As She Left It

As She Left It A Anthony Award Winner When she was twelve years old Opal Jones escaped her mother s endless drinking Now returning to their small Leeds cottage after her mum s death Opal feels like she s gon

  • Title: As She Left It
  • Author: Catriona McPherson
  • ISBN: 9780738736778
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • A 2014 Anthony Award Winner When she was twelve years old, Opal Jones escaped her mother s endless drinking Now, returning to their small Leeds cottage after her mum s death, Opal feels like she s gone back in time Nosey Mrs Pickess is still polishing her windows to a sparkle Fishbo, Opal s ancient music teacher, still plays trumpet with his band And much to Opal s deA 2014 Anthony Award Winner When she was twelve years old, Opal Jones escaped her mother s endless drinking Now, returning to their small Leeds cottage after her mum s death, Opal feels like she s gone back in time Nosey Mrs Pickess is still polishing her windows to a sparkle Fishbo, Opal s ancient music teacher, still plays trumpet with his band And much to Opal s delight, her favorite neighbor, Margaret Reid, still keeps an eye on things from the walk in front of her house.But a tragedy has struck Mote Street Margaret s grandson, Craig, disappeared some ten years ago, and every day he s not found, shame and sorrow settle deeper into the neighborhood s forgotten corners As the door she closed on her own dark past begins to open, Opal uncovers secrets than she can bear about the people who were once her friends.Praise Winner of the 2014 Anthony Award for Best Paperback OriginalWinner of the 2013 Gold ForeWord IndieFab Award for MysteryNamed one of KIRKUS REVIEWS Best Books of 2013 The creator of Dandy Gilver has produced a stand alone that is worlds apart, a fascinating, mysterious ramble you can t put down KIRKUS REVIEWS STARRED REVIEW.dark, absorbing, contemporary stand alone PUBLISHERS WEEKLY A captivating stand alone from the author of the Dandy Gilver mystery series BOOKLIST McPherson has crafted a tale that is both suspenseful and poignant I wanted to cheer for Opal one second and hug her the next EILEEN RENDAHL, AUTHOR OF THE MESSENGER NOVELS

    • As She Left It ¦ Catriona McPherson
      333 Catriona McPherson
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    • Catriona McPherson

      aka Catriona McCloudCatriona McPherson was born in South Queensferry After finishing school, she worked in a bank for a short time, before going to university She studied for an MA in English Language and Linguistics at Edinburgh University, and then gained a job in the local studies department at Edinburgh City Libraries She left this post after a couple of years, and went back to university to study for a PhD in semantics During her final year she applied for an academic job, but left to begin a writing career.These days, McPherson lives with her husband on a farm in the Galloway countryside, where she spends her time writing, gardening, swimming and running.

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    • 3.5 Opal left her home and alcoholic mother when she was twelve years old. There was much about that time that she did not remember. After her mother dies, Opal now nineteen returns to Mote street and discovers a mystery, a little boy had disappeared, around the same time she left. In this stand alone novel, there are three different, well maybe four different threads in which Opal finds herself involved. Many of the same people live on Mote street as where there when Opal first left and all the [...]

    • What originally brought this book to my attention and put it on my to-read list was that its author, Catriona McPherson, will be at Bouchercon this year, and I'm trying to read different authors that interest me before I attend. Then, the book's description intrigued me, promising to provide a mystery dark and deep. I'm happy to say that promises were kept, and I was well pleased with this novel. It is a story full of deeply buried secrets, some dating as far back as the 1940's. At the center of [...]

    • In As She Left It, Opal Jones left her alcoholic mother when she was twelve to live with her father and step-family in Whitby. After her mother’s death, Opal finds the old home - one half of a cottage on Mote Street in Leeds - is now hers, and she moves back. At first it seems the old neighborhood really is “as she left it” thirteen years ago. The Mote Street Boys in the corner house still play their gigs. Opal used to take trumpet lessons from one of them, Fishbo, who welcomes her back.Bu [...]

    • I found the description of As She Left It by Catriona McPherson intriguing. I. Had. No. Idea. If a good mystery has twists and turns, unwinding into a final conclusion, As She Left It. is a labyrinth, woven and knotted, folded over and entangled in barbed wire. Arriving to the conclusion is a dark and painful journey, requiring and engaging all of your senses, probably leaving a little of your blood in the barbs. On Mote Street, a heavy sorrow hangs over every house, threatening to choke whateve [...]

    • This novel is a stand alone mystery by a recognized serial mystery author. The subject material is adult and gritty. It should be read as such and you will not be disappointed in the least.A young woman, Opal Jones, finds herself back, thirteen years later, at the childhood home she ran from in Leeds, England, U.K. For the past decade plus, Opal has been sheltering in Whitby, having blanked out her past which we assume was quite traumatic and filled with alcoholism (mother's) and father's early [...]

    • I very much wanted to love this book, especially after having met the author last spring. I have not read her popular Dandy Gilver books so this was my first taste. The story--a twentyish,young woman returns to her dead mother's home after a long time away--grabs the reader from the first page. The mysterious atmosphere is palpable and the characters are equally mysterious. Years before a three-year-old disappears from Mote Street shortly after the main character Opal leaves her mother's home un [...]

    • I was intrigued by this story from the very beginning. Opal had such a strange situation from the beginning.I really enjoyed this book and once I got to the 35-40% mark I couldn't put it down.Opal's mother has passed away and she is somewhat lured back to her mother's home to take possession of it. Someone, wants her to take possession of her mother's house to keep anyone else from getting their hands on it and possibly discovering the secrets hidden within. Opal happens to buy a bed that is a m [...]

    • From the first page of Catriona Macpherson's AS SHE LEFT IT, I was sucked into the intriguing set-up and each chapter drew me further into the tangled web of Opal Jones' life. Macpherson is a masterful storyteller; her characters slowly reveal their secrets, from Margaret to Dennis to Fishbo and Mrs. Pickess, revolving around a vanished child ten years previous. Opal also gets involved in another odd situation, and all the threads are woven into a surprising end. A wonderfully rich novel set in [...]

    • Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/mini-revMysterious atmosphere, suspense palpable from the first page. Opal is an intriguing main character, and I felt for her, and all the hardships she went through. I enjoyed how the mystery slowly unfolded, and we figured out more and more about the characters. Solid mystery read.

    • This is a pretty compelling mystery but it also made me think that the book would be alot shorter if the hero just used the internet.

    • This took me awhile to get into. Then I had to reread the ending to make sure that I really understood everything that had happened.

    • Lame, but I finished it because I wanted to know the answer. Annoying protagonist, too many coincidences, too many stories in one book.

    • I really wanted to like it, to love it. The book had so much potential but it just fell flat for me. I loved the idea of what the main character was trying to do but I felt that the majority of the book was a lot of bla bla blaing .Gave it two stars because it wasn't that bad that I didn't want to finish the book. I think saying the it was "ok" is the best , shortest way to explain the book.

    • After reading many of the Dandy Giver books this was a little bit of a letdown. The idea of Opal Jones wanting to solve mysteries around her is intriguing as is her efforts. But the ending was way too rushed and confusing. It's as if she suddenly had to end it in ten minutes so she wrote it all down without rereading it. I liked it but it was a letdown.

    • i'm giving this four stars cos i was in the zone for so much of the book - but the end seemed rushed and i was all over the place, what? who? eh? - not the only book i've found this with i have to say but a juddering end to what was up til then an enjoyable read.

    • I read this book on the recommendation of a friend and because the author lives in Davis. I had a difficult time getting into the book, but half way through it, I became intrigued. The story lines seemed to come together at the end (I think), but I still remain a bit confused!

    • Good, quick read. I enjoyed how the main character reasoned out why all the neighbors react the way they do. I'm looking forward to other novels by this author.

    • I found the story hard to follow but it was well written and finally drew me in. This is my second Catriona McPherson book and I will read more.

    • Book #20 for 2014This is an intriguing story with an excellent sense of place and some very nice twists as well. This was a book club selection, and Catriona was kind enough to provide some discussion questions for us. I will post the questions here, but some of my answers are spoileriffic, so I may edit those drastically.1. There's an old Chinese proverb: "No coincidence; no story." But there's also an unwritten rule of mystery writing: "One coincidence, in the first half of the book, and it ca [...]

    • Not the best I've read, but a strong effort. I was definitely engaged and interested in reading to the end. However, I wouldn't seek out other books by McPherson.Chap One 21 July 2010 Tuesday: It's all connected. Everything's joined to everything. You think you can keep things out of your head, if you concentrate hard. You think your brain's in charge. And then blammo! From nowhere, one little thread starts to fray, one little rock gets lifted, and the light shines in. That's when you know it's [...]

    • I don’t read mysteries and write crime fiction because I love a puzzle. I don’t care whodunit, even though keeping the reader guessing is an honorable part of the job. I read crime fiction/mystery for surprising and original writing style that shows experience, reflection, and observation on the part of the author. Mysteries that aren’t just harmless fun, because there’s too little fun when it gets down to it, at least for many people and many societies. And there’s no need to ironical [...]

    • By: Catriona McPhersonPublished By: Midnight InkAge Recommended: AdultReviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: 4Book Blog For: GMTAReview:"As She Left It" by Catriona McPherson was a drama with good mystery thriller read, that once you got into the story it was hard to put down. We find that Opal Jones has come back to claim her childhood home that is located on 'Mote Street after the death of her mother from alcoholism. A part of this mystery was that "On Mote Street, a heavy sorrow hangs over every hou [...]

    • I am conflicted about the rating for this book. I am between 3 and 4 stars, but realistically it is maybe 3 1/4 or 3 1/2 stars. It started slowly, and it took quite a while to really grab me. I actually picked it up and put it down several times of a few days before the narrative pulled me in. Once it did, however, I wanted to read it straight through and the images and feelings it evoked stayed with me after I finished. Opal (the protagonist) left her alcoholic and seemingly unloving mother whe [...]

    • More reviews on my blogThis is an astonishing work of fiction.It's so good it's almost impossible to talk about it without reverting to advertising-type nonsense. Spellbinding, disturbing, emotionall devastating. There, that's my urges in that direction dealt with.It's the prose that really gets you. It is perfect for the book - imaginative and descriptive, using the language that the main character would have available to use. Good prose is very difficult to talk about - it can be tricky to des [...]

    • A young woman returns to her childhood home after the death of her alcoholic mother, from whom she's been estranged for many years. She learns that during her absence, 10 years earlier, a 3-year-old disappeared while in his grandparents' care. The protagonist, Opal Jones, gets a job assembling home deliveries for a grocery store, and cleans up the house. For unexplained reasons, she decides to look into little Craig's disappearance and two other mysteries. The weaving together of the three inves [...]

    • This was a free book I received from Left Coast Crime Monterey.This author is our mystery reading group author this month.I have read book one in the Dandy Gilver series and another stand alone set in Scotland.This one is set in Leeds and involves a twenty five year old woman named Opal who returns to the neighborhood where she grew up after her mother's death. She has a past, and it is slowly revealed during the course of the novel.While she was gone a four year old boy had gone missing and nev [...]

    • A NICE TRIP INTO A MADE UP PLACE. For some reason, the improbabilities and coincidences of this book, a barrier for many, it seems from the reviews here, didn't put me off. This is my second McPherson book and I enjoyed it even more than "The Day She Died."I'm not enamoured of the title, a nailing jelly to the wall kind of moniker, I think, which doesn't really illuminate anything. That's just to find something I didn't like, maybe, as I like her characters, especially the main character, Opal, [...]

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