One Last Lie

One Last Lie She s demonic and evil a wicked she devil you ll love to hate in this riveting psychological thriller that reviewers say is gripping heart wrenching and holding my breath suspenseful Angela is beau

  • Title: One Last Lie
  • Author: Rob Kaufman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s demonic and evil, a wicked she devil you ll love to hate in this riveting psychological thriller that reviewers say is gripping , heart wrenching and holding my breath suspenseful.Angela is beautiful and charismatic on the outside But on the inside, a demon rages, determined to get anyone and anything she wants And now with her biological clock ticking, she seShe s demonic and evil, a wicked she devil you ll love to hate in this riveting psychological thriller that reviewers say is gripping , heart wrenching and holding my breath suspenseful.Angela is beautiful and charismatic on the outside But on the inside, a demon rages, determined to get anyone and anything she wants And now with her biological clock ticking, she seduces her old friend Philip, and his partner Jonathan, into having a child with her through artificial insemination.From the moment the parenting agreement is signed, Angela s mask of deceit slips away and she leads the fathers to be on a relentless, agonizing journey filled with lies, anguish and finally tragedy that forever changes the lives of everyone involved.Five star reviewers rave that One Last Lie is a gripping thriller of fiction, a novel of pure suspense from which they are unable to pull themselves away Like Annie Wilkes from Misery and Alex Forrest from Fatal Attraction, Angela drags innocent lives into her web of insanity a place from which readers have confessed is hard to escape, even weeks after turning the final page.

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      As a child, Rob was always fascinated by the stories recited by those around him and the words used to tell them As he got older, his need to tell his own stories grew, as did his ability to share them in exciting and captivating ways.However, he wanted to share than just stories His primary desire was to create characters with whom people could relate, while at the same time bringing them through a journey from which most would crumble.His degree in Psychology was the first step toward getting beneath the surface of the people in his life What followed was a lifelong search for what makes people tick what forces them to become evil when deep down in their heart of hearts, they are yearning for love Rob s characters walk this search with him, deep into the human psyche, creating psychological thrillers from every day events.Rob s first book In the Shadow of Stone continues to receive great praise and is selling well in both electronic and paperback formats His current book, One Last Lie is much darker than his first, with characters who hold bits and pieces of strangers he s known, friends he s had and lunatics he s only read about This book hits home for me, says Rob There were a few pages that made me laugh out loud as I wrote them and many that made me cry And the great thing is, I m finding that many readers of this book are experiencing the same emotions Through social and other media, Rob hopes to get One Last Lie into the hands of millions, so that they, too, can experience the ups, downs, twists, turns and final tragedy that has helped make this book a Five Star contender.

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    • Cross posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf Inflicted Shortly after my 23rd birthday, a gay male friend asked me to marry him. We worked closely together for two years, our cubes separated by one flimsy wall. Our friendship started tentatively, gradually progressing from occasional lunches to spending quite a bit of time together outside of work. I learned he was deeply closeted and only out to me and one other gay man at work. Not even his parents knew. I also learned that despite being gay, hi [...]

    • I wrote this book and am finally trying to enjoy it from a "reader's" perspective.It's a tough job, but it's fun.When I finish it, I'll rate it.Gee, I wonder how many stars I'll give itRob

    • One Last Lie is the second novel written by author Rob Kaufman. It is a fast and easy read that I very much enjoyed. It is basically the tale of a loving couple whose lives are infiltrated by a wretch of a woman whose cunning and treachery rock their world.There is much to like about this novel, which I would classify as psychological suspense. The plot is tight, the pace is quick, and the protagonists Philip and Jonathan are sympathetic characters who are easy to root for. The story pulled me i [...]

    • Insomnia again! So while there's nothing good on TV at 2 AM, I decided I'd get started on One Last Lie. At 6AM I quit reading to catch my breath. Then I couldn't go to sleep because of all the visions I had in my head.I loved the characters I hated one in particular. I felt sorrow and sadness and then I felt blindsided by what was really happening.I've seen Angela described as a demon I'm not sure that fits her. She is so much more a manipulator of the highest caliber a self-absorbed woman who [...]

    • Wow! Okay, where to start. This book takes you on a long ride. Some of it is beautiful, while other parts are terribly hard to sit through. The author paints both his characters and the situations so well, with such detail, that by 50 pages in, I felt like I knew these people and experienced all these things with them. Rarely do books make me cry, but this one did.

    • One Last Lie is a tale that stars Philip and Jonathan, a middle-aged gay couple who have been together for years and are thinking of having a child. Enter our supposed she-devil, Angela. Yes, she was manipulative and a compulsive liar, but she was anything but possessed by a demon as the synopsis of the book suggested she was. Instead the book presented an emotionally damaged woman, two extremely trusting gay men and not one, but two, ex-druggies all wrapped up in a sordid little tale of lies an [...]

    • 4.5 - One Last Lie by Rob Kaufman in a word is awesome, an incredible psychological thriller that will have the reader hanging on the edge during the explosive and thrilling final pages. Which is odd, since the reader knows a very important fact very early on that drives the novel - and yet, I found myself shocked and stunned by the actual event. To say that I was affected is an understatement.The first half of the tense and romantic novel seems tame at best, a love story between two men wanting [...]

    • I was fortunate to recieve a copy of this wonderful novel from Mr. Kaufman, whom I cannot thank enough for sending it to me.It is rare to come across a great gay novel not packed full of fantastical sex scenes or dealing with the sadness of the unfortunate AIDS crisis. And, although those novels are okay in their own right, I do not wish to read about these constantly in my gay fiction. "One Last Lie" def gave me something different. This story is ful of wonderfully fleshed out characters, inclu [...]

    • *I won this book on in one of the giveaways*I really liked it. The plot was great and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time, waiting to unravel all the secrets. Right away I really felt for Philip and Jonathan, and by the way I really enjoyed how well written their relationship was. I was worried it would be cheesy or too sexual, but it wasn't at all. It was very sweet. I wanted to warn them through the whole book about Angela. Boy, there are a few names I kept calling her in my head! T [...]

    • I have mixed feelings about this one. I really liked Kaufman's first book and kept putting off reading this one until I had the time to read it in one sitting, sure that I was going to devour it. Once started, though, I wasn't expecting the overwhelming sense of dread I had, knowing what was coming. And that's never something that I enjoy. So I admit to skimming through a lot, thinking, let's just get this over with. In no way do I think this was a bad book - just not the book for me. I'll defin [...]

    • I've never been one to write good reviews, I simply share my thoughts and if those thoughts help you decide whether to read a book or not, good.One Last Lie is the type of book that will suck you in from the first sentence and then just won't let you go until the end. I stayed up until 6:30 am to finish it, I ruined my sleep schedule for this book. There is something about knowing some of the major things that will happen in a book that makes you cringe while reading because you know sometime so [...]

    • Jonathan and Phillip have been together for 12 years. They are a very happy and successful couple. In walks Angela from Phillips college years. They had a falling out 15 years ago and now she is wanting them to have a baby with her as her biological clock is ticking. In college she was morbidly obese, no she is skinny, sexy and beautiful. Jonathan has reservations about having a baby and having it with Angela. He sees something hiding under the surface of her cheerful, nice demeanor. Their lawye [...]

    • When I read Robert's first book, "In The Shadow of Stone" I didn't think it possible for him to write another book that would keep my interest as much as it did or affect me more. Boy was I wrong! From the very beginning of this book I was hooked in a way that few books have managed to do. The writing, the story line, the characters, the twists and turns in the plot all had me needing (not wanting!) to continue reading until I finished. I kept thinking all through this book that it could make a [...]

    • This was an enjoyable book. Rob Kaufman has an eloquent way with words and comes up with some beautiful phrases and descriptions. His characters are very real, and I wavered often in my feelings about Angela. The story may seem predictable, but there were also surprises.

    • One Last Lie (Kindle e-book version), by Rob Kaufman: Tense march toward tragedy and undefeated loveBook Review by Jack A. UrquhartThe early chapters of Rob Kaufman’s tensely wrought and engaging novel, One Last Lie, seem to herald a predictable story of ‘gayfluence’ brought low by tragedy. Indeed, Kaufman appears to be going for that familiar paradigm by setting his novel in the wealthy enclave of Westport, Connecticut, and by employing a narrative stance that immediately establishes the [...]

    • The story begins with Jonathan, old, alone, and miserable, he is living is a home for elderly adults. He is more then ready to die but when his nurse tells him that he has a surprise visitor coming the next day Jonathan can't even begin to imagine who it would be. He begins thinking back on his life and we see flashbacks of his life with Philip from the very beginning. Jonathan and Philip are both loveable characters who are totally in love and deeply devoted to each other. Their lives seem almo [...]

    • This is a tough book for me to review in some ways due to the nature of the book. Let me be up front. This book does feature a gay couple, and I don't generally read books that center around gays. It's just not my thing, and it goes against my faith. I'm not saying that I hate these people--not in the least. Goodness, the gay couple were the nicest and most normal people in the book, and I truly cared about them. I hated to see what was happening to them and how they were being treated. I am gra [...]

    • First of all, let me preface by saying that I am not gay. Not that that really needs to be said. (Well, maybe it does.)Secondly, let me give my thanks to the author for not making this a book of gay erotica because I don't think I could've gotten through this wonderful book with that included.I must say the synopsis certainly had me intrigued. I also knew that if I got too uncomfortable, I could always stop reading it. I also found that my interest was piqued as to how Jonathan and Philip met, a [...]

    • Boring, trite, completely formulaic. This book reads like a novelization of a bad Lifetime TV movie that gets rerun on Logo at 2 AM. I got this book because it was on the LGBT book club reading list, but wish I'd reread the other selection, Fried Green Tomatoes, instead.The writing is very simplistic. The characters are bad stereotypes, and the plot just plain dull. There are some books that you must finish just because you hate the book so much. This is one of those books. Thankfully I finished [...]

    • "One Last Lie" by Rob Kaufman is a gem of a book. The story had me from the first sentence. The book is well writen with a cast of characters and a story line that is contemporary and believable. It is a very emotional book and one that I didn't want to put down. The story centers on Philip and Jonathan, long time partners who decide that it's time to start a family. There are many layers and twists and turns to the plot that to say any more would give these away. Rob Kaufman is a wonderful stor [...]

    • All I have to say is WOW! I always can tell a good book when I think about the characters and the story when I'm not reading, i.e. cooking, at work, etc.d once I started this book I was so involved with the characters I couldn't stop thinking about them. So many twists in the plot that are unexpected definitely makes this a page turner. I am looking for more books from this author as I would love to read more from him. It's a must read!

    • This book took me a few chapters to get into it. But once I did it was very different than I expected in a good way. I enjoyed the guessing game I used with this book. I was always trying to guess what was going to happen next and I was not right most of the time. I liked that about it. * I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

    • I won One Last Lie in a giveaway and I loved it from start to finish!!!The story provides surprises, a great love story and a bad guy (or woman sorry).Every thing I need. I found my self so deeply involved in the book that I was warning Jonathon and Philip.This book was a great read! Thank you to Rob Kaufman and

    • I couldn't put this down! My only complaint is that in my opinion too much of the story is given away in the blurb and on the back of the paperback. Even so, it was still compelling and my heart bled for Philip and Jonathan.

    • This is a must read book. I loved the ending. It totally surprised me and it takes a lot to do that with all the books I read. I've been raving about this book since I started reading it on the plane on my way to sunny, hot, Florida.

    • This was one of those stories that captivated me from beginning to end that I just couldn't put down. He keeps you guessing, makes you think and wows you at the end.

    • "Her words were like tinfoil; they shone and they covered things up." - Helen Crosson his twenty-fifth birthday, Philip Stone met Jonathan Beckett. twelve years later, both men are still together. one day, Philip suddenly hears from his old college friend Angela Shelton whom he has not seen in fifteen years. Angela comes to visit and her metamorphosis from flab to fab surprises Philip. Angela's charm and new-found confidence leave an impression on both men. from that fateful reunion onward, Ange [...]

    • Jonathan and Philip have been a couple for 12 years. During this time they have discussed having a child but due to Philip diagnosis of testicular cancer 5 years ago, he's sterile. Now out of the blue Philip's friend from college Angela pops up. Angela was obese back then but even though she lost the weight the madness and craziness from then has followed her. She wants a HUGE favor from Philip, the use of his sperm for a baby. Of course she's willing to share custody of the baby with the men. W [...]

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