Only picked it up because Hugh Laurie has been cast as the star of an upcoming tv production based on the book. I can see that being done well, oddly enough. Hugh has facial expressions. Those will be easier to read than this damn thing.

    • This was a fantastic psychological thriller and whodunit. I enjoyed it way more than I expected.I bought it because my book club was reading it only I didn't finish the book in time and had a conflict so couldn't attend the book club meeting.But I sure am glad I read it. Nice twist during the climax, and the ending was awesome.Highly recommended!

    • J'ai commencé à le lire et l'ai abandonné en cours de route. Je n'ai pas réussi à accrocher à l'histoire, ni aux personnages et encore moins à la lenteur du roman. Dommage, j'avais pourtant déjà lu et apprécié d'autres romans de Kem Nunn.

    • Soon to be a new television series starring Hugh Laurie! Read my full book review and look at the upcoming show here: everythingnoir/2016/02/14/

    • Eldon J. Chance, MD, Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry, UCSF, School of Medicine is a forensic neuropsychiatrist who works with lawyers and attorneys, usually seeing patients only once. Going through a divorce, money going out faster than coming in, Dr. Chance considers selling his Printz collection. Carl, a neighborhood antique dealer, knew the pieces and mentions that replacing some missing brass would double the asking price if provenance could not be traced. Thinking of [...]

    • Neuropsychiatrist Eldon J. Chance is feeling his life slide slowly down hill when he meets Jaclyn Blackstone. His wife has taken up company with a personal trainer; his adolescent daughter, discovering boys, booze and rebellion, is furious that she may have to leave her beloved private school for public school; and the IRS has discovered what they consider to be irregularities in his past tax filings.His work consists of evaluating patients for attorneys, insurance companies or other doctors. He [...]

    • There is a clear divide between the reviews for this narrative; those enamored with Nunn forgive him his lapses of protracted imagery. Clearly, others find them both tedious and irksome. The epilogue is overly long and tiresome but the general arch of the story was well executed. Chase, midling in years, comes to know himself in extreme circumstance and is changed by the knowledge. Two themes are repeated and echo throughout; "history comes for the empire" and the "fragility of things". Both are [...]

    • I found the story got really tangled towards the end, and the protagonist went from being a self-involved, hesitant man to a man who was so incredibly tied up in his own head that I was distanced from the story.I picked this up because I really loved the one-season TV series, and I feel that was better than the book; the visual presentation and lack of a voiceover keeps readers from being shoved away from the story by Chance's internal monologue and philosophical ruminations.

    • If I didn't have a shelf full of other books I needed to read, this book could have held my interest. However, it was too slow. I didn't care for the drama, the interactions with the main character and other characters. I was waiting for the intrigue described on the book jacket but couldn't hang to wait any longer.

    • If you saw the first season of the show, you've pretty much read the book. The latter part of the book reads as though the author was racing deadline. Three stars only because the characters are interesting and the plot is novel.

    • Intense and disturbing. High end noir, a psychological thriller just this side of horror. No one is what they seem. Or are they? Very damaged characters who find some solace in each other.Dead on, palpable depictions of the San Francisco Bay Area!

    • I loved the readers voice. The books is so eloquently written and the story is dark as well as mysterious.

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