The Body in the Vestibule

The Body in the Vestibule Satisfying her hunger for epicurean adventure in the French provinces small town caterer and minister s wife Faith Fairchild decides to throw the perfect dinner party But during cleanup after the las

  • Title: The Body in the Vestibule
  • Author: Katherine Hall Page
  • ISBN: 9780380720798
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • Satisfying her hunger for epicurean adventure in the French provinces, small town caterer and minister s wife Faith Fairchild decides to throw the perfect dinner party But during cleanup after the last guest has departed her gastronomical triumph, she encounters something neither expected nor welcome a dead body lying in her vestibule Unfortunately it doesn t help la beSatisfying her hunger for epicurean adventure in the French provinces, small town caterer and minister s wife Faith Fairchild decides to throw the perfect dinner party But during cleanup after the last guest has departed her gastronomical triumph, she encounters something neither expected nor welcome a dead body lying in her vestibule Unfortunately it doesn t help la belle americaine s credibility when the corpse vanishes before the local gendarmes arrive But Faith realizes that, though the police refuse to take her seriously, a killer just might And if she doesn t get to the bottom of this fiendish French conundrum, Faith s recent successful feast could end up being her last.

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    • Katherine Hall Page

      Katherine Hall Page is the author of fifteen previous Faith Fairchild mysteries, the first of which received the Agatha Award for best first mystery and the most recent of which, The Body in the Snowdrift, was honored with the Agatha Award for best novel Page also won an Agatha for her short story The Would Be Widower She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and son from the publisher s website Series Faith Fairchild Christie and Company Mystery

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    • Faith Fairchild, her New England minister husband Tom and their toddler Benjamin get the opportunity to spend a glorious month in Lyon while Tom does research. Faith, once (and future) caterer, naturally adores the fresh, delicious Lyonnaise cuisine, and she soon befriends the local grocers, her neighbors — and even les filles de joie (prostitutes). Indeed, it is one of them who gives Faith a warning after a homeless man is found dead. No. 4 in this smart cozy series proves as irresistible as [...]

    • Excellent. Faith can be quite the snob, however, especially when it comes to food. I will read the next one, recommend!

    • I love a good mystery, but this wasn't one. I picked it up because I love France where it is set. The premise is good - a clergyman's wife embroiled in a mystery while on a working sabbatical in France. The story moves very slowly, however, and I found myself skipping pages to get through. I hardly ever totally quit reading a book.

    • I continue to be charmed by these rather unusual books that seems to me to be a perfect cross between a cozy and a rather gritty murder mystery series. This entry has Faith, a gourmet chef and former successful NY caterer and her minister husband Tom in Lyon, France with their 3 year old son. Tom (a charming and vastly underused character, in my opinion), is in France to continue research for a theological degree. Faith, as has become de rigueur in this series, discovers a dead body-- this time [...]

    • Faith Fairchild Mystery #4 is set in Lyon Fr. where Tom is doing research to finish his doctoral dissertation, while four month pregnant Faith cares for three year old Be, shops daily for fresh foods form the open air markets and while taking out a he smelly remains of bouillabaisse at two in the morning, discovers a clochard (tramp) in the garbage bins in their apartment building’s vestibule. Again a well hidden mystery with many angles to solve it. Thank goodness for inspector Michel Ravier [...]

    • While this series is cute and entertaining and usually gets at least 3 stars from me I was beyond disgusted with little Miss Faith this go round because she is pregnant and yet she blithely risks her life and hence the life of her unborn baby chasing murderers. You know what, Faith? Your primary responsibility is to the baby in your womb. Let les gendarmes handle the murders this time around. Okay? Got it? Good.

    • not as good as the others in this series; Faith needs her usual cast of characters around her to bring out her best; this one is set in France which leads to a lot of descriptions of the food but the characters are very one dimensional

    • I might have enjoyed this book more if I had any knowledge about France or the French language.This author often has so many characters in her books that I have trouble remembering who is who.

    • Absolutely wonderful, except for two completely incongruous moments (the f-bomb and a totally unnecessary masturbation scene).

    • Fourth in the Faith Fairchild amateur sleuth mystery series where the Fairchilds are off to Lyon, France.My TakeAbsolutely lovely as the tale creates an enlarged French family for Faith, Tom, and Ben of dinner parties, teas, and le pique-nique. When not socializing, Faith and Ben are exploring les marches, creating mouth-watering meals. In between, we live France in its apartments, city streets, and people. I do envy Ben and his opportunity to learn French.Being Faith, we encounter murder leadin [...]

    • Didn't like all the French words and food nonsense, and the culprit(s) were pretty darn obvious. At least Faith was better with Ben this time, acting like a mother should rather than like she couldn't stand being with him. Just an ok read though.Note: I've read this entire series up to The Body in the Attic, and the best rating I've given any of them is 2 stars, which is sad and says a lot about the series. I kept reading because it really has potential but it never lives up to it, so save yours [...]

    • Nice little cozy mystery. To keep things fresh, our heroine, Faith Fairchild, her husband Tom and child Ben are in Lyon, France. Tom has an opportunity to do a fellowship which will help him complete his doctorate of divinity. Faith, gregarious one that she is, has been meeting people and making friends while learning more and more conversational French. She has invited several friends over for dinner, which was of course delicious. However, she awakens in the middle of the night bothered by the [...]

    • I certainly picked the right book to read as my first Katherine Hall Page novel. This book takes Faith Fairchild, her minister husband, and their small son to live in Lyon, France for a short sabbatical. I've loved books in which families go to live abroad ever since a non-fiction book calledCornflakes and Beaujolais captured my interest in junior high. I'd previously avoided Page's books because the uniformity of titles (they're all called "The Body in the ) and inclusion of recipes (after the [...]

    • My introduction to the Faith Fairchild series, this volume is set in France as Faith, her husband an child spend a month in Lyon where her minister husband is to give a few lectures in return for the opportunity to do research at the university there. The mystery starts when she finds the dead body of a street person in the vestibule of their apartment, then it disappears. I found the book a little slow-paced but the mystery is solid, and what kept me riveted were the mouth-watering, drool-induc [...]

    • I honestly don't know why I read Katherine Hall Page's mysteries, other than the fact that she went to Wellesley and I am hard up for new mystery series. I don't think her books are very good, and Faith Fairchild is a rotten sleuth. I gave this book four stars only because Faith finally gets a clue in this book and figures out the crime (after three books of bumbling around like an idiot), though of course only after she has been kidnapped and the villain has already halfway confessed. She's no [...]

    • The Body in the Vestibule, I picked this one up out of order. I was somewhat hesitant due to the fact that the sleuth (and main character) was a minister’s wife. I was afraid that it would have heavy religious overtones, but it didn’t. The mystery takes place in France, I loved the setting and it was very well done! The mystery was full of twists and turns and lots of characters. Well written and the pace of the plot was steady. The only criticism was that it was slightly dated (some politic [...]

    • Some appealing french cultural and culinary aspects to this story set in Lyon. This was not my favorite due to the very long, dangerous denouement and the extensive explanation of everyone's roles and motivations at the end. These should have been part of the build up and not required many pages after the resolution.

    • Faith and her husband get to spend a week in France while he works on some research. Faith finds the body of a homeless man that disappears before anyone else can see it. I normally really enjoy this series but this one wasn't my favorite. The mystery itself was fine but it annoyed me when the author kept throwing in French words and sometimes I didn't remember what they translated too.

    • I didn't like this book as much as others I have read in this series--partly because it is set in France and contained many French words with no translation or explanation. Also, the only familiar characters are Faith, Tom, and their son Ben--the many others are new. The mystery was interesting but late getting started.

    • This time around the Fairchild family travels to Lyons, France so that Tom can do some research and, of course, so Faith has a chance to find a dead body.This isn't the best cozy mystery series ever, but I like the Fairchilds. I especially like the descriptions of living in France, the culture, cuisine, and customs.

    • This is the fourth in a series featuring Faith Fairchild, caterer and minister's wife in rural Massachusetts. She's now in France, where her husband is spending a month doing research for his doctorate, but her penchant for finding bodies has followed her.The setting is interesting but the overly detailed descriptions are detrimental to the story, making a good mystery unnecessarily slow.

    • Another culinary cozy mystery following Faith Fairchild, small town caterer and wife to the local minister. In this installment Faith and her family travel to Lyon, France on vacation and discover murder once again at their doorstep. Easy, enjoyable read with lots of great culinary details on traditional French cuisine.

    • Another enjoyable mystery in the Faith Fairchild series. Equal to my interest in the who-done-it aspects is my liking for the wonderful descriptions of her latest vacation destination - this time: Lyons France. Part travelogue, part cheerleader for local foodstuffs, recipes and ingredients.

    • This is probably my favorite of the Faith Fairchild books that I have read. I totally enjoyed the descriptions of France and especially the food. I like a lot of detail in my books and think that 3 or 4 paragraphs describing a cheese is totally reasonable!

    • Very exciting story. It was good that her child was not with her when she was kidnapped. Pretty believable but once again there were a lot of characters to keep track of. And as I do not know French some of the meaning of the words escaped me.

    • Enjoyed the setting, as we are planning a trip that will include Lyon. But not much to recommend the book outside of that.

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