Bink and Gollie: Best Friends Forever

Bink and Gollie Best Friends Forever All righty then Celebrate the tall and short of a marvelous friendship with a new Bink and Gollie adventure Gollie is quite sure she has royal blood in her veins but can Bink survive her friend s qu

  • Title: Bink and Gollie: Best Friends Forever
  • Author: Kate DiCamillo Alison McGhee Tony Fucile
  • ISBN: 9780763634971
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All righty, then Celebrate the tall and short of a marvelous friendship with a new Bink and Gollie adventure.Gollie is quite sure she has royal blood in her veins, but can Bink survive her friend s queenly airs especially if pancakes are not part of the deal Bink wonders what it would be like to be as tall as her friend, but how far will she stretch her luck to find ouAll righty, then Celebrate the tall and short of a marvelous friendship with a new Bink and Gollie adventure.Gollie is quite sure she has royal blood in her veins, but can Bink survive her friend s queenly airs especially if pancakes are not part of the deal Bink wonders what it would be like to be as tall as her friend, but how far will she stretch her luck to find out And when Bink and Gollie long to get their picture into a book of record holders, where will they find the kudos they seek Slapstick and sweetness, drollery and delight abound in this follow up to the Geisel Award winning, New York Times Best Illustrated Children s Book Bink and Gollie, written by the beloved and best selling Kate DiCamillo and Alison McGhee and brought to hilarious life by Tony Fucile.

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      354 Kate DiCamillo Alison McGhee Tony Fucile
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    About “Kate DiCamillo Alison McGhee Tony Fucile

    • Kate DiCamillo Alison McGhee Tony Fucile

      Kate DiCamillo, the newly named National Ambassador for Young People s Literature for 2014 2015, says about stories, When we read together, we connect Together, we see the world Together, we see one another Born in Philadelphia, the author lives in Minneapolis, where she faithfully writes two pages a day, five days a week Kate DiCamillo s own journey is something of a dream come true After moving to Minnesota from Florida in her twenties, homesickness and a bitter winter helped inspire Because of Winn Dixie her first published novel, which, remarkably, became a runaway bestseller and snapped up a Newbery Honor After the Newbery committee called me, I spent the whole day walking into walls, she says I was stunned And very, very happy Her second novel, The Tiger Rising, went on to become a National Book Award Finalist Since then, the master storyteller has written for a wide range of ages, including two comical early chapter book series Mercy Watson, which stars a porcine wonder with an obsession for buttered toast, and Bink Gollie, which celebrates the tall and short of a marvelous friendship as well as a luminous holiday picture book, Great Joy.Her latest novel, Flora Ulysses The Illuminated Adventures, won the 2014 Newbery Medal It was released in fall 2013 to great acclaim, including five starred reviews, and was an instant New York Times bestseller Flora Ulysses is a laugh out loud story filled with eccentric, endearing characters and featuring an exciting new format a novel interspersed with comic style graphic sequences and full page illustrations, all rendered in black and white by up and coming artist K G Campbell It was a 2013 Parents Choice Gold Award Winner and was chosen by , Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, and Common Sense Media as a Best Book of the Year.

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    • "Good news, Bink," said Gollie. "I have made an extraordinary discovery.""I'll be right over," said Bink."Good news almost always means pancakes," said Bink. Seriously. Do y'all understand how much I love Bink and Gollie?

    • Before you open this book you must find someone to read it aloud to, or find a young reader to read it to you. Why? As Bink & Gollie know, laughter is better with a friend. Bink and Gollie are back in their third book. Though they may not always see things eye to eye (I mean, Bink is a great deal shorter than Gollie) they always realize being friends is the most important thing in the world-- even more important than pancakes or princesses. Tony Fucile's lively illustrations expand upon the [...]

    • Received a copy from NetGalley.The hilarious duo are back in their latest adventure Best Frriends Forever. Vivid and lively colored illustrations throughout the book capture the antics of young girls who are best friends. The storyline is well written and Kate DiCamillo does not disappoint. Young girls will be able to relate to Bink and Gollie as they have either done some of these things or will be inspired. Older children and adults will reflect on what they have done. A great read!

    • I'm not sure anything will ever top "I Lost at Whack-a-Duck", but I remain forever and always a Bink & Gollie devotee. No duo can top their true devotion, hilarious use of language, and Bink's enthusiasm for peanut butter, crazy socks, and life in general.

    • I wrote this about the first book Bink & Gollie on in 2010: "great words, fantastic illustrations, and a sweet friendship. and the daughter absolutely loved it (even at age 10)." The series is proving consistent, though I haven't asked N what she's thought of them of late. Best Friends Forever is the third collection of stories.In “Empire of Enchantment,” the prospect of being royal goes to Gollie’s head and threatens the sort of give & take she and Bink have established. Gollie a [...]

    • Bink and Gollie return in their third book of escapades as best friends. The first of the three stories in this book has Gollie wondering if she might have royal blood while Bink is much more interested in pancakes. The second has Bink worrying about being short and buying the incredibly complex Stretch-o-matic that requires “excessive assembly.” The third story has the girls wondering what collection they should start to get a record in Flicker’s Arcana of the Extraordinary. In all of the [...]

    • I love this series! Seriously, completely, infatuated. Not only are the characters delightful, but they are genuine and not afraid to be themselves. The plots in these short stories are simple and yet profound. I'm always amazed when authors can tell stories of depth in so few words and in this case, mostly through text. In this, the third book in the series, Gollie and Bink face some interesting dilemmas. First, Gollie discovers she is royalty and decides not to fix pancakes any more which shoc [...]

    • Step asideI'm using my gray matter.So far, DiCamillo is the only author I've found who writes this type of book for kids. Books with witty, intelligent characters who use equally intelligent language. With phrases like "well-nigh impossible" in use, how can I not love this? It's the 3rd in the Bink and Gollie series, and consists of three short stories:* Empire of Enchantment * Gollie decides, based on her family history, that she is royalty. She goes on progress throughout her kingdom, but Bink [...]

    • Nothing can separate best friends Bink and Gollie, but when Gollie thinks she might have royal blood in "Empire of Enchantment," one of three stories in the book, Bink finds her exceedingly annoying. But ruling a kingdom can be exhausting and lonely as Gollie discovers. The second story, "Why Should You Be Shorter than Your Friends" focuses on Bink's desire to grow taller, a desire that prompts her to purchase a Stetch-o-Matic. The third story, "Kudos, Bink & Gollie" follows the two friends [...]

    • We really enjoyed this one. Great detailed imaginative pictures, it captivated my 5 yr old as well as my 3 yr old twins. Took us a bit to figure out they both were girls but in the end it was obvious. All three of my boys enjoyed this book even though its main characters were girls. The stories were something they each could relate to and yet not easy to guess the ending, which made it more fun. Although it was a chapter book, there weren't really enough words to make it a stand alone reader, ma [...]

    • These books are very cute (both the writing and the illustrations), but if you think about them even a little, they're strange. They take place in a world without parents, where kids have their own houses, always have spending money, cook for themselves, light candles, whatevs. (Also, in this alternate universe, the inventor of peanut butter is not George Washington Carver, for some insane reason. The character who loves peanut butter has a portrait over her mantle labeled "the inventor of peanu [...]

    • While my favorite Bink and Gollie adventure will always be the carnival, I know that children will enjoy revisiting the two best friends in their latest book.

    • Booklist (March 15, 2013 (Vol. 109, No. 14))Grades K-3. Ah, best friendship. Short, wild-haired Bink and tall, neat-haired Gollie epitomize its ups and downs. In this sequel to Bink & Gollie (2010) and Bink & Gollie: Two for One (2012), DiCamillo and McGhee once again cleverly merge early reader, graphic novel, and picture book into a delightful ode to an unlikely duo. In the first of three short chapters, Gollie, looking through an old family album, finds a picture of crown-wearing Aunt [...]

    • Alright so finished this cute little book because I thought it was the award-winning first book in the series but it turns out our library has the third copy only and so I read it in about fifteen minutes and am only recording it in the middle of reading and writing because I like records of my books to cut down on rereads and help with recommendations LOLOkay so this little cute "chapter" book follows two adorable friends who apparently live alone and do their own thing but hey. Gollie is the t [...]

    • Bink and Gollie was one of my younger son's first independent reading books. Simple text and illustrations make it good for beginners. The characters are appealing, as are the simple stories of friendship.The stories use "said" in all the dialogue tags, so they could be used to teach students to use other words to convey how the dialogue is said.

    • A patron just told me that she's really excited to read this book so I read it and oh my gosh. It's like part Calvin and Hobbes and part two girls on roller skates being best friends. BRB going to read the other ones.

    • Cute!Working my way through random Kate DiCamillo books because she did an event with my library system/was at Books By The Banks.

    • These are on the sophisticated end of the beginning readers, but for astonishing dialogue, amusing vocabulary and a friendship that can't be beat, they are not to be missed.

    • I’ve enjoyed getting to know these friends. They are quite different but always have fun adventures. Love these books for vocabulary choice!

    • It’s always a pleasure when you discover a new character(s) with whom you can fall in love.For the full review: twobookwormsblog.wordpress

    • Bink and Gollie: Best Friends Forever by Kate DiCamillo and Alison Mcghee is a book with three smaller stories, or episodes, within. This book is part of the Bink & Gollie series. The first episode of the book is called, "Empire of Enchantment." "Empire of Enchantment," begins when Gollie figures out some exciting news about one of her ancestors. She takes this news to heart, and begins to walk around and act like a queen. Bink,does not appreciate the way that Gollie acts while pretending to [...]

    • Bink and Gollie are back, with three new stories celebrating best friendship. In "Empire of Enchantment" Gollie begins acting like royalty when she sees a picture of a queenly relative in an old photo album, but Bink refuses to acknowledge her until she comes to her senses. In "Why Should You Be Shorter Than Your Friends? " Bink laments being so much shorter than Gollie, and she orders herself a contraption that will supposedly help her to grow, despite Gollie's practical knowledge that this is [...]

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