Destiny Bewitched

Destiny Bewitched Samantha a witch from the wrong side of the tracks would do anything to save her younger sister from the Underworld Games even join the supernatural gladiator style event Her hope lies in the only

  • Title: Destiny Bewitched
  • Author: Leia Shaw
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 323
  • Format: ebook
  • Samantha, a witch from the wrong side of the tracks, would do anything to save her younger sister from the Underworld Games, even join the supernatural gladiator style event Her hope lies in the only good demon in the realm, Geo.Even with those wicked horns, Geo is as hot as the hell she s stuck in But fighting nasty beasts to the death is nothing compared to falling inSamantha, a witch from the wrong side of the tracks, would do anything to save her younger sister from the Underworld Games, even join the supernatural gladiator style event Her hope lies in the only good demon in the realm, Geo.Even with those wicked horns, Geo is as hot as the hell she s stuck in But fighting nasty beasts to the death is nothing compared to falling in love with a man who has no future to offer.

    • Destiny Bewitched By Leia Shaw
      323 Leia Shaw
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      Leia Shaw Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Destiny Bewitched book, this is one of the most wanted Leia Shaw author readers around the world.

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    • Fantastically written! Destiny Bewitched is the fourth book in the "Shadows of Destiny" series by Leia Shaw, and I hadn't read any of the other books. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the story, and would be missing key elements, but I wasn't. I was able to jump into the book head first and keep up with everything that was going on. It's part of a series, but stand-alone enough that you can pick it up and read it without reading any of the others first and not be lost.Destin [...]

    • Leia has done it again. Another great book in an amazing series. I received an arc copy of this book and did a happy dance when it came. I knew the chances were good that it would be great and it so was. One of the many things I like about Leia's series is that each female character is very different from the others. She does not use a cookie cutter when she writes the characters and it makes each book a joy. Here are some of the many things I liked about this book:*Samantha is a strong woman. S [...]

    • Destiny Bewitched by Leia ShawMy rating: 4 of 5 starsThis is one of those surprises I occasionally get when I read a book that I expected to be mundane or boring and find it to be enthralling and addictive. Destiny Bewitched by Leia Shaw was a thrill ride almost form page one, it starts with a bang and then becomes a struggle to free Samantha’s sister with the help of a less than enthusiastic support of a “demon” (a term he denies many times) named Geo. This book brings many similarities t [...]

    • I've had the pleasure of receiving all of Leia Shaw's novels for review. I totally LOVE the Shadows of Destiny Series! For me personally I feel that each book is better than the last and Destiny Bewitched is by far the friggin' best of all the other books in the series!!Leia has grown as an author and this novel proves it. :) Destiny Bewitched is sexier racier (if that's even a word?) than the rest (besides for For the Love of Harmony, where Leia introduces a light 'throw me on the bed and tie m [...]

    • Oh my this book was beyond amazing. Witch romance at its best. This book was downright magical. Lots of action, smoking hot romance, thrilling danger and a snappy dialogue that keeps you turning the pages in excitement. Leia Shaw writes unforgettable secondary characters that help make the story pop. I love how the other characters in the series always make an appearance. Sam and Geo were perfect for eachtother. Sam is a witch coming into her own. Shes witty, loyal and passionate. Shes able to m [...]

    • I was anxiously awaiting this latest Destiny book and I wasn't disappointed. Leia Shaw is such a talented writer and each book gets better and better. This is one of my favorites because the main character, Sam, is so funny and witty that I laughed out loud throughout. This story started out dark from the beginning and the focused attitude of Sam and the commitment that Geo made to her made for a storyline that I couldn't put down. Sam is a witch that is still learning her craft and with her lit [...]

    • Destiny Bewitched sucked me in from the first chapter.Samantha's character was a great mix of tough yet vulnerable. Her ability to kick butt with a sword but still be emotionally vulnerable was awesome. Geo, too, was a joy to read. He's the total package. Strong, smart, and loyal. Always great qualities in a hero ;)Overall it was a great romance with huge doses of action,love,sex,heartbreak and ultimatley an absolutely wonderful happily ever after that I'm always looking for. I look forward to s [...]

    • Complete review to come. to give a snippet of what I thought, I would have to say that this was a very good paranormal romance story. Leia adds a blend of humor and deep emotion that make the romance addicting.

    • Angeline's review posted on Guilty PleasuresI have fallen in love with Ms. Shaw’s Shadows of Destiny series. I cannot get enough of the world she has created. Destiny Bewitched (Book 4) by Leia Shaw definitely has her magic touch and does not disappoint. There’s action, there’s suspense, there’s sex and there’s love. What more could you ask for?Samantha (Sam) is a witch who is still learning her powers. Geo is a demon living out his sentence in the Underworld. They both are a means to [...]

    • Sam is a witch. Her family has been beating, abusing and neglecting her for years. Nikki her younger sister, who Sam has protected and loved where her family has failed. Nikki has been kidnapped. She knows her fathers debt to a secret underworld fighting ring, is why she was taken and so Sam heads into the underworld. Geo, a half demon demigod, stumbles across a girl being attached by 3 werewolves. She is holding her own but knows she can not win against the 3. He says to himself keep your head [...]

    • This review was posted at Under the CoversDo you know what the formula for grabbing my attention is? A sexy demon (that is not really a demon) with cute, strockable horns *grins* that is also very alpha + a witch with a lot of heart and strong even though her powers are not at her best levels and all with good sense of humor.I've enjoyed every story I've read in this series, but this is probably my favorite so far. Samantha goes into the Underworld to rescue her sister Nikki. Coming from a famil [...]

    • This 4th book of the Destiny series is so good that I was annoyed when I had to put down my Kindle to go back into the "real world". I was so entranced in the lives of Geo and Sam and everything they went through.Two words come to mind immediately when I think of this book: very intense - The characters, the plot, of course the sex, and even the ending- very intense… and in a very good way.I loved the characters and, although I read a lot of erotica, I was happy that Geo and Sam didn’t fall [...]

    • 3.5 stars "I really liked it". This is short and it's the fourth of Destiny series. I've read all of them. Nothing original but this is basic PNR + HEA formula. That is faint praise, but look, it's not trying to fool you into thinking this is something MORE it's a good little story and series. Geo looks as if he is a demon with his horns but in fact he's an exiled member from the God Realm. He has been banished to the Underworld realm (akin to Purgatory I guess) for punishment. He sees a beautif [...]

    • Book #4 of the "Shadows of Destiny" series. Samantha, a witch, travels to the Underworld to save her sister Nikki and is attacked by werewolves. She's saved by demon/non-demon Geo who agrees to help her find her sister in exchange for a favor. They travel across forests, deserts, and mountains until finding where Nikki is being held. Problem is they'll have to win Nikki's freedom in a marathon fighting club contest against some dirty fighting paranormal creatures. Where the losers usually end up [...]

    • I was excited to read this book when Leia gave it to me. I couldn't put it down and had to read it all at once. I even dreamt about Samantha and Geo!Who doesn't love a story with witches, werewolves, demons, and much much more of the underworld characters. Samantha is very funny and she MAKES you really get into this story! I always had a smile on my face! And Geo *sigh* he is such a smartass but its the bantering between the two makes you fall in love with them. After going to the under world g [...]

    • Sam decides to save her sister by fighting in the Demon Games, but first she has to survive long enough to get there. Strangely she meets a demon named Geo who wants to help her. Long story short, they fall in love because he doesn’t want to be a demon and she is a witch. Of course there is a lot more to it than that, but you’ll have to read for yourself.This is such a romantic book. I loved that Geo was willing to give up everything for her. The idea that love can conquer all isn’t a new [...]

    • Who knew the Underworld could be romantic? It's just what Samantha and Geo need to get the spark started. Samantha is a headstrong and determined leading lady. And when you match her up with a dominating and stubborn leading man, things just keep getting more and more interesting. In Samantha's quest to rescue her sister, she finds Geo to be so much more than she expected. She is a breath of fresh air to Geo, and who couldn't use one of those after living in the Underworld. Things really heat up [...]

    • Loved it!! Very Highly Recommended!!I started this series with book 3 (didn't know it was a series).Then move on to this book 4. I didn't think it can get any better than book 3, but it's just as great, if not better!!It has All my favoritesPossessive, Protective Alpha HeroKick-ass HeroineExplosive ActionAnd during all that, there's heart-wenching tender moments (I cried).It does Not have any of my Pet PeevesTSTL HeroineToo much DramaDragged out Angst due to lack of communication (hate this)Dull [...]

    • Love this series but this was not my fav. The book seemed too short, not enough of the snappy banter Ms. Shaw does so well, and the hero and heroine were too 'cute'. On the plus, this is not a series killer at all. It felt like I was reading one of those short stories that are part of a collection of themed love stories pulled from a bigger plot. I don't see the characters from this book doing anything in the future other than being a few more bodies for the good guys. They don't have any skills [...]

    • This book is totally not something I would pick up to read. However I am so glad I signed up for the tour and a read/review. As I have stated before I like to read books that are outside of my comfort box. Well this one did not let me down.I love how the author intertwined the plot with humans and demons. The tension between Sam and Geo is wonderful. They want each other but then they don’t want each other.I apologize to the author, readers and tour company. I am stuck in a rut on writing my r [...]

    • I really liked this book. Leia's character, "Sam" was someone I could really relate to. Her dialogue was so today, full of sharp sarcasm and spunky attitude. Loved her. And then there is Geo He's totally HOT what more can I say. This book is full of adventure and smoldering love scenes that keep you turning those pages.

    • Leia Shaw's stories just keep getting more wicked (good wicked, not bad wicked) and fun and exciting. I can't wait for the next Destiny Forgiven!

    • How frustrating it must be to a self-published author to put your heart and soul into a book and get entirely 4/5 star ratings and then have some nob comes along and rate it 3 stars. I can hear the screams now "Don't you know how important a high rating is to get the book out there. WTF are you doing to me!!".However, I am not giving it 3 stars to be mean or to cause issues because let's face it, I love Leia's writing. I love her humor. I love the world she has created. I love the passion she ha [...]

    • An alpha demigod and a stubborn, sassy, and sexy witch who doesn't have complete control over her powers. What could possibly go wrong? Samantha heads into the Underworld to save her younger sister Nikki, who's been captured and Samantha will do anything to get her back. Literally anything. Geo saves her from a pack of werewolves and offers to accompany Samantha, hoping to get in Gaia's good graces and can return top side. On their way to the Underworld Games, the sexual tension grows as they fa [...]

    • The Underworld was filled with all sorts of dangerous and evil creatures. So much so that my mind would get a bit bogged down with them. But I always focused on Geo and Samantha and their goals and they kept my mind clear. They were fun to watch as they sparred verbally back and forth. Sam was a tease and she constantly tried to dig at Geo's ego. As they traveled their journey together, he found himself getting closer emotionally as he protected and cared for her. This story was extremely action [...]

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