The Shepherd's Song: A Story of Second Chances

The Shepherd s Song A Story of Second Chances Shortly before suffering a tragic car accident Kate McConnell wrote the simple but powerful words of Psalm on a piece of paper to give to her wayward and confused son The Lord is my shepherd I sha

  • Title: The Shepherd's Song: A Story of Second Chances
  • Author: Betsy Duffey Laurie Myers
  • ISBN: 9781476738208
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Shortly before suffering a tragic car accident, Kate McConnell wrote the simple but powerful words of Psalm 23 on a piece of paper to give to her wayward and confused son The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want As she loses consciousness from her injuries, she wonders if she s done enough with her life.When a lonely dry cleaning employee finds Kate s humble, handShortly before suffering a tragic car accident, Kate McConnell wrote the simple but powerful words of Psalm 23 on a piece of paper to give to her wayward and confused son The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want As she loses consciousness from her injuries, she wonders if she s done enough with her life.When a lonely dry cleaning employee finds Kate s humble, handwritten copy of the psalm, it begins an incredible journey around the world, forever changing the lives of twelve very different people From a soldier wounded in Iraq, to a young Kurdish girl fleeing with her family to Turkey, to a Kenyan runner about to begin the Rome Invitational Marathon, the power of the ancient words begins to take shape in various ways, drawing us into these stories inexplicably linked by the passing of the psalm from one recipient to the next.Eventually, Kate s paper makes it back to its starting place, and she discovers the unexpected ways that God moves and changes lives through even our smallest actions.

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    • Betsy Duffey Laurie Myers

      Betsy began writing in 1990 and in the next 15 years published over twenty children s books, including a number of popular series Her books have been Junior Library Guild selections, Crown Award nominees, and have been nominated for state awards in over twenty states including the California Young Reader Medal, the Texas Bluebonnet Award and the Florida Sunshine State Young Reader Award As a licensed counselor Betsy has worked the last four years with homeless women in Atlanta Her passion is to use writing and story as a way of healing Betsy now writes with her sister, Laurie Myers, and their first book for adults, The Shepherd s Song, was published by Howard Books in March 2014.

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    • From King David's Psalm- Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd;I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousnessfor his name's sake.It doesn't matter whether you are a believer or not, but these strong, powerful lines can change a million lives so surprisingly and can bring you closer to the Lord, thereby believing him and in his ways. Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers, together known as the Writing Siste [...]

    • How is it that something that has always been such a part of my memory, my childhood, my adulthood, my personal journey mean so many different things to different people? Psalm 23. This book weaves together the stories of twelve different people in such a way that you feel like you are in that small moment with each character. Parts of the Psalm make way into the life of these characters in such simple ways that cause a change, a feeling, a thought,as though God just whispered it yet it was on a [...]

    • A beautiful testament to the power of scripture to touch and elevate the human heart. A finely-crafted story which follows the 23rd Psalm, written on a scrap of paper, as it circles the world, received by those who need it most.

    • What a fantastic story, , Kate writes Psalm 23,, The Shepherds Song, for her wayward son,, not longer after writing it, is involved in a car accident, , her piece of paper,with the psalm written on it,, travels around the world, , changing lives,, and comes back to Kate,, It is beautifully written, , and even though I am not overly religious, , I felt so uplifted reading this amazing book,, I was 32/100 to win a copy,, how do I know? it has a sticker inside,, now I pass it on,to somebody else Th [...]

    • Review originally posted at: godsdanceralwayz/Sister's Betsy Duffy and Laurie Myers novel The Shepherd's Song (Howard Books) follows a piece of paper with Psalm 23 written on it in a journey around the world. Each time it is passed along, whether intentional or not, a different line impacts another character's story. The journey of this piece of paper begins when Kate McConnell wrote and prayed over each verse for her son. She finds herself in a serious car accident and wonders if she's done any [...]

    • The Shepherd's Song follows a piece of paper on which the 23rd psalm is written. This piece of paper finds its way into the hands of 12 different people around the world, people who need spiritual help in some form or another. Each and every one of them finds comfort in one of the lines in the psalm, and gets a second chance in life, to move on and start again. Each story,though short, was well written,with a depth of beauty and meaning to it. Was it moving? Yes it was. Did I have a big lump in [...]

    • Even a piece if SAND can cause the GREATEST of avalanches! This book is that piece of sand.Amazing!If you have ever wondered if you have ever made some difference in your life, then you should definitely need to read this book. This books will make you believe that EVERYONE makes even the smallest dent in others lives.With each individual chapter, you will enjoy a story all its own, culminating in the assurance if one individual that she did make the world a brighter and more fulfilled place, an [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book as it's about the poem Psalm 23 - The Lord's Shepherd's. It takes you on a journey with a woman who asks God to please make her life mean something. She gives the Psalm's to her son. He forgets to take it out of his pocket when he takes it to the dry cleaners. Then the book takes you on a journey with the piece of paper moving from hand to hand and how it effects different lives with each verse.Each verse is a chapter in the book and what someone is going through as th [...]

    • Lovely bookEnjoyed every page and every story. well woven into a smooth pattern of lives connected by faith but seperated by world culture and distance . I give it 6 out of 5 stars. I won this in the contest and that was a lucky day for me.Not my usual type of read. I have already contacted folks to give it a read so we can "book Club" it in March. good job Writing Sisters. The Shephers's Song: A story of Second ChancesBetsy Duffey and Laurie Myers

    • This is definitely not my go to genre but I did enjoy this grouping of stories intertwined and connected by the 23rd Psalm.If you enjoy Dan Walsh or Mitch Albom or just need a quick pick me up of inspiration then this is the book for you.Or, if you're like me, a break from the murder and mayhem that you usually read.

    • As Kate McConnell is rushed into surgery, she vaguely remembers the car accident that brought her to where she is presently. As she tries desperately to piece it all together she remembers the fight she had with her son upon finding a note she wrote to him that simply contained the words of the 23rd Psalm on it. Tucked away in his coat pocket she had hoped that one day he might find his way to Jesus but once again he fought her constant efforts to remind him of his shortcoming in still remaining [...]

    • I was instantly drawn into Kate McConnell’s situation. She’s opened her eyes and notices she is in an ambulance. She hears the siren is blowing. What happened? Why is she here? Her body hurt why? Was this her time? Her brain was foggy.Kate wished she had more time to make an impact on people’s lives by sharing the good news of the gospel if her time on earth was over. She felt she’d not done well in this department of her life. The day before the accident she felt lead to neatly hand wri [...]

    • The Shepherd's Song is based on the 23rd Psalm. One Psalm that means so much to so many people. The book starts with Kate McConnell, a wife and mother, whose son fell away from God when he started college. Kate was constantly encouraging Matt and trying to help him find God again. On that fateful morning, Kate slipped a paper into Matt's coat pocket. On it she had carefully and meticulously written the words of Psalm 23. The paper was left in his coat pocket when she took it to the cleaners and, [...]

    • This book begins with several scenes from the perspective of Kate McConnell, and the scenes are made up of her impressions.Sounds: sirens and then doctors telling her to "Stay with them," and sights: worried faces of nervous paramedics and then hospital walls, and feelings: pain, and fog, and trying to fight her way up through itKate had just been freed from her car after an interstate pile-up. It had been a busy, snowy, yet happy day for her. True, life had been a bit difficult recently: Kate w [...]

    • 4.5 stars.Betsy Duffey & Laurie Myers' The Shepherd's Song is a beautiful story of faith inspired by the 23rd Psalm. Meant to help her son, Matt, find his way back to God, Kate McConnell's handwritten copy of the Psalm unexpectedly touches twelve different lives as it makes an incredible journey around the world. Each chapter in The Shepherd's Song is about a different person who finds personal meaning from one verse from the Psalm. Beginning with Kate taking comfort in the line, "The Lord i [...]

    • ***A story within stories of change and second chances***The "Writing Sisters," Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers, penned The Shepherd's Song, scheduled to release March 11th, around a prayer drenched Psalm from the Old Testament. It's an inspirational narrative of chance and change that "links lives and hearts with it's simple but beautiful message."The story begins with Kate McConnell, a wife and mother who regains consciousness to hear the ambulance medic give a "critical assessment" of her vital [...]

    • What a beautiful story.From the first few pages my heart was captured by the message of this book.Have you ever wondered if your life really makes a difference? I think we all have. This book will encourage you to believe that you are making a difference in ways and in people’s lives that you have never met or imagined.You will follow one piece of paper as it makes it way across the world and see how God’s Word can transforms lives. I love how each chapter is really like a short story all by [...]

    • I was lucky enough to have won this book through . I really enjoyed it. It was well written and very interesting. I enjoyed it very much. It really made me think about small things that can make a huge difference. I would definitely recommend this book to other people. It was also incredibly easy to read and I managed to read it in one sitting.There was not much about this book that I didn't like. Like I said, it was well written and interesting. The only negative aspect of the book was that the [...]

    • i was lucky enough to win this book from a good reads draw, so thank you very much to the person who ran the draw. mine is copy number 16/100 so hopefully one day it will go around and be read by another good reads readere shepherds song wasnt perhaps my usual choice of book but i really enjoyed it to the degree that i almost couldnt put it down. the lives of seemingly unconnected people are joined and touched by the 23rd psalm which was written and travelled around the world touching the lives [...]

    • This book is the first in a very long time that has made me stop reading halfway through because it was calling to me. By the end of chapter three I was in tears and struggling to keep reading on. I have always known that alot of people feel moved by the psalms but have never heard about it. This book has allowed me to gain a new perspective on the way we look at the verses in the Bible, and has encouraged me to find a verse that means as much to me as the psalm did to the characters in this boo [...]

    • To be honest I put off reading this novel because I wasn't sure what to expect. It's not a genre I normally read, but I must say it was wonderful.Ms. Duffey and Ms. Myers take the twenty-third Psalm and transform it into something even more powerful and touching by the stories they tell. I warn you, you will cry -- some happy tears, some not so happy, but it was SO worth it.I pray that I can touch the world for God half as much as Kate did. What a legacy.***I received this book from the author/p [...]

    • This wonderful work of fiction is a collection of short stories, each titled with a line from the 23rd Psalm. The stories all connected. A mother of a college student writes the 23rd Psalm on piece of paper and puts it in his jacket. He leaves the paper in his jacket. Then the young man working at the dry cleaners takes it out and gives it to someone. Eventually the paper travels through many people and many miles. Questions are in the back to promote book discussions. The cover is very beautif [...]

    • With concern for her wayward son, Kate McConnell writes the words of Psalm 23, folds the sheet of paper, and tucks it into the jacket pocket of her son. When that same jacket goes to the drycleaners, Kate fails to empty its pockets. Thus begins a trip around the world of her note for her son, changing the lives of twelve people. Duffey and Myers write excellent variations of characters, settings, and cultures. For those who read this book, many times twelve lives will be changed for the better. [...]

    • This is a beautifully written story about the impact each of us makes on the world, and I would highly recommend to anyone! As a non-religious person I worried that I would be unable to relate to the book but, although religion and God are obviously a major focus, beyond that the book's message was strong enough to make it relatable of those of other / no faith. All of us can make a difference, and help others along the way.

    • A well-worn slip of paper with the 23rd Psalm makes it's way around the world, miraculously touching lives forever. I love the way these 12 lives intersect with the verse. . .well crafted! Written by the "Writing Sisters" daughters of the well-loved Betsy Byars, children's book writer. Their goal is to write Scripturally inspired stories that touch lives, and they have done it!

    • Love the bookRead it in a couple of hours. I loved the meaning of the book. Making your life count for God and knowing that He does give second chances.

    • I found the shepherd's song to be all a bit to predictable, plus each story was to sort but I will pass this book on to someone how may appreciate it more then me

    • Very touching stories. Truly inspirational and a wonderful reminder to stop and acknowledge your blessings along with your trials.

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