Darcy's Story

Darcy s Story When Elizabeth Bennet first met Mr Darcy she found him proud distant and rude despite the other ladies admiration of his estate in Derbyshire and ten thousand pounds a year But what was Mr Darcy th

  • Title: Darcy's Story
  • Author: Janet Aylmer
  • ISBN: 9780061148705
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Elizabeth Bennet first met Mr Darcy, she found him proud, distant, and rude despite the other ladies admiration of his estate in Derbyshire and ten thousand pounds a year But what was Mr Darcy thinking Jane Austen s classic Pride and Prejudice has long stood among the most beloved novels of all time The story of Elizabeth Bennet s blossoming romance with haughtyWhen Elizabeth Bennet first met Mr Darcy, she found him proud, distant, and rude despite the other ladies admiration of his estate in Derbyshire and ten thousand pounds a year But what was Mr Darcy thinking Jane Austen s classic Pride and Prejudice has long stood among the most beloved novels of all time The story of Elizabeth Bennet s blossoming romance with haughty, reserved, and fastidious Fitzwilliam Darcy has enchanted readers for nearly two centuries Yet, Mr Darcy has always remained an intriguing enigma his thoughts, feelings, and motivations hidden behind a cold, impenetrable exterior until now.With the utmost respect for Austen s original masterwork, author Janet Aylmer loving retells Pride and Prejudice from a bold new perspective seeing events as they transpire through the eyes of Darcy himself One of world s great love stories takes on breathtaking new life, and one of fiction s greatest romantic heroes becomes even sympathetic, compelling, attractive, and accessible, all through the imagination and artistry of a truly gifted storyteller.

    Darcy s Story Janet Aylmer Books Darcy s Story Janet Aylmer on FREE shipping on qualifying offers When Elizabeth Bennet first met Mr Darcy, she found him proud, distant, and rude despite the other ladies admiration of his estate in Derbyshire and ten thousand pounds a year. Darcy s Story Darcy s Story Darcy s Story by Janet Aylmer was one of the first novels published after the success of the BBC One serial of Jane Austen s Pride and Prejudice in Published in England in , the novel tells the story from Mr Darcy s point of view In , the novel was published by HarperCollins in Darcy s Story by Janet Aylmer, Paperback Barnes Noble Darcy s Story by Janet Aylmer When Elizabeth Bennet first met Mr Darcy, she found him proud, distant, and rude despite the other ladies admiration of his estate in Derbyshire and ten thousand pounds a Darcy s Story Children s National Darcy s brain hasn t developed specific responsibilities They re not taking anything away she hasn t learned those things yet, Rachel adds The Murphys knew there was a chance Darcy would experience lingering weakness on her right side, which led Rachel to worry about whether the infant would be able to do things other babies do. Darcy s Story BRIT Darcy s Story How she survived Septic Shock endotoxemia by Kay Darcy s mom Feb , Our lucky family adopted Darcy when she was weeks old in and she is now months old Darcy is our first Brittany and have been just thrilled to have such a special, loving, bright pup. Darcy s Story book by Janet Aylmer Thriftbooks Buy a cheap copy of Darcy s Story book by Janet Aylmer When Elizabeth Bennet first met Mr Darcy, she found him proud, distant, and rude despite the other ladies admiration of his estate in Derbyshire and ten thousand Free shipping over .

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      Janet has written 6 books, including two bestsellers.She lives in the south of England.Janet enjoys Regency romances and other novels, particularly those by Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen, and most books about history and the way the world works She likes to visit theatres and cinemas, and to listen to music.Janet enjoys French history, food and wine, and her family has owned a holiday house in south west France.She enjoys travel and meeting new people, and she has visited in no particular order ten states in the USA, as well as France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Raratonga, Japan, Hongkong, Sweden, Singapore, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Martinique and St Lucia.Janet is a member of the Society of Authors, the Romantic Novelists Association, and the Historical Novel Society.There is an article on see enpedia wiki Darcy%2

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    • Grey. Midnight Sun. Rewriting a well-known story from the guy's point of view is pretty much scraping the bottom of the barrel, from a literary point of view: throwing out some chum to satisfy the rabid fan base and (to mix my metaphors) milk the cash cow.It's bad enough when authors do it with their own creations, but worse when it's a beloved classic book (no longer protected by copyright). And worst, when the author has nothing worthwhile to add to the story. I was gifted this book by a very [...]

    • There were times when I was convinced that this book was written by a computer. So much of this book is merely a reshuffling of the sentences inPride and Prejudice to make the story "from Darcy's perspective". Oooh, clever. The author does add some original scenes, especially between Darcy and his sister, but they utterly fail to ring true. I think what people are actually seeking when they pick up a book like this are insights into other characters thoughts and emotions, which were not explicit [...]

    • Favorite line from the book: "In short, he found himself unable to control his own free will for the first time in his life." Isn't that just swoon worthy!I enjoyed this book more I think because I'm not one of those hard core Jane Austen fans that would nitpick at little things. To actually appreciate this book fully Pride and Prejudice should be read first though because a lot of what is unexplained would bother a new reader to the Pride and Prejudice story. The author did a wonderful job of t [...]

    • Between reading this book and being in the midst of PBS' "The Complete Jane Austen" series, I have been submerged in Jane Austen's world the last few weeks. And you know what? I like it. Everyone is so civilized, and there are parties all the time and nobody seems to actually work for a living. They just have some sort of stipend allotted to them and they ride around in carriages and drink tea. I like tea.Anyway, Darcy's Story is one in the ever growing genre of "sequels" to Jane Austen's Pride [...]

    • I'd give this one six stars if I could.The best Austen offshoot I've ever read. Lively prose and a ready wit combine with an interesting and well-thought-out view of Darcy's impulses and thought processes to make this a delightful and thought-provoking read. Indeed, as soon as I finished it I picked upPride & Prejudice for a re-read, and found that the action in the original was illuminated by Aylmer's insights into Darcy's motivations.Pamela Aidan's more famous Darcy opus, while an excellen [...]

    • Well, the author handled the book very carefully . . . a little too carefully, I felt like it was the cliff notes version of P & P and I didn't learn anything new of value. I will admit that no matter what the author wrote she would not have scored more that three stars but she only got two because I would have preffered a little more juice - Mr. Darcy described as "flushed from exercise" (dripping wet in his soaked clothing emerging from a pond :) ) , his favorite breakfast, a little hobby [...]

    • An accompaniment to Pride and Prejudice, it would dissipate like mist if you took away Austen's work. Someone else here said it was like reading the Cliff Notes version of P&P, and I would have to agree. It's a sweet story, but there's nothing new here. How Darcy felt towards Lizzy, what Darcy did to find Wickham and Lydia, what his aunt Lady Catherine de Bourg said to him to make him try for Lizzie's hand again - these things are only slightly more detailed in Darcy's Story than in P&P. [...]

    • OH MY!!!!! I love this story. It totally mirrors Pride & Prejudice but from Darcy's telling. Funny how I like him even more than before. I thought it was also funny how Darcy had a very different opinion of his meetings and conversations with Elizabeth than what is portrayed in P&P. I also love how this book gives more insight into his relationship with his Sister, Georgiana. Just as in Pamela Aidan's stories, I really enjoy this point of view and it shows a very sensitive side to Darcy [...]

    • (copied from my blog, readingfuelledbytea.wordpress)“His feelings of anxiety as he slipped out of the house that afternoon were not based on any apprehensions that his application to Miss Bennet might be rejected.”This is exactly what it says on the tin – Darcy’s perspective during the timeline of Pride & Prejudice.Despite my misgivings about fan fiction on Monday, and my apathetic remarks about P. D. James’ Death Comes to Pemberley on Tuesday, I am forced to recant – I really en [...]

    • Aylmer's story is one of the most straighforward retellings of the original Pride and Prejudice from Fitz Darcy's viewpoint. It is an economical version of 268 pages, as opposed to others than span several volumes.We see that Darcy discovers early Elizabeth Bennet's importance to him and his future. However, in Aylmer's telling, Darcy is still inhibited by his own upbringing, believing with certainty that a female of less circumstance than he could not turn down his marriage proposal. Who could [...]

    • It was only after seeing the Keira Knightley version of Pride & Prejudice that I was willing to read the book, which I loved almost as much as the movie. I completely fell in love with "Mr. Darcy", as most women who have read the book in the last two centuries have, and was delighted last year when I came across Pemberley: Or Pride & Prejudice Continued by Emma Tennant. In any case, just last week at work I saw sitting on the donation shelf Darcy's Story, the P&P story told from Mr. [...]

    • Unlike modern romance novels, Pride and Prejudice narrates the story solely from the voice of the heroine, Elizabeth Bennet. Readers identify with her and experience her initial dislike of the hero, Mr. Darcy only to grow to love him as she does. Not knowing his mind or his feelings plays an essential role in Elizabeth's uncertainty and anxiety once she realizes that she cares for him, adding a delicious tension to the story until almost the end. Additionally, for both Elizabeth and the reader, [...]

    • I have never read an Austen continuation or sequel that comes anywhere near the original material. This isn't surprising, since most of these writers don't hold a candle to Austen in style, and most of them seem to completely forget that it is her style and biting humor that makes her books so great- not the "romance" or broody heroes.Perhaps I wanted to read this because Darcy, like most of Austen's heroes, is not very alive on the page. Since she limits her perspective to her heroines, there i [...]

    • Wow. I would have thought it completely impossible to improve on Pride and Prejudice, but it has always disappointed me a little that Jane Austen didn't include much dialogue in the final part of the novel. For that reason, reading this book was a complete and utter delight. Janet Aylmer has captured Jane Austen's language perfectly, and the conversations she has added between Darcy and Lizzie are so beautiful (and so romantic!) that they almost took my breath away. This is a book I will reread [...]

    • Within the first chapter, Darcy explains to Colonel Fitzwilliam who Lady Catherine is.For the record, he explains to his cousin who their aunt is. If there were a prize for awkward exposition, this book would win every year.It's crap. A big, steaming pile of crap.Just read Pride and Prejudice again. You'll be reading half of the same words, anyway, and they'll be much better in Austen's voice.

    • Although I liked the story, it's just a rehash of "Pride and Prejudice" and thus nothing new. Moreover, the author blow's her own horn in the afterword.

    • How do I express what I am about to say? How do I even communicate this blasphemy? How can I not be shunned by my feelings? Okay, I'm just going to come right out and say it.I didn't hate Darcy's Story. I know as an ardent fan of the original, I should have been very critical of this book. I should have ripped it to shreds. I should have been annoyed by how the author recycled passages from the original. I should have been banging my head against the wall whilst reading this.But I didn't hate th [...]

    • Good book, good book. I’d always wondered about Darcy when I was reading Pride and Prejudice because you just think of Darcy the way Elizabeth does so I thought it would be interesting to see what Darcy might’ve thought while Elizabeth was hating him. And I was right. Before I go farther I should mention that I really liked Pride and Prejudice but I’m not a diehard fan.Darcy’s Story stays true to the original. About 90% of dialogue Darcy has with Elizabeth is straight from the book. But [...]

    • What Jane Austen fan doesn't want to get a peek into Darcy's socially-awkward noggin?I usually don't go in for Jane Austen sequels/prequels/midquels/what have you, but I really enjoyed this one. True, a lot of the text is a reworking of Austen's original text, but, frankly, I think that this is probably a major reason why I enjoyed the book as much as I did.

    • Loved this version, it is a great second look at a beloved classic. I think Miss Austen would approve!

    • For anyone, who is as obsessed with P & P as I am - and I'm certain there are many - the most natural thing is to wonder, after you've read P & P, what was going on in Darcy's head. What's his side of the story? His point of view, his opinions? Jane Austen told us one of the greatest love stories (I'm going out on a limb here, but I dare you to refute me) through the heroine's eyes. While Elizabeth is a practical and generally sensible story teller, it might seem very biased. Just the st [...]

    • Darcy's Story, by Janet Aylmer, is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice from the point of view of Mr Darcy. Pride and Prejudice isn't one of my favourite novels -- far from it, although I have learnt to appreciate it at least a little -- so I suppose it isn't too surprising that I'm not all that enchanted by this retelling of it. Janet Aylmer's writing isn't as capable or smooth as Jane Austen's, although I suspect a good part of that is due to the fact that she's trying to imitate Jane Austen. No [...]

    • A big part of Darcy's allure is his mystery. For a main character he's quite under-developed. Austen had a lot to say about society but not much about Darcy himself as a person. While he is the Progenitor of the coldly polite and handsome brooding hero, he still is a person and not just an archetype. SO, obviously I'm going to jump at the opportunity to get in his head and see through his eyes.The first chapter did not impress me, and I was dismayed that the whole book would be more of the same. [...]

    • When I finished reading Pride & Prejudice, I had so many questions. Most pertaining to how Mr. Darcy was reacting to everything that happened. What was REALLY going on in his mind when his first proposal to Elizabeth ended in rejection. How did he know about his aunt going to see Elizabeth and how did he feel about her rude intrusion? My questions were finally answered. Darcy's Story tied up all the loose ends that just wouldn't come together in my mind. If I really wanted to, I could have s [...]

    • Despite the harsh reviews this book has received, I absolutely loved it. I've read the original several times now, and found more to love in this book, even though it really is P&P verbatim for the most part. The thing is, if you are a true fan of this novel, you can't help but want to read the good parts again and again, which is basically what this book does, only you also get a glimpse into Darcy's perspective. While there were a few areas that I thought deserved more attention, I was ple [...]

    • It was a story of Pride and Prejudice told from the point of Mr. Darcy. Whereas it didn't set my heart ablaze, it wasn't bad. I think the problem deep down is that I LOVE PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and very rarely does something make me go "Yes, This pleases me." I am glad that the local library had this book and that I didn't buy it because I would only read this onceEVER this book did make me wonder something and that for me is a plus in any book. I would give a high five to Janet Aylemer because Pri [...]

    • Perhaps it is because I am a woman, or perhaps it is because I love the original tale so well, I liked this book, but I found it wanting for something. I have always found Mr. Darcy to be a very interesting character, a fine example of a man. True he exhibited his short comings, his prejudice and his pride but still he is one of the greatest male characters I have ever read about. I like that the author touched on his evolving frame of mind, especially that she put so much emphasis on his change [...]

    • Unfortunately not one of the better Darcy-sided P&P books I've read. There was very little original character development, and very little dialogue. Too much of the story was given as reflection or quotation, leaving readers to reread passages over and over throughout the book. IE when Lady Catherine arrives to screech at Darcy, we're given the conversation as she relates it. However we read the exact same passage again as Darcy reflects on it later, and again as he speaks with Elizabeth. It [...]

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