Rabbit and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf

Rabbit and the Not So Big Bad Wolf Rabbit is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf but the Not So Big Bad Wolf brings a delightful surprise

  • Title: Rabbit and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf
  • Author: Michaël Escoffier Kris Di Giacomo
  • ISBN: 9780823428137
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rabbit is afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, but the Not So Big Bad Wolf brings a delightful surprise.

    • Rabbit and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf BY Michaël Escoffier Kris Di Giacomo
      409 Michaël Escoffier Kris Di Giacomo
    • thumbnail Title: Rabbit and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf BY Michaël Escoffier Kris Di Giacomo
      Posted by:Michaël Escoffier Kris Di Giacomo
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    About “Michaël Escoffier Kris Di Giacomo

    • Michaël Escoffier Kris Di Giacomo

      Micha l Escoffier was born in France in 1970 He discovered his passion for writing and telling stories at a young age He lives in Lyon, France, with his wife and two children.

    655 thoughts on “Rabbit and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf

    • The not so-big-bad wolf is more terrifying than the Big Bad Wolf, in my opinion. (view spoiler)[It's a kid dressed like one of the wild things from Maurice Sendak's classic book, minus the mask.(hide spoiler)] All he wants to do is hug the bunny (think Elvira from Tiny Toon Adventures--yikes!!!), which is why he's not so bad. This book is short sweet and to the point: a narrator tells the bunny how to transform a chalk drawing of a Big Bad Wolf into a drawing of the No-So-Big-Bad wolf and the tr [...]

    • A A white rabbit learns the unique characteristics of the No-So-Big-Bad Wolf and attempts to hide from it when he hears it coming.This read aloud is funny and contain mixed media illustrations. I especially liked how the artist represented the scenes on the chalkboard; the way that subtle changes appeared was very well done.Recommended for PreK-2.

    • A slight storya good one for young children to test their being-brave skills with, though the rabbit never does look very relieved at the end!

    • Why did the WOLF catch him? I thought it was the BIG BAD wolf, but it was a [spoiler alert] person dressed up as a wolf.

    • Rabbit and the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf is a picturebook written by Michael Escoffier and illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo. A rabbit is asked if he knows about the big bad wolf. But after the rabbit draws his picture of the big bad wolf the narrator suggests some changes for a more accurate picture. Change after change is made to the picture, but then the wolf in question appears and it is time for the rabbit to try to run and hide. However, the rabbit is not very good at hiding, and despite the narrat [...]

    • The narrator of this book asks Rabbit if he is familiar with the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf. When Rabbit draws a picture of the wolf on his blackboard, the narrator guides him in making alterations until he has it just right. And that’s when the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf shows up and Rabbit must RUN and HIDE. He doesn’t hide very well and the wolf catches him. By the ears (No no no! You must NEVER pick a rabbit up by its ears!). And the Rabbit gets a big surprise.This is a goofy, but ultimately reassurin [...]

    • This nifty twist on the Big Bad Wolf story features Rabbit interacting with an unseen narrator who tries to inform him about the characteristics of the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf. The final scene after the chase is sure to amuse young readers even while reminding some of them of Where the Wild Things Are. The illustrations, created with mixed media and a blend of traditional and computerized techniques, feature chalk sketches of the Not-So-Big-Bad Wolf on a blackboard. The book could be used to encoura [...]

    • This book had a very simple storyline that was combined with simple illustrations. I thought the changes to the initial drawing of the big bad wolf were very realistic to an actual chalkboard drawing. I did enjoy the fine details that the illustrator included; such as, the rabbit poo and the changes in the rabbits facial expressions.

    • A laugh-out-loud story of a rabbit who's asked if he knows the not-so-big-bad wolf then proceeds to draw him on a blackboard. An unseen character corrects his drawing so on the next page you see, as you would on a real blackboard, the erasing and correction. And when he hides from the wolf hilarious!!

    • This is Where the Wild Things Are turned inside out. Escoffier and Di Giacomo have created a delightful picture book of descriptions, hide-and-seek, play-acting, and comfort in the face of fear. They've also portrayed the only rabbit poop in a modern picture book, as far as I knowI don't know how they got that one past the editors.

    • This book was very short and I liked the illustrations, although they do have a lot of neutral tones. It seemed kind of like an homage to Maurice Snedak's Where the Wild Things Are with the wolf suit and the illustration style. Overall, the twist was pretty obvious and there wasn't much point. Good for younger audiences.

    • Age: PreschoolAnimal: RabbitI loved the part where the narrator (being you) tells the bunny to draw the Not-so-big-bad wolf and the bunny draws the Big Bad Wolf. You then tell the bunny to erase certain aspects of the wolf (view spoiler)[ to turn it into a girl dressed up like a wolf (hide spoiler)]. Also, that page with the terrified bunny's expression is priceless.

    • The author was able throw a twist to the mind because of the "big bad wolf" character reference causing one to have expectations with the same outcome as another book from elementary school. it was a good book that I believe children and adults should be able to enjoy reading separately or together. good artwork too!

    • Little rabbit details the characteristics of the big-bad-wolf and leads readers on a journey trying to hide from this creature. The surprise ending will leave younger readers laughing and wanting more.

    • I didn't enjoy this book very much—it’s about a rabbit who is hiding from the Not So Big Bad Wolf who turns out to just be an ambiguously gendered child in a wolf costume who catches the rabbit and gives him a big hug.

    • This picturebook is not that funny but still it is fun to read. Like the author telling the rabbit how the monster looks like and then the rabbit finding out that it is his owner who just want to give him a hug.

    • I thought the illustrations were really cute in this picture book. This book would be good to read in between subjects, just to give the students a break. I think when the show the bunnies poop that that will be most children's favorite page.

    • Awesome line illustrations and text make this a GREAT book forgetting kids started on thinking and talking about some interesting issues - a child's own fears, scaring other people, or pet care. The little pellets of rabbit poop are SURE to come up in the discussion too ;-)

    • I love the art!!! I wasn't sure about the child scaring the rabbit so badly. My son got scared very easily. But it's charming!

    • It was a good book. It is great to show kids bravery, however, the rabbit gets a little too scared of the wolf.

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