Aura Aura couldn t imagine her life could get any worse until she woke up lost in time She knew what to do in her own time She even had an idea what she wanted to do with her life What was she to do lost

  • Title: Aura
  • Author: M.A. Abraham
  • ISBN: 978148239678
  • Page: 153
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aura couldn t imagine her life could get any worse, until she woke up lost in time She knew what to do in her own time She even had an idea what she wanted to do with her life What was she to do lost somewhere in an ancient world She has no experience with the lifestyle She can t speak the language She has no home All she has to her name is a few pieces of camping sAura couldn t imagine her life could get any worse, until she woke up lost in time She knew what to do in her own time She even had an idea what she wanted to do with her life What was she to do lost somewhere in an ancient world She has no experience with the lifestyle She can t speak the language She has no home All she has to her name is a few pieces of camping supplies, a few changes of clothing, and a pet snake She is determined to survive, and find a way back to her own time.Thorn is the Duke Vernon s right hand man He is a warlord, respected and feared by all who knows, or has heard of him He understands only two things One, you only get what you work for in life Two, you had to have faith in the things you believe With all of his heart and soul he believes that one day he will be sent his soul mate The one woman created just for him He has no idea who she will be He has no idea what she will look like or be like, but she will be his, and his alone.Can Aura learn to love a man who lived a thousand years before she was born Can Thorn teach a woman with no faith to believe that they are meant to be together

    • Aura - M.A. Abraham
      153 M.A. Abraham
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      M.A. Abraham Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Aura book, this is one of the most wanted M.A. Abraham author readers around the world.

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    • Five more shining stars for this book! Wish there was more stars!Wow! I've never read anything like this before. This book was absolutely INCREDIBLE, fascinating, amazing and freshing! It had everything, Everything! The story was amazingly complete, and unbelievably sweet, hard, exhilarating and had surprising twists and turns that will leave you amazed. It's well written. The couple in the book are very strong, Thorn is a warlord, a powerful one and well feared and respected. While Aura is unwa [...]

    • Aura had me in its grip from the very start! This is my first time reading anything from M.A. Abraham and WILL NOT be my last! She is an excellent story teller! Everything is written with such emotion and vivid detail that you find yourself unable to pull away for even a moment in fear you’ll miss out on what will happen next (yes I know it’s a book, but it is really that terrific!) Mysterious, magical, emotional, exciting, fun and romantic are just some of the elements you will experience w [...]

    • I love time travel romances. For me to give it anything under five stars should let you know that I found quiet a few things wrong enough that I could not ignore it. I really disliked the insistence that Aura had with not showing any feeling towards Lord Thorn. She saves his life in the beginning, and through out the story he has saved hers as well. She has the type of non caring family, with her step-father as the exception, that show her no love. And you would think she would appreciate someon [...]

    • I was given this book to read by the Author for an honest review and while it wasn’t what I would normally read I told her I would give it a try and I can honestly say I loved it!What a pleasant surprise Aura was. Right from the beginning she drew me into her story as she weaved the tail of an unwanted child. You wanted nothing more than to reach inside the story and give her a great big hug. Aura was the only child of a woman that didn’t want her, then when the woman marries a man with two [...]

    • Me ha gustado que estuviera narrado de una manera algo más creíble. La protagonista realmente sufre varios contratiempos en su viaje a través del tiempo y la manera de solucionarlos es muy realista. Por primera vez una protagonista se gana su sustento por sí misma sin depender de que el caballero de brillante armadura de turno la rescate y proteja. Aunque, por supuesto, también tenemos al caballero de brillante armadura, con un gran corazón y un amor bien grande que va detrás de ella.No l [...]

    • AURA by M.A.AbrahamAURA is a fantasy romance novel written by M.A. Abraham that focuses on a young woman whose need to escape the family will find her travelling back in time to a place that is familiar -yet not. Loved by her step-father and disregarded by her own mother, Aura will pack up her things and head into the unknown where she will awaken several centuries earlier, in a world run by feudal Lords and drunken menThe reader is taken on a journey that follows Aura as she endeavors to discov [...]

    • I really am just in awe. I love the Elven Chronicles and to be honest was sad I would have to wait till after Aura to get the next one but I read it straight through other than stopping for what couldn't be put off and I loved it. It was just awesome. Thorn is my new swoon material Tall dark and handsome. I loved Aura too she was perfect for him. All the secondary characters were great too. I went between hating and liking Duke Vernon. Sillgrim was realy swoon worthy too. The love scenes were st [...]

    • I think that Aura is my favorite m.a Abraham novel so far. Aura is a character that shows you that no matter the cercumstances she found herself in she always found a way to thrive

    • Find this review and more at Lusty Penguin Reviews!Seamlessly weaving time travel into a historical romance, M. A. Abraham writes an intensely emotional novel in Aura. Abraham’s beautiful and graceful prose drew me into this story.Born in the nineteenth century Aura is an unloved and unwanted daughter. After being humiliated by her mother at a party, Aura goes to her campsite to be alone. Much to her surprise, Aura wakes up in the Middle Ages. Aura uses her head as she learns how to survive in [...]

    • Aura is a wonderful new book by M.A. Abraham. It is separate from her wonderful Elven Chronicles. This was a terrific premise, with Aura living in the present, unhappy, and unloved. Then out of the blue she finds herself in the past, and builds a life for herself, using whatever knowledge she has from her modern day experience. Everyone learns to respect Aura, though they find her strange and different. Early on, Aura meets Thorn, a warlord, who could be King. Only she does not know who he is, a [...]

    • I really enjoyed M.A. Abraham's story, Aura. It is very powerful and deep tale of a young woman, Aura, who is very unhappy due to the lack of love she craves from her mother which is never freely given. This has repercussions in her dealings with facing her soul mate. She finds him in the distant past where she is transported back in time from the cave she takes refuge from the hurt heaped on her yet again by her Mother. She adapts and grows as she did all her life, she is strong, witty, but afr [...]

    • Awesome for a time travel book. Mary Ann shows us she is a diverse writer. I really like the character of Aura. For all the sadness of her childhood she was still able to help people and share her talents.

    • #Regret bookshelf #almostdidntfinish1.5 StarsI was giddy to read Aura, one, it was a time travel story which I clearly love; and two the synopsis was promising, it was something I would be able to enjoy just before I sleep. Overall was a good story and written all right but there were things that I find doubtful and lacking hence the 1.5 stars rating. Let me tackle the story. Aura was sent to the past (although it wasn’t elaborated how it really happen) when she went camping to a historical si [...]

    • I'll be giving this story a 2.5.The premise of this story drew me in, and it did have its nice points (I both love and hate the heroine; she's too perfect yet marvelously mysterious). But there were a number of things that really bugged me:1. inconsistencies in characterization.I could give you examples ad nauseum. For example, toward the end, the heroine suddenly agrees with a character about something that drives me BONKERS and is completely out of line with her character.2. strange emotional [...]

    • I'll admit I gave up only a fifth of the way in, but I saw no reason to continue. The idea of the plot was intriguing but the execution didn't work, not for me.I found the main character both too perfect and completely bland at the same time. She said she felt an emotion but she never actually did. The entire bit of the book looked amazingly to be almost completely made of 'tell' and not 'show', and to me it felt there was no depth anywhere and no great (or small, really) detail was given and mo [...]

    • I really enjoyed the setting and beginning of the story. I was very surprised with Aura choice of pet but it added a lot of spice to her already fiery character.However, the way she was treated, how women in general were viewed and used didn't sit well at all with me. I know it was a reality but the way it was presented in this book bothered me more than usual. Also the fact that Aura comes to love Thorn after the way he acted towards her, for no real reason but lust. I just couldn't totally bel [...]

    • This was a good read , it kept you interested at times I found the story too detailed where I would just skip. But I liked the fact that they showed the heroine independent and true to her nature . What I mean is sometimes you read characters whose characteristics and traits are described one way but the character itself does not show much of his or her character. Which was not the case in this book.We get a independent, intelligent, educated, strong Auradia-cache-ak0.pinimg/oriThen a strong war [...]

    • Aura I loved this book, I was hooked by the first page and thatdoes not happen very often. M.A. Abraham is a phenomenal writer and artist.I would recommend this book to all who are seeking an Adventure. 5*****

    • Very boring book, not written to my liking at all. The whole book feels stop-start, and I couldn't conect with any of the characters. Really did not enjoy this book at all!!

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