No More Wasted Time

No More Wasted Time Life isn t about tomorrow Life is about todayAfter losing her husband to a sudden heart attack Tess Mathews escapes to Bora Bora to lay her husband and sorrow to rest What she doesn t expect is a new

  • Title: No More Wasted Time
  • Author: Beverly Preston
  • ISBN: 1469905833
  • Page: 395
  • Format: ebook
  • Life isn t about tomorrow Life is about todayAfter losing her husband to a sudden heart attack, Tess Mathews escapes to Bora Bora to lay her husband and sorrow to rest What she doesn t expect is a new beginning.Tom Clemmins is an A list actor whose life revolves around work and an onslaught of women He travels to Bora Bora for a much needed break Tom has a few ideas oLife isn t about tomorrow Life is about todayAfter losing her husband to a sudden heart attack, Tess Mathews escapes to Bora Bora to lay her husband and sorrow to rest What she doesn t expect is a new beginning.Tom Clemmins is an A list actor whose life revolves around work and an onslaught of women He travels to Bora Bora for a much needed break Tom has a few ideas of how he ll enjoy his vacation, but love isn t one of them Until he sees Tess.Reserving a private shark feeding excursion to scatter her husband s ashes into the lagoon, Tess is furious when Mr Hollywood bribes his way onto the boat, leaving her no other choice but to share the boat ride.Tess is torn between tremendous guilt and zealous lust when their boat ride turns into a week full of romance and desire neither thought imaginable Utterly smitten with a woman for the first time in his life, Tom casts his commitment phobia aside and whisks Tess off to Malibu where he introduces her as his girlfriend on the red carpet As the paparazzi besiege, can Tess survive the media blitz that ensues in order to find her second chance at love

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      USA Today and Top 5 Bestselling Author, Beverly Preston has been a stay at home mom for 21 years, although she prefers the title Domestic Engineer As her children begin to venture out on their own, she s left to shed a tear for a minute wonder what s next in life, and embrace the feeling of empowerment that surely must ve been wrapped in a present she received on her fortieth birthday.If Beverly isn t at home riding her spin bike, you ll find her spinning richly emotional and sinfully sexy romance stories.

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    • Every time I write a review I wonder if I’m supposed to be nice and lie or tell it like it is. I know how hard a writer works and how much they put into a book so I always feel bad saying not so nice things. A story can change your life, shock the daylights out of you, or entertain you. If you’re lucky you’ll get all three. This book did neither for me. It was dreadful on so many levels. You have the heartbroken Tess who lost her husband a year ago and decides to go to Bora Bora to scatter [...]

    • When forty-four year old Tess returns to Bora Bora to scatter her husband of twenty-five years ashes, she never expected a second chance at love. She is finally ready to let go and to try to move forward with her life a year after he husband's unexpected death. Tom, who is just slightly older has never had time for a vacation, taking movie role after movie role, he's finally ready for some much needed R&R. When he arrives in Bora Bora the last thing he expected was the woman who caught his e [...]

    • This is a really sweet read. A mature romance, with characters in their 40s, both getting a chance at love that neither of them expected. I picked up this book because I absolutely fell in love with The Italian, which is a spin off from this series, and I was interested to see where it all began. Tess is a 44-year-old widowed mother of three almost-grown children. After grieving her late husband’s sudden death for over a year, she decides it’s time to move on with her life and she travels to [...]

    • No more wasted time was a book about finding love twice in a lifetime. Tess was fortunate enough to fall in love and stay in love for 25 years with her husband. But a sudden heart attack took all that away from her. Yet she is blessed enough to find it again with someone very unexpected. One of Hollywood's sexiest movie stars. I tend to read a lot of YA but there are times that I need a good adult romance book. And I couldn't have picked a better book. I really enjoyed reading about Tess and Tom [...]

    • 3.5 starsWhile in Bora Bora to scatter her husband's ashes in a place they enjoyed together for many years, a widow meets a famous actor. He’s there to escape the demands of Hollywood for a much-needed vacation. Neither is looking for love. But all it took was one look and one diving trip and all that changed. They certainly didn’t waste any time before beginning a hot and heavy romance. Throw in her college-age kids and their opinions, along with trips to Italy and Hollywood for a red carpe [...]

    • This book is steamy and never lets you up for air! We all deserve a second chance at love and Tess takes her opportunity and runs with it. Anxious to see what Preston may have in store for us in other romantic encounters!

    • This is a steamy hot story that is sexy and fun!A friend recommended this book to me, and I am so glad that I picked up No More Wasted Time to read! As a Las Vegas local it is always fun to see stories that take place here! I also LOVE that the characters in this story are closer to my own age. Tess is fantastic, and it's great to see a woman in her 40s embrace her sensuous side! I think I fell in love with Tom right along with her while reading this book. Quite honestly, the visual image I get [...]

    • Reviewed by: Amy PBook provided by: AuthorReview originally posted at Romancing the BookThere is one thing that all good books need: conflict. Without conflict, a story becomes dull. What point is there in turning the pages? What is there to keep us reading? In the absence of conflict, we at least better have dynamic, magnetic characters.In the case of this book, there is very little conflict – and what there is is quickly dispensed with – and the characters, while interesting and entertaini [...]

    • No More Waste of Time is a story about love, fate, new beginings and living in the moment!Tom and Tess are both in their 40's and it is fate that brings them together in Bora Bora (Tom is a very famous actor who has had a number of casual girlfriends and Tess lost her husband to sudden heart attack) They are hot for each other but Tess feels guilt over moving on and Tom has commitment issues. what will happen in the end???I liked the story and the characters, it is a nice, sweet, kind of predict [...]

    • I now have a new favorite book. It is easily relatable whether you are in your forties like I am (and the characters are) or in your twenties. I can't wait to share it with my daughters. This story about a widow and a hollywood big shot is absolutely everything I want in a good read. You have strong loveable main characters and strong enjoyable minor characters. The exotic locales are written in unbelievable detail. This book is full of sweet love and unbelievable passion. It will make you laugh [...]

    • I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed 'No More Wasted Time'. Such a touching, sweet love story with just enough drama to keep me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put it down. Beverly Preston is a master at pulling out all the emotions in one book. She begins with sorrow, adds laughter, joy, anger, betrayal, and ultimately such a strong, uncompromising love. What began as an intimate affair, turned into a rebirth for all the characters. I miss Richard, too, but love how understandi [...]

    • If a book grabs me and has me wanting to read non stop then to me it makes it amazing. Add to that this book made me cry no less than twice at the beginning then it only adds to the fact that this really is a quite captivating emotional, love story.All the characters are totally believable, all the places come to life off the pages and it's great that the main characters are not in their twenties and young and naive.This book really has it all, it may make you cry, it may make you laugh but hope [...]

    • Tom Clemmins is an A-list actor whose life revolves around work and an onslaught of women. He travels to Bora Bora for a much-needed break. Tom has a few ideas of how he’ll enjoy his vacation, but love isn’t one of them. Until he sees Tess.Reserving a private shark-feeding excursion to scatter her husband’s ashes into the lagoon, Tess is furious when Mr. Hollywood bribes his way onto the boat, leaving her no other choice but to share the boat ride.

    • Tom and Tess love them. Their story had me in tears and laughing. I loved every single word. It was nice to read about an older couple and not a young girl that was still a virgin and a bad boy falling in love with her. Tess's story felt like you were reading about a real person and family. Well done Beverly!!! Can't wait for more of this family!!! <3

    • Do I feel like Sunday?This was my first Beverly Preston read and I really enjoyed it. It was beautifully written. I felt like I was on vacation in Bora Bora and could see and feel what Tom & Tess experienced there. It was a very sweet story of second chance love, letting go, and being able to accept that "life is about today". I look forward to reading more of this series.

    • I really enjoyed this book. Once I really got started reading, I did not want to put it down. Loved, Loved, Loved the characters! Tom & Tess were AMAZING together & their chemistry spiked from the very beginning! Their love story was very heart warming & emotional! I LOVED TOM & his LOVE for Tess was so sweet. A Fantastic read.!!!!5 STARS ;)

    • We all think that there will be a tomorrow. Sometimes we just take it for granted. I found it refreshing to that Tess and Tom were a mature couple in their 40's. I loved the book. it was sad sometimes and funny, and extremely HOT!!!

    • This is my first book in the Mathews series by Beverly Preston and I found it a bit on the emotional side. Tess lost her go husband of 25 years a year ago and is set out to Bora Bora to say her goodbyes. While on her trip she meets a famous Actor, Tom and they begin to spend time together. Before you know it these two are starting an affair and feelings between Tess and Tom are becoming deeper. While I thought this was a good love story I didn't really find it realistic in someways but I guess i [...]

    • about to read but I'm a tad hesitant because some of the reviews say the book isn't that great so we shall seeSERIOUSLY? Seriously?!?! The heroine is majorly immature and not just a I'm teen or early 20's immature but unbelievably 44 years old immature. At first I thought maybe she's just acting dramatic because she's going through a rough time (I've been there). But thats not the case. Also, the writer decided that while trying to make us believe in the whole 'i lost the love of my life I'm a g [...]

    • No More Wasted Time has been on my kindle for what feels like forever! I finally decided to step away for signing up for so many tours, and read something that I have been wanting to read for a while!I have throughly enjoyed this book. I loved the story line, even though at times I felt it was slow paced or more like I should be further in the book than what my % showed.I loved that the characters were mature adults that were established in who they were and what they wanted. I love that they to [...]

    • This is a fantastic story about love, family and moving on with your life after loss. Tess loses her husband to a sudden heart attack and a year later decides that the perfect resting spot for his ashes is in Bora Bora where they vacationed together many times over their 25 year marriage. A famous actor, Tom Clemmins, is checking in the same time that she is booking her private cruise to lay her husband to rest. When she shows up that day, Tom is there and has booked the boat as well. While she [...]

    • Tess Matthews story started with losing her husband of 25 years and she goes to the magical island of Bora Bora to dis purse his ashes and say her final good bye's. Little that she know while in this trip she's saying goodbye to her husband she was going find love yet again but this time with her soul mate Tom Clemmins, Mr. HollywoodA very successful actor who is consider a womanizer, but when they cross glances on the check in counter everything change. and on the faithful day that he had stole [...]

    • If you are a true "Romantic", you will absolutely enjoy this book! Beverly Preston gives us a beautiful story, set in exotic Bora Bora, about two people in their 40's, who unexpectedly find love and unbridled passion. Your heart will swell as the heroine wrestles with letting go of her late husband and the process of grieving him, while at the same time discovering a different side of herself she didn't even know existed. The hero learns how to truly love for the first time and teaches the heroi [...]

    • I loved this book. Most romances annoy me, because they are so formulaic and unrealistic. I'm all for escapism, but I need enough reality to balance the fairy tale. This book, I loved. Tess has been widowed for a year, and takes her husband's ashes to their favorite vacation spot to say goodbye. While there, she meets A-list movie star Tom when he buys his way onto her private boating trip. I am glad the author showed us Tess's feelings of betraying her deceased husband. She is portrayed genuine [...]

    • Romance about a couple of 40-somethings. It wasn't anything special, the writing or the story. It kept me reading, much like you have to keep eating sweets until they're all gone, even when you start to feel a bit queasy! I didn't fall for the male character at all, he was very bland and boring to be honest. It's definitely a beach read, a little filler between novels, that you'll forget as soon as you've read it.Claire (@bibliophiliac88)

    • Oh my.What a waste of my time! I thought this had potential and still do (with the right editor)but in actuality it was appalling. It just rambled on and never got good. I couldn't get pass the main point that I had to assume that someone could get over their beloved husband of 25 years in a yearhighly unlikely. 'Pedals' written throughout bar once instead of 'petals' (oh yes this was a trivial point but showed lack of care). I'm glad I didn't pay money for this.

    • i purchased this as a free title, but having read it would have paid quite happily, i read it as a grown up fairy tale, the handsome prince (movie star Tom), meets the humble Tess, the best part for me was that they were an older couple, it worked really well, the story sweeps you along with all the romance, beautiful scenery and engaging characters, if your an old romantic at heart, this is definately for you, by the way where is Bora Bora, sounds heavenley!

    • Not my usual read, but I really liked it. It was a nice change to read about a mature yet still hot relationship. Tess and Tom both have baggage, but certainly can work through it to be together you would think. A well-written hot romance.

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