Daylight In a small spectrum of the world is a city full of vampires and a very rare serum This serum allows a vampire to walk in the light of day The formula has been guarded for thousands of years and yet a

  • Title: Daylight
  • Author: Karli Rush
  • ISBN: 9781301688425
  • Page: 341
  • Format: ebook
  • In a small spectrum of the world is a city full of vampires and a very rare serum This serum allows a vampire to walk in the light of day The formula has been guarded for thousands of years, and yet a young female vampire from the north claims to have lived on the serum as if it is common place This can not be This must be dealt with.Mattie desires two things, gettingIn a small spectrum of the world is a city full of vampires and a very rare serum This serum allows a vampire to walk in the light of day The formula has been guarded for thousands of years, and yet a young female vampire from the north claims to have lived on the serum as if it is common place This can not be This must be dealt with.Mattie desires two things, getting Daylight back and Him Since mother dearest is no longer pulling her strings and she is now completely self reliant, she heads for a vampire city There she hopes to get the serum but she soon learns that she is being stalked and not by whom you think, like I have said before This is no ordinary vampire love story.

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    • Daylight : Karli Rush
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    • Karli Rush

      Karli Rush was born in the heart of Cherokee Nation and lives in its capital Her Native American heritage holds sway over her writing in many ways She has the patience of a brain surgeon operating under fire in a war zone You can chalk that up to her being the mother of an autistic kiddo With the passion of a starving artist, she writes The obsession to tell her tales have led her to write novels in the worlds of Dark Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, and Vampires She walks in two worlds, one grounds her and the other frees her imagination.

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    • What do you get when you cross a smoking-hot Grim Reaper with a sexy vamp vixen? This fun, steamy, unique gem that I enjoyed the hell out of!!"Youyou really are Death." "And you, Mattie, you are a Vampire." Graham counters with an intrigued realization. "That's why you didn't die."I give him a coy grin and add, "Don't you know, there's no death for the wicked." Mattie is a crass, angst-filled, sex-craving vamp who's not happy with the way things are going with her life. Her "mother" was useless, [...]

    • The author has once again taken a modern tale, added vampires, witches, lusty sensual scenes and twists that stimulate a reader's mind, along with the love triangles, the mysteries, the sacrifices, and so much more to create a wicked story. Which all lovers of the supernatural, paranormal and glimpses of vampires' world all will relish. This story is a gritty tale of a female vampire and the Grim Reaper, and they bond through suspenseful events. Mattie the main character is a young woman coming [...]

    • I was given this book in return for an honest review. Mattie seems like a normal teenager, she sneaks out when her mom is drunk enough to go hang with her friends at a party. But you soon find out that Mattie isn't normal, she's a vampire. When Mattie runs into a mysterious guy that gets her toes in a twist, she is bummed, because he is a reaper. He disappears and she runs away from home. Heading for the big city in search of the magical "Daylight" a potion that lets vampires walk in the daytime [...]

    • Totally different and unique! Mattie our main character seems like a "normal" girl. Normal teenage problems - hating on Mom. Her Mom happens to be a drunk. Hating on her life and drama. This is not the case She is different, she is a vampire. One night things come to a head, she takes off on foot into town. Go figure things cannot get better for our girl, nope enter one guy that makes you go whoa. One little snag. He is a reaper. As in the "grim" kind of reaper. Mattie is done and she is out. Of [...]

    • Daylight by Karli Rush is a supernatural story that mixes together vampires, the Grim Reaper, love, and a serum that allows vampires to go out in the daylight. It is an unusual story, but it works. Mattie is a vampire who is strangely attracted to Graham, the Grim Reaper. When she kisses Graham at a Halloween party, they discover each others secret. Mattie leaves town to go to Solace, a city for vampires, and find the Daylight serum. Mattie has some run-ins with the ruling vampire elite (who con [...]

    • I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I was pleasantly surprised by this story. Daylight introduces you to Mattie a seemingly young lady with typical angst. Until you realize she’s a modern day vampire with a penchant for Grim Reapers. Enter Graham. Bad boy with a soft spot for Mattie. He’s an intriguing character that I hope to learn more about in future installments.Mattie leaves small town life and her mother behind for dreams of Daylight and the big city. When she gets [...]

    • Daylight isn't your average vampire story, in fact the author has created this entire new world for vampires dealing with elders and different laws, so much so detail that it seems real. I felt as though I could live in this new world that the author has created so beautifully. Of course, I'd be a willing sacrifice for the vampires, they can drink my blood anytime. ;) A quote I found myself thinking while reading the book was "You know you're a vampire when your best friend is death."Think about [...]

    • Graham, what a sexy beast for the Grim Reaper. Even though his character is dark, he is still hotter than hell!Karli's inspiration for Graham. Let me just say Perfect choice.[image error]Source: weheartit via Liz on Pinterest

    • If you are looking for a Twilight vampire story then you have come to the wrong place, you will not find a glittering vampire here. Please DON'T take that the wrong way because I absolutely love Twilight. This vampire story is completely different and is not written for a younger audience. This story follows a young female vampire named Mattie. Mattie is on a quest for a serum that allows vampires to walk in daylight. Her journey finds her in a relationship with Death. He goes by the name Graham [...]

    • Mattie is a young Vampire, Graham is something else. When they finally meet at a party, it leaves both wanting more. Yet Mattie has had it, her Mommy Dearest is a Alcoholic and not up for mom of the year.Mattie sets out for a town she has heard of that has a Daywalking serum and is full of Vampires. While all along wishing she could see Graham. She is in for more then she bargained for. Set up as an escort Mattie not one to do what is expected of her. Mattie is learning that the Vampires are not [...]

    • “Velcome to the party, I vish you a vonderful time tonight.”This book would be a great gift for any paranormal fan, or for anyone who wants to lose themselves in a wicked love story. I enjoyed Karli’s writing style; her story telling is so well constructed with just enough romance, adventure and mystery to keep the reader attached to the story. The characters were so captivating and interesting that I quickly became invested in the story, feeling like I was right there with them. I really [...]

    • This is the first book I have read by Karli Rush and I have found another author that I will continue reading books from. Meet Matti who I really enjoyed. She has a "Take no crap from anyone" attitude! She's a teenager who has been turned into a vampire. She miss's walking in the sunlight and goes on a hunt for a serum that let's you walk around in the sunlight and she has had it once and wants it again!. She is in love with a hot wet dream kind of guy which would be great but he is the Grim Rea [...]

    • This definitely is a different vampire love story. I love how Mattie is the type that don't give a damnable and is certainly not gonna let anyone push her around. Even if he is a Monarch of the vampire city. Then you have Grahamahhhh Graham. I can only hope to die in the presence of that. I love how this story was well written and thought out. The characters were strong and made you pull for them. I do hope to see more from this story. And I know there is more coming from this talented author.

    • I could not set this book down!! When I reached the end I couldn't believe it was over I could of read about Mattie and Graham for a few more days yet maybe even longer. Everyone in their life time has that someone who just sets their blood on fire to even be in the same room with and in this case Mattie does that to Graham just as much as he does that to her. Such an odd pair to get together but it works something fierce and the sec gets pretty hot and steamy. I would read this again and reccom [...]

    • It wad a fun twist on the death and a vampire It also takes it to a new vampire romance, but not in the way you would think. I enjoyed reading it i just wish there was more detail in how everything looked and what the main characters were feeling. Thank you Karli Rush for giving me the chance to read your book, if you ever just want someone to read and review your stories i am always in nee of books

    • Daylight is a great book. I love how her stories make you feel like your right there in the story. Karli Rush is an amazing author, with any book she writes.

    • I was asked to ready Karli Rush's novel Daylight for an honest review.Summary:Mattie is a young vamp who shortly after being turned was given a serum allowing her walk in the daylight. After leaving home, she is on a mission make it to Solace, a vampire city, in order to get more of the serum. Along the way she is plagued by thoughts of the sexy Graham who just happens to have his own secrets.Liked:Vampire books have been done, but toss in Graham's secret and it becomes something original. Of al [...]

    • Free book for honest review. juliesbookreview Mattie is a vampire. She is young and gets around with her young friends. All she wants is to go to a party. Her "Mother", or creator has issues and Mattie is about done with her. When she finally gets to the party she meets Graham. He is different and she is intensely drawn to him. After a unusual encounter, she makes the decision to leave. Going to the town of Solace looking for a drug called Daylight, which will allow Mattie to not burn in the sun [...]

    • I don’t even know where to start this review. I think this book could have been great but it was rushed. There was absolutely no character development. Why on earth would these two be infatuated with each other? There is a brief moment where Graham explains his pull towards Mattie and that’s it. It’s so brief that it’s almost forgettable. I wish that the characters would have built more of a relationship. That way I could have justified their attraction towards one another. I have no pro [...]

    • this book was odd. I liked the premise but there was something missing that I just cant put my finger on. it felt rushed but it didn't, needed more back story but it didn't. I'm undecided if I will read the next one.

    • i found this book to be a bit dull and a bit predictive. if you read the summary on the back cover of the book, you pretty much don't need to read the whole thing.

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