Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind: The Complete Series

Nausica of the Valley of the Wind The Complete Series Box Set Book Book Nausica of the Valley of the Wind is an epic fantasy tale written and illustrated by legendary Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki creator of My Neighbor Totoro Spirited Away

  • Title: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind: The Complete Series
  • Author: Hayao Miyazaki David Lewis Toren Smith
  • ISBN: 9781421550640
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Box Set Book 1 Book 2 Nausica of the Valley of the Wind is an epic fantasy tale written and illustrated by legendary Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki, creator of My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Howl s Moving Castle A modern masterpiece, the entire series is now available in this deluxe box set containing two hardcover volumes with interior color pages Box Set Book 1 Book 2 Nausica of the Valley of the Wind is an epic fantasy tale written and illustrated by legendary Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki, creator of My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away and Howl s Moving Castle A modern masterpiece, the entire series is now available in this deluxe box set containing two hardcover volumes with interior color pages and a bonus poster.

    • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind: The Complete Series >> Hayao Miyazaki David Lewis Toren Smith
      428 Hayao Miyazaki David Lewis Toren Smith
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    About “Hayao Miyazaki David Lewis Toren Smith

    • Hayao Miyazaki David Lewis Toren Smith

      Hayao Miyazaki was born in Tokyo on January 5, 1941 He started his career in 1963 as an animator at the studio Toei Douga, and was subsequently involved in many early classics of Japanese animation From the beginning, he commanded attention with his incredible ability to draw, and the seemingly endless stream of movie ideas he proposed.In 1971, he moved to A Pro with Isao Takahata, then to Nippon Animation in 1973, where he was heavily involved in the World Masterpiece Theater TV animation series for the next five years In 1978, he directed his first TV series, Conan, The Boy in Future, then moved to Tokyo Movie Shinsha in 1979 to direct his first movie, the classic Lupin III The Castle of Cagliostro.In 1984, he released Nausica of the Valley of Wind, based on the manga comic of the same title which he had started two years before The success of the film led to the establishment of a new animation studio, Studio Ghibli, at which Miyazaki has since written, directed, and produced many other films with Takahata All of these films enjoyed critical and box office successes In particular, Miyazaki s Princess Mononoke received the Japan Academy Award for Best Film and was the highest grossing about US 150 million domestic film in Japan s history until it was taken over by another Miyazaki work, Spirited Away.In addition to animation, Miyazaki also draws manga His major work was the Nausica of the Valley of Wind manga, an epic tale he worked on intermittently from 1982 to 1994 while he was busy making animated films Another manga, Hikoutei Jidai, was later evolved into his film Porco Rosso.

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    • For me a no doubt 5 stars.Fantastic artwork-(who needs color with line work like this)Great story about life after an environmental disaster and the will of the human spirit/natural world to persevere.10/10

    • Every bookworm preaches the same words: "If you liked the movie(s), you'll really like the book(s)". Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, however, takes this old adagio to an entirely new level. The movie captures but a sweet breeze of what this hurricane of a story really is.We follow Nausicaä, a young girl who is far stronger than she is willing to acknowledge. She gets to witness death, suffering, desperation and destruction, but manages to always remain hopeful, even when her attempts to do [...]

    • What a heady experience. I'm still reeling from taking it all in (I read the second compilation volume all today), but dang girl, what a masterpiece. This somehow had all of my favorite things: fun, adventure, fascinating characters, deep worldbuilding and lore, fantasy/sci-fi vibes, philosophy, ecology, friendships, politics, ANIMALS YAAAASokay you get the pointUm also it is GORGEOUS SO YEAHTHERE IS THAT

    • An almost impossibly solid, broad, sweeping epic that reads something like a classical mythology for the deity of nature. It borrows from literary, religious, fantasy, war chronicle, and science fiction traditions, and makes something more beautiful than all of them. The film "adaptation" (used loosely, as the film covers a mere fraction of the story of the manga, and poorly) did a serious disservice to the depth of character, history, and plot packed into these thousand pages. I couldn't put it [...]

    • Wow. Just wow. This comic has to be one of the greatest things I've ever read. I don't mean to hype it up too much, but I was personally blown away.I've seen the Miyazaki Nausicaa movie, and I loved it. But what is great about this comic is that the format allows for the story to go much deeper, a deeper exploration of the themes (humanity, our relation to nature, environmentalism, the lust for power, etc), and a deeper immersion into the world. There is also more nuance and subtlety in regards [...]

    • BOOK 1I must be getting old. The days of carefree and breezy, effortless reading are gone. These days you find yourself stumbling through tiny oddly spaced chunks of rest between office work and the rest of your life. My progress with this book has been slower than I'd like. But would you abandon something like this?The great days of civilization have passed. Half the land is covered with the Sea of Corruption and an evil miasma floats up, choking whatever life it touches. Hordes of Ohmu and oth [...]

    • A sprawling, unique post-apocalyptic story. Even if you've seen the movie of the same name, do yourself a favor and read this, Hiayao Miyazaki's most significant work of manga. To be clear, this isn't a perfect story. When I say it's sprawling, I mean that literally. It just sort of flows outward from its beginning. It starts strong and ends strong, but there's a whole lot of sprawl in the middle that felt a bit unnecessary. The art is gorgeous as you would expect from something hand-drawn by Mi [...]

    • "Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind" is one of my favorite movies ever. So it is with great humility that I say that I like the manga 20 times better than the movie. It's the most beautiful story I've ever read. I actually got goosebumps reading some parts. I would definitely put it in my list of top five favorite novels.The plot and character development are far deeper and complex than in the movie. The environmentalism and spirituality takes on much more meaning. It has an interesting Dune-vibe. [...]

    • Adoro as personagens principais das histórias de Miyazaki. São fortes, determinadas e corajosas - e muitas delas mulheres. Nausicaa não é uma excessão. Uma história incrível sobre a natureza humana, e a relação com a saúde do planeta e o ciclo natural das coisas. Nausicaa é uma princesa de um reino pequeno, mas próspero que vai à guerra em nome do império, mas descobre na guerra as motivações de cada parte envolvida (que são várias), percebendo que nenhum deles está completame [...]

    • Wow. Literally won't be able to think straight for the next month. More detailed analysis needs to be done.whatthegell.wordpress/201

    • So, it probably took me longer to read this than it should have, but I was determined to slow down and enjoy the artwork. There is so much detail in these books, even in the proposed biology and ecosystems. I feel like I should list a few points of interest. 1) This is nothing like the anime. I think I read somewhere that the anime is basically 1/5 of the manga, but that's not quite right, it's more like the anime and the manga use the same characters to the deliver the same message of environme [...]

    • I didnt finish this series, but dont let that totally discredit this review. Hayao Miyazaki is a very talented person; I love his work. Nausicaa is at times a charming story, and, as is usually the case with Miyazaki, the art is high quality.However, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, to me (of course to me), is pretty obnoxious. For one, Nausicaa's displays of selflessness towards any living creature becomes less and less interesting as the story progresses, and the situations she finds hersel [...]

    • I recently said that the omnibus edition of Azumanga Daioh was the best release I'd ever encountered in terms of a manga series translated into English. I was so wrongThe box set of Nausicaä blows any other release out of the water. It's a boxed 1200+ page set in hardcover with beautiful details, a list of translations of various sound effects, and much more. My copy came with a lovely poster in addition to a huge number of great prints bound within the actual books. Both volumes feature sewn b [...]

    • 'Our lives are like the wind Or like sounds. We come into being, resonate with each other Then fade away.'I really shouldn't be surprised at how much I enjoyed this book, but I guess it speaks to Hayao Miyazaki's immense talents that he can still surprise me. The man is a master. One of the most intensely creative minds that I know of, and up until now I had consumed his work only in his animated films. Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl's Moving Castle Yeah, you've probably heard of him. Ha [...]

    • Nem vale dizer que é a melhor coisa que eu li esse ano. É dos favoritos da vida toda. Complexo, longo, épico e todos as personagens tem arcos bem bons. A melhor coisa que o Miyazaki já fez. Na estante da casa dele o Oscar que ganhou por "Viagem de Chihiro" é aparador pros 7 volumes disso aqui. Tem o anime e tal, mas pelo que lembro achei ele ok. Muito por causa do tempo. No desenho é tudo muito pá-pum, linear. No quadrinho tem toda uma complexidade, a sensação de se perder mesmo e nisso [...]

    • Miyazaki proves yet again that he is the most creative world-builder to live since Tolkien (I'm sorry Rowling/Martin fans). I know Miyazaki would shy away from this title, especially in light of the fact that he's voiced doubts concerning his ability as a Manga artist. However, even in light of this he's still managed to create work that not only supersedes all of his contemporaries by a large margin, but inspires them to follow in his footsteps. Never before have I seen a Manga handle themes of [...]

    • Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind is simply amazing. There is a lot I really love about it, but by far the best part is its role as an environmental story. Most stories in this vein will paint one side as wholly good and the other completely bad. However, in this series, Neither side is painted as good or bad, and are both seen as humans with their own set of morals. I find this so interesting and dynamic to read, and even at the end, I'm not sure who I should have rooted for. My only criticism [...]

    • I first read this about a decade ago, and I had forgotten how the story has such strong environmental and philosophical themes. I was also surprised at how gruesome some of the battle scenes were drawn, and the brutality was not held back. I have the seen the animated film long ago as well, and I remembered there are big differences in the story, and not surprisingly, I'm sure the film omits much of the violence that is in the source manga. Rather than getting the individual volumes, I had purch [...]

    • My god that was such a beautiful and enriching reading experience that I am always going to cherish. This is one manga I see myself coming back to soon and re reading it because there is so much good to absorb from this wonderful story. I love the female characters in it- as Miyazaki proves really knows how to write them well. I absolutely adored Nausicaa and she is one of the best female characters I have read about in a long time. I will say my few qualms with this manga is that it can get a b [...]

    • Absolutely stunning art with a deep and meaningful story to complement it. A must read for any fan of Studio Ghibli and manga in general. The Ohmu and Teto are definetly my favorite characters, just to mention that. Nausicaä is sent to the war front and since she is to be the new leader of the clan answers the call of their alliance. Yet they were sent on a suicide mission and Nausicaä manages to save the men from her village only to continue on her perilfilled quest to save the world and unco [...]

    • I've been waiting to read a story like this for a while. A story of conflict that is resolved via non violence and ends with the sins of the past being left there. It's amazing this came out so long ago, but I can definitely see that this inspired several works after it.

    • A co-worker actually introduced this manga to me. First, I watched the Animated movie. I wasn't too thrilled about the ending. It seemed unfinished and just a weird place to end a movie, so, I looked into the manga and sure enough, I was right: it was unfinished and there was more to the story than the movie could or would show. This manga provided so much more, where I was able to actually get into the story a lot more. Of course I could have done without the deaths of certain characters and fu [...]

    • Holy cow I finished it. Two thick dictionary-sized hardbacks. And yet I could continue reading about Nausicaa.I love pretty much everything Miyazaki has done but this one stuck in deep and early in my discovery of him. I'd only read a few of the collections previously, enough to get beyond where the animated movie ends but nowhere near where the story is completed.Now I can say I've read the full story and just, man. It touches on so much. On his usual themes of technology versus nature, compass [...]

    • Ok, so this book actually came in two volumes for the boxset. Because it is ridiculously thick otherwise. I finished the first volume on 9th May 2016. I have loved the Studio Ghibli film ever since i was a kid, and of course, the music. I never actually knew it was a manga (ok, i don't think i even knew what manga was back then) in high school, year 8 or 9 when my friend C.L told me that she had the manga in her house, and that the movie actually cut out SO MUCH because it actually spans 7 volum [...]

    • These books are awesome. I loved the movie "Warriors of the Wind" when it came out in the eighties, and even more so the more complete version, "Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind" that came out about 20 or so years later. I was realizing that this world is what first interested me in dystopias, and this is exactly what I've been looking to read the last year or so, with its complex world, characters, and history.I got this set for Christmas over a year ago, and while I loved to occasionally ta [...]

    • Hayao Miyazaki's acclaimed manga deserves all the praise it's garnered. Spoilers will follow.The story is immersive, poignant and humbling. It depicts the harsh reality of a broken world where humanity attempts to survive in a place polluted by the technology and poisons of their ancestors. Rather than being a simple story with good and evil clearly defined, it refuses to provide easy answers. Time and again, people originally presented as villains are presented with sympathetic aspects and hero [...]

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