Confucius Cat Says...

Confucius Cat Says Translated from the original Catspeak Confucius Cat says is a hilarious and profound collection of the advice and observations of the wise and wonderful feline philosopher

  • Title: Confucius Cat Says...
  • Author: Patricia Mason
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Translated from the original Catspeak, Confucius Cat says, is a hilarious and profound collection of the advice and observations of the wise and wonderful feline philosopher.

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    • Confucius Cat Says... >> Patricia Mason
      212 Patricia Mason
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    • Patricia Mason

      Patricia Mason writes steamy contemporary and paranormal romance under the name Patricia Mason and young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy She escaped from the snowy Midwest winters of her youth by moving in 2001 to a beautiful, historic city in Georgia to pursue her dream of being a novelist Her home is ruled by two black cats For titles by the author, visit prmason You can also follow the author prmason on Twitter.

    322 thoughts on “Confucius Cat Says...

    • So boring. SO, SO BORING. I read. I cringed. I deleted from my kindle. I know this little book is meant to be humorous, and, I'm sure for some cat lovers it probably pulls out some grins and giggles. For me? It induced extreme drowsiness. I did not find the catified quotes particularly funny, in fact, at most times they just seemed downright silly and/or were obvious takes on catting-up old sayings. The only thing I found this book had going for it were some of the catty takes on definitions, st [...]

    • Confucius Cat Says is a collection of quotes and definitions modified so as to look like they are said from the perspective of a cat.Some of them were really clever and funny, some just felt forced.The book as a whole didn't have much sense or I just couldn't find the point of it. This could have been so much better if it actually had a plot and continuity.I can't say it was horrible either, but I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Ok, maybe just to those crazy-cat-lovers out there who would fin [...]

    • Even tho it had a cat theme to the book. I was surprised that I was boring from start to finished. To me the jokes were not funny and most of it went of my head. Nothing from this book seem to click with me at all. It could of been better. But sadly it wasn't. Will you be adding "Confucius Cat Says by Patricia Mason" to your reading list or have you all ready had the pleasure of reading it? If so. Let's talk.

    • Confucius cat says that this is an interesting and funny book.Not a book to pick up if you are wanting a deep, insightful novel.However, if y are looking for a good half-hour or so of chuckles here is your go-to book!

    • Think outside the litter box, don’t fight cats behind glass if they look suspiciously like you, enjoy reading an ode to the monthly Vile Vial, smile through felinely mangled literary references, imagine the experiments claws can perform with stray toilet-paper rolls, and more. If you like to catapult catastrophic word definitions into catscradles of mystery, or if you just like cats, you’ll enjoy the quite sharp humor and feline philosophy of this neat collection. Don’t miss the cats’ Tw [...]

    • Quotes written from the view of a cat. Quite a short book with a quote/saying per page. On the standard Kindle (black and white) the pictures don't look too good but that gripe is restricted to the Kindle only.Most of the quotes seem a bit too forced like the author is just trying to fill the book and move on whilst a few are genuinely funny.If you're a cat person/have a cat in the house this is probably more your thing.Unfortunately for me I found that I was skimming most of the pages after the [...]

    • The purrfect little book for cat lovers!This book is full of well known sayings as retold by a cat. For example, "A penny saved is money you should have spent on a cat toy." and "Purr softly and carry a fluffy tail." Also includes a cat's "definitions" of both real words and made-up words. Very short and quick read, but not as cheesy as I thought it would be. I did get several chuckles out of it.

    • I downloaded this book to my Kindle for free. I knew I would like it when I saw the picture of the cat on the cover which looks just like a cat I had for 18 years named Midnight!This is a fun, fast read whether or not you are a cat lover. The sayings are made applicable to cats and any cat owner/lover knows how true they are. I laughed out loud a few times and enjoyed the book very much. I will be recommending it to others.

    • A fun little book with cat-inspired wisdom, literary paraphrases and scientific interpretations, from the reason Pavlov used dogs rather than cats to the definition of super cat powers (including "the ability to spread a layer of cat fur on freshly laundered sheets less than one minute after the bed is made" and "Cuteness is always the way to get away with catness"). Some are better than others, but there is something that every cat-owned will recognize, shake a head and laugh over.

    • I found this book for free one day and, even though I'm not a fan of those cutesie cat pictures where people have added captions in "cat speak" (to me it looks more like a very uneducated person or someone who has just started learning English), I thought I would give it a chance. It's actually pretty cute. It's a compilation of many quotes, some of which are famous, that have been cat-ized and several of them made me laugh. It's a quick read and not too bad.

    • Fun for cat loversI have a cat so this book just reminded me that the cat has me. It was fun reading the philosophy of a cat because it was so true. If you like cats then read this to get a chuckle. If you don't like cats then read so you will have more reasons to dislike cats or maybe you will change your mind and decide that cats aren't so bad after all. P.S.: my cat is watching me as I write this.

    • Okay, this was such a fun, easy read and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Made me giggle a number of times because the Confucius Cat was just so "right on"! My favorite Confucius Cat says is"This is my summer of discontent. Made glorious winter by the air-conditioning vent!"If you're a cat lover - this book is definitely for you.

    • Confucius Cat is a pretty smart dude. Some of these quotes are so on the mark. I sat here just shaking my head thinking "yes, that's right, just what my babies do" or "I can see that". Really enjoyed this little book. If you love cats you will get a kick out of this too.

    • Wow. That's 15 minutes I'll never get back Honestly, This is the kind of thing concept that may be hysterical as everyone passes the bong around, but the potential just doesn't hold up to the sober light of day. This is the kind of thing that gives self pub a bad name.

    • Enchantingcutest book to read for animal lovers. you don't have to be a lover of cats either to appreciate the cleverness of this writer. humor is needed more in this sometimes sad world we live in.

    • Five tunas!A must read for humans who share their lives with a cat (or more). I swear this book was written by my cat Bubba. Confucius Cat made me smile and smile some more. Very funny and thoughtful. Thoroughly enjoyable.

    • This was pretty cute and funny. Some things in it seemed long winded and hard to get into. But most of these little quotes and sayings made into a cat's point of view were very funny and seemingly accurate! I adored this book.

    • Double meowsLoved this book. Read it while my cat was snuggling next to me. She made sure she was petted after every page. She agrees with Confucius cat and has me well trained. Dogs drool while cats rule.

    • A collection of Confucius sayings from a cats' viewpoint. I found them semi-humorous and imagine that most people or cats could come up with better ones if they had an afternoon with nothing else planned

    • If you love pet humor (especially if you're a cat person), you're gonna love this book!!! Finished it in an hour, love it to pieces!!!

    • I probably would have given this one star, but I did highlight a couple and liked the cat-version of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

    • $0.0With a title like this, not to mention that photo, I couldn't pass this book by. It was a quick read that made me smile through most of all the sayings, etc.

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