Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary

Gospel Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary The book s core is a gospel prayer by which you can saturate yourself in the gospel daily Dwelling on the gospel will release in you new depths of passion for God and take you to new heights of obedie

  • Title: Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary
  • Author: J.D. Greear
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The book s core is a gospel prayer by which you can saturate yourself in the gospel daily Dwelling on the gospel will release in you new depths of passion for God and take you to new heights of obedience to Him Gospel gives you an applicable, exciting vision of how God will use you to bring His healing to the world.

    • Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary By J.D. Greear
      374 J.D. Greear
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      J.D Greear, Ph.D did his degree work in Christian and Islamic theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC He is Lead Pastor of The Summit Church in Raleigh Durham, NC The Summit s vision is to plant 1,000 churches in by the year 2040 Currently, they have planted 11 and have several church planting teams stationed around the world.

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    • I have to confess, I didn't like this book at first. The style of writing felt simplistic and the anecdotes felt forced, like the author was just trying too hard to make everything "relevant."Despite my initial negative feelings about the book, I kept reading. The reason I kept reading is because the author makes much of Jesus. On page after page, J.D. Greear exalts the name and work of Christ and invites his readers to do the same.I was also drawn to the way Greear offers practical application, [...]

    • Much of Gospel is unoriginal, and J.D. Greear proudly claims so. Often written like a Greatest Hits Album from a cross-section of the best preachers today, Gospel works largely because of its sincerity and straightforward simplicity. It's like a quadruple espresso shot of Bible truth aiming for the heart of the matter: namely, your heart. It will especially revive those who are frustrated or flailing in their Christian walk. With endorsements by Tim Keller, Matt Chandler, David Platt, Albert Moh [...]

    • Overall a good read. Repetitive in parts (for the sake of internalization, not clumsy redundancy), but a quick, insightful, non-judgmental look at what the Church is supposed to be. It revealed some truths along the way that I simply would rather pretend weren't true. Like for example when the author criticizes the quote attributed to St. Francis ("Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary use words) by saying that people will not hear the Gospel unless we use words. While I agree that the to [...]

    • J.D. offers a prayer in this book which I like: "In Christ, there is nothing I can do that would make You love me more, and nothing I have done that makes You love me less. Your presence and approval are all I need for everlasting joy.As you have been to me, so I will be to others.As I pray, I'll measure your compassion by the cross and Your power by the resurrection."Gospel change is the Spirit of God using the story of God to make the beauty of God come alive in our hearts.Most of the miracles [...]

    • This book I could not put down. And so often I feel as Christians we get caught up in the bible laws and passages that we forget that the bible was a history of events that led to the crucifixion of Christ, he's resurrection and the beginning of the Church as we know it. Focus as Christians today should be placed on Christ the bearer of our sins. His teachings are found throughout the Gospel. This book highlights why we as Christians should focus on the teachings of the Gospel for true redemptio [...]

    • Absolutely a clear and inspiring read and reminder of the power of the gospel of Jesus! Easy to read, Greear is witty, illustrative, and thorough! It is the gospel that saves, and grows the believer in faith! Well worth the time!

    • (The first thing I note is for Kindle readers: For some reason, isn't saving/displaying my highlights for this book as with other books, so I don't have location references with the quotes below. I'm not sure where the fault is here, it simply does not appear on the Your_Highlights page, the history skips over this book for some reason.)My church went through the video and study guide series version (Gospel Revolution), but I missed out on most of it so I read the book instead. This book has a [...]

    • There were a lot of great points made in this book! I really liked that the author discussed legalism and how we as Christians immediately think we should take everything the bible says literally. I took a lot of notes because a lot of points hit homebut also I felt like a lot of what J.D. said was repetitive. When the author discussed the Muslim who had a vision, he said that visions are some extraordinary event, which I do not agree with. I think any Christ follower can have visions and be ope [...]

    • I thought this book was just what I needed. It's primary focus is on the gospel. Most people think we must DO something for approval from God, when in reality we must BELIEVE in the gospel and everything else will follow. J D Greear has a quote in this book that I really held on to"You might never really know Jesus is all that you need until He is all that you have."And one by Charles Spurgeon"How could those of us who have known Jesus and failed to take Him to those who have not heard, possibly [...]

    • How should the gospel of Jesus Christ impact your life, family, church, and community? Greear uses accurate biblical exegesis to give the answer. Practical, applicable, easy to read, and useful, this book is motivated by Greear's live for Christ's gospel. Greear uses a brief prayer as a model to teach how Christians are to biblically manifest the gospel in their lives. I will use the information I learned in this book in my personal life, home, work, church, and community.

    • This was the book that helped me with my own gospel reawakening as I lived in China, sharing the gospel with agnostics and atheists on a daily basis. The goodness of the gospel's power takes the weight off of my shoulders when it comes to evangelism. The gospel has the power to save; I don't. In the era of gospel-centeredness, I think Greear's book will be appreciated as one of the best.

    • This is an excellent exploration of the TRUE gospel as not just a transaction but a source of all real life for all of life. This is a great book for discipleship or helping an individual (maybe you?) move from a religious life to a life of freedom in the gospel.

    • This is an excellent book on the gospel. It is JD at his finest, with all of his jokes, illustrations, and teachings. If you love Jesus, you will love this book. It is for unbelievers and old believers. I cannot recommend it enough.

    • This is a highly recommended book! Greear points you to Jesus over and over. The gospel is not simply the diving board of our faith, it is the pool. Find clarity in our wayward attempts to live for God. Find rest in the only place, the Gospel!

    • This is one of the best Christian books I have ever read, and I have read a lot of them. It really helps take you closer to Jesus.

    • J.D. Greear has an excellent way of explaining the importance of the Gospel to each one of us. His analogies help clarify his points and bring life to the relationship we have with Christ.

    • The Gospel - JD GreearJanuary 28, 2012I enjoyed these points of the book:1. p4 - Jonathan Edwards likened his reawakening to the gospel to a man who had known, in his head, that honey was sweet, but for the first time had that sweetness burst alive in his mouth.2. p52 - Satan starts with what you did, and tears down who you are. The Holy Spirit starts with what Christ has declared over you, and helps you rebuild what you did.3. p63 - Most preachers think that preaching the law (exclusively) in s [...]

    • Gospel - Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary by JD Greear, I would recommend to everyone!Gospel by Greear is, in his own words, nothing revolutionary or new. It is in fact, in my own words, a tangible and applicable way to approach the gospel of Jesus. He presents the gospel message afresh but also familiar, suited for both the seasoned Christian, the new believer and even the searcher! As for me, again, God placed this in hands at just the right time!At first I was slightl [...]

    • In Gospel I found some truly thought-provoking ideas that will continue to have a profound impact on me spiritually.The author, J.D. Greear, begins by explaining the general misconceptions we have of the gospel. The gospel isn’t merely relevant to convincing people of their need for salvation; it is relevant to how we view ourselves, our circumstances, and our lives. The gospel isn’t about things we need to do to be “good” Christians because we don’t have to try to be “good enough” [...]

    • Given the book's premise, I was eager to read it and wanted to really like it. Mostly I did with only a couple of complaints. First, this book is very practical and that is both good and bad. The point was to be practical and that was good, but at times the reader would have been better served by going a little deeper into the text of Scripture and providing solid foundation for the practical application. Second, some of the jokes and cultural references felt a little forced and distracting. Thi [...]

    • There is no delicate way to say this, so I'll be frank: The Gospel is such incredible good news that sometimes it doesn't seem to have anything to do with daily life. After all, isn't the Gospel our Big, Important Spiritual Truth, and everything else is just hit or miss attempts? What could our days (full of washing dishes and stopping at traffic lights and reading to children and trying to plan family reunions and working overtime) possibly have to do with God-in-Flesh and a Cross-carried-for-u [...]

    • JD Greer grasped the essence of the gospel and preached about it for decades. But what transformed his life was when he experienced the gospel as his source of identity and security (Gospel: Recovering the Power that Made Christianity Revolutionary, JD Greear, B&H Publishing Group, 2011, p. xv). He learned “to make his home in God’s love given to him as a gift in Christ. To counter the religious idolatries which can take the place of God’s love in people’s lives, he developed “The [...]

    • This book was thoroughly refreshing. I heartily agree with Luther when he asserted that our hearts are hardwired for "works righteousness", and they will drift back toward their natural inclination and away from the life-giving Gospel if we do not remind ourselves of its truth regularly. And this book is a great tool to use when practically reminding ourselves of Gospel daily.I've been hesitant to write this review simply because the book was so good. I mean I write reviews for 5-star books ofte [...]

    • I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone interested in living a life of faith. I have had the privilege of hearing J.D. Greear preach at some of our meetings overseas, and his book is as impressive as his preaching ability. I loved the entire book, but I especially appreciate the appendix directed toward young theologians. In it, Greear admonishes those of his own theological tribe--young men who would consider themselves reformed, theologically--to be conscientious about living a gospel-centered life [...]

    • I read my mom's copy of this book while I was home, and didn't get to finish it - I made it maybe halfway-ish. The main reason I'm not buying my own copy to finish is because I actually attend the Summit Church where J.D. preaches, and he did a sermon series by the same title. In the part of the book that I read, I didn't come across much (or anything, really) that hadn't been covered in the sermon series. It was nice to have it written down, but I don't feel compelled to go buy the book and rea [...]

    • I agreed with virtually everything in this book. Greear works through the implications of the gospel and does a fine job of explaining why we are always totally and continuously dependent upon the gospel. My issues were stylistic, so I realize that what I am about to write is utterly subjective. I found his colloquial style to read more like a transcript of sermons delivered or talks given to a youth group rather than an intentionally written book that works through the implications of the gospe [...]

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