The Baptist

The Baptist A psychological thriller that follows the murderous adventures of John Baptist a man born to eliminate evil from our world John spent his formative years in an institution for the criminally insane b

  • Title: The Baptist
  • Author: Ruby Barnes
  • ISBN: 9781908943002
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • A psychological thriller that follows the murderous adventures of John Baptist, a man born to eliminate evil from our world John spent his formative years in an institution for the criminally insane but he becomes a beneficiary of care in the community and ultimately rediscovers his purpose Combining elements of Criminal Minds and Dexter, The Baptist is a deceptive vieA psychological thriller that follows the murderous adventures of John Baptist, a man born to eliminate evil from our world John spent his formative years in an institution for the criminally insane but he becomes a beneficiary of care in the community and ultimately rediscovers his purpose Combining elements of Criminal Minds and Dexter, The Baptist is a deceptive view of normality through the lens of a man led by reawakened religious mania and a woman driven by lust.What if you woke up one day and realised you re a serial killer on a mission from God The Baptist he s clever, calculating and uncatchable If you hear a knocking on your door don t let him in John Baptist is cleansing a path for the Second Coming.

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    • The Baptist : Ruby Barnes
      407 Ruby Barnes
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    • Ruby Barnes

      I m an author and a reader I write dark thrillers Peril, The Baptist, The Crucible and read thrillers and literary fiction.I ve pedalled the pushbike of life until the chain fell off Now living in rural Ireland where the natives are friendly and the weather atrocious, I write crime fiction and thrillers.Ruby s News is my mail list with freebies, pre release info and other updates As a welcome gift each new subscriber can choose a free e copy of one of my books in their format of choice epub, mobi, pdf Go to my blog or eepurl iNvvP to subscribe.

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    • I've never read others' reviews of a book I'd just finished - until now. I wanted to see if any reviews had been left by psychologists or psychiatrists. They haven't, so here goes.This is my second Ruby Barnes novel; I'd read "Peril" about a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. After reading my review, Barnes offered to send me "The Baptist," and I enthusiastically agreed. Here's the bottom line: Barnes can flat-out write. While the books both deal with psychological pathology (Peril's protagoni [...]

    • The Baptist is subtitled A Psychological Thriller, and that it is; but it isn't easily pigeonholed along with the likes of The Silence Of The Lambs or the works of Mo Hayder. At the heart of its oddness is the way it's structured. It starts from the viewpoint of the titular character, John Baptist, a clearly troubled soul, who apparently murders his brother and is committed to an asylum by his parents who have their own `issues', before abruptly switching focus and giving us a view of somebody e [...]

    • I got this book for free, in exchange of an honest review, from Making Connections. Get your copy here.What I liked:the book caught my attention from the start.I liked all the parts that happened inside the asylum.Marguerite/Mary/Alice was my favorite & remained so up to the ende whole Feargal/Joe mystery was really interesting & done well.What I didn't like:the second half of the book was just all right. Made me skip & skim my way to more interesting partse parts with Alice & Jo [...]

    • I was first introduced to Ruby Barnes and The Baptist when I received the first three chapters as an assignment on a peer writer critique site. I believe my first reaction fell somewhere into the—You have got to freaking be kidding me!—category. Shocking comes to mind when I think about this story. I read a lot of beginnings to novels, but rarely do I have one stick with me like The Baptist did. I couldn’t get the story off my mind and found myself watching for its release date. You have g [...]

    • A word from the author - Ruby Barnes.The Baptist is the story of a serial killer who strikes every eight years. It's a psychological thriller that keeps the reader guessing until the last page.I've reproduced here, with permission, the first three reviews of The Baptist.Chilling - Bibi (London)A complex tale of insanity, multiple personalities, revenge and murder.Well written and totally convincing, it provides an absorbing insight into the minds of some very strange characters. It's not without [...]

    • Fascinating! Utterly riveting; I couldn’t take my eyes off the page. Devouring the novel, I marveled at the protagonist/narrator: so self-referential, so self-convinced of his right-doing (regardless of legality or moral value), yet in some ways so emotionally immature and childlike, easily led by certain others, readily induced to act in ways which are not beneficial-for himself or for those near him. His character is a fascinating psychological study, intertwined as it is with various religi [...]

    • This book was offered to me in exchange for an honest review. I enjoy a good thriller, but it's not easy to find an author that is able to really shock your senses. Well, let me tell you, Ruby Barnes did just that for this reader!The Baptist is well-written, characters are believable and well-developed, and the plot is realistic, even though very disturbing. Within the first few pages, John commits an unconscionable act against his brother, and then the author had me hooked. What on earth would [...]

    • John is special. He feels that he is preparing the way of the Lord. Certain people need to be weeded out for the coming of the Lord. The first to go is John's brother, Ray. John permanently baptizes Ray in the bathtub at home because Ray is turning into their father. While in the mental institution, John meets the first of many Marys in his life. When the institution closes, John is released into society, marries and tries to fit in. This only works temporarily. John meets Feargal and Mary, and [...]

    • Psycho Killer, Ques que se?The Baptist takes the reader down a jolly pathway, littered, in macabre fashion, with the collateral damage. To sum it up, this novel is almost like a joke that begins, “Two serial killers walk into a pub…” You can imagine the punch-line… or maybe not.The thing is, at several times during the trip, I was nearly nauseated by scenes the author depicts in enough detail to shock my senses. The Baptist delves into an intimate portrait of madness, but also how evil c [...]

    • This stupendous psychological thriller had me on the edge of my seat with my brain-cells fully in gear. It's a complex plot and is told from several stand-points. The main protagonist, John, spends some years in a mental hospital after killing his brother. There he meets Mary, a fellow patient. The hospital closes and the inmates are dispersed into the community, each with suitable medication. John marries and has a family. Eventually he takes himself off his medication. We are faced with severa [...]

    • I have read and enjoyed the work of Ruby Barnes before and he didn't disappoint this time. It's the mark of a talented writer when as a reader, you dislike the main characters, yet cannot stop reading because the author has made you care about them. In Peril, Mr. Barnes actually made me like the main character, flawed though he was. In this book, however, I found the main character and his twisted cohorts unlikable from the moment John entered the mental hospital for murdering his brother as a c [...]

    • This book was like "A Beautiful Mind" on steroids. John Baptist is such an interesting, crazy, in-depth character. The book was extremely detailed in the process and connections of how John's mind works that leads him to the decisions he makes. Up to a certain point he was 'cleansing' with a purpose, but as time went by and he got involved with a woman (Mary or Alice) with similar personality traits he gets thrown off track to the point where 'sacrifices' were being made without evidence of evil [...]

    • This is another winner from an author who quite clearly has a talent as a great storyteller. I was hooked right from the start and loved the dark and sinister quality of this tale. The characters in this book are complex but very effectively portrayed and the sense of madness, of a mind battling itself is powerful and poignant. Ruby Barnes is easily one of my favourite Indie authors and I hope there will be more books to come.

    • This is a book that I could not put down. This story gave us a peek into the unstable life of a mentally ill person and his friends, and what happens when he stops takings his meds. This book has and ending not expected. I have read other works by Ruby Barnes and he is a wonderful author can not wait to read more by this author.

    • As with Ruby Barnes's debut novel, Peril, this book is well-written. A strange tale of two people, one of whom is sex-mad, the other simply mad. The body-count is predictably high. There were a few plot holes, or areas where I thought the plot a little threadbare, but it was an enjoyable read.

    • I had flashes of Fight Club while reading this book and after a bit of a struggle to get into it, it grew on me. Actually, it got to the point where I no longer noticed little flaws I did see in the first part which basically means the writing was solid and captivating.The characters, especially the Baptist, are so real they come alive in their twisted reality. The scenery was well done, because without being too descriptive the author manages to paint the picture yet leaves enough to the reader [...]

    • I took a punt on this having been impressed by Ruby's giveaway 'Peril.' I wasn't disappointed with this dark tale of love, murder and mental illness. What Ruby does very skilfully is to place the main characters against a 'normal' background where they seem 'normal.' I loved the uncertainty in the middle over who was who, and Ruby's trademark mention early on - see if you can spot it. Don't expect fluffy bunnies, blue skies and gentle romance - you won't get it. You'll get a compelling tale whic [...]

    • Interesting book that really takes you inside the mind of a very sick man. You really get a sense of what it might be like to be mentally ill. Some gore and sex and a whole lot of grit. Enjoyable read that had you guessing until the end about how things would turn out.

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