Burn Set in a world that closely resembles our own Burn is a story of redemption and betrayal of family and sacrifice which leads to the greatest question of all how far would you go to save the ones yo

  • Title: Burn
  • Author: T.J. Klune
  • ISBN: 9781613723562
  • Page: 478
  • Format: ebook
  • Set in a world that closely resembles our own, Burn is a story of redemption and betrayal, of family and sacrifice, which leads to the greatest question of all how far would you go to save the ones you love Fifteen years ago, Felix Paracel killed his mother with fire that shot from his hands Since then, he has hidden from forces bent on exploiting him and his fire and wiSet in a world that closely resembles our own, Burn is a story of redemption and betrayal, of family and sacrifice, which leads to the greatest question of all how far would you go to save the ones you love Fifteen years ago, Felix Paracel killed his mother with fire that shot from his hands Since then, he has hidden from forces bent on exploiting him and his fire and wind Elemental abilities But Felix s world is about to change, because he is Findo Unum the Split One and his coming has been foretold for generations.Though Felix s arrival brings great joy to the Elemental world, it also heralds a coming darkness No one knows this better than Seven Seven, the mysterious man who rescued Felix from that horrible fire years ago and then disappeared Seven, who has returned to claim what s rightfully his Felix s heart But even as Felix begins to trust Seven and his feelings about his place in the world, the darkness reveals itself, bringing consequences no one could have predicted.

    • Burn BY T.J. Klune
      478 T.J. Klune
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      When TJ Klune was eight, he picked up a pen and paper and began to write his first story which turned out to be his own sweeping epic version of the video game Super Metroid he didn t think the game ended very well and wanted to offer his own take on it He never heard back from the video game company, much to his chagrin Now, over two decades later, the cast of characters in his head have only gotten louder, wondering why he has to go to work as a claims examiner for an insurance company during the day when he could just stay home and write.Since being published, TJ has won the Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Romance, fought off three lions that threatened to attack him and his village, and was chosen by as having written one of the best GLBT books of 2011.And one of those things isn t true It s the lion thing The lion thing isn t true.

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    • **Alright excuse me for a moment as I geek out and at several points mention Joss Whedon and cultural references in this review. I won’t be able to really discuss the plot or use direct quotes much because almost everything would be spoilerish.**Let me first say that I loved this book! People expecting a straightforward science fiction book or a romance won’t get that in this book. What they will get are elements of adventure, horror, romance, science fiction, and an eventual epic journey. I [...]

    • THIS WAS A BIG STORY. Mr. Klune created a story arc here that was packed with some very lofty themes, and I was impressed with a lot of it. Some of it, not so much.The Story:Felix Paracel has the power to control wind and fire. In his world, people that can control one of the four elements, earth, wind, water or fire are called Elementals. Felix, hides his gifts. It is a time of uncertainty for his kind, the government is pushing to pass the Elemental Registration Act, a legislation to control t [...]

    • “My name is Felix Paracel, and when I was nine, I became angry with my mother and killed her with fire that shot from my hands.”There are perhaps 5,000 elementals in the United States. Fire, earth, air, water – elementals have the innate power to control and manipulate one of the forces that make up the universe. Felix is an elemental.His dreams of fire and death and destruction make no sense. Whose voice speaks in his head? What does The Tree have to do with him? Why is his mother secretl [...]

    • ~MY BRAIN IS FRIED~I don’t know if this book is a -5 or a 5+ rating. Like I’m hella confused about my feelings. On one had, it’s TJ Klune and you know his ass is masterful, and on the other hand it was quite an exquisite amount of fuckery and I am shooketh.JongShookThe Rundown: Felix is an Elemental, which means he’s got elemental powers. He’s quite unique because he can control two elements instead of the normal one (which means he’s damn close to calling Captain Planet) he’s also [...]

    • Let's Compartmentalize (DNF'd at 64%)I want to start this off by saying that I respect what TJ Klune tried to accomplish with this book. If nothing else, Burn is an ambitious story.Having said that, this book really made me question whether an author's level of talent as a whole can be separated from a singular book that they've written. I think that overall talent can definitely be separated from just one book written by that author.An author who is very talented can miss the mark and put out a [...]

    • I wont be able to read this because the writing would drive me insane. Long flash backs and extreme repetitiveness just being some of the issues. Sometimes, a lot of the time “less is more” so show a story instead of rambling through pointless and wordy details trying to tell one. [image error]Yep this book just way too wordy for me to even try judging by the honest reviews that are now showing up.

    • Made by me. Originally posted on tumblr. To share/rebog go HERE.I stayed up until 6:00 AM two days in a row reading Burn and being its bitch. I regret nothing. THE PLOTThe world set was fantastic. I got vibes from other stories, tho. Like Terra City reminded me a bit of Gotham City. And the Elementals were kind of like the X-Men, with the whole Government creating list census for them, and such. But still, I'd dare to say this story had one of the most unique plots I have ever read. It's like a [...]

    • After having this book sitting on my "currently reading" shelf for 2 months, I am finally DNF-ing it with only 7% left. The author gave away a huge spoiler in the last third of the book, which I really did not need or want. The ending is predictable as it is, given it's the first book in the series. I skimmed through the last pages and yep, there it was! Just the way I pictured it :/This story got away from the author. Words overtook the plot. The characters rebelled and did whatever the heck th [...]

    • HELLS BELLS. TJ. I’m very upset.You’ve broken my heart.Why did you do that to Seven?He’s waited 16 years for his destinyHe is luratum Cor to the Findo UnumAnd you’ve gone and split them up again!!Cruel, cruel man You’ve also made Tock a traitor!I’m really pissed off!!Nero & Kammy I could understand, but not Tock. What will Tick do?(be TICKED OFF I assume!!)I loved this book, it was wonderful.Felix Paracel needs to grow a pairAnd get his lover back PDQ!!Oh, and we need another boo [...]

    • About 4.5 stars. After reading many other reader's reviews, this book appears to be like black licorice - you love it or you hate it. I personally detest black licorice, but I loved this book and found it interesting that there were a few DNFs out there.I've been putting off writing this review because I have so much to say and I exhaust myself just thinking about it. The book itself was a little exhausting. Did I love everything about it? I did not. But I loved enough about it and the things th [...]

    • It took me a long time to come up with a review for this book. Not because I didn’t like it but because I loved it and there is just soch. in this book. I literally think I could write pages of analysis but, will try to hit the high points… I would be hard pressed to label this book as any one type of book. It was fantasy, it was romance, it was horror was one hell of a ride! This didn’t just end up being a story about Felix, “the Split One”. It was a story about Felix and Seven, “th [...]

    • First off, there were parts of this story that were fantastic. And there were parts that I literally spent 10-15 pages at time barely reading the first sentence of each paragraph. The world building was fantastic and I absolutely loved the cast of side characters. The overall arc of the plot was ambitious but mostly well planned out. However, the execution failed somewhat. It was rambly and too easily wandered off on random tangents and there was that time that we got to listen to Seven tell a s [...]

    • After suffering through the teasers and trailers and evil author's baiting, I finally got to read.Maybe because it has been years since I've read anything of this type, but I admit I struggled at the begining. I found the prologue intimataing, and some of the wording confussing. But I urge anyone thinking of giving up to persevere. While there were times in the book I felt myself getting bogged down, there were also times when the story flowed, and towards the end it rushed by. The characters ar [...]

    • Soah. This one took me almost a month to finish. It was hard. I kept having to put it down and walk away, then I'd come back to it, get a chapter or two ahead and have to put it down again.What does that mean for anyone else? Not a damned thing. It just didn't really call to me in the way TJ's books usually do.Anyway, pretty interesting world building, and I'm interested enough to see where this will go when he releases the sequel, but definitely not one of my favorites. It was just a little too [...]

    • I love the world T.J. Klune has built in Burn. The mythology and characters in this alternate universe are well fleshed out. While parts of the book seemed to get repetitive and wordy, the overall story was excellent. Klune writes not just his main characters with depth, but all the secondary characters as well. As if there was not enough happening in the climax of this installment, he pulled the rug out from under me not once, but twice, with twists I did not see coming, then left with a cliff [...]

    • I'm almost speechless. It's difficult to give a review worthy of the story T.J. Klune wrote. "Burn" is so very imaginative and amazingly written. The author clearly took a lot of care into building the fantastic world the story takes place in and all of its characters. The story is told by Felix's point of view, but the author found a smart way to make the readers know Seven too, to get you to feel as close to him as you feel to Felix, to learn what Seven went through and where his choices and a [...]

    • Remember what it's like to be lost so completely in a book that you forget to eat? No? It's been awhile for me, too. Thank God (the Tree?), Burn has arrived.Every good supernatural tale is at its heart about self vs. the collective, responsibility vs. ability - Burn is no exception. It is an exploration of the darkness within us all. Of the role that fate and family (whether by blood or by choice) play in the decisions we make when forced into situations we should never have to face. Burn also e [...]

    • I am at a loss as to how to review this book. I will start with a disclaimer: This is SO not my type of book. I do not read these types of books. Ever. I will admit to reading it only because I loved this author's first book so much.So, what to say without spoilers? I am not going to go into what the book is about by giving a long, drawn out description. Others have done that better than I ever could and the synopsis describes what it is about. I will say that I DID like it, though there were qu [...]

    • This bookhis mom.Sodbut, that is the part that propels this beautiful story forward. It's a beautiful story.It's an intriguing worldIt a plot that drives full speed ahead at mock speed.I loved it. BURNe power'se people, the world,it wasAMAZING! I love the Soulmate-ish of which is my favorite!The world building, it was faboulously done.The characters are all kinds of lovely. The storyline intriguing and captured me from page 1. The flow was easy and carefree. This is/was my first TJ Klune book an [...]

    • DNF - 30%Attack of the PERSONAL pet-peeves!Nothing against the story, it caught my interest and I definitely wanted to see it through. Then I got hit by a pet-peeved once I got a handle of that one there came anotherd anotherd then they were ganging upOOWWWW!!!I couldn't dodge them anymore. I SURRENDER!

    • "You are not alone in this."Where to begin? To say this is a story about Elementals is like saying the movie "E.T." is about an alien. It is just so much more than that.Allow me to explain – all of the world building, fantastical powers and action scenes a writer’s mind can imagine mean little when they are attached to characters you are indifferent about. I dare you to watch the first Star Wars prequel and not miss Han Solo. Desperately. To me, “Burn” is a story about the family you are [...]

    • Warning: This review is very messy, because I’m a mess after reading Burn. Sorry.I really don’t know where to start… I have to say that this was an ambitious and big story. The author had a great idea for this book and wrote it quite well. At first I thought it was perfect, I was truly enthralled by the whole story, but then the flashbacks started. I HATE FLASHBACKS. They’re so annoying And honestly, the flashbacks were the only reason why I couldn’t give this 5 stars. They took too mu [...]

    • This is a difficult review for me. Tell Me It's Real is one of my favourite books, and I enjoyed Bear, Otter, and the Kid as well.Which explains, why I was looking forward to reading Burn a lot. Good Urban Fantasy with gay protagonists is hard to find, and I was positively giddy with excitement when I started.And then it became difficult.Be warned: There may be some (mild) spoilers below.I loved the world-building. It's very Last Airbender meets X-Men, with a - not very subtle - parallel between [...]

    • Sci Fi/Alternate Universe/Fantasy is not typically my thing but I really loved this. I am truly in awe of authors who can create all the details of these kinds of stories out of their heads. Even more so when it is done as well as this book is. And on top of the incredibly intricate plot, TJ Klune also manages to create a very well-developed cast of characters. A good storyline is nothing without characters that jump off the page and these characters definitely do that.Burn is about the concept [...]

    • This isn't my favorite T.J. Klune book even though I do think the world development was really well done. It's just too dense at times and could have fared better from a bit of editing down. The concepts are really great and the story was interesting, it just drug at times and I didn't skip merrily along with the story the same way I normally do with this author. That being said I still was happy with the book as a whole. Of course the cliff-hanger style ending never makes me happy, but I'll try [...]

    • This book was reviewed for Musings of a bookworm I will be very honest here, I have procrastinated in reading this book because I was so very worried that I would be disappointed due to my love of his first book. I was really worried that this book just would not stand up to the hight bar that I have held the author to due to my adorations of that first book,Bear Otter and the kid. But I should have had faith in T J Klune and remembered that he writes such vivid characters that you cant help but [...]

    • I started reading thinking I will only read a couple of pages because it was 1 in the morning then it was 7 o'clock in the morning and I finished the book. I couldn't stop reading it. The book is fabulous; it has it's good parts, bad parts, parts that make you smile, parts that make you scared for what will happen next and the most important part is that you never know what will that be. When Tick and Tick appeared in the book I loved them instantly. The parts with them made me laugh so much I h [...]

    • What a great start to this trilogy!!!T.J. Klune has painted a very vivid picture of the world that Felix, Seven and all the people that surround them reside in. I'm not sure how to classify this book, a bit paranormal, a bit sci-fi, a bit romancel the things I love in a good story.There are many themes in this book that I found interesting, such as the exploration of the "darkness" that is in all of us. The concept of fate vs choice. Are our lives driven by fate or by the choices that we make. T [...]

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