When Souls Collide

When Souls Collide Tossed off the Golden Spur with nothing but the clothes he was wearing and his newborn son Riley Stuart contemplates his life He gave up everything he knew to come halfway around the world to find thi

  • Title: When Souls Collide
  • Author: N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington
  • ISBN: 9781608206193
  • Page: 356
  • Format: ebook
  • Tossed off the Golden Spur with nothing but the clothes he was wearing and his newborn son Riley Stuart contemplates his life He gave up everything he knew to come halfway around the world to find things don t always work out like you planned On her deathbed his wife outs him to her family her very bigoted family.Noah Johnson finds a naked man and infant in his barn.Tossed off the Golden Spur with nothing but the clothes he was wearing and his newborn son Riley Stuart contemplates his life He gave up everything he knew to come halfway around the world to find things don t always work out like you planned On her deathbed his wife outs him to her family her very bigoted family.Noah Johnson finds a naked man and infant in his barn What are they doing there, and where did they come from In the course of helping Riley get back on his feet somewhere along the way he felt their souls collide.

    • When Souls Collide - N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington
      356 N.J. Nielsen/ Saddington
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      NJ, is just an ordinary person that has a million stories in her head that she needs to get out and share with the world I began writing at the age of Twelve with a book Called Admetus Gaea Untamed World which I have only recently just found and am almost finished writing it I love reading anything, and I have worked my way through a few over the years My own writing features it all from the paranormal preternatural, fey, demons human I start with just a picture or a title and sit back as the M M stories unfold I do not plot, preferring to write in Utter Chaos I was raised in Gladstone, Queensland and now live in a small country town with my family.

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    • Terrible."But, Erin," you say. "It has cowboys and babies!"Terrible, I say again. Exhibit A: One MC calls the other "Boo," not because that's a common thing to call another but because he's small and scared-looking.Exhibit B: (pg 77, nook version) "He was a very good hand, but an accident as a child had caused him to be very mildly retarded." Um, no, not the R word. Developmentally disabled, cognitively disabled, difficulty with cognition - I don't care what you call it - just don't use the R wo [...]

    • Question: What is the stupidest thing an openly gay man could do? Answer: Move to Texas and marry a woman - Blurb on AllRomance and amazon -This book is written on an assumption that Texas is a bigot state that no gays should ever be there. Some interesting facts:- One of the main m/m publishers is located in TX (guess which one!)- Several m/m authors, including gay men, live in TXI'm not Texan, don't have any relative there or ever lived there. I just wish authors don't use stereotypes about pl [...]

    • Another case of a good idea being poorly told. There is no depth to this story at all. It feels like there was no real thought put into the plot, rather it reads as if it was made up as it went. The writing style is very simplistic and in my opinion childlike. A lot happens quickly and is dealt with just as quickly, and finally everything is tied up with a nice pretty bow. 2 stars, 1 for the idea and 1 for the cover.

    • Review posted at The Armchair Reader.I was excited to read this story after having reviewed and enjoyed this author's recent novel release, Rules Are Meant to be Broken (reviewed here). Instead, I didn't connect with this story, which was a bit of a disappointment for me.The story starts with Riley being kicked out of a car with his infant son Kai into the pouring rain. Riley doesn't know where he is, other than in the middle of nowhere, the baby is crying and hungry and wet and cold. All Riley [...]

    • A nice and sweet novella, as it should be considering there are babies involved ;-) this is the story of Riley, a young gay man who accepted to help a girlfriend who was pregnant and single; Riley moved from Australia to Texas to marry Karen and adopts her baby, but he didn’t plan to remain a single dad: Karen dies just weeks after the baby is born and her family tossed off Riley and the baby right away.A desperate Riley finds shelter in Noah’s barn, and when Noah discovers them, Riley has g [...]

    • SPOILERS: 3 stars. I definitely liked One last kiss goodbye better than this. That was a 4.5 to 5 for me.This was a sweet and beautiful love story where sweet caring pretty boy underdog is rescued by studly prince charming who is also secretly a multi millionaire. My main complaints with this one? 1. More people should have gone to jail! Did that Mike who just picked and left with the baby go to jail for kidnapping? The Golding family that threw him out with the baby should have been arrested fo [...]

    • *Le sigh*2.75This story was such a disappointment to me. I was excited about it because it's COWBOYS and BABIES. Two things that I love, but this story was not something that I ended up loving.Riley's an Australian who's been kicked off of the ranch of his dead wife's family. Now Riley and his newborn son have nowhere to go, no money and no prospects. The family's driven him to the middle of nowhere in the middle of a cold and rainy night. Dramatic right? I know but I was sticking with it becaus [...]

    • Had to add a star for that adorable cover. Story didn't really work for me. Too much suspension of disbelief (which I can usually go along with, but for some reason, couldn't do it with this), one character was too weepy and the other was to good to be true. But, damn, that cover is cute!

    • Read on 10-22-13Way too unbelievable for me to get into :( (view spoiler)[1. Riley has a cold that requires bed rest for over a week. I don't know what kind of cold he had, but, sorry, if you're a parent you have to get off your ass to take care of your kid--sick or not. I get that he had Noah there, but he didn't even KNOW him. 2. Too much drama--kidnapping, evil woman, evil ex-brother in law, evil ex-in-laws.3. Noah comes out and hardly anyone reacts. Ummm a small town in Texas? Seriously. 4. [...]

    • ONE & A HALF STARS-- The plot and idea was very original, the execution was weak. The story tried to make a stand against homophobia and racism which is always great but Riley (on of the MC) could have easily been confused as a woman. And the alludes to "stuff" when describing condoms and lubrication didn't help either. Also the 'country' talk of the supposed Texas locals was laid a bit too thick.And I loathe extraneous crying, albeit from men or women.

    • This was a short, but sweet read.As is so common in the shorter stories, there was insta-love and things seemed to all happen very quickly. But the MC's were cute and while there were a lot of extra characters hanging around it didn't get too confusing.And, another bonus point in this books favour, often in a short story (okay it's a shortish story lol) there seems to be a lot of sex in comparison. This book avoided that, for which I am grateful.

    • Ugggdidn't finish this one. Got to about 65% before I had to stop. I sorta-kinda hate pet names and how overused they are, and this was a classic example of just that. I started getting really tired to seeing "Boo" every time Noah spoke. And who has a cold that bad? The plot seemed all over the place and didn't care for some other aspects of the story either.

    • I apologise, but I couldn't even finish this. Poorly written, too many gaps in the story, horrible dialogue I apologise, but I just couldn't. The summary looked extremely promising though, so I hope maybe one day the author might think of re-writing this.

    • more like 1,5some things in the story were just too convenient : (view spoiler)[just like the presence of the police and Noah nearby when the culprit is talking about the arson (hide spoiler)]

    • 2 points again for the cover, but the story didnt work for me. This story was all over the place. i felt like the author was going and then and then and then.

    • This hit all the marks needed but I still wasn't thrilled. Just Meh. I didn't feel the connection between the Aussie Riley and the cowboy, Noah. Characters ALWAYS have voices in my head and this was NOT the deep baritone needed for a cowboy but rather some nerdy guy fr BEST BUY. (Truly, no offense meant to nerds OR best buy.) I really liked the premise, just wanted more believability. If it had been longer??

    • Riley is having a very bad day. His wife’s body hasn’t even been laid to rest and her family has already decided that a gay son-in-law and a Eurasian grandson are not welcome in their home. Without a backwards glance, Riley and his son, Kai, are dumped on the side of the road…in the rain to fend for themselves. Thousands of miles away from Riley’s native Australia, with fifty-seven dollars and some change and the clothes on their backs.I really enjoyed When Souls Collide. If you haven’ [...]

    • I am a huge fan of babies and cowboys, and that part of the book I enjoyed. But there were a few too many things that bothered me, and perhaps it was due to the length, I’m not sure. 2.5Maybe my biggest problem with this story was that when Riley and his baby are kicked off the Golden Spur ranch in a rain storm by the sadistic family of his deceased wife, they have nothing. Little money, no bags, nothing. He is from Australia, so it isn’t like they figured he would get picked up right away. [...]

    • synopsis:riley moved from australia to the US to marry his friend and provide the baby that she was pregnant with a father. as she was dying, she outs him to her family, who kick him and the bi-racial baby off the land with whatever money he had in his pocket and nothing else. as it starts to rain, riley attempts to make it to one of the other ranches that he knows is around the area, and ends up in a barn. when noah and his sister discover the baby and riley there the next morning, noah takes h [...]

    • Overall I enjoyed this book.However, there were a few things that jarred. The cold Riley had was unbelievably incapacitating, requiring Noah to carry him to the john, bath him, etc. Even people with pneumonia can stumble to the bathroom, and if they can't, they belong in a hospital. Also, I couldn't accept that 24 hour in a cold rain would make Riley sick so fast. But, the basic story is quite well written, the characters interesting, as well as the peripheral characters. I loved the baby stuff, [...]

    • I really hate giving negative reviews. I really liked the idea for this story but the writing was so bad I had a hard time finishing the book. Some of the dialogue was really cheesy and just bad. The story was very predictable and some of the stereotypes and dialogue was offensive. It is just really poorly written and reminded me a bit of fan fiction. But it isn't very long, so if you like this kind of story and you don't mind predictability or cheesy dialogue . . .

    • This was short and sweet. I liked it, the baby was cute and the MCs were really sweet, and it was a nice quick read. The one thing I really did not like was all the bad-mouthing everyone did about Karen. She was the baby's mother and she just died a tragic death and all everyone else says is what a whore she was or what a bad mother she would have been. Overall, it was an okay book but nothing too exciting or memorable.

    • A solid 2.5. There was potential. The story was rushed and amateurish at times, but the characters were sweet. Fleshed out and giving the characters a little more depth would take it a long way. A little more tension wouldn't hurt either. Everything was resolved quickly and end's were tied up in summary.

    • When riley was outed by his dead wife to her family, He was kicked out by the parents with his son. With no where to go in the rain with crying baby, he finds shelter in in an barn who later is found by noah, they help riley and his son to health later both guys start having feelings. it sweet and finally both guy there happiness they both always wanted.

    • I loved this bookThe characters were very real and I felt every bit of the pain Riley felt at being abandoned by his homophobic and racist in laws.I don't want to give anything away but I honestly think this a heart warming Father's Day read.

    • Noah and Riley were absolutely wonderful together and this was such a touching story. I was so shocked with Mike too Kai in the store that I had to stop reading it for about 10 minutes and get my emotions under control before I continued. Loved this story!!!

    • Lovely short story! I wish it was longer!And BTW the baby???Sooooo freaking cute!I recommend it to readers searching a lovely romance. With babies!:-)5 stars

    • When souls collideI really liked this book the characters worked well together and just picturing the baby you know he was super cute the only thing I that was out of place was the nickname boo every time it was said I cringed it was just all wrong.

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